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Thursday This And That

re:  The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame:  
I have been trying to vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees since you first posted the information. I have used the links provided. I have made my choices and upon submitting them I get this ... FORBIDDEN (403) ... CSRF Verification Failed ... Request Aborted.
I don't know what I am doing wrong.
I had some difficulties, too ... I can only attribute this to the volume of people on the site at the same time.  Think about it ... the nominees were announced on Friday Morning ... and by 8:00 Sunday Night over 117 Million Votes had already been cast.  (Now THAT'S some heavy traffic)  
By the way, leaders at 8 pm Sunday Night were:
Chicago (25.3 million)
Yes (19.7 million)
Deep Purple (19.5 million)
Steve Miller (19.4 million)
The Cars (18.6 million)  
At this point, Janet Jackson was in sixth place, TEN MILLION VOTES BEHIND The Cars.  Considering how long some of these top five acts have been on our Deserving and Denied List, this makes The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominating Committee look even more foolish than usual!  
And this is only the beginning (Chicago pun intentional) ... the online voting doesn't end until DECEMBER!!!  There's no telling how high this vote count is going to go!  (kk)

Tom Cuddy sent us this clip of Scott Shannon of WCBS-FM shows his support of Chicago for The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ... no doubt about it, he has been one of their largest supporters for over a decade now.  Looks like justice will finally be done next year.  (kk)

We're hearing from several sources that Chicago doesn't belong in The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame because they were a soft rock band.  What?!?!? Just listen to their first several albums ... they were the very definition of fusion back then ... blending rock and jazz into a whole new artform.  Listen to tracks like "Beginnings", "Questions 67 and 68", "Listen", "South California Purples", "I'm A Man", "Make Me Smile", "25 or 6 to 4", "Lowdown", "Free", and hits like "Dialogue", "Feelin' Stronger Every Day", "Old Days" and "Alive Again" and THEN tell me that this group doesn't rock ... right up there with the best of them ... and better than most.
Because The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame waited so long to finally recognize them, folks can only seem to focus on the material they recorded in the '80's under the guidance of David Foster ... go back and listen to the albums that launched their career.  These guys should have been inducted twenty years ago!!!  (kk)

My five choices would be Chicago, Cars, Steve Miller, Spinners and Yes [even though I can't stand them]. I will guess that something like NWA will get in as the RRHOF loves putting in some artists who have very limited recording careers but attract attention.
Mark the Shark
I voted for the exact same five you mentioned ... all artists who have paid their dues and forged ahead with a unique approach to music.  (Plus they make for a nice mix, too.)  This weekend WLS-FM was saluting the members of The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, with special emphasis on the newly nominated Class of 2016 ... and while I didn't listen long, it's a pretty safe bet that this Classic Rock Station did NOT feature any music by NWA, The JB's, The Smiths or Nine Inch Nails ... nor have they EVER played a track by any of these artists.
On the one hand, it seems like the only way to do a feature like that, saluting the new cast of nominees, is to play SOMETHING by EVERYBODY, just to give your audience a taste of what it's all like ... but the fact of the matter is that, even within the context of a special show like this, this music STILL doesn't fit ... and might put off their audience long enough to switch to another station playing something a whole lot more familiar and listener-friendly.  When I see this happen, I cannot help but wonder "Then what makes them worthy of Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction???"  (kk)

I am stunned that people don’t have a problem with people like Janet Jackson for nomination to the R&R HOF. She’s Madonna with a better tan. This is why the HOF has been such a Clown Show. I don’t know what you exactly call the gobbledigook dance stuff these people do, but it Ain’t Rock & Roll!!! At least Ringo, Joan Jett & Cat Stevens do some Rock tunes! Whether they belong in can be debated, but they fit the criteria more than JJ & Madonna, etc. It’s all a big farce anyway ... they put in way too many people each year and it’s gotten so watered down with fringe elements and non-Rock artists. Yuck!   

A final update from Tom Cuddy (along with a quote from Chicago's Lee Loughnane) ...

ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME: Fan Vote Is Through the Roof   
Wednesday 02:54PM Oct. 14, 2015 PT   
Chicago has 23-percent of the vote with a month-and-a-half to go.  
While rock fans have been voicing their opinions for years that band such as Deep Purple, Cheap Trick and Yes should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it's Chicago who is leading this year's fan vote.  
As of Wednesday afternoon, the band that brought horns to the forefront in rock, has garnered 23% of the vote, which breaks down to 37.4-million votes. Four acts are battling for second, but trail Chicago by 12-million votes. They are, in order: The Cars, Yes, Steve Miller and Deep Purple.   
Janet Jackson has just under 10-million votes, with Cheap Trick behind her with just over two-million. Los Lobos brings up the rear with 360,000 votes. But, there is still plenty of time as voting runs until December 9th. You can place your vote at  
If the current order stands, then Chicago, Yes, Steve Miller, Deep Purple and The Cars will make up a fan ballot to go along with the other 800 ballots cast by artists and music historians. The three previous winners of the Rock Hall Fan Vote – Rush, KISS and Stevie Ray Vaughan – were all inducted the following April.  
The Class of 2016 will be announced in December with the ceremony set for April in New York.  
This year's vote is by the far the biggest ever. Last year there were only 60-million votes total.   

Rock Hall Fan Vote standings as of Wednesday afternoon 
1. Chicago 23.52% (37,361,735 votes) 
2. The Cars 16.19% (25,721,652) 
3. Yes 16.17% (25,689,145) 
4. Steve Miller 15.97% (25,372,090) 
5. Deep Purple 15.95% (25,336,645)
6. Janet Jackson 5.91% (9,389,328) 
7. Cheap Trick 1.28% (2,037,711) 
8. The Spinners 1.25% (1,992,024)
9. Chaka Khan 1.14% (1,806,198) 
10. Chic 0.83% (1,310,967) 
11. The J.B.'s 0.58% (925,264) 
12. N.W.A 0.39% (625,988) 
13. Nine Inch Nails 0.31% (488,810) 
14. The Smiths 0.27% (431,161)  
15. Los Lobos 0.23% (359,967)   

In an interview last year, Chicago trumpet player Lee Loughnane shared his feelings about their omission thus far from the Rock Hall.    
We used to think more about it than we are now, because it’s inexplicable why we wouldn’t be in it. To be able to work at this level this much time later it doesn’t mean anything to be in it or not be in it -- or, if it does, we haven’t been able to experience that yet. If it does happen, that’s something that will happen and then be gone, ‘cause any award or accolade that you are given is fleeting. Then you have the next moment after the ‘Thank you very much.’ What do you do now? Move on.

And, speaking of Halls of Fame ...

re:  The Memphis Hall Of Fame:
Keith Richards to Induct Scotty Moore, Jimmy Fallon to Induct Justin Timberlake Into the Memphis Music Hall of FameMemphis, TN … Highly anticipated additions for this Saturday evening’s Memphis Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at The Cannon Center in downtown Memphis are expected. Jimmy Fallon, host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, is scheduled to induct friend Justin Timberlake. Keith Richards, guitarist and member of The Rolling Stones, is scheduled to induct friend and rock guitar pioneer Scotty Moore.
Scheduled musical performers for the 2015 Memphis Music Hall of Fame include Steve Cropper, guitarist and former member of Booker T. and the MGs, who will join famed drummers Jim Keltner and Steve Jordan in tribute to inductee Al Jackson, Jr.  Tracy Nelson, blues vocalist and lead singer for Mother Earth will be performing in tribute to inductee Memphis Slim. Also, scheduled to perform will be Grammy®-winning R&B artist, Melanie Fiona. Charlie Rich’s son, musician Charlie Rich, Jr. will honor his father in song.
This year, the Memphis Music Hall of Fame is honoring 2015 inductees Alberta Hunter, Al Jackson, Jr., Scotty Moore, Charlie Rich, Sam & Dave, and Justin Timberlake. Inductees Sam Moore of Sam & Dave and Justin Timberlake are scheduled to attend. They join such previous Inductees as Elvis Presley, B.B. King, Al Green, Jerry Lee Lewis, Howlin’ Wolf, Isaac Hayes, Johnny Cash and others, bringing the roster to 54.
Tickets for the October 17 event are available from Ticketmaster by calling 1-800-745-3000 or by visiting All attendees are subject to change.
The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum administers the annual Memphis Music Hall of Fame announcement and induction, in cooperation with Memphis’ many music organizations and attractions. The Memphis Music Hall of Fame museum is now located at 126 Beale Street between the Hard Rock Café and Lansky Clothiers. For more information about the Memphis Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and the Hall of Fame museum, visit    

re:  Neil Sedaka:  
Love the Neil Sedaka song. I know I have never heard it before but it is that sexy movie sort of song. It almost made me think of an older James Bond movie soundtrack song.  Love it.  
Glad you were finally able to get the post up. A lot of interesting stuff.  
It's a very pretty song ... apparently he's recorded a couple of different versions of it over the years but it still never reached chart success.  Frannie says when she hears it, she wants a martini!  (kk)    

Sedaka or Jobim?  
Compare this to the Sedaka track "Alone At Last." Start listening at about :25 after the long intro.  
David Lewis  
There's no question that there's a similarity here ... and they were recorded about 20 years apart!  (kk)    

re:  This And That:  
One of your readers commented on a copy of Billy Joe Royal's (RIP ... loved him) 'Down In The Boondocks' you posted reminded me of another unique recording.  I had a copy of Pete Townshend's 'Let My Love Open the Door' a few years back that gave the most interesting sensation thru ear buds when the music went from ear to ear.  A music buddy tried to duplicate the sound because he remembered it, too, but we just couldn't get there.  Do you recall this copy or know where I can find it; and would you post this in your 'Helping Our Readers' section so someone else may recognize what we're talking about?   It'd be nice to know what album the song was on originally when something like this comes up.  Thanx for still caring about OUR music as much as your readers do.   
Sorry, but I'm not familiar with that one ... but that's not to say that one of our astute readers out there won't know exactly where to go.  Stay tuned.  (kk)  

UPDATE:  Before our posting even went out, Patti solved her own request!  
The one attached is the copy I referred to in my previous e-mail (see below)  I found it in my 'favorite songs' folder.  If you look on the DETAILS page in PROPERTIES you'll see the information lists 'My Music' as the album and the date as 1996.  I have no memory of where I got this, but would dearly love to know where it originated if you have any clues.  Thanx!  
Now that I've actually heard it, it's got to be from some type of compilation CD of some sort as I don't see an album by that name associated with Townshend directly.  (Or perhaps a British import with a slightly different mix?)  It's definitely not the hit single version ... or the one featured on the "Empty Glass" LP from which this song first sprang.  Those are just guesses on my part ... does anybody know for sure?  (kk)   

Here are a couple of shots of Burton Cummings performing at The Ridgefield Playhouse, in Ridgefield, CT.  During the show Burton also spoke about his fondness for Gerry Marsden, lead singer of Gerry and the Pacemakers and then sang one of his personal favorites, "Ferry Across the Mersey."  Burton said his t-shirt is to acknowledge his appreciation of the music of Richie Valens.  Not only is he sensational in concert, but he has such a huge passion for music in general and the artists that have inspired him. I, too, have seen him with and without a band, and have enjoyed him either way tremendously.  Although you have to prepare yourself not to expect "American Woman," when he's without his band.
-- Tom Cuddy

(Forgotten Hits exclusive photos by Tom Cuddy)

The Fest For Beatles Fans has some REALLY cool looking Fab Four lava lamps available ... I like them all ... but I think the "Rubber Soul" one is still my favorite.  Check 'em out here:


And, speaking of The Beatles ...
>>>KEWB lists this week's #1 song as "Yesterday" by Paul McCartney ... despite the fact that it is also charting the B-Side of that record, "Act Naturally", which is sung by Ringo.  ("Yesterday" premiered on our WLS Silver Dollar Survey as Paul McCartney, too ... but after that it was properly credited to The Beatles.  (kk) 
As for "Yesterday" being credited to Paul originally, he performed the song on Sullivan as a solo ONE day before Capitol released the 45 in the US.  Thus, early chartings likely attributed the song to Paul upon seeing the TV show.  Both A & B sides had been getting airplay for a month through UK imports of the "Help!" album which the US counterpart had omitted these songs from. 
The Pete Best LP ad reminds me that we got the LP in a Wichita record store two years later.  There was a huge stack of them and we had never heard of Pete Best!  We wondered if it was another Beatlemania cash in LP by an obscure soundalike, but upon close reading, decided to buy it for 2.99.  It was the real deal and included their "What'd I Say" version we had recorded off radio earlier.
Seeing Yesterday and Act Naturally at #1 with Help and I'm Down at #14 shows there was still some extra saturation in late 65 of Beatlemania.  It got worse fast.  Capitol Starline's 45 release of the old cover of "Boys" created more controversy and saturation.  
On October 11, 1965, Capitol Starline "reissue" label released 10 old Vee jay tracks on five singles.  "Boys" got the main attention, even garnering Billboard's "Top 20 Singles" prediction in the Oct 23, 1965 issue!  The very same week, the record was already listed as #102 on the Hot 100 Bubbling Under.  It seems that Capitol realized it was not a great idea to promote the old song and tried persuade stations from playing it as a new release the following week. 
The song started at #38 on WLS on Oct 22 chart and then zoomed to #18 and quickly disappeared.  Attached is the WLS chart from Oct 29 and also the WABC New York chart from Oct 23 where "Boys" was the pick hit while "Yesterday" was #1 and "Help!" #12. 
To add more proof of Beatlemania's hold in late 1965, here's a clip from my tapes that has NOT been passed around.  In just an hour, you'll hear the three singles featured four times on the Dan Ingram afternoon drive time show!
More interesting may be seeing (and hearing) "Eve of Destruction" on WABC check and #4 on their chart.  With ABC close ties between WABC and WLS, you will not find "Eve of Destruction" on a WLS chart.  In Billboard, Gene Taylor made headlines singling out "Destruction" as not appropriate for the station to play.
Clark Besch
Several points to your comments ...
WLS charted "Yesterday" first as a Paul McCartney single as well.  I remember questioning this years ago and, after showing the chart to both Clark Weber and Dex Card, Card called the survey a "fake".  It absolutely isn't ... check with ANYBODY who has this chart in their collection and that's the way WLS published their Silver Dollar Survey for the week of September 3, 1965 ... which is all that much MORE amazing since Macca didn't do the song "solo" on Sullivan until September 12th ... nearly ten days AFTER WLS first charted the record this way.  (Although it premier at #20 that week, WLS had been playing the track for five weeks off the British "Help" soundtrack LP.  Ron Riley regularly featured Beatles tracks not available in America due to the different album configurations released by Parlaphone in the UK and Capitol Records here in The States.

"Boys" charted for five weeks on WLS, peaking at #18.  I seem to recall listening at the time and one of the deejays explaining that The Beatles themselves had asked that radio stop playing the record as a single as it was no longer in keeping with their current sound of the day.  I believe he even said that this would be one of the last times they'd be playing the record!  (Keep in mind the boys were about to go back into the studio to record what would become their "Rubber Soul" album ... and their music was never the same again after that!)  In fact The Beatles had just appeared here a couple of months before at Comiskey Park ... this is the concert that I had a free ticket to courtesy of my cousins ... but my Dad wouldn't let me go because it would have been too long a trip to pick me up the next day in Deerfield ... and yes, it HAS emotionally scarred me for life!!! As you can imagine, WLS was playing EVERYTHING Beatles-related to help hype the concert.

It wasn't JUST Vee Jay tracks that made these special Capitol Starline releases ... in fact, the B-Side of "Boys" was "Kansas City", which appeared here in America on the "Beatles VI" LP, several months after first making its appearance on the British "Beatles For Sale" album.
The others in the series (there were six singles released simultaneously in all) were "Twist And Shout" / "There's A Place", "Love Me Do" / "PS I Love You", "Please Please Me" / "From Me To You" (which is how I FINALLY got my copy of "From Me To You" since it has never appeared on a commercially released Beatles LP during the time the band was together), "Do You Want To Know A Secret" / "Thank You Girl" and "Roll Over Beethoven" / "Misery" (another track that never made a Capitol LP).
Fab4 Collectibles has a beautiful set of these available ... you'll find all of the details here:

Just wondering where KEWB was located.  Occasionally I don't recognize the call letters on your weekly charts.
Jon M
Radio. It's a sound idea!
It looks like they broadcast out of the Oakland area.  In fact, I found this cool website where you can listen to old audio clips of the station, circa 1959 - 1966!  Check it out!  (kk)

Hello Kent!
I will be sending you a review of the KOOL103 Caravan Of Stars concert in Jackson, Tennessee, soon.  It was a fantastic concert that included a tribute to Billy Joe Royal and I will be sending pictures along with the review.
Billy Joe is certainly missed by all his friends, fans and all the performers who have performed with him and in Jackson.  I especially miss him because he was one of my all time favorite music heroes and legends!  It was always fun spending time with him. He was truly special and such a great man who loved and adored everyone and treated all his fans like old friends.
Thanks for all the great stories!  I will see you on Friday at the Chicago Cornerstones Of Rock!  
Take care,
Unfortunately you won't see ME there ... we'll be at the Stevie Wonder show ... but please send us your review of the show!  (And that goes for any of our other readers able to attend, too!)  kk

Hi Kent -  
Just a note for readers ...  
Veteran music industry guitarist / manager RICK LEVY is now tour manager / bandleader for TOMMY ROE and manager / rhythm guitarist for THE BOX TOPS.  
Both legendary acts will be performing regularly and ... in some cases ... packaged together.  
Rick is also a professional potter, residing in St. Augustine Beach, Florida.  
Looking forward to finally meeting you and Tommy Roe next March when you hit The Arcada Theatre!  (kk)

Just got this from Carol Ross, Tommy James' manager, who tells us that plans for a movie based on Tommy's book, "Me, The Mob And The Music" continue to move forward ...

Producer Barbara DeFina announced that Matthew Stone - whose credits include Intolerable Cruelty, Soul Men, and Free - has been signed to adapt Tommy James’ critically acclaimed autobiography Me, The Mob & The Music: the gripping, true life tale of Tommy’s tumultuous relationship with Morris Levy, head of Roulette Records, which was a front for the Genovese crime family in New York.
Starting with the #1 1966 smash “Hanky Panky,” Tommy James - with the Shondells and solo - unleashed a staggering string of mega-hits, including “Mony Mony,” “I Think We’re Alone Now,” “Draggin’ The Line,” “Crimson and Clover,” and “Crystal Blue Persuasion.” In 1969 alone he sold more singles than The Beatles.
Barbara DeFina, of DeFina Film Productions, is producing the film with James. Her many credits include Goodfellas, Casino, Cape Fear, and the upcoming Silence.
Matt Stone is represented by ICM Partners and Nelson Davis LLP. George Sheanshang and Mark Schwartz represent Barbara DeFina and Tommy James.
A couple of weeks ago we told you that Tommy was finishing up a new album featuring a series of "unplugged" remakes of many of his greatest hits called "Accoustitronics", which will feature a few "celebrity guests".  And Tommy's coming back to Chicago on November 13th at The Rialto Square Theater in Joliet.  (kk) 
>>> For anyone interested in the best-selling records charts of the 1940s, the online archive at now includes the charts from that decade:  As the Cash Box charts from this period listed more records each week than the concurrent Billboard charts, there are many records on these charts that never appeared on any Billboard chart.  The online chart archive now has the entire 52-year history of the Cash Box best-selling pop singles charts, from late 1944 through late 1996, when the original print edition of the magazine ceased publication.  (Randy Price)  
It's great to see that Cash Box charts from the forties are now posted on Randy Price's excellent Cash Box site.  I have been looking for Chicago area charts from the forties, and Cash Box published weekly city-by-city Juke Box charts from that time.  Unfortunately the only place that seems to have a complete collection is William And Mary College, and getting copies would involve traveling to Alexandria, VA.  Maybe someone on your list could "help out a reader" if they know of any other places these would be available.  Thanks for all your help, Kent, and for keeping us oldies-lovers connected.

All you radio buffs out there are going to LOVE this website ... in fact, you'll probably spend hours here just browsing around!

Mr. Kotal,
I am sorry to bother you but I am hoping you can help me.  I have been trying to find out the progress of Sonny Geraci since his illness and I have had no luck.  Mr. Geraci is very special to me, but not because of his singing (which is and always has been fantastic and he is beautiful!) but because of his determination to get through this very dark time in his life. You see I have been through some dark times of my own (from 2012 to early this year) and although I cannot even imagine what he has been through, I have imagined that he has been determined to make it through this time and that has been the driving force that has helped me through mine.  I know with our determination and our Father in Heaven beside us, we will both be SURVIVORS!! If possible could you please let me know of a website that has updates on Mr. Geraci?  I would really appreciate any help.
Thank you,

PS - Sorry for the war & peace email :)
No worries.  I think the family has been fairly private with Sonny's progress, but we're hearing good things. (I'm not aware of a website that offers "health updates" ... but this is what his good friend Dennis Tufano told me recently):
Sonny Geraci is slowly coming back. Mentally he is in very good stead but physically he is not strong enough to get on the stage. He’s working hard to get back out there. The jerk who stole the money has been released from his prison stay and there’s hope that he will be paying back the money or go back to prison.
I will keep you posted as much as they keep me posted. Thx. 

I'm sure that most of you know that Dennis is referring to the guy who ripped off all the funds raised for Sonny's benefit concert in Statesboro a couple of years ago ... this guy ought to be made to pay back every penny and then some for taking this money under false pretenses.  A number of us made donations to Sonny's health fund in an effort to help his family with all the medical bills ... and this asshole pocketed the take. 
The GOOD news is that it sounds like Sonny is working hard to get back up on that stage and perform again.  He has a very loyal following ... we get letters regularly asking how he's doing ... but as I said, his family is seldom forthcoming with new information. 
Thankfully Dennis has kept us up to date whenever possible so we can help pass the word along to Sonny's many fans.  (Dennis is one of the most genuine, kind-hearted people you'll ever meet in this or any other lifetime.  His selfless efforts to help those in need ... like Sonny Geraci and Marty Grebb ... people whose music has touched SO many lives ... is unparalleled.   Dennis, you're a saint and we love ya.  (kk) 

Dennis also updated us on Marty Grebb ...  

Marty is doing well under the circumstance of his health. He’s a very positive and optimistic soul. He is loved and his music is his peace.  He has a full performance schedule with The Weight band.  If you haven’t heard them, you must ... they are the THE BAND incarnate!!! 
Marty is an INCREDIBLE musician ... I am SO proud and pleased that he has been able to rise above all the pettiness and bullshit and just live his life to the fullest, doing what he loves doing the most.  This is all that much more commendable under the circumstances.  You guys have brought so much joy to us all over the years.  At some point, we all come to realize that there just isn't enough time in our lives for all the behind-the-scenes crap that goes on in your chosen profession.  It's so easy to get wrapped up in all the games that you lose sight of what drew you to this in the first place ... which is the love of the music.  (When you guys were organizing the benefit concert at The Arcada, there was all kinds of craziness and innuendo going on that the general public never knew anything about.  Marty's simple response to me in the heat of all this nonsense was simply:  "Ahh ... drama"  (lol)
Please keep us posted, too, about the fund-raising video and how folks can order a copy.  Proceeds from this will also go to Marty's health fund.  Thanks, Dennis!  (kk)  

Kent ... 
I wonder if you and your readers remember these funny guys.  
Frank B.

Boys, boys, boys ...

This story made headlines this week as Tom Jones lashed out at his (apparently) former friend and labelmate, Engelbert Humperdinck.  (The two were also tied together due to their association with manager Gordon Mills throughout the '60's.)  

Tom Jones Calls Engelbert Humperdinck a "C***" (Twice!); Engelbert Dismisses Gracefully    
by Paul Cashmere, Noise11    
Music legend Engelbert Humperdinck was shocked to learn that Tom Jones used the "C word" when talking about him to a British newspaper last week.   
Jones had been bottling up the sentiment for decades when he let fly to The Metro. When asked about their rivalry, Jones replied, “It’s as I say – ‘once a c*** always a c***”.  Engelbert was taken aback by the comment, especially the language used considering Tom’s Knighthood. In response he posted “to be honest i feel sorry for Tom always being in a bad mood. Life is too short to hold anger inside. I wish him luck”.  
When Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck were chart rivals in the 60s and 70s, they were both managed by the same man, Gordon Mills. Mills and Jones’ formed their own record label, MAM, with Engelbert as the label’s biggest star. The label became the UK’s biggest independent label of the early 70s but tensions raised when Engelbert left the label. “I have always held Gordon Mills in very high esteem. He was my friend. He believed in my talent but for the sakes of my career I felt it best to branch away from MAM,” Engelbert told  
Tom apparently took Engelbert’s departure personally and has been bottling the tension all these years.  
British record producer Simon Britton, who worked with both Engelbert and Tom on the All Together Now charity single commented, “Tom Jones totally overstepped the mark in an interview today in the Metro Newspaper regarding an Icon & True Gentlemen. To use the C*** Word twice in One Sentence is not acceptable. In fact it’s Disgusting… Just a little bit bored of Tom’s stories of “When I Was with Elvis” and so on.. How the Hell did Tom earn the Title Sir? This is a Gentlemen & Sir if you Will.. ‪#‎Truth”.
Engelbert has put the outburst behind him as he prepares for his trip to Australia next week for his 2015 Australian tour

Jones (or as I like to call him, Old Mr. Sock-In-The-Pants) has had a few media outbursts recently ... he made headlines a few weeks ago when he was ousted as one of the judges on the British version of "The Voice", to be replaced by Boy George.  Chill, baby!  (kk)  

re: Happy Together, 2016:  
Here's the official line-up for next year's Happy Together Tour. 
Headlining (of course) are The Turtles ... along with Mark Lindsay and Chuck Negron, two co-headliners that always bring the house down ... and The Cowsills (who stole the show last year with their impeccable harmonies.) 
Also back this year is Gary Puckett (I've lost count of how many of these tours he's done now) and new-comer Spencer Davis (which is a bit of a surprise since all of The Spencer Davis Group's hits were sung by a young Stevie Winwood!) We had strongly campaigned for Lou Christie, who would make the PERFECT addition to this line-up where the artists typically come out and perform their four or five biggest hits, accompanied by a shared back-up band.  (We saw Lou this past summer and he was fantastic.  Here's hoping Flo and Eddie will give him some fair consideration for Happy Together, 2017!!!)  kk

For some reason Box wouldn't let us embed the music files last night or this morning ... the only thing we were able to do was post links to the music ... which we hate to do as it forces you to leave the website in order to hear it ... and we don't EVER want you to leave the website!!! (lol)
I apologize for the inconvenience but they didn't answer my "Help Request" in time to resolve for this morning's posting.  (kk)