Monday, June 13, 2016


Hi Kent -
I received the book new Joel Whitburn Top Ten Albums book yesterday … it looks great!   
Thanks for the speedy shipping! 
Be sure to check out Joel's website for all the latest on the brand new, fully updated Top Pop Singles Book ... shipping later this month!  (kk)

Good commentary on the Uncut article on Beach Boy dad Murry Wilson. I so wish I could have had access to the UK press articles while growing up with the boys and their music. Teen Beat did not cut it back then!
We're still waiting to hear back from Fred Vail, who has always been a staunch Murry Wilson supporter.  He says Rick Henn of The Sunrays, the group Murray managed after being fired by The Beach Boys, will also have some kind things to say.  I believe that in his own heart, Murry always felt he was doing right by his boys ... even if some of the methods to his madness were a bit unorthodox from time to time.  (kk)

Got this from Endless Summer Quarterly Publisher (and Beach Boys Examiner columnist) David Beard ... 
The 50th Anniversary is upon us!  (kk)

Inside The Beach Boys Pet Sounds album
David Beard | Beach Boys Examiner
June 12, 2016
To coincide with the release of The Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Pet Sounds box set, the Summer 2016 edition of Endless Summer Quarterly has been mailed.  Brand new exclusive interviews with Mike Love, Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston
Read more

Sorry I missed the first airing of this new Summer Sunday Series ... but hopefully you'll save the links and check these programs out next weekend ... I know I will!

Summer School is in session. 
WLTL-FM 88.1 will hold classes on air: 
Sundays at 12 pm CT - The original documentary “The History Of Rock And Roll”, each week spotlighting an artist, year or subject from the golden age of top 40 
Sundays at 1 pm CT - The Beatles - Music of the Fab Four together, solos and the songs written for other artists Sundays 2 - 5 pm CT - Mike Baker And The Forgotten 45s with the golden age of top 40 from the 50s, 60s and 70s

Check out the similarities between our buddies, Lincoln's own Coachmen (who morphed into Professor Morrison's Lollipop in 1967) and a track from the brand new Monkees CD. 
Monkees "Gotta Give It Time" 2016 
Coachmen/Professor Morrison's Lollipop "You Got the Love" 1967 
Now, the clincher is that both songs are co-written by Joey Levine!  If that doesn't say twice is nice, nothing does.  Maybe "You Got the Love" should be reissued!!!!
More digging finds that the Monkees' demo version of "Gotta Give It Time" was used for this CD and overlayed with new music.  The kicker is that the Monkees' demo was recorded on January 21, 1967, in the middle of the band's seven week run at #1 with "I'm a Believer."  Thus, this song was lost among the rush of Monkees tracks recorded at the time and apparently Levine resurrected the song as the Professor Morrison track!  Amazingly, after realizing the Professor Morrison song was released in 1968 (not '67, as I had said earlier) and recorded AFTER the original Monkees' "Gotta Give It Time," I found out that the Monkees tune was actually released in 2000 in a very snotty punky Stones / Standells style in 2000!!!  
LOTS of similarities between ALL of these tunes if you ask me ... and VERY 1967-sounding, too.  Maybe thanks to their brand new Top 20 Album, The Monkees' version will become known as the "definitive" version of this track.  (kk)

Please take a moment to welcome the newest member of The Forgotten Hits Family, Mike Vale, one of Tommy James' Shondells during their biggest hit-making years, 1966 - 1970.  (In fact, in addition to helping Tommy write the #1 Hit "Crystal Blue Persuasion", Mike also co-wrote one of MY all-time Tommy James and the Shondells favorites, "She".  We told you a couple of weeks ago that Mike has reunited with a couple of other Shondells to form The Crystal Blue Band ... and they've just released a CD featuring remakes of some of their best known tracks ... and will soon be out on the road making live appearances again as well.  

Hi Kent,
Mike Vale here.
Our mutual friend, Ed Salamon, suggested I get in touch with you to let you know about some things happening that would probably be of interest to you and your audience.
Ron Rosman, Eddie Gray and myself, all original Shondells through the hit making years have reunited under the name, The Crystal Blue Band and have just completed our "Legacy" album leading up to our first concert together in over 45 years.
I have attached a few pics of the present group along with an article I wrote for our website titled "Reclaiming A Legacy" and am sending you a copy of our brand new CD, which contains twelve completely re-recorded tracks of our hits.  I hope you find both the story and the songs interesting enough to share with those who enjoy your articles.
Thanks in advance and keep up the great job with Forgotten Hits ... a lot of people appreciate your efforts!
Hope to hook up one day,
Best wishes,

Great to hear from you, Mike!  Please stay in touch ... I'm sure there are a TON of great stories you could share with our readers from back in the day.  (kk) 
More information about The Crystal Blue Band on their web page:  
After Tommy kicked off his solo career, The Shondells changed their name to Hog Heaven and charted with a song called "Happy", which charted for two weeks in Billboard at #98.  Tommy got back together (gettin' together???) with the guys to perform on his excellent Christmas album "I Love Christmas".  Tommy and Mike wrote the track "It's Christmas Again" together.  (kk)

As you probably know via the news or Facebook, Bruce Gordon's apartment building exploded two weeks ago and he has nothing left except the clothes he was wearing. He is devastated and traumatized. He is staying with Sandy and Bob Simon wondering how a heart patient who is 67 years old is going to start his life over. Sandy wanted to do a music benefit but he doesn't want charity. Some people have sent him checks and gift cards which he has really appreciated. It would be nice if we bonded together as a group or individually donated something to help him get some clothes and personal belongings. Please contact Sandy if you would like to do something and we can send it to him in care of the Simons. You can contact Sandy  
Thanks for your understanding.  
Sandy, Freddie, Dean and Guy

A possible gas explosion left a Des Plaines apartment building damaged Thursday morning. | Network Video Productions

I finally got to meet Bruce, a former member of The New Colony Six, about a year and a half ago ... very nice guy.  Man, how does something like this even happen?!?! (He didn't have Richard Pryor over for dinner, did he???)  
Folks wishing to contribute should contact Sandy Simon via the link above.  Take care, Bruce ... and the best of luck to you!  (kk)  

The 2016 Happy Together Tour is now under way ... and it looks like their annual stop at The Paramount Theater in Aurora has just been added the list.  (They're also performing at both the Wisconsin and the Minnesota State Fairs)  The link below that Tom Cuddy sent us states that the scale of the tour has been cut back this year from about 100 shows to right around 60 due to the wishes of Howard Kaylan.   
Catch it if you can ... it's another killer line-up consisting of The Turtles, Mark Lindsay (formerly of Paul Revere and the Raiders), Chuck Negron (formerly of Three Dog Night), The Cowsills, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap and Spencer Davis.  Check out the list for a show near you!  (kk)  
A complete list of tour dates and venues can be found here:   

What a TREAT! 
The best of the best ... 
together on one show 
SATURDAY, AUGUST 6th at 8 pm 
Each artist doing a full 75 min show!! 


Memphis blue eyed soul ... The Letter ... Cry Like A Baby ... Soul Deep ... Neon Rainbow ... Choo Choo Train ... plus a music history of Memphis.  
But don't take my word ... I just manage and play in the band!  

Kathie Spehar - Corp Direc of Ent..Cannery Casino Resorts: "Absolutely awesome group! The memories brought back tug on your heart strings. Top Notch, sound incredible, and the SOLD OUT audience loved them!!"  
Joseph Mirrione - Praia Entertainment Group:  
"The first time I had the BOX TOPS on one of my shows, we broke a box office record for the most tickets sold in a single day. They backed up the hype by delivering a kick ass show ... they have the look, the chops, and the vocals to live up to the legacy. Consummate professionals on stage and off. THE BOX TOPS are the real deal!!!   

BOOK THE BOX TOPS for your next event  
Exclusive booking  TCI  MITCH KARDUNA  
212 730 2701 

Mohegan Sun has not posted any info about the Tony Orlando and Dawn reunion concert you mentioned a few weeks ago in Forgotten Hits. However, I do know that Tony will be at Mohegan on the 14th for a special event. Can you get any more info for us? I have alerted DJs and media, BUT we are currently at a stand still till someone 'fesses up.   Thanks! 
My information came from the official press release stating Tony's complete excitement with being reunited with the original Dawn background singers.  I checked the Mohegan Sun website, too, and see absolutely nothing listed for this.  I dropped them a line to see what's what ... as soon as we hear something back, we'll let you know.  (kk)  

Speaking of potentially cancelled shows, Shelley also asked us about this year's Danbury Fields Forever event.  I talked to Charles Rosenay about this and here is what we know so far ...  

I received unconfirmed word from my DJ coworker that Danbury Fields has been cancelled this year. The date had been July 23rd. Ken Michaels will be dropping Charles Rosenay a return email to find out more.

We haven't issued an official press release on this yet, but yes, it's true ... 
below is what we sent out last week to our vendors and bands. 
Thank you, Kent, for asking and for being on top of all this.
Charles F. Rosenay!!!

See below ...

Subj: Danbury Fields Forever 2017 
Yes you are reading the correct date in the subject line.
We have postponed next month's "Fab 4 Music Festival" one year. 
I know this will be a great disappointment to the fans, vendors and bands ... and it wasn't easy breaking the news to the great venue which has hosted it ... but due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, we have to wait until 2017. 
I hope you'll be on-board with us then, and we expect to "get back" bigger than ever! 
So unless you know of a rich Beatles-fan / angel who wants to produce / rescue the festival, we'll just "let it be" for now and "come together" next Summer with you (hopefully) as part of the event.
Thank you very much. 
Charles F. Rosenay!!! (Danbury Fields Forever) (ALL Our Tours & Promotions) (The Magical History Tour to Liverpool!)
Liverpool Productions LLC (203) 795-4737

Wow! Check out THIS line up!  (kk)

At the Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA  -  1969-ish  
Fred Glickstein / The Flock

To my loyal friends and fans: 
MAGELLAN WAS WRONG has just become available for pre-order from ACE Records.   
It has my whole heart in it, plus the hearts of a lot of fantastic people including producers Jamie Hoover, Greg Foat and Frank "Rat" Falestra and a truckload of amazing singers and musicians including Dave Hubbard, George Wurzbach, Scott Schotter, Wes Malkin, Christopher Wayne Chapman, Arbel Martin and the aforementioned Jamie and Greg. 
You can read about it and -- if you take the notion -- preorder it by following this link and clicking on "Ace Records beside the cover illustration.  
-- Yers, 
Bob Lind  

I got to interview Justin Hayward recently. He's still going strong:   
Carl Wiser

Got a question I would like to throw out to you and to your readers. Some of your readers may be familiar with the record that came out in 1964 by guitarist Travis Wammack on Ara Records with an instrumental called SCRATCHY. This was a fairly big record here in the OKC area. Now my question is that into the 1:15 part of the record, there is a portion of backwards talking that lasts for some 10-12 seconds. Without having the technical equipment to do it and play the song backwards to find out what is being said on the record, I wonder if any of your readers would know, those readers who are familiar with the record and what was being said if the record was  played backwards. Through the years whenever I heard that portion of the record, it reminded me of the Cave People in that old Flash Gordon serial that was made back in the 1940's. Now I guess it's possible that when that portion of the record is played backwards, that there is no distinct words being said. 
Anybody???  (kk)

Having been inspired by the long back-and-forth on whether there was a 7-minute version of "Ode to Billie Joe,"  I am moved to ask you: 
These days, many of the songs readily available on CD and other formats are the "longer" versions.  Prime example: The Doors' "Light My Fire," which is everywhere in the 7-minute-plus "album" version.  It's difficult (not impossible, just hard) to find the radio-format shorter version that was a hit in the 1960s.  All the "oldies" radio stations play the long version, as far as I can tell.   Apparently, that's what they can get. 
So -- my questions: 
-- Was there a shorter (radio-play) version of "House of the Rising Sun" (Animals) in 1964?  I remember it, but the one they play today is about 4:30 ... I remember one that didn't include the verse ending "... to wear the ball and chain."  It was the one I heard on the radio.  Am I right about this? 
-- Ditto with the Hollies' "Look Through Any Window."  Was there a somewhat shorter version made for radio play?  I don't think it eliminated verses, but as I recall, it had a shorter instrumental fade at the end.  Might have been just a few seconds shorter.  
As I say:  Am I imagining these?  (It was, after all,half a century ago.)  
Henry McNulty 
Old Saybrook, CT 
Well, I can say with all certainty that there was a shorter "single mix" of "House Of The Rising Sun" ... and I looked for it for YEARS on CD but could only come up with the full-length album cut.
A couple of years ago a reader (probably Tom Diehl) finally tracked me down a shorter single version which, as you said, eliminates the "One foot on the platform" / "Wear the ball and chain" voice you referred to.
What I didn't realize until I listened to it again is that it also eliminates virtually the entire organ solo ... which I've always felt was a key part of the song's bluesy feel.  When all is said and done, the single mix is a full minute-and-a-half shorter than the LP version ... so it's likely to be a more dramatic cut than you remember as well.
Edited and punched up singles were a regular thing back in the Top 40 days of pop music.  I have always maintained that SOMEBODY out there ought to come up with a complete series of CD reissues devoted to ONLY the tracks as we heard them on the radio ... almost a chronological history ... 'cause this is the way most of us remember these tunes ... and, quite often, it's the only way they sound right to our ears.  (kk)