Sunday, July 10, 2016

The Sunday Comments ( 07 - 10 - 16 )

A short but sweet edition this week ...   

Just a quickie (albeit late) responding comment re: tittie talk: 
If your wife doesn't object, who gives a hoot(er) if anyone else does?  
One of the things I find charming about you, dear husband, is your humor: sometimes juvenile, silly, often witty, and without malice. You include phrases, comments, and the like from our own conversations and share them with your readers. That's just who we are. 
There are disturbing events happening pretty much everywhere in our own country. Save your offense for those injustices. Appreciate light, levity, and even a little lowbrow humor when you find it. Love you, kk.
The Mrs.
(I know we said that we were closing this topic ... but c'mon ... I couldn't not print THIS one ... I have to sleep with this woman!!!)  kk   

Hi Kent -  
This week has been one filled with so much "bad" news thanks to all the violence taking place across the USA. In tough times like this I play songs like "A Ray Of Hope" by the Rascals, "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke and "What The World Needs Now Is Love" by Jackie DeShannon just to try to stay positive. Even a song from 2003 like "Where Is The Love?" by the Black Eyed Peas is a good one for those of us wanting to spread a message of love and understanding. 
Santiago Paradoa
Miami, Florida

It really seems to be a crazy time - like we've lost a handle on things overall and lost perspective on all that's really important in life.  (I'm sure I sound like a crotchety old man on this but there's a lot more too it than this ... and I think most of "normal America" would agree that things are TRULY out of hand.)  kk

Here's another link to Jim Peterik's new song, which we featured the other day ... "We All Bleed Red", inspired by the recent events in Orlando ...
And here's a copy of the review of Jim's "The Songs" CD that Vintage Vinyl News ran last week ...

>>>down the soft-rock / middle-of-the-road path that many feel delayed their Rock And Roll Hall of Fame consideration.  (kk)
Poor Peter Cetera - 
That dude sure takes a lot of crap from Chicago fans.   
The reason they were delayed is because the critics despised them. As much as fans of old Chicago love to blame 80s Chicago, if the critics thought 80s Chicago was wussy, they thought 70s Chicago was wussy and pretentious. As for Cetera causing trouble over the Hall of Fame, ask yourself this: 
Donnie Dacus was in the audience as was Laudir Deleveria - neither was invited on stage or mentioned in speeches 
Bill Champlin and Dawayne Bailey weren't invited at all nor thanked in speeches 
And Danny Seraphine was asked to "sit out" on Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is so Tris could take that one. David Foster and Jimmy Guercio weren't thanked in speeches  
Factor that in and do you think maybe the problem wasn't limited to Cetera?   
Mark Rathwell  

>>>The first few times I heard that song I thought they were singing "Purty Little Love Song" as kind of a southern drawl take on "Pretty Little Love Song" ... and I swear I STILL hear it that way today ... or at least that's what I sing when I sing along!!!  Listen to it with that thought in mind the next time you hear it and see if you don't see how it fits, too!   (kk) 
Hey Kent, 
Just a little note about the Marshall Tucker Band song, "Heard It In a Love Song". It DOES sound like your ears' version, "Purdy Little Love Song". My ears heard it as "Hurtin' In a Love Song", and I thought it was that way through the concert we saw, waiting for the group to perform it. Even as age has set in, I know Doug Gray could have pulled it off, vocally. Encores are important to a concert. It lets the audience show their appreciation. Oh well. Maybe next time, if we get to hear them again.
- John LaPuzza

The Blu-Ray edition of The Complete Monkees Television Series is now shipping from Rhino Records.  It includes TONS of never-before-seen extras and beautifully remastered editions of every television episode, their TV Special "33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee", their cult-film classic "Head", old Kellogg's television commercials, commentary from all four Monkees and lots, lots more.  (This is almost enough to make me finally break down and get a blu-ray player!!!  But I've already bought the complete series on VHS and DVD ... still to see this kind of a digital upgrade is VERY tempting!)  It also includes a special 45 rpm pressing of "Star Collector" / "Goin' Down" with a picture sleeve.  The run is limited to 10,000 numbered copies ... so my guess is these won't last long.  More information here:

At long last I've got an official conformation. There will be a survey convention, Saturday 9/10, starting about 1:30 thru the rest of the afternoon. This is part of other events going on at the hotel, all geared for radio geeks, that weekend. However if you are just interested in the surveys, there is no admission charge. 
It takes place at the Hyatt Place Kansas City, Missouri Airport at 7600 NW 97th Terrace. I will be there. Hopefully if there are any FH readers who live in the general area, they can come by too.  

And finally, this from Clark Weber ...