Monday, February 8, 2016

Coppock's Topics

A special edition of Chet Coppock's Random Musings as he heads out to watch Super Bowl 50 ...

Hi Kent,

I have decided to come out of the cave and offer up some opinions on the music we love - past and present ... 

All opinions are subject to barroom debate.

1. I feel sorry for those people who never got the chance to see Wayne Cochran perform live. The bombastic and flamboyant White Knight of Soul remains the greatest lounge act I've ever seen - or ever will see.

2. Give a listen to "Black Pearl" by The Checkmates. Its - and this is saying one helluva lot - the greatest song Phil Spector ever produced. Sonny Charles' lead vocal defines the word "Majestic."

3. I would happily throw Lou Reed out of the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame to clear a space down the road for Jewel.

4. Sly and the Family's "Music Lover" at Woodstock isn't just great, its the most exciting three minutes in rock 'n roll history.

5. Any time Sirius-XM radio decides to send Cousin Brucie off to the nursing home, I will happily throw a victory party.

6. If Ronnie Rice had gone solo after "I Will Always Think About You" he would have made mega millions.

7. Want a great 1950's rock 'n roll lift? Hop on and check out Bobby Darin doing "Splish Splash" or "Queen of the Hop" on Dick Clark's late '50's Saturday night show. Bobby dripped with charisma.

8. I will never, I mean never, accept Styx without Dennis DeYoung. Styx without Dennis is little league shuffle board.

9. Can 87.7 possibly get any worse? The station for musical indifference keeps redefining the phrase "why bother."

10. Back to Sirius-XM. Will somebody please tell midday headache Pat St. John to shut the F--- up?

11. If there's one song I can listen to 10 times a day it's got to be the "My Back Pages"' by the Byrds.

12. Did any white dude ever sing with more so-called "Soul" than Eric Burdon? The correct answer is NO!  

13. Lady Ga Ga sings the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. The NFL used to force feed us "Up with People."

14. How much bread did "New Radicals" leave on the table when they disbanded back in '98 or '9? "Wake up kids you got the dreamer's disease."

Off to the Arcada,

Chet Coppock
Host: Chicago Blackhawks Heritage Series