Tuesday, October 25, 2016


It doesn't seem to matter where you grew up ... or even WHEN ... 

At some point in our lives, nearly ALL of us have been exposed to the zany antics of radio legend Dr. Demento, The King of Novelty, who has been bringing us some of the craziest and most demented tunes on the air since 1970.  

Well, I'm happy to tell you that The Good Doctor is still around and doing fine. 

In fact, THE DOCTOR IS IN ... 

St. Charles, Illinois, anyway ... 

THIS THURSDAY NIGHT (October 27th) at The Arcada Theatre ...

for a show guaranteed to tickle your funny bone (and perhaps maybe even some other parts unknown!) with a great set of comedy classics. 

(They're billing it as a Halloween Show ... and there will be some Halloween-related material performed that night, but Dr. D. tell us only about 25% of the show will focus on this topic ... everything else is up for grabs ... which means that anything goes ... and anything can happen!)

Good seats are still available thru The Arcada Online Box Office:  www.oshows.com.  

Dr. Demento (Barry Hansen) still does an online, by subscription only, internet radio show, too ... and you can still catch new shows (including a recent Halloween radio special!) as well as archived gems here:

In addition to perhaps the largest known collection of novelty records, Hansen also has an extensive record collection of many other genres ... this guy is a TRUE and dedicated record collector ... hundreds of thousands of records he has picked up over the years ... and he ALWAYS seems to find those diamonds in the rough to share with his loyal listener base. 

Here's hoping you can check out the show Thursday Night (7:30 pm) at The Arcada Theatre.

Dr. Demento has been a long-time friend to Forgotten Hits, often shedding light on some long forgotten, obscure track, sharing a tune or maybe an interesting back story ... so I was THRILLED when he agreed to record this little promo piece both for Forgotten Hits and this Thursday's upcoming show! 

Hope to see some of you there at The Arcada ... 

And remember ... 



For over four decades, millions of  adolescents 
have had their ears glued to the radio to sop up 
every minute of the two hour Sunday night visit 
to the land of Dementia. 

Perhaps the one thing that is missing from their lives is an occasional helping of Dr. Demento’s Greatest Hits – 
“Fish Heads,” “Shaving Cream,” ” The Laughing Record,”  “Purple People Eater,” 
most of Tom Lehrer and a little “Weird Al” Yankovic,
the Doctor’s greatest discovery. 

Perhaps they would like Dr. Demento to search his 250,000 record collection and present the few numbers he couldn’t play on the radio? 

Or maybe lecture on Frank Zappa or the roots of the Beatles? 

If any of that sounds like something YOU went through growing up, then this is most certainly the show for you.