Wednesday, January 25, 2017

January 25th

Big movers this week include "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" by The Casinos, up from #68 to #41, a jump of 27 places (after a 29 point jump the week before), "Ruby Tuesday" by The Rolling Stones, up from #71 to #49, a move of 22 spots, "It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It's Spring)" by Felice Taylor, who climbs from #80 to #59, a 21 point leap … (Does ANYBODY remember THIS one?!?  I sure don't!!!  In fact, I couldn't even find it on iTunes to feature here today!) ... "Let's Spend The Night Together" by The Rolling Stones (up from #77 to #60), "All" by James Darren (which climbs from #81 to #62) and "Go Where You Wanna Go" by The Fifth Dimension, up twenty places from #84 to #64.  Elvis Presley's latest, "Indescribably Blue" makes a decent showing, climbing from #100 to #77, a leap of 23 places. 

Weekly Variety runs the headline "No Biz Like Monkees' Biz", stating that their first two albums have now sold in excess of five million copies while their two singles ("Last Train To Clarksville" and "I'm A Believer") have now recorded sales of over four million copies. 

While Screen Gems "pockets the big loot, picking up a production fee of 10-15% per disc plus publishing at $0.25 per song", The Monkees themselves are earning $400 per week in a flat salary arrangement.  The article goes on to say that "astonishingly, the band members are only paid their weekly fee as 'actors' … no additional recompense comes to them for travel" or live shows. 

"Where The Action Is" features guest performances by Sandy Posey and Don and the Goodtimes