Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November 22nd

Rod Carew of The Minnesota Twins wins The Rookie Of The Year Award.    He will remain with The Twins until 1978 at which time he will request a trade due to several policy disagreements with Twins owner Cal Griffith.   (These include racist comments, The Twins' inability to keep young players and Griffith's penny-pinching negotiating style.)  His major league career lasted from 1967 - 1985, during which time he won seven American League batting titles (including 1972 where he never hit a single home run … in fact, he won four batting titles in a row between 1972 and 1975!) and was named to The All-Star Team eighteen times (every season but his last)  In 1969 he stole home SEVEN TIMES, one shy of Ty Cobb's major league record.  He retired as a player in 1985 with a career batting average of .328.  He was inducted into The Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1991 on his very first ballot.


(Man, what a year for rookies!!!)  

The Monkees complete the filming of their Christmas episode starring Eddie Munster actor Butch Patrick.  At the end they bring out the entire crew to wish them and their families a very happy holiday season.  

Otis Redding begins recording what will become his biggest hit, “Dock Of The Bay” at Stax Records in Memphis, Tennessee.  Eighteen days later he will die in a plane crash.  “Dock Of The Bay” will hit the #1 Spot on The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart on March 16th of 1968, and remain there for the next four weeks. 

Wimbledon Tennis Pro Boris Becker is born in West Germany. 

The BBC bans "I Am The Walrus".  (Was it because of the secret meaning behind Goo-Goo-GaJoob???) 

As Elvis completes filming on "Stay Away, Joe", "Clambake" opens in theaters at #15 on Variety's National Box Office Chart.