Thursday, July 6, 2017

July 6th

Tracks earning bullets on the lower half of the chart include "For Your Love" by Peaches and Herb (which climbs from #49 to #41), "Silence Is Golden" by The Tremeloes (#62 to #43), "There Goes My Everything" by Engelbert Humperdinck (which premiered at #100 two weeks ago, moving from #61 to #47), "Hypnotized" by Linda Jones (#66 to #49), "Love Me Tender" by Percy Sledge (#58 to #50), "Somebody Help Me" by The Spencer Davis Group (#60 to #51), "I Like The Way" by Tommy James and the Shondells (#86 to #57, a leap of nearly 30 places), "In The Chapel In The Moonlight" by Dean Martin (which jumps from #97 to #58!), "Show Business" by Lou Rawls (#80 to #61), "Joy" by Mitch Ryder (#84 to #63), "You Only Live Twice" by Nancy Sinatra (#73 to #64), a medley of "Let The Good Times Roll" and "Feel So Good" by Bunny Sigler (#82 to #65), "I Wanna Testify" by The Parliaments (#78 to #66), "Your Unchanging Love" by Marvin Gaye (#98 to #69) and "Groovy Summertime" by The Love Generation" (#96 to #86).  

Here at Columbia Studios in Chicago, four moonlighting members of Motown's infamous session group, The Funk Brothers (along with The Andantes on background vocals) record the backing track for "(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher".  Jackie Wilson will overdub his lead vocal in New York City a few days later … in just one take I may add … creating his last Top Ten Hit, which will hit the charts a month later.  

The Monkees return from their brief tour of England.  They are due to kick off the US leg of this tour tomorrow in Atlanta, Georgia, but this show will be cancelled due to the complete exhaustion of the Pre-Fab Four.

Civil War erupted between Nigeria and Biafra, after Biafra seceded from Nigeria to form The Republic of Biafra several weeks earlier.  Over the next two and a half years, it is believed that more than three million civilians died of fighting and starvation only to see Biafra reintegrated into Nigeria in 1970.