Monday, April 11, 2016

Another Great Concert Review

As promised last week FH Reader Tom Apathy is back with another concert review ... and some more great pics.  

Take it away, Tom!

Hi Kent -  
The "Pop, Rock & Doo Wop Live" show came to the Lorain, Ohio Palace Theater on Friday, April 8th.  A big snow storm was on its way, that would dump up to nine inches of snow on NE Ohio overnight, but that did not stop a large crowd from attending, and the artists to put on a great show.  
The show kicked off with The Shades of Blue.  While no original members were on stage, they still put on a fun and energetic show to open the concert, culminating with their big hit "Oh How Happy"  
Next up was Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Shirley Alston Reeves with The Shirelles.   
Shirley looked and sounded great, running through many hits, including "Soldier Boy", "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" and "Baby It's You".  
One of the most popular singers that frequents NE Ohio was up next ... Dennis Tufano, the original voice of The Buckinghams.  
Dennis could have easily headlined this show with all his hits ... "Susan", "Don't You Care", "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy", "Kind of a Drag" and "Don't You Care".  Instead he led the show into the intermission ... and was the only act to come back out for an encore!
Getting things going after the Intermission was Jay Siegel's Tokens.  Jay has not lost anything, still hitting some amazing notes with "Tonight I Fell In Love" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" as well as hits from groups he gave their start like The Happenings.
Wrapping up the show was Jay and the Americans.  I was a little apprehensive about this act, with Jay the Third (Jay Reincke) handling the lead vocals.  I have seen both Jay Traynor and Jay Black (who were both amazing), so I was skeptical on anyone else doing their hits.  Surprisingly, Jay Reincke sounded great.  The high notes were not quite as strong as Black, but put on a very good show.  It was also very cool to see three original Americans on stage singing, Marty Sanders, Howie Kane and Sandy Deanne.  The group ran thru all the hits, including "She Cried", "Only in America", "Walking in the Rain", "Cara Mia" and "Come A Little Bit Closer".

Sandy Deanne, Marty Sanders, Howie Kane and Jay Reincke (Jay #3) of Jay and the Americans
(NOTE:  ALL photos copyright 2016 Tom Apathy and used by permission exclusively in Forgotten Hits)
All in all, a very good show, lasting about three hours (including the twenty minute intermission).  
I was also pleased to see and hear the amazing Dave Zane on lead guitar backing all the groups.  Dave regularly handles the lead duties for both The Buckinghams and The Americans.