Tuesday, January 10, 2017

January 10th

Sammy Davis, Jr., on the lot filming a guest appearance for the hit comedy "I Dream Of Jeannie", stops by The Monkees set, where they are filming the "Monkees A La Mode" episode.  Although it is reported that Davis films a brief cameo, no footage of this appearance ever materializes.  

Neil Diamond performs "I Got The Feelin'" and "Cherry Cherry" on "Where The Action Is".  

National Educational Television begins as PBS broadcasts for the very first time on 70 stations across the USA.  

It's a big day for Royal Weddings, too … Dutch Princess Margret marries Pieter van Vollenhoven.   

Elvis' new single "Indescribably Blue" / "Fools Fall In Love" is released.  It will peak at #26 / #100 on the  national charts … and go on to sell 300,000 copies, considered a failure by Elvis standards.