Thursday, September 8, 2016

Thursday This And That

Thank you -
Your concert review was spot-on (as usual)
We were there Saturday Night and were equally blown away by The Ides Of March - I swear they just keep getting better and better - so much energy and excitement - they absolutely stole the show.
I couldn't agree with you more regarding "Lake Shore Drive" - this song is a Chicagoland treasure and should be treated with a bit more respect than it was given in concert.  If Skip Haynes can't do the national tour, why don't they move this to the group ensemble finale and give it the treatment it deserves.  That one along with the "Bend Me Shape Me" tribute to Gary Loizzo and The American Breed would make for a totally fitting finale.
And thank you SO much for reminding The Cryan' Shames just how important their song "It Could Be We're In Love" is to all of us who grew up here during that era.  You described it perfectly - it's a masterpiece just the way it is and doesn't need to be tinkered with on stage.  For most, THIS is the one song they want to hear They Cryan' Shames sing - why rearrange it.  You just don't mess with perfection.
So glad I got to see the show - sorry so many had to stand but you've got to get your tickets early when these guys are performing!
I was happy just to get in!  We had made Labor Day Weekend plans six months ago so never even bothered to try and get tickets ... just figured I was going to miss another one ... but when those plans fell through unexpectedly I knew I had to catch this last performance.  Thanks to Ron Onesti, we were able to do so ... and even visit with some of the guys as a bonus.
Moving "Lake Shore Drive" to the finale is a GREAT idea ... let everybody take turns with it if Skip can't do the national tour.  (I asked him about that and he said that while he hadn't planned on being involved it sounded like a great bit of fun ... so who knows ... we just may coax him up there after all!  Stay tuned!)
As for "It Could Be We're In Love", we've addressed this issue many times before.  I'm no psychiatrist but it almost seems like there's some deep-rooted guilt about having created a song this beautiful ... like they feel in some way they didn't deserve it.  Now I know that sounds whack, but think about it for a second.  From its very first appearance on their "Scratch In The Sky" album, they've thrown something in to take away from its pure beauty ... that ridiculous interlude that flat-out doesn't fit to breakup an otherwise PERFECT melody.  (Thankfully Columbia cut this out for the single release!)

At the very least, the song deserved to be a national Top Ten Hit ... SO many of their hits did.  We have introduced countless thousands and thousands of readers to it over the past 17 years in Forgotten Hits who unfortunately never had the chance to discover it back in the day ... and ALL have come away Cryan' Shames fans ... and many have purchased the song as a result of this exposure.  I just don't understand why they feel a need to continue to mess with it.  To use your phrase, it's downright disrespectful.
I love these guys ... always have, always will ... but please, be PROUD of your achievement ... and play the song the way it deserves to be played.  The fans will be forever grateful if you do.  (kk)

I was at the Cornerstones Show on Saturday and thought it was great - even better than the live show televised on WTTW.  It was great to see Jimy Sohns back in action.  All of the acts were great - how exciting to see this music getting all this attention again.  I always loved the music of The Cryan' Shames and The New Colony Six - but I think The Ides Of March showed everybody who's boss Saturday night.  However I still think The Buckinghams stole the show - what a great finish to a great night of music.  So many hits.  It's too bad Dennis couldn't be there to share in it - that would have put it over the top for me - but still I've got no complaints.  We came to see a great show and hear our favorites and we got it!
Who would have ever thought, way back when, that the baby in the group, Little Jimmy Peterik, would be the one to shine head and shoulders about the rest some fifty years later ... but thanks to not only his music with The Ides Of March but also his work with Survivor and .38 Special and his World Stage Shows, he just continues to shine and impress.  (What'd they say?  Something like 17 Top 40 Hits overall???)  Amazing.
Nothing was mentioned before the show about Dennis Tufano's participation nor was anything said during the performance so I can only assume it was a scheduling conflict of some sort.  He think he appears as a "special guest" when he can at these events and hope he will be able to take part with the national shows when his schedule allows it should this thing hit the 's able to join The Buckinghams to sing a song or two.  In fact, how cool would that be to have "special guests" take part in various cities like Skip Haynes and Dennis Tufano ... or, as Carl Giammarese suggested, a local hero or two such as Mitch Ryder when the show plays Detroit?  This could turn into a VERY fun tour!!!  (kk)

Hi Kent- 
As usual, a superb review of the latest show. 
Wouldn't it be great if someone could get the attention of the City of Chicago booker and place this show in front of 7000 - 8000 Chicago fans at Millenium Park next summer? What a kickoff to a national tour! 
No doubt about it ... strike when the iron is hot!  (A side note to two of our record company executive buddies out there ... you know who you are ... my idea for a revamped New Colony Six Greatest Hits CD doesn't sound so far-fetched now does it???  Had you acted when we first talked, you'd have discs ready to hit the shelves by the time this thing goes national.  It is STILL a project worth digging into ... call me!!!)  kk

Thanks for the positive review of Cornerstones on Sat!!
What a blast. 
Thanks again for keeping our music alive. 
Warm regards.  
Keep Rocking!

Hokey smokes, Kent-winkle; thanks for the incredible review and, even more so, for the time we had to chat before our set.  Hope that Frannie and Paige had some magnificent mom/daughter time but really missed seeing them both.  Maybe in a few more years, I can get Paige’s autograph when she conquers the world on stage or in films.
Anyway, the “psyched” attitude really came through in your writing this morning and I just wanted to send back my matching enthusiasm and again share the love that I have for you, the fam and, of course, FH!

Kent ...
Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon on TV last week.
Frank B.

I'm still bummed that Freddy and I weren't able to get together while he was in Chicago ... but this Svengoolie thing has really taken off with quite a buzz!  (kk)

This And That
From FH Reader Tom Cuddy (I've already got a few of these ordered!!!)

Fall Books Preview 2016: Must-Read Music Tell-Alls  

This fall, some of the biggest names in rock and pop will tell their life stories in print. Read on for a preview of stunningly candid tomes by … 

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Just a reminder that THIS WEEKEND in KC is the Radio Survey Convention.  The survey part is free on Saturday afternoon. 
The first radio survey convention will be held in Kansas City on Saturday, September 10 from 1:30 PM throughout the afternoon.  As it is the FIRST such event of its' kind, it's hard to tell what will go on other than probably trading and selling of radio charts of radio stations from all eras and states (countries?).
The survey convention is FREE to my knowledge.  It sounds like a pretty awesome time in KC.
Please report back to us with some of the details ... maybe we'll even run some of the cooler finds you happen across while you're there!  Thanks, Clark.  (kk)

A customer asked me today about a record called Spacenik, by Comrade X. It's a surf rock instrumental, very typical of the genre from the early 60s time period. It did not chart, nor did any other song, if there are any by them, chart.  Does anyone have more info. There's one for sale on eBay. Jack

Reminder:  The new Ron Howard / Beatles film opens tomorrow in theaters across the country ... let us know what you think!  (kk)