Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday This And That

Rollin' On The River:  
Thanx for your river themed segment this morning ... and for including 'Lazy River' by Bobby Darin.  Two of my favorite river songs are Charley Pride's 'Roll on Mississippi' and Alison Krauss with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's 'Catfish John' which doesn't have 'river' in the title but is an enchanting song about river life.  If you like river songs and you've never heard these, they are well worth a listen.  
I had a hard time narrowing it down to just sixteen selections ... SO many great "river" songs out there to choose from.
Ruled out at the last minute were "Whiskey River" by Willie Nelson, "March on the River Kwai" by Mitch Miller, "Peace Like A River" by Paul Simon, that great rap classic "Old Rivers" by Walter Brennan, "Deep River Woman" by Lionel Richie, "The River" by Bruce Springsteen, "Rivers of Babylon" by Boney M and several others.
We have a Classic Rock Station here in Chicago called The River (95.9 FM) and I suggested that they do an hour of REAL "River Music" ... even spice it up with a few isolated snippets along the way like "Rollin' ... rollin' ... rollin' on the river" from "Proud Mary" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, "Picture yourself in a boat on a river" from "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" by The Beatles, "I swear I left her by the river ... I swear I left her safe and sound" from "Hazzard" by Richard Marx ... even a deep, rich baritone bar from "Ol' Man River" or a bit of "Swannee River" or "Down By The Riverside".
Or, how about pushing it just a little bit further by featuring something by The Little River Band or Johnny Rivers???
I thought about sending our River Tunes in to Bob Stroud for his Ten at 10 feature ... but figured that promoting a rival classic rock station in town in ANY way, shape or form would probably be considered a conflict of interests.  (lol)  kk

Moon River by Andy is OK. Moon River by Jerry Butler is great. I figured a Chicago guy would prefer that version as well.  

I enjoyed today's FH featuring songs about rivers. I thought of Julie London's version of CRY ME A RIVER. There was a singer by the name of Chase Webster who had a version of MOODY RIVER which was played as well as Pat Boone's here in the OKC area. The only disagreement I had with the choices is that I would have posted Jerry Butler's version of MOON RIVER instead of Andy Williams'. 
I think one of the best blends featured on the site on Tuesday was Bob Dylan's "Watching The River Flow" running into Joe Cocker's version of "Cry Me A River" ... so I just had to go with that one.  (I also thought about featuring Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River" from a few years back ... because then we could have featured a river AND a lake!!!)  kk  

Just for the record:  The original version of THE RIVER IS WIDE is by the Forum from the summer of 1967.
Also:  Henry Mancini's version of MOON RIVER is the best one.  Followed by Jerry Butler's. 
But I also do like Andy Williams myself, so I guess I still have no problem with his version after all.  Tal Hartsfeld
Yes, The Forum did it first ... but it was The Grass Roots who had the bigger hit version.  (#16 vs. #44)
Several readers seem partial to the Jerry Butler version ... my personal favorite is the one by Henry Mancini ... but "Moon River" became Andy Williams' theme song ... so I just had to go with that one.  (Even with the Chicago connection, I probably prefer Jerry Butler's version LEAST between the three options presented.)  kk

Don't Get Your Grammy Panties In A Wad:
Your Grammy review was right on. 
You're right - they could have put statues on the stage that showed more life than The Eagles.
And it's good to know that I wasn't the only one waiting for Demi Lovato's jacket to pop open!
Put me on the list for your oldies newsletter.
Thanks, John ... you got it!  (kk)

Your take on Sofia Vergara was spot on.  When she first hit the scene she was beautiful - sultry and sexy with just a hint of an accent that made her all that much more alluring.  It's now turned into the over the top, screeching, fingernails on the chalkboard sound that makes her one of the most annoying people on television to watch and listen to.  The new Charro?  You may be right.  Coochie-Coochie, Sofia!

I still can't believe David Bowie is gone.  I grew up with Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and the Thin White Duke.  I am still heartbroken, maybe more then Davy Jones (I know ... coming from me!)  
He was truly a brilliant, visionary being.  His life force and originality will be missed in this world of conformity and soul-numbing sameness.  He managed to say goodbye without all of us realizing it (I sort of did, though - lots of rumours about his health after "The Next Day").  Still doesn't make the pain go away.  Time to pull out some classic Bowie, on film and on vinyl and CD.  Major Tom is free from his body capsule, and is now floating in the ether.  
Hope he knew what he meant to me, and to all his fans old and new.  He was the ultimate Space Commander, and I was (and always will be) an eager Cadet, ready to follow him into whatever sonic / visual space he wanted to go to.  Saw him with Nine Inch Nails at the newly completed Rose Garden in Portland, OR - the first concert there after being completed.  What a way to baptize a place!  Ziggy played ... guitarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  R.I.P. David.
I agree that Lady Ga Ga's tribute was much more about performance than it was about the music - although, like you, I also agree that she was a huge fan of his music and considered him a major inspiration.  Still, for all of his own theatrics, I cannot help but wonder if HE would have liked it.  I'm just happy that he was recognized for his body of work.
Later - 
Ed Pond
Yeah, so you lost TWO musical heroes named Davy Jones!!!  While I believe Ga Ga's performance was all about "art", I also believe she may have overthought the whole concept, trying to hard to make a visual statement rather than one that exuded even a hint of passsion.  (kk)

The Grammys were a world class, 24 karat gold drag. Give me one moment, any moment. during the program that musically made you think of the Stones' majestic "Gimme Shelter", the Beatles' ethereal "Day in the Life" or the harmonic loneliness of the Beach Boys "God Only Knows?" The program was musically listless.
50 plus years Danny and the Juniors told us "Rock and Roll is Here to Stay.' Sadly, rock 'n roll as we know it, is DEAD. Do you honestly think anybody will remember Taylor Swift 10 years from now? What the hell is an LL Cool J?
Would Eric Burdon and the Animals garner air play in today's washed out radio environment? If so, what station? Maybe 'XRT, right by the Gin Blossoms.
Thank God for the Arcada.
Chet Coppock
Host: Chicago Blackhawks Heritage Series

Kent ....  
Stop the presses ... I like a new song!  
It's by Little Big Town and it's called "Girl Crush".  
Unusual song. 
Usually after a breakup, old girlfriend hates new girlfriend. Not this time. 
Old girlfriend wants to be like new girlfriend to win her man back.  
I want to play this one for those who say I'm stuck in the 1950's with my Doo - Wop Music.  
Frank B.

It's one of my favorites, too ... absolutely love this song!  (kk)

This And That:
Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Lou Christie!
On February 19th, 1966 ... 50 Years Ago Today ... "Lightin' Strikes" hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart.
The celebration was especially sweet because this was also Lou's birthday.  (Could an artist ask for a better present?!?!?)
Happy Birthday, Lou!  (kk)

And, speaking of 1966 ...

Hey Kent,
Dunno if you’ve seen this magazine yet, but I just picked it up: The History of Rock 1966
This fascinating magazine contains verbatim 1966 articles from British music magazine New Musical Express and pop / rock music newspaper Melody Maker. 
It chronicles my fave music year month by month.  Great articles and great pictures!  It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years!
I know what you’re wondering: will there be a 50th anniversary issue for 1967 next year?   : ) 
On sale at now (I found it at Jewel) 
Will have to look for this.  My favorite year in music, of course, is 1967 ... and we've got some big things planned to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of that year coming up ... in fact, it just may be our biggest project ever!!!  Stay tuned!  (kk)    

From FH Reader Tom Cuddy ...  
The Ballad of Mike Love:   
A Beach Boy asks, "Why am I the villain?"

Man, what a wonderful mix of British Invasion samplers you sent out Wednesday. Thanks for assembling these great tracks.
David Lewis
My pleasure ... and my favorite era of music.  (kk)

Loved your list of the”sweet 12” british tunes ....most of which you NEVER hear on the radio.  Too sad!  Keep up the good work!

I have been reading your blog for over ten years. I love it. It's packed with so many great tributes and feedback about vintage music and updates. I remember that I won the "how would you describe the word psychedelic" contest that you put together for your daughter years ago.  She's probably all grown up now.  
Best regards,
Thanks, Sandy ... it's funny ... I still get half a dozen emails each month from brand new readers who discovered our site through that Psychedelic Countdown from 2005.
Yep, Paige was all of nine years old at the time ... next month she'll turn twenty ... and still loves ALL kinds of music.  She's pursuing a career in the arts ... in fact last weekend and next she's starring in her college production of "Romeo And Juliet" ... and last year she headlined as Salley Bowles in "Cabaret"!  (kk)
And, speaking of fans of our Psychedelic Music Countdown, we also received this email recently from a brand new reader who likes what we're doing ...

I discovered your website this morning for the first time.  Glad I did.  In particular, I read the 'Top 20 Favorite Psychedelic Songs' piece.  Very interesting and entertaining.
For what it's worth, I found your site from a link off the Chambers Brothers Wiki page.  Had heard your #18-ranked "Time Has Come Today" yesterday, and had to go to the 'net to refresh my memory back to those golden years, when I was a young lad all of 12 years old in Houston, Texas, getting my rock 'n' roll off of KILT-AM, "The Big 610", and pedaling my bike to the K-Mart to get the little flyer they printed each week with the list of the latest Top 40 hits.  1968?  Damn, I am old!
Had rock 'n' roll discovered FM radio in 1968?  Or vice versa?  Were there even many FM stations or radios that could pick them up?
Sometimes I think surfing the web, which I love to do, can be psychedelic, too.  The stream of consciousness as you go from one page to another, at some point realizing you have no idea how you got to the page you're on.
I'm looking forward to catching up and keeping up with "Forgotten Hits".
Houston, Texas

Speaking of 60's music, try this ... it's a fun site ...
Bill Hengels

You know Kent, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed Coppock's Topics (oh, wait a minute ... I can!) --
there is nothing like material like this, laced with opinion and tongue-in-cheek humor, to get the party and conversation started.  I love reading the reactions, as I am sure does Mr. Coppock.  It doesn't take much with so much polarization in this country today to get a reaction, whether it be watching a political debate or simply trying to mind you own business driving home and changing a lane.  "To every action there is a reaction" and in so many cases an over-reaction.  It is a hair-trigger society we live in today and with so many, their attitude is:  "If I want your opinion, I'll give you one!"  I have to say I look forward to the next edition of Coppock's Topics and the reaction it ignites.  The "Why, I oughta" and "To the moon Alice" reaction and over-reaction letters that follow are almost as entertaining.  In the words of John "Records" Landecker on the Big-89:  "It's time for a Boogie-Check!"  
Tim Kiley

Chet's response to some of the critiques of his critique ...

This is great. The pot is boiling!
Dear Peter;
Please, you can certainly find a more appropriate word for me than "imbecile" My suggestions would be outlandish, dysfunctional, and "dares to be different." You might also toss in "Loves to lead with his chin".
Kent, my man: The book I get is on Wayne Cochran is that he was offered fairly largely sums of money by several Chicago promoters and other midwest bookers to do some "comeback" shows in the late 90's. As best I know, he rejected all bids.
The Cochran influence is so profound that if Ron Onesti convinced him to work the Arcada I have no doubt Wayne would sell the place out on consecutive nights. Wayne's fans were an absolute cult. You had to see the C.C. Ryders, Wayne's back up band, to realize just how fiery they were. The Ryders blew Blood, Sweat and Tears and Traffic outta the gym. In particular, Chester Mass, the bass player, remains without question the most innovate and powerful bass player I have ever seen.
Wayne Cochran! Damn, I'd kill to write his book.
Chet Coppock
Host: Chicago Blackhawks Heritage Series

Congratulations to Me-TV-FM who posted their highest ratings to date this past ratings period.  While they still play a fair amount of tracks that are neither timeless OR memorable (despite their advertising slogan to the contrary), they've still got the best mix of music on the dial, constantly playing "wow" songs and updating their playlist weekly.
Here's the way Robert Feder announced the news earlier tis week ...

Any doubts about whether Me-TV FM is for real were put to rest Tuesday. 
Just shy of a year after signing on as a soft rock/oldies station, Weigel Broadcasting’s WRME LP 87.7 delivered its highest audience share ever in the latest Nielsen Audio ratings. 
With 2.2 percent of all listeners (and a cumulative weekly audience of 569,200), Me-TV FM tied for 21st place overall. The station did even better in some demos: Among women between 35 and 64, it posted a 2.5 share, tying for 15th place. 
That’s nothing short of remarkable for what essentially is a low-power analog station on VHF television channel 6 that operates as a radio station. Its leased signal at the farthest end of the dial isn’t even accessible by some automobile radios. 
Rick O’Dell, the Chicago radio veteran who once programmed the same frequency as Chicago’s Smooth 87.7 FM, returned last October as program director of Me-TV FM. 
“The 2.2 we achieved is a new high-water mark for the 87.7 FM frequency in Chicago,” O’Dell told staffers in a memo. “It surpasses the previous high (2.0) set by 87.7 when they were an alternative-formatted station LMA’d by Merlin. Also, if I’m not mistaken, the 2.2 is also a high for any 87.7 station around the country.”
-- Robert Feder
Considering that the station STILL isn't streaming a year later ... still has no disc jockeys ... and has a weak signal, this is a pretty remarkable accomplishment.  (Earlier talk about syndicating the format in other major cities apparently haven't moved forward either ... so right now Me-TV-FM is a Chicago-only radio treat.)  kk

This is really worth two and a half hours ...
PF Sloan at The Songwriters School of Los Angeles
David Lewis

New Releases:  
Hi Kent - 
Just wanted to let you know that we, The Fifth Estate band, have been doing considerable work with our back catalog and many yet unreleased tunes.  We have them ready for release and they will be happening over the next 3 to 4 months.  You can see our ALBUM PAGE here for what is coming!  
We also just released our first real BEST OF album on FEBRUARY 1, 2016. 
It is the only official FIFTH ESTATE BEST OF out there.  It can be found at CDBABY.COM and most places like, etc. ... or check it out through the NEW band website at   
You'll also find some Amazing LINER NOTES for the album written by Joe Tortelli on the website.
Sort of FAR OUT, you might say, and very entertaining and possibly worth a chuckle or two.  Some might learn a bit about our band even.  I know I did!!??  Alleviated several misconceptions as well. 
Hope all is well on your end. 
Thanks Kent, 
Happy to help spread the word, Furvus!  Congrats on the new releases!  (kk)

And our FH Buddy Davie Allan (The King Of Fuzz) has been working hard behind the scenes to get his soundtrack album to the cult-favorite '60's film "Wild Angels" released again to coincide with the 50th Anniversary re-release of the film in theaters ...    

I think I sent the "Wild Angels" message to you about my idea for the 50th Anniversary of the film (coming in July).
Here's an update that includes a new message to and from Bob "Sundazed" Irwin:   

I sent my "Wild Angels" 50th Anniversary idea to 16 people ... after 3 1/2 weeks, not one response! 
s there a chance that you could see about leasing the album from Curb and do the correct release (for the first time!!!)? Either a CD with all 21 tracks or a double LP? 
It's amazing after Curb's label put out my 50th anniversary CD that I get the silent treatment over this other milestone?! 

His reply (and that has been the ONLY reply) ...   

From: Bob Irwin - Sundazed Music
I go at them at least twice a year for the soundtracks.   Even though we’re now their physical neighbors on Music Row here in Nashville, I never get a response of any kind from them. Unfortunately.
Bob Irwin   
Please keep us posted, Davie ... a re-release of the soundtrack to coincide with the re-release of the film makes perfect sense to me ... each could help cross-promote the other.  (Wow ... 50 years already!!!)  The ad campaign should be launching shortly for these ... hope Sundazed (or Curb) will get onboard to make this happen.  (kk)   

Helping Out Our Readers  
Kent -
I just picked up 14 more WLS Surveys for my collection, from 1960 - 1961. Now I have a complete set from 1961 - 1985, all originals. I was contacted by a guy who lives in Florida. He used to live in Chicago in the '60s. He has more surveys for to sell from 1961, 1962, 1963. If anyone is interested, have them contact me
I am still looking for five more from 1960 if any of your readers have any. I have a large stack from the '70s to sell. Keep up the good work!!!
Send us your "want list" for the missing five and we'll put it out there again ... originals from 1960 (when WL first switched over to an AM Top 40 Rock Station) are pretty hard to come by.  (kk)