Thursday, July 7, 2016

'Nuff Said

Although we easily could have milked this topic for another issue or two (I received eight brand new titillating emails within thirty minutes of Tuesday's posting ... and at least a dozen more since), we've decided to drop our recent discussion and get back to keeping you abreast of the latest oldies news instead.  

Sure, Bob and I could have gone tit for tat for a few more rounds ... but by the time it would all finally be over, my fear is we'd both end up looking like a couple of boobs ... so why not take the high road and just abandon this discussion altogether. 

Now I already know that there are knockers out there who will criticize us for ever even going down this path in the first place ... 

But the truth is it's not about how many points you rack up ... or waiting to see who'll go bust first ... Forgotten Hits is supposed to be about the music.  

So let's focus our headlights elsewhere ... 

Damn the torpedoes, fire the bazookas and release the balloons ... let's celebrate our love of music.

And Bob, next time you're in Chicago (which I know you sometimes are), dinner's on me.  (I'm thinking Hooters, how 'bout you???)  

Together we'll make a nice pair.

I can see it all now ...  

Me (after polishing off a couple of jugs of wine and a bowl of melons, focusing on three exceptionally well-endowed waitresses standing by the bar):  Hey Bob, which one of those three young ladies would you most like to be stuck in an elevator with?  

Bob:  I dunno ... probably the one who knows the most about fixing elevators  

See ...

No harm, no foul.

Ta-Ta('s) for now  (kk)