Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December 5th

The Grass Roots perform "Let's Live For Today" on The Hollywood Palace. 

Dr. Benjamin Spock and Allen Ginsberg were arrested for protesting The War In Viet Nam. 

The Beatles' Apple Boutique opens in London at the corner of Baker Street and Paddington Street.  Paul McCartney described it as "a beautiful place where you can buy beautiful things".  (The Fab Four were in the midst of all things Apple at the time … opening night only apple juice was served … and their own record company baring the same name would debut the following year.) 

From the beginning, The Beatles had a greater affect on fashion than many give them credit for … and coming out of the very flower-powery Summer of Love (and having just donned their Sgt. Pepper uniforms and filmed the psychedelic "Magical Mystery Tour"), they felt that providing a spot where other like-minded, fashion-conscious folks could buy all the latest trendy designs was a logical step.  (It was a financial disaster and closed eight months later when they literally gave away anything that was left, down to the store fixtures.) 

The store was managed by John Lennon's old school chum Pete Shotten and Patti Harrison's sister Jennie who, as I recall, was also one of the women the Maharishi lusted for while The Beatles were in India.  "The Fool", who had painted Lennon's psychedelic Rolls Royce, designed the colorful mural that adorned the building. 

The Monkees are filming the 55th episode of their television series today.  Titled "Monkees Mind Their Manor", the director this week is none other than Peter H. Thorkelson … Peter Tork!  Micky Dolenz will go on to have quite a successful career as a director once the TV series ends … but seeing Peter pursue this experience this early on is a real treat.