Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy Birthday To The King!

Kent ...  
"Burning Love" is one of the few Elvis songs they still play.  I sent this request to Scott Shannon for Friday's show ... thought it might be a nice way of celebrating Elvis' birthday ...   

Hey  Scott ...  
I've been accused of living in the past with my music.  
Guilty --  
But, not this time. 
Friday would've been Elvis' 81st. Birthday.  You might not know that Elvis has a new album out called "If I Can Dream."  He's backed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  I think its already #1 in England. I'd like to hear "Burning Love" ... but instead of playing the 1972 Hit, could you play the 2016 version off this new album?
Who says I'm living in the past with my music?  (2016).  
Frank B.  
Valley Stream, New York   

Do you think Scott will play my request?  
Frank B.  


Elvis' new album debuted at the #1 Spot on The British Charts and continued to sell well enough to finish as the 4th Biggest Album of the Year in Great Britain ... not too shabby for a guy who's been dead for over 38 years!!!  (Honestly, I don't know that the new album is all that exceptional ... but I DO like the fact that RCA / BMG / Legacy continues to try and make Elvis sound "contemporary" each and every year ... thus attracting new fans in the process with each new release.)   

And, just in case he doesn't, we've got you covered!  I kinda like this new arrangement!  (kk)

How about giving Elvis the Bobby Darin Treatment?  
Let me make my case ... 
            ---  It's Elvis' 81st Birthday today 
            ---  Elvis has a new album out called "If I Can Dream".  On it, he is backed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  I think its already # 1 in England.  
            ---  You know as well as I do , a lot of the Elvis stories we hear about aren't true. 
            ---  I know Elvis is the " King of Rock & Roll. " In my mind its a dead heat between Bobby and Elvis for my favorite. 
            --- I learned from reading your Bobby Darin Story that Elvis was a big Bobby Darin fan and caught his Las Vegas Shows every chance he could. 
            --- This time I promise to be patient. How much time do you need? 
            --- It sounds like the logical next step.  And, it would look good on your resume.  
I rest my case. 
Frank B.  
Well, if I start working on it right now, I might be able to get it done in time for Elvis' 100th Birthday in 2035!!!  (kk)

Speaking of new Elvis releases, they've got a DOOZIE planned for later this year.   

Rolling Stone Magazine is reporting about a brand new 60-CD Box Set covering ALL of The King's Albums.  Titled "The Album Collection", you not only get Elvis' 57 commercially released LP's on CD but you also get three bonus discs of rarities ... one spotlighting tracks from the '50's, the '60's and the '70's.  Sounds like one interesting collection ... put the price tag may keep folks away ... especially if you've already invested in all of  the other career retrospectives they've released over the years.  (For me, my '50's Box, '60's Box and '70' Box will have to do!!!  Add in the special Movie Soundtracks collection and you've pretty much got it all ... without the alternate and unreleased takes.)  The 300-Page bonus book does make this quite appealing, however ... and it WOULD be cool to have all of these albums (in their original sleeves) in one place.  (See, I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff every time!!!)  kk