Monday, November 9, 2015

50 Year Flashback - November 9, 1965

Judging by the weeks listed column, it looks to me like KRLA just launched their new weekly Top Thirty Tune-Dex survey the week before.  (How's THIS for getting in on the ground floor of things?!?!?)

Actually, when you add in the Teen-Toppers "Up And Comers", this becomes a pretty comprehensive chart, listing the Top 50 songs in the Los Angeles area.

They're showing "Still I'm Sad" as the A-Side of the new Yardbirds single, with a very strong showing at #4.  Incredibly this one didn't chart nationally, favoring "I'm A Man" instead as the hit side of the record.

One of last week's featured tunes, "Pied Piper" by The Changin' Times, sits at #13 (up from #24 the week before).

Brand new on the chart is "Over And Over" by The Dave Clark Five ... it premiers at #30 ... and one of our '60's favorites, "Lies" by The Knickerbockers, makes the Up And Comers list.

And check out that picture of KRLA Disc Jockey Bob Eubanks ... a few years later he'll be hosting The Newlywed Game!