Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Tuesday This And That

Happy 90th Birthday to Chuck Berry!
The Grandfather Of Rock And Roll, Berry's songs have influenced and covered by some of the biggest names in rock and roll history.  He also scored 15 Top 40 Hits under his own name between 1955 and 1973, including his pop chart debut "Maybelline" (#4, 1955 ... also a hit for Johnny Rivers); "Roll Over Beethoven" (#29, 1956, covered by The Beatles and Electric Light Orchestra); "School Day (#3, 1957); "Rock And Roll Music" (#8, 1957 ... and covered by both The Beatles and The Beach Boys); "Sweet Little Sixteen" (#2, 1958 ... and later copped by The Beach Boys for their own "Surfin' USA"); "Johnny B. Goode" (#8, 1958, a rock and roll standard, performed by literally EVERYBODY over the years); "No Particular Place To Go" (#6, 1964); "You Never Can Tell" (#14, 1964, and prominently featured in the film "Pulp Fiction") and his surprise comeback #1 Hit "My Ding-A-Ling" (1972).
Berry also wrote "Back In The USA", "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man", "Memphis", "Too Much Monkey Business" and "Reelin' And Rockin'" ... along with dozens of others that have painted the musical landscape for the past  60+ years now. 
Happy Birthday, Chuck!  (kk)  

Also happening today ...  

R&R HALL OF FAME: Nominees Announced Tuesday    
Tuesday at 8 am [ET], the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame will announce its list of nominees for induction next year.  
To be eligible for nomination in 2017, an artist had to release a recording by 1991.  Ballots will then go to an international voting body of more than 800 artists, historians and music industry employees. And, for the fifth year in a row, fans will also have the opportunity to vote. 
The winners will be announced in December and inducted at a gala ceremony in the spring. 
The Best Classic Bands website has a list of 100 artists who are not yet in the Hall and are worthy of consideration. See it here' 
We'll just miss this announcement as we'll be heading into work ... but look for an update later today once the word gets circulated.  (kk)
Hi Kent, 
I'll be grabbing Brian Wilson's book today (seems like I was doing that just 30 years ago), and I think I'll be seeing Mike Love next week at a book signing in D.C.  And, of course, Dean Torrence's new book "Surf City: The Jan and Dean Story" has been out for a few weeks now, too.  So I should have completed this month's surf autobio trifecta in ten days or so. 
Back in February, another book -- "The Jan & Dean Record" -- that is largely a Jan bio -- was published: https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=Jan+%26+Dean
I was close friends with Jan many years ago and, evidently, I am quoted in the book.  But I'll confess that I have yet to order a copy as the 75-dollar price tag is a little daunting, and things like car repairs and eating are essential.  I will grab it the next time I get an Amazon gift card.
But the author was dogged in his research which spanned at least a decade and-a-half, and the reviews have been good.  So I'm guessing that between Dean's book and the aforementioned here, we'll have as definitive a take on Jan & Dean's lives and careers as we'll ever see in print.
Scott Paton
I have the first three titles you mentioned lined up for reading myself right now!  (Mike Love is doing an in-store book-signing here on Monday but I don't think I'll make it.)  Add that to the other 27 books I've promised to read and review and I'll have my hands (and eyes!) full for quite a while to come!  (kk)

Which reminds me ...  

We're giving away an autographed copy of Tommy Roe's brand new book "From Cabbagetown To Tinseltown ... And Places In Between".  
Register now for your chance to win a copy.  
Just drop me an email with Tommy Roe in the subject line and we'll throw your name into the drawing.  
But do it soon ... we'll be picking our winner next weekend!  (kk)    

Hey Kent -  
Consider adding John Hall's memoir (Still The One: A Rock 'n' Roll Journey to Congress and Back) to your reading list. A two-term congressman and hit-making musician, he has a unique perspective on two of the most dysfunctional institutions in American society. You can probably guess which one - music or politics - is worse.
I had the chance to interview John recently, and I asked him a question he seems eminently qualified to answer:
"Why are so many musicians Democrats?"
His response:
"Artists in general tend to have a more liberal or a more tolerant or perhaps a more flexible ethic. It's either who they're exposed to, or the difficulty of working your way up from playing lousy bars that smell of beer and sawdust. Whether it's a ballet dancer who has to struggle through auditions, or an athlete, it's the same thing: You have a road that's difficult and a mountain to climb to get successful in your field. And I think some of that in terms of musicians or songwriters or artists tends to make them softer around the edges and less judgmental."
He also went into detail on some of the songs he co-wrote, including the hits ("Still The One," "Dance With Me") and the hidden gems ("Half Moon," "Time Passes On").
The interview is here:

Be Well,
Carl Wiser

And hit songwriter Carol Bayer Sager has a new book out, too ...

A Tribute Concert to the music of Linda Ronstadt is being organized for a performance on Sunday, December 11th, at The Ace Hotel in Los Angeles.  (Tickets are already on sale!)
Artists scheduled to perform include Jackson Browne, J.D. Souther, Maria Muldaur, Grace Porter, and David Lindley, with more artists scheduled to be added.  (It just wouldn't be right to do this without Don Henley, who, along with Glenn Frey and Randy Meisner, was a member of Ronstadt's back-up band at the time The Eagles were formed.)
The show will also act as a benefit concert for The Michael J. Fox Foundation For Parkinson's Research, something Ronstadt has suffered with for quite a few years now.
Linda hit The National Top 40 fourteen times between 1967 and 1980.  Here is my personal favorite  (kk) ...

>>>The Stylistics' song "Rockin' Roll Baby" was written about composer Thom Bell's young son.  (John LaPuzza)
Did he have orthopedic shoes? I find that line so funny for a hit song!!!

Hey Kent! 
Sorry I couldn't resist. 
Whatsa matter? You running out of topics for Sweet 16? 
You got two more October weeks. One week you can do 16 songs about witches and the next week you can do 16 songs about devils. 
For Thanksgiving you can do 16 songs with thanks in the title. Please no 16 Christmas songs, or Adam Sandler. 
You need more topics, just ask. 
Actually what you could have done is invite reader ideas, and have them come up with 16 songs. 
Always glad to be of help. 
I'll explain it once again.
When 2016 kicked off, I declared it "Sweet 16" ... (get it???  2016???)  
And then, every month since then we have posted a Sweet 16 List on the 16th of every month.
In fact, I even took it a step further ...
Since 2016 is also a Leap Year, I've also posted Sweet 16's on the 29th of each month because THIS year EVERY month has one.  (A 29th that is!)
I think we've preempted two, most recently because August 29th was also the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles' final live performance anywhere in the world (save their rooftop "Get Back" / "Let It Be" session) at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.
Seems like every month we get questioned about songs we left off (a "Sweet 16 is exactly that ... sixteen songs ... so yes, there are limitations as to just what we can feature ... but, being Forgotten Hits, we try to pick a couple of tracks you don't typically hear along with a couple of surprises, along with the obvious choices.)
We actually came up with HUNDREDS of titles for one of our upcoming topics ... usually when that happens, we'll go to one of the disc jockey's on the list to see if they want to build a "specialty weekend" around one of those topics ... which has also happened twice this year so far!
In any event, the whole thing ends on December 29th ... at which point we kick off the biggest series we've ever done ...
So I've got topics to carry us through then.  (In fact, readers DID contribute to the final Sweet 16 ... sixteen songs about "sixteen"!!!)
But prepare to be blown away next year.  (You have somewhat of an inside track on this one since you contributed heavily to its impending success!) 
More details to come as we get closer to kick-off time.  (kk)

Heart Live At The RAH DVD cover  lr
On December 2, 2016, Eagle Rock Entertainment release Live At The Royal Albert Hall With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra by Heart on DVD, Blu-ray, CD and Digital Formats [$21.98 Blu-ray, $16.98 DVD, $13.98 CD]. This film captures not only Heart’s first-ever live performance at the Royal Albert Hall but is also the first concert film of Heart performing with a full orchestra. Live At The Royal Albert Hall With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra includes chart-topping songs like “These Dreams”, “Alone”, “What About Love”, “Barracuda”, “Magic Man”, “Dreamboat Annie”, and more! 
Making their first live appearance at London’s Royal Albert Hall in June 2016 to a sold-out crowd, Heart was accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra who added further depth and epic scale to the band’s songs. The set included hits, fan favorites and both new and reinterpreted tracks from their most recent album Beautiful Broken.
The Line-Up for this special show features Ann Wilson (Vocals); Nancy Wilson (Guitar & Vocals); Ben Smith (Drums); Dan Rothchild (Bass); Craig Bartock (Guitar); Chris Joyner (Keyboards) and, of course, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Nick Davies. As a Bonus Feature, this release includes an interview with the band.
The chemistry between band and orchestra, that Live At The Royal Albert Hall With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra captures, added a truly magical quality to a concert that will live long in the memory of those Heart fans lucky enough to be present.
Pre-order here:
DVD: http://amzn.to/2dIzMDf
Blu-ray: http://amzn.to/2dYxafJ
1) Magic Man
2) Heaven
3) Dreamboat Annie
4) What About Love
5) I Jump
6) Sweet Darlin’
7) Two
8) These Dreams
9) Alone
10) Beautiful Broken
11) Mashallah!
12) Silver Wheels / Crazy On You
13) Sand
14) No Quarter
15) Barracuda
16) Kick It Out
Kent ...
Just found this clip and thought you might like to see it.
Frank B.

I've actually been listening to Eric's latest release, "'Til Your River Runs Dry" this past week.  This is a great clip, by the way.  (kk)

Also from Frank B ... 

(October 12 - New York) — Yes, it may sound silly, but having been through CPR training, I can tell you it's absolutely true, and very important if you're ever called upon to help someone using CPR.
The 1977 hit song "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees has that distinctive beat of 103 beats-per-minute, which happens to be the perfect rhythm of the pumps when performing CPR. 
This simple fact is what New York City subway worker, Dave Martinez remembered when his co-worker, Monique Brathwaite fell onto the deadly third rail and was electrocuted.
Martinez, according to the NY Daily News 
report, sprang into action, rushing to her side and performing "hands-only" CPR, with the chest compressions matched to the beat of "Stayin' Alive" until paramedics arrived.
Martinez says he recalled reading about the technique in a news story. 
As for Monique, a mom of four — she was badly burned by the electricity and will need skin grafts, however, all of her organs are fine, likely thanks to the heroic actions of her fellow MTA worker.
Of Martinez, Monique said, "I called him. I thanked him. I told him, 'Thank you. You are my hero.'"

Hi Kent,
Kudos to John Madara's "You Don't Own Me" commercial. Brings back memories of the GREAT Lesley Gore! I saw her perform that song in a concert with Lou Christie.
Did you hear the commercial using "All Day And All of the Night' by the Kinks?   I LOVE that British Invasion Music!
Memories of Mary Quant's designs of the Mini Skirts!!
Wish the Kinks would tour one day soon!

Here's a GREAT clip of Lesley doing the song live at the T.A.M.I. Show ...

A couple of weeks ago we told you about the new film "BANG! The Bert Berns Story".
Here is a list of upcoming screenings. (Unfortunately there isn't anything currently scheduled in the Chicagoland area ... but if some of our readers are able to attend a screening, please get back to us with a full report!)  kk

Oct  22 - Orlando Film Festival - 8:15 PM / Cobb Plaza Cinema CafĂ©, Theatre 12  
Oct 27 San Diego Jewish Film Festival - 7 PM / Lawrence Family JCC 
Nov 6 London Doc ‘N’ Roll Film Festival - 2:30 PM / Picturehouse Central  
Nov 10 Denver Film Festival - 4:15 PM / UA Pavilions 
Nov 11 Doc NYC – 7:30 PM / School of Visual Arts Theatre 
Nov 12 Denver Film Festival - 9 PM / UA Pavilions  
Nov 12 Gold Coast International Film Festival /Port Washington NY - 7:30 PM / Soundview Cinema
Nov 12 St. Louis International Film Festival / Cinema St. Louis - 6 PM Stage @ KDHX
Nov 13 Denver Film Festival - 11:15 AM / UA Pavilions
Nov 15 Sound Unseen Film Festival / Minneapolis – 7 PM Trylon Microcinema 
Dec 1-4 Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival / Sag Harbor NY - TBA
Jan 12 - 26 Miami Jewish Film Festival - TBA
The entire Desert Trip Concerts for both The Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney are now posted on YouTube (if you've got a couple of hours to kill!)

And here's a concert clip at another level ... Jim Peterik and the Little Kids Rock Organization, filmed right here in Chicago last weekend ...