Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 1st, 1967

"Bonnie And Clyde" top the movie box office again this week … for the sixth time!

In a real nail-biter finale, one of the closest American League Pennant Races ever reaches the final day of the season.    

Coming in to today's game, The Boston Red Sox and Minnesota Twins are tied for first place and The Detroit Tigers are one-half game back.  The Red Sox and Twins are playing against each other and the winner of that match will clinch a TIE for the American League Pennant.  That's because The Tiger are playing a double header against the California Angels, which means that if they sweep the double header, they will tie for first place, forcing a playoff game.  This is the second day in a row that The Tigers and Angels are facing off in a double header, due to postponements of games earlier in the season.  Because of the potential pennant being on the line, these games MUST be played to determine the outcome of the 1967 pennant race.  At this point it doesn't really matter who you've been rooting for all season … all eyes nationwide are on these two pivotal games.  

American League MVP Carl Yastrzemski goes 4 for 4 in his game against the Twins, earning the Red Sox a 5-3 victory and least a tie for the pennant.  

The Detroit Tigers win the first game of their double header bringing it all down to the final game of the season.  You can bet that all eyes in The Red Sox dugout are watching this game.  

The California Angels get the better of the tired Tigers bullpen and win the game 8-5 to give the championship to The Boston Red Sox without the need for a playoff game.  (Don't rule The Tigers out, however … next year it is Detroit who will be going to The World Series!!!)  

In local sports news, Chicago fans are cheering as both our White Sox AND our Cubs each won at least 85 game this season.  For The Cubs, this is especially good news as this is only their SECOND winning season since 1946.  (The other was 1963).     

In two years they will blow one of the biggest leads ever in the history of baseball as "The Miracle Mets" blow past them to clinch The National League Pennant.  You can read all about THAT debacle here in Forgotten Hits …

In 2016, The Cubs FINALLY won The World Series for the first time since 1908 ... ending a 108 year drought.  (Trust me, we will be celebrating this fact for the next 108 years!!!)  

The final American League standings shaped up like this:

1st Place:  Boston Red Sox  (92-70)  .568

2nd Place:  Detroit Tigers  (91-71)  .562  (1 game back)

3rd Place:  Minnesota Twins  (91-71)  .562  (1 game back)

4th Place:  Chicago White Sox  (89-73)  .549  (3 games back)  


Chi White Sox89-73.5493.049-3340-40
Was Senators76-85.47215.540-4036-45
NY Yankees72-90.44420.043-3829-52
Kansas City As62-99.38529.537-4425-55

St Louis101-60.627----49-3252-28
San Francisco91-71.56210.551-3140-40
Chi Cubs87-74.54014.049-3438-40
LA Dodgers73-89.45128.542-3931-50
NY Mets61-101.37740.536-4225-59

Elvis Presley begins recording soundtrack songs for his next motion picture "Stay Away, Joe".  Elvis is reportedly so discouraged by the poor quality of this material that he makes Producer Felton Jarvis swear that he will never release one if its songs on record.  (Most embarrassing, perhaps, is the track "Dominick", which Elvis sings to a bull in the film.)  

Meanwhile, Nancy Sinatra appears on The Ed Sullivan Show this evening and performs "Until It's Time For You To Go" as well as a medley with Peggy Lee and Sergio Franchi.    

Mick Jagger’s London apartment in burglarized.  Among the items stolen are his girlfriend Marianne Faithfull’s jewelry and furs.