Friday, March 25, 2016

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Random thoughts after enjoying one of my great guilty pleasures ... buying secondhand CD's at Reckless Records on Broadway Ave. 

I find it criminal that Paul McCartney has to wage a legal war to regain his share of publishing rights to the Beatles catalogue. 

I also feel a degree of sadness when I think about the still youthful Rascals all but giving away the rights to their library for a quick score in the early 70's. 

Why didn’t The Strangeloves just name "I Want Candy" "We Wanna Be Bo Diddley?" 
I've always dug the fact that George Thorogood pays homage to Bo in his brutally rugged cover of "Who Do You Love?  

Do you remember a piece of junk by The Lemon Pipers called "Jelly Jungle (of Orange Marmalade)"? 
I honestly believe hearing this sappy hunk of slop qualifies anybody for two years of Freudian therapy. 

Am I the only guy left who thinks the O'Jays "Love Train" actually sounds better now than it did in 1972? 

If you want to appreciate the genius of the Staples Singers, flip on youtube and catch them lip syncing "If You're Ready (Come Go With Me). The song is damn near as good as "Respect Yourself." Meanwhile the "Respect" cover done by Bruce Willis in 1987 insults the credibility of a remarkably meaningful song.  

Every time I hear Chuck Berry's classic "Carol" I hear the guitar riffs of a late 60's and early 70's Keith Richards. 

I still love "Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)" by the Pet Shop Boys. Techno pop at its best. "Opp" was also the sound track we used for "Bears '86" and "Bears '87" shows I did on Fox 32 some 30 years ago. 

Which song  is a better song for truly get-down-with-your-bad-self love making: 
"I Only Have Eyes For You" by The Flamingos, 
"Miracles" by Jefferson Starship 
or the intoxicating "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye?
I'll hang up and wait for caller 15.  

Chet Coppock   
Host: Chicago Blackhawks Heritage Series

Sorry, man ... I just couldn't resist!!!  (kk)