Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August 8th

The rest of the Top 40 shapes up like this … "To Love Somebody" by The Bee Gees" is up ten places from #32 to #22, "Heroes And Villains" by The Beach Boys looks like another bonafide hit, climbing from #54 to #26, a jump of 28 places, "Let The Good Times Roll / Feel So Good" by Bunny Sigler makes an eleven point move from #39 to #28, "You're My Everything" by The Temptations continues to climb, this week moving from #50 to #36 and "Fakin' It" by Simon and Garfunkel climbs from #56 to #38, a jump of 18 places.  

But the BIG mover this week is "Ode To Billie Joe" by Bobbie Gentry, which climbs from #83 to #32, a move of 51 spots.  This uniquely crafted song doesn't sound like ANYTHING else on the radio at the time … and, quite honestly, before or since!  Bobbie will capture the hearts of America with this down-home, home-spun tale of mystery and intrigue.  Unfortunately she will never match its success on the charts and for the past several decades has reportedly lived as a recluse, refusing to discuss this song or meet with the press under any circumstances.