Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Open the gates ... begin the derby ...

There is so much great music from the era we cherish that is painfully underrated. So much for the buildup.

I love "Traffic." Always have and I will always wonder what they could have accomplished had they had a ten year run instead of three hours.

With that in mind, I place in nomination, "Low Sparks of High Heeled Boys" as the most over looked song in music history ... 12 minutes of musical challenge!

I love the solos, the chords changes and the mood swings. The song strikes me on about seven emotional levels.

Of course, with a  running time of 12 minutes, most station managers, music directors and jocks quaked in fear when promo guys played the cut.

Question: Was " Sparks" ever released as a single?

I do recall buying the album - a million seller on the mainland - about 1972, the same year I was staff announcing at WFLD and doing the Roller Derby with Anne Calvello, Joannie Weston and Charlie O'Connell.

The polls are open. 

I'd really dig hearing the FH regulars name their all time underrated songs ... "Sparks" is certainly one of the 200 greatest rock 'n roll songs of all time.

Chet Coppock
Author: Buffone - Monster of the Midway

Absolutely one of my favorites, too ... and one I've never gotten tired of hearing (although I, too, will admit to hearing it less and less over the last several years ... and that's just crazy ... 'cause doesn't this make for the perfect "bathroom break" song for every dj in town?!?!)

A masterpiece to be sure ... in fact, I also love "Rock And Roll Stew" and "Light Up Or Leave Me Alone" from the same album, both of which featured Jim Capaldi on lead vocal, a rarity in and of itself in the world of Traffic, which was clearly Steve Winwood's band.

Editing "Low Spark" to a single would have destroyed the very essence of its total appeal ... thank God (to the best of my knowledge) this was never done and we never had to endure a butchered rendition.

Because of our commitment to focusing ALL of next year to reliving 1967, we're not really in a position to compile our usual listener polls ... but I AM willing to entertain your nominees before the clock runs out on December 23rd.

So let's hear your favorites ... and we'll run 'em when we can between now and then.

Meanwhile, give another listen to this Classic Rock Classic ... and drift off to wherever it takes you.  (kk)