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Tuesday This And That

Congratulations to FH Reader (and MAJOR Davie Allan fan and supporter) Boobie Auten of Currie, North Carolina, who wins the Davie Allan two-fer ... his new CD's "Davie Allan and the Arrows 50th Anniversary" and "King Of The Fuzz Guitar" ... it couldn't have gone to a bigger fan or more deserving winner.  Congratulations, Vibeman ... and thanks again, Davie, for making this Christmas so special.  (kk)  

John and Paul at The Grammys ... (Oops!  Wrong Paul!!!):   
From Andy Williams reaction coming back on stage, something non-allowable at the time, in the way of vocal exchange must have happened in those pre-empted seconds.  It was obviously NOT a legitimate news break.  OK, someone find out for us ... I am curiouser and curiouser each day that goes by.
Shelley Sweet-Tufano
A little bit of digging ('cause I'm quite sure I would have remembered something a momentous as this!!!) shows that somebody cut together two completely separate Grammy pieces ... John Lennon and Paul Simon presenting an award in 1975 (with Art Garfunkel showing up to accept on behalf of Olivia Newton-John ... that part was legit) and then, after Lennon's comment, "Where's Linda", they cut away to an audience shot of Paul and Linda McCartney coming up to accept an award on behalf of The Beatles' recording "Let It Be" (which is why THAT is the song you hear playing in the background as they come up to and leave the stage) from the 1971 ceremony.  Then, whoever created this video, spliced in a fake News Report to make it look like the official reunion of John and Paul was pre-empted and lost forever, meaning the whole world (other than the "live in studio" audience) missed it ... but, as you surmised, the break-in was fake.  By the time it cuts back, you see Paul and Linda leaving the stage ... from four years earlier.  Mystery solved ... but a GREAT piece of work, I must say!!!  (And Paul and Art are hysterical!!!  PAUL SIMON:  "I thought I told you to wait in the car."  ART GARFUNKEL:  "Writing much, Paul?"  Fantastic!)  Mystery solved.  (kk)
Here is the uncut video of the actual footage from 1975:

FH Reader Paul Haney corroborates our findings ... and even provides the footage from 1971 when The McCartneys surprised everyone by being on hand to accept the Grammy for "Let It Be.    

Hi Kent,  
That clip of Paul Simon and John Lennon at the 1975 Grammy Awards with the “CBS News Special Report” (which actually has no news content) was quite obviously doctored .  there was NOT a John and Paul reunion on that night.  Somebody just pasted in footage of Paul and Linda McCartney from the 1971 Grammy Awards on the way to and from the stage accepting the award for the Let It Be album.

Paul Haney

This was still a pretty momentous occasion ... I would have NEVER expected John Lennon to go along with this ... and yet he looks like he's having a ball up there.  (I guess I would have expected something like this during his "Lost Weekend" period ... but Yoko was right there with him, sitting in the audience.)  And Andy Williams was in top form having a little fun at his ex-wife Claudine Longet's expense ... also completely out of character for the guy who hosted so many Family Christmas Television Specials over the years!  Still, he cracked me up.  (He describes their relationship as starting out with "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and ending with "Bridge Over Troubled Waters"!!!)  A year later Longet would shoot and kill her lover, Spider Sabich,  while skiing in Aspen, Colorado.
The 1975 Grammy Awards still had a few awkward moments ... 
Olivia Newton-John winning multiple awards for "I Honestly Love You", a song I find virtually unlistenable to today.  (I wasn't a big fan of it back then either!)  It won for both Record of the Year AND Best Pop Female Vocal Performance.  
Then ... as they still do to this day ... they read the awards presented the day before for what I like to call "the least crowd pleasing categories" ... and, in what can ONLY be described as a COMPLETE lack of good judgement, they announced first The Best Childrens' Recording as "Winnie The Pooh and Tigger, Too" ... and then followed that by awarding The Best Comedy Recording to Richard Pryor's "That Nigger's Crazy"!!!  (Perhaps somebody thought Tigger and Nigger flowed off the tongue with some sense of poetry???  Who knows!!!)
Ironically, Paul McCartney and Wings won for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a duo, group or chorus.  (Now THAT would have been a cool award to have Lennon present!!!)  kk

I’m pretty sure the end of the video, suggesting that Paul and Linda McCartney came onto the stage where John Lennon and Paul Simon were presenting, is fake. 
From the research I’ve done on the web, there’s no indication that Paul and John reunited that night.  In fact, the official Grammy website says Paul wasn’t even there:  Ironically, while an absent Paul McCartney won a GRAMMY at the 17th Annual GRAMMY Awards (Best Pop Performance By A Duo, Group Or Chorus for Band On The Run), this should go down as an extremely winning night for the very present John Lennon, too.”   
Ian Berger
No, we've figured it out ... see above for a more detailed explanation.  I still say it would have been AWESOME to have John Lennon ... COMPLETELY out of his element appearing on a show like this ... have to present the Grammy to Paul McCartney and Wings!!!  Now THAT would have made a few headlines!  (kk)

From a new interview with Robert Lamm regarding The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony ... sent in by FH Reader Tom Cuddy ...
Obviously Terry Kath was such a huge part of the band first decade. Will someone from his family be representing him at the ceremony?     
The only person who is interested in Terry’s career is his daughter, who has been working on a documentary on him for the last few years, but it’s really about her discovering who he is. That would be the only person I could think of who would be relevant.
What about Peter Cetera and [original drummer] Danny Seraphine – are they going to attend?
They will.
Will they perform with you?
Oh yeah.
So, if people buy a ticket to attend the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, they’ll see Chicago with Danny Seraphine on drums and Peter Cetera singing, if not playing bass.
You can read the whole thing here:

Bobby Darin 
Kent ... 
I'm sitting here listening to Wild Wayne's 40th Christmas show and catching up with Forgotten Hits.
12/19/1958  =  Bobby Darin records "Mack The Knife."
12/ 20/1973  =  Bobby Darin dies after heart surgery.  
This time of the year we can hear Bobby Darin's 1960 Christmas hit "Christmas Auld Lang Syne."  
I'm thinking your subscribers want to know more about Bobby Darin.  
What do you think?
Frank B.
It's pretty rare to even hear Bobby's Christmas tunes anymore.  (Kinda weird in hindsight that he died almost exactly fifteen years to the DAY after recording his biggest hit, "Mack The Knife"!!!)
Bobby's Christmas single (released in 1960) was actually a two-sided hit ... "Christmas Auld Lang Syne" performed a little better on the charts, peaking at #32 in Music Vendor (despite a #51 showing in Billboard).  The flipside (which, I believe, was actually the intended A-Side), "Child Of God", didn't get that high ... #72 in Music Vendor and #95 (for all of one week) in Billboard.
I thought that if time permitted over the holidays, I would FINALLY try and get the Bobby Darin Series posted to the other site.  As usual, I've already fallen behind ... but I haven't completely given up hope yet.
Typically this time of year our mail slows down as everybody has all kinds of holiday plans ... so we'll see what we can do.  If by some miracle, I can actually make it, you'll be amongst the first to know!!!
Thanks, Frank ... and Merry Christmas to you and yours.  And thank you for your ongoing support of Forgotten Hits!  (kk)

UPDATE:  Current Goal -- THE BOBBY DARIN STORY -- posted on January 1st, 2016!!!  (We're getting REALLY close ... Stay Tuned!)

On The Radio
Since you mentioned you are wrapping up the 50-Year flashbacks for a while, I figured I'd share this with your internet fans:
50 years (+ several days ago), what was one of Cleveland's biggest radio stations hit the radio airwaves.
WIXY-1260 was a 5000 watt station that covered a good part of Northeast Ohio during the day and a limited area overnight.  Their only real AM competitors at the time were WHK-1420 and the 50,000 clear channel station KYW/WKYC.  Yet the little station that could, did, and soon became the most listened to station in Cleveland soon after it came out of the gate.   Even the Big 8 / CKLW, with their 50,000 wattage from across Lake Erie, couldn't come close for years.
Though like most AM Top-40 stations, WIXY faded into the sunset in the mid-to-late 70s.  
However the spirit of WIXY lives on ...
There is a internet radio site called wixy1260online.com.  For several years now, they have successively recreated the essence of WIXY with jingles, call-in giveaways, old commercials, snippets of the real WIXY, and even some occasional Chickenman episdes. And they do make personal appearances!!! They also boast of having enough music in their library that most songs (outside of requests) are heard only ONCE ... A ... WEEK!  And what a deep library it is.
I invite your audience to listen for a refreshing change of pace.  Though they mostly broadcast live on nights and weekends, their "jockless" hours of overnight and daytime run circles around corporate radio stations.
Happy 50th to WIXY 1260!!!
Tim Kubat
Sounds great, Tim ... I listened for a little while last night. And how great to be able to promote a play list that deep!!!
We have (had?) a station here in Chicago that attempted (and claimed) to do the same thing using the old WCFL call letters ... but it never even came CLOSE to recreating the sound and feel of this era.  I would think a radio station with that kind of legacy (assuming they still had access to their old library of shows, jingles, promotions, etc) would make for a GREAT addition to the AM dial ... especially if they could air it at the same frequency as way back when.  I know that if done properly, I would definitely listen ... if only to hear the vintage clips of the jocks who dominated that station back in its hey-day!  (kk)
This And That
Hey Kent,  
I stumbled upon this video and HAD to send it to you! One of the members of "The Wrecking Crew" was the great mallet percussionist, Julius Wechter. He played marimba, vibes, drums, tympani, xylophone, and other instruments on TONS of recordings. One of his most famous is the vibraphone and tympani work he did on The Beach Boys' "Pet Sounds" ("Lets Go Away For Awhile"). He can also be seen on "The Wrecking Crew" documentary film, being interviewed with other members of the crew. He played marimba and vibes on all of Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass tracks. Because of this and his friendship with Alpert, The Baja Marimba Band was formed. Herb thought that having another 'South of the Border' recording act, on his A&M record label, would be popular at the time. He was right. Wechter assembled a group of studio players, who also could be very funny, to release albums and make TV appearances. Here is a sample of how entertaining the band was, doing a cover of "Taste of Honey". What fun to be in a group like that! A big part of the number is the drum solo by Frankie DeVito (who happens to be Danny DeVito's first cousin). I've never seen a funnier routine, behind a set of drums.
- John LaPuzza

Dean Ford should do “Rainbow” again as well! A nice follow up tune. I always liked that one too. I think a Dean Ford & the Gaylords re-do might be pushing it though!  
Marmalade had a pretty impressive string of hits in The U.K.,with some great tracks on the list.  I'm really not sure why some of those didn't cross over here in America.  Coming off a record as big as "Reflections Of My Life", they would have had a built-in radio audience waiting to hear what else they could do. (If you've never heard Marmalade's Greatest Hits, pick up a copy ... some GREAT, overlooked tracks on this one ... from an American perspective anyway.  Back home in Great Britain, they had a dozen Top 40 Hits!)  kk