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Just Another Manic Monday

Manic indeed!

So here’s how this is gonna work …

Right now you’re reading our latest post … which is a batch of comments received from our readers over the past couple of weeks …

Once you complete today's post you've got to scroll, scroll, scroll your boat (or MOUSE, in this case, I guess!) to time-travel back with us and make everything right again!

Keep scrolling back after you finish today’s page and you’ll find the batch of Chubby Checker comments that went out yesterday by email … expanded to include our original review, some photos and a couple of tracks that were discussed.  (These now show as a Sunday post.)

Keep scrolling back after that and you’ll find a greatly expanded version of the very first Saturday Survey for 1968, covering the state of Virginia … now posted in its proper place of Saturday.

And ... keep scrolling back after THAT (yes, our plan is to keep you here on the web page for the entire day!) and you’ll find (split between Thursday and Friday) the complete list of our picks for The Top 20 Concerts of 2017.

Hopefully from this point forward, things will return to normal (Normal?  What’s THAT?!?!?) now that our 1967 Calendar Series has ended.  (And, of course, we’re still planning on moving THAT series … completely intact … to our other 1967 web page over the course of the new year. And you thought YOU were busy!!!  Whew!)

Meanwhile, enjoy this new Super-Sized batch of Manic Monday Comments …

kk …

I'm going with kk in 2018, instead of writing out your whole name.

I have nothing to say ... I just wanted to record your new address so I wouldn't forget it.

Hold on … I just thought of something to say …

I'm watching Ed Sullivan and listening to Martha & The Vandellas. 

My review is better than yours. 

Of course I'm reviewing a 1960's performance.

LOL … I actually gave this some thought …
Maybe this year I'd just go with "k" instead of "kk" …
Think about how much time I'd save over the course of the year by not having to type that extra letter!
(It's scary sometimes … but THESE are the kind of things I think about!!!)
Nah … I'm just gonna stick with "kk" as today that's pretty much the way I'm always address … "kk" or "double k" … they both work … (still dreaming about "The Double K Ranch" … but again that's just the way my mind works … that's why it's best to stay busy writing Forgotten Hits or I'll second guess myself to death!)
I missed SO many of these great artists when they were performing during their prime … I was just too young at the time … so I have to go with the "current" version.  All I can say is it's become really easy to weed out the ones who've still got it … and the ones who don't.  Overall, I've gotta say that MOST of these artists continue to impress the hell out of me … which just shows you how much true, genuine talent they all had in the first place.  (We've been blown away by the best of them ... another one who is still in top voice that comes to mind is Little Anthony ... I've seen him twice now these past few years and he's put on a GREAT show each time!)
Thanks for writing … and bookmarking the new email address … you made me laugh this morning!  (kk … or double k … whichever you prefer!)


Happy New Year!

I'm just seeing this now - congratulations on 18 Years of Forgotten Hits! 

We got a new, 2017 Kia Soul this year and it's armed with SiriusXM radio (free for three months.) I've had it pretty much glued to the Beatles channel, but I also go over to Bluesville, which is hit or miss as they play the classics that I love as well as the modern, blues rock crap. Another station that's very interesting is Deep Tracks, which I've told Diana a few times is how radio SHOULD be! 

I went ape shit buying CD's last year - somewhere over 200, including stuff that I never thought I'd get since they're out of print, which brings me to a band I knew about but never actually heard and they're now one of my very favorites: MOBY GRAPE!  Have you ever done anything on them?  I purchased the 2007 Sundazed reissues with bonus tracks of their five Columbia albums,  two of which were pulled off the market less than a month later.  At this point in time, they're ALL GONE. I got 'em, having paid some $40 to $60 for each disc through various sellers via Amazon. I told Diana that I'm not buying anything in 2018 except for some new Zeppelin release(s) that Jimmy Page is working on to mark the band's 50th anniversary.

Ed Parker
Hi Ed … great to hear from you … LONG time indeed!
Yes, I'm totally lovin' The Beatles Channel, too … still got about six weeks to go on my free Sirius / XM package but I'm sure I'll renew it (even though it sounds like The Eagles Channel will soon disappear) as long as the price is right.
I've never done a piece specifically on Moby Grape but they've certainly come up numerous times over the years … quite a few of their original fans are still out there … plus new folks like you discovering their music all the time.
Who would have ever thought about doing this for eighteen years?!?!  I remember you and I talking at the time about how neither one of us thought we could keep our series going for more than five … nor even wanting to … yet I can't even imagine what life would have been like these past eighteen years were it not for the opportunities and experiences that doing Forgotten Hits has given me.
I'm also now on the Board of The Chicago Music Hall Of Fame … and you know what a rich heritage Chicago has for The Blues and Early Influence Artists … so this should make for a brand new exciting adventure as well!  (I'm hoping that we can get to the point of running monthly updates as this project moves forward … and who knows, by year's end maybe even be able to entertain some of our readers at a Chicago Music Hall Of Fame event or two!)
All I can say is "Stay Tuned" … because there always seems to be something new and exciting going on here at Forgotten Hits!
Best to Diana …  (kk) 

Kent –

Sometimes the Beatles channel throws me a curve ball that’s just irresistible. Last night after overdosing on the NFL, I heard Fats Domino cover “Lovey Rita, meter maid.” That fat man had a ball with the song. It’s hardly a Grammy winning effort but you will die laughing when Fats bellows “when are you free to have a drink with me.”

Chet Coppock, author: “Otis Wilson - If These Walls Could Talk.”

Hey Kent,

Despite all the monster hits that Chubby charted, I still (at least once a quarter) will default play Lovely, Lovely from 1965, (barely charted at # 70 Billboard) as my favorite.  Must have been the time, the situation and the station. This is another outstanding reason why I was never a music director!



For those of you keeping score, today would have been Elvis Presley’s 83rd Birthday.  I’m sure we’ll spend a fair amount of time listening to Sirius / XM’s Elvis Channel to and from work today … they broadcast live from Graceland on a daily basis … but honestly feature FAR too many obscurities for my taste.  (Since Elvis barely exists anymore on regular radio, other than the daily spins of “Suspicious Minds” and a precious few others, I’d be happy if they just concentrated on his legitimate hits and best-known album and live cuts … because they barely get ANY recognition at all anymore … and this is the guy who changed the face of music FOREVER!!!)

Here are three of MY favorites … not likely to make the play list ...

>>>Thanks to all the stations which ran the 2017 edition of our ten hour radio countdown, "The 100 Greatest Christmas Hits of All Time."  The show, hosted by Wink Martindale, ran in over 100 markets in the U.S. alone and was heard internationally in more than 75 countries plus Armed Forces Radio and the Music of Your Life chain of stations.  As each edition does, the countdown generated a lot of kind comments plus suggestions for new additions for 2018.  Wink and I are now sifting through all the e-mail.   (Gary Theroux)
>>>I actually listened to quite a bit of it, too … in fact, this was the background music featured while we opened our gifts on Christmas Morning this year.  (kk)
Oh, Kent …
How dreadful and what a crying shame that you had to open your Christmas presents on Christmas day listening to them when what you should have been opening your present to is so obvious.
There is only one album with a rather remoter number 2 that should even be considered for playing on Christmas day. Please make sure you amend your ways and next year the one and only album you should be playing is the fantastic first version of the Elvis Christmas album and, if you have lots of presents and run out of music, then the easy thing to do is play it again … or, if you really want something different, then the second Christmas album to play has to be the Phil Spector album.
It is strange … I would have thought that after all these years listening to music, the Christmas album should have become a ritual to someone so educated in music, like it has been in my household since I bought it in 1958 on a ten inch LP.
Have a happy and more importantly healthy new year, Kent …
Regards from me over here to all your family over there, along with the extended family readership, wherever they may be.
Take care,
Rockin’ Lord Geoff (in England)
And the happiest and healthiest of new year to you and yours as well!  (kk)

This is probably old news but Judy In Disguise With Glasses was a satire of The Beatles’ Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.
Anna Borrocks
And perhaps stranger still … on January 20th, 1968, “Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)” knocked The Beatles’ “Hello Goodbye” out of the #1 spot on The Billboard Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart after spending three weeks at #1!  (kk)

And, speaking of surveys, Ken Freck sent this in after he saw Jack Levin’s list of The Top 100 Hits of 1967 based on the Chicagoland Charts …

Hi Kent: 
Here are the Top 10 Milwaukee hits combining both WRIT & WOKY:
1.      Windy
2.      The Letter
3.      Come Back When You Grow Up
4.      Never My Love
5.      Ode To Billie Joe
6.      Little Bit ‘O Soul
7.      Daydream Believer
8.      Kind Of A Drag
9.      Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron
10.   I’m A Believer 
That’s all the Chart items I have for 1967.
Happy New Year and what a great series you ran all year for the
50thanniversary of ’67. Congratulations! 

And this from Clark Besch, who’s helping me put together our weekly Saturday Surveys Series, spotlighting the hits from literally ALL over the entire country this year … 
In my opinion, 1968 is third only to ‘67 and ‘66 in importance to my music history.  Since Gary Theroux was nice to want to rewrite history with his terrific Cryan’ Shames comments, I offer up my 1967 year end chart.  It is NOT a rewrite as this was how I actually made my chart based on my 1967 weekly personal charts with my pretend KOON radio station.  It is in line with Gary to a major extent, of course!  I even did a UK year end chart based on my weekly UK chart which was always based on Ron Riley's WLS Brit Billboard show and Billboards' "Hits of the World" chart every week. 
I'll toss in my last weekly chart of the year 67.  This is the first page of a chart that had 115 songs this week in ‘67 followed by a top 25 Brit chrat with the great Bee Gees 45 "World" at #1.  That song was bypassed as a 45 here for "Words."
Still I have to wonder … how did MY #1 song of ‘67 only rank #42 on WLS?  Hard to figure that one out.  Clark Weber … any answers for how a 4-week #1 song to rank #42 for the year???  #7 on WCFL's year end is better, but 
sstill not really right, IMO.

Hi Kent.
Wishing you the best of the new year, bud.
Looking forward to seeing you this summer.
All the best,
Ron Dante 
PS. Love your year end reviews of the best live shows.
We caught up with Ron after the Happy Together show last year (for about a second!)   
Here’s a photo …

Have a great year!
Hope to see you May 4th at the Arcada …
We’ll be there!  See you then.  (kk)

Hi Kent,
Happy New Year! Wishing you a successful 2018!
I’m not sure if you ever saw this video I did for the Decades TV Network.
VERY cool …
We just happened to be seated with Neal Sabin (who runs Me-TV and The Decades Channel … as well as the Me-TV-FM radio station that we’re always raving about) at the Herb Alpert / Lani Hall show at The City Winery last year and he told us that he would LOVE to get Herb to tape a segment for The Decades Channel this year. 
Here’s hoping that he can pull that together.
Meanwhile, how VERY cool to hear you talking with Bill Kurtis on here … two Chicagoland legends to be sure!  (kk)

Hey Kent.
I am amazed and at a loss for words that you included the Cryan’ Shames’ Songs and Stories Concert as number eight in your top 20 list for concerts of 2017. 
The night of that concert. I was determined that we were going to do the very best that we could given the circumstances that we were facing. We rehearsed the night before for a few hours. I know for certain that the majority of the reason it sounded so good was because the guys who are in the Cryan’ Shames live performance group are excellent, excellent musicians who are dedicated to replicating the original feeling of those songs. 
I want to specifically point out the guys in the band ...
On lead guitar, vocals and keyboard there is Paul Wood.  On bass guitar,  vocals and lead vocals is Greg Bruckers. On lead guitar, vocals and lead vocals is Jeff Rutter. On vocals and keyboard is Dave Rice. On drums, vocals and lead vocals is Rocky Penn. On percussion is our Berkeley School of Music graduate, Michael Ayres. I count myself lucky to be able to sing with these guys. 
I also want to give  special recognition to the audience we had that night. Great fans … appreciative and, most importantly, they got me through a difficult night. 
Thanks again. I really am humbled.
I hope we can do some more shows this year with the Cryan’ Shames band. As you mentioned they are outstanding and it is a shame that we don't play more. 
Blessings –
A band THIS good deserves to be heard … you guys earned your placing on our Best Concerts List.  Please share our accolades with all the guys in the group … you all did an OUTSTANDING job that night under the most adverse conditions … so each and every member deserves major kudos for kicking it up a notch.  I hope we have many more opportunities to see the band in the future.  (kk)

Hi Kent ... and all the readers of FH!
We are just hitting land after another incredible Moody Blues Cruise. It was epic for the Ides and a bonanza to see some of our favorite bands.
(I got to catch Richie Furay, Jefferson Starship featuring my dear friend Cathy Richardson, and Alan Parsons. Oh yeah, and the reason we are here, the Hall of Famers … the fab Moody Blues.  
Just as I was deboarding we were greeted by the great news that the Ides ranked #4 by FH in this year’s  best shows for our Christmas show at the Arcada.  This means even more looking at the amazing company we are keeping. 
This makes us wanna raise the bar even higher each year so we can stay on this honored list.
On behalf of all the Ides of March, Thanks, kk and Clark and all at Forgotten Hits for keeping the flame of great music alive. As you might say - great commitment to Rock & Roll is never forgotten.  
Rock Steady.

I always enjoy when reader Shelly Sweet-Tufano reviews one of her concert trips; however with her recap of the 60s concert she saw in Tarrytown, NY, I wanted to make one modification so that Vogues’ fans are up-to-date.
Shelley references original lead singer Billy Burkette as currently being with the Vogues.  I wish that was true, but I, too, was at that Tarrytown concert and Billy was absent.  I did some investigating and discovered some sad news.  Billy has taken a leave from the Vogues to concentrate on his health.  Vogues singer and the Vogues trademark owner Troy Elich told me Billy was diagnosed with lung cancer this past Spring.  He missed his first show in May when the band performed at Westbury Music Fair (Long Island, NY).  I can certainly understand why she was under the impression that Billy was there because the official website still lists him as active.  And hopefully he will be again in the near future.
That said Troy and the two other singers that night (all non-originals) did a more than respectable job being loyal to the great harmonies of the Vogues and the original arrangements.  I’m sure Shelley wasn’t the only concert-goer that night that wasn’t aware of who was in the group. 
If you haven’t seen the Vogues 2011 appearance on a PBS-TV fundraising concert, this link is worth clicking.  On the night of this taping, there were two originals on stage (Billy Burkette and Hugh Geyer).  They delivered a spot on performance on their # 7 Billboard 1968 hit “Turn Around, Look at Me.” 
-- Tom Cuddy
Yes, and it’s a classic performance.  (Earlier on Tom had sent me a video of The Vogues complete performance that not, not just the edited portion that aired as part of the PBS special … and they were nothing short of outstanding.  We would LOVE to see them should they ever head out our way.  (Are you listening, Ron Onesti???)
Thanks for the clarification, Tom.  (kk)

In the center of the photo is original lead singer of the Vogues, Billy Burkette.  On the right, is Troy Elich, the leader of the current Vogues and the owner of the group’s trademark. Royce Taylor is on the left.
- - Tom Cuddy
I can only tell you that from what I've seen and heard, these guys still look and sound great ... we would LOVE to have them come to Chicago!  (kk)

Happy New Year from Chuck Buell!
My younger Son came across this Special New Year’s Ornament and immediately knew it would be fun for me!  He was right!
Even though this commemorates ringing in a New Year several years ago, I wanted to share it with you this year anyway because I thought you might find it fun too!  (What makes it more fun is that pushing a hidden button activates the voice audio from within!)
And besides, D.C. is NOT a Forgotten Hit!
Also included in this New Year’s email to you is another “Chuck Buell Minute Medley Mash Up!”  Only this New Year's version is extra special and is actually a couple of minutes long!  It began with my wanting to share my favorite New Year’s Song by Nancy Wilson with you because it actually hit Number 17 on Billboard's Christmas Singles Chart in December of . . . 1967!  
Then I found a version Johnny Mathis recorded a couple of years later on his "Give Me Your Love for Christmas" album, which charted and remained at Number One for a month on Billboard's Christmas Albums Chart.  I thought they might sound good together!  So, I edited them together!
Hope you enjoy both the video and the audio!

This is MY favorite New Year’s Eve song, too … although I’ve always been partial to the version cut by Donny Osmond (who sounds a whole lot older than he probably was on this recording.)  Still I think it’s worth listening to!  Check it out …

Osmond does sound great singing this!  Yes, very mature.  I wouldn’t have been able to identify him on a blind audio test! 
Meanwhile, as we say here in Broncos Country after such a dismal football season this time around ~~~ “Unhappy New Jeers!”

“The Who and I” by Tony Klinger
Box Set, Book and Memorabilia Now Available For Pre-Order
Pre-order Limited Edition Box Set Signed & Numbered by Tony Klinger at
Tony Klinger, renowned producer of The Who's “The Kids Are Alright” film, has started a PledgeMusic campaign for “The Who and I” Box Set, Book and Memorabilia. The Box Set contains Tony's new book “The Who and I,” an audio book / CD, reproduced memorabilia, and a reproduction of “The Kids Are Alright” press kit and photos!
“Angry management, crazy people, women jumping naked out of giant cakes, fireworks going off in your hand, trips to the Pleasure Chest, run ins with Steve McQueen, afternoon teas with Ringo Starr, drunken sessions with Rick Danko of The Band, hotels demanding money up front before we checked in, travelling, constantly travelling, all the while trying to juggle schedules, money and egos, that's what I remember from my time with the Who when I was making a film, 'The Kids Are Alright' with, for and about them.
“The packaging of 'The Who and I' project accurately and faithfully represents the flavour of our project and the time we originally created the film, 'The Kids Are Alright,' and that forms the central themes of this project.
“I want to tell this story because there are so many of us, you and me included, who love rock music and film, who should know what really goes on, and this book tells it like it is. 'The Who' are the icons of both the sight and sound of My Generation. They sounded and looked angry and it wasn't an act. 'The Who' were among those who invented Mod England, which forced the world look up and pay attention. Their energy demanded your focus, whether it was Townshend's duck walk borrowed with love from Chuck Berry, his skinny whirling arms bashing out the chords, or Roger Daltrey swinging his microphone, more a weapon as he marched to the beat punched out by the bass played with metronomic intensity by the Ox, John Entwistle or the only drummer I ever saw who could lead a melody line, the maniacal Keith Moon.
“And then when you got past the image there was the music, that brilliant, original and fantastic music. How could such sounds spring out of such chaos? The answer is that it's the chaos that creates those sounds, that environment which enables a different view, a special sideways on look at our world that is so dynamic, true and genuine that we all have to take notice.
“'The Who,' maybe more than any other group epitomise that special rock lifestyle of danger mixed with brilliance to create a bubble of such power that we all want to see and listen and share.
“'The Who and I' was originally known as 'Twilight of the Gods.' So I am qualified by dint of knowledge about the group. More especially I know the men who make up the band and the originals who no longer get to go on stage because they're playing bass and drums with the celestial choir.
“Like most of you I am a fan, I remained a fan despite sometimes wanting to wring their collective necks! It’s well known and I documented the fact that we didn’t always agree with each other, in fact it would be more accurate to report that we hardly ever did so.” - Tony Klinger

To pre-order Tony Klinger's “The Who and I”  Box Set, Book and Memorabilia:
Also available “The Kids Are Alright” Film Screening and a one off original Tour Jacket!

And, speaking of new releases, here’s some info about a new release by long-time Forgotten Hits reader and contributor Merrell Fankhauser …   

Surf Rock Guitar Icon MERRELL FANKHAUSER Brings
The Magic Of His Long Running TV Show TIKI LOUNGE To CD!
One of the true innovators of surf rock music, Merrell Fankhauser, has been a mainstay on the music scene in both California and Hawaii for decades not only performing live but also producing a much-loved TV variety show “The Tiki Lounge.” Now, fans of all ages can discover the magic Fankhauser creates with this live concert album, Tiki Lounge Live, set to be released on January 12 via Goldenlane Records. Enjoy performances by Fankhauser as well as special guests Ed Cassidy of Spirit, The Brymers, Lindsey Ikeno, and more!
Merrell Fankhauser’s career began in the 1960s with the instrumental surf rock group The Impacts whose hit album Wipe Out is now revered as one of the era’s best surf rock albums. He later formed two other bands, Merrell & The Exiles and H.M.S. Bounty, before embarking on a formative move to the island of Maui in 1973 with his group MU. Later projects found Fankhauser collaborating with everyone from drummer Gary Malabar of Steve Miller Band and John Cipollina of Quicksilver Messenger Service.
Track List:
1. Merrell - Fair Winds Blowin
2. The Brymers - Love Of Rock N Roll
3. Lindsey Ikeno - My Ipo
4. Tim Fankhauser - Witch Doctor
5. Merrell - Jungle Lo Lo Band
6. Merrell - Sweet Janeita
7. Merrell - Nawiliwili With You
8. Merrell - Feelin Ok
9. Merrell & Ed Cassidy - Out Of The Town
10. Big John - Rockin Country
11. Merrell - California Cosmic Jam
12. Merrell - Tiki Lounge

Buy the CD:
Buy the digital version:

Merrell Fankhauser's official website:

SO much Bobby Darin stuff going on lately … how can we possibly NOT post it?!?!
Our Bobby Darin series was such a huge success that we’ve just GOT to let our readers know about the recent resurgence of interest in Bobby’s music … (Dennis … time to strike while the fire’s hot!!!) 
All of this from FH Reader Frank B …

Kent ...
More on the Bobby Darin Musical.
Frank B.

This clip is from the 1/3/1960 Ed Sullivan Show.
Bobby Darin and Connie Francis – performing You Make Me Feel So Young

And here comes word about another Bobby Darin Show …
Bobby Darin Who? Jonathan Groff Gets It Now - The New York Times

And, of course, you can always re-read our piece here :

So sad that Ray Thomas of the Moody Blues passed away,
Do yourself a favor and take a minute and listen to Ray sing "For My Lady" on you tube … a totally beautiful song!

Ray retired from the band a few years ago ... but still sad news in light of  The Moodies Cruise just ending ... and their Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame coming up right around the country.  (kk)

Now that your email blasts are going away with your A-oh-hell account,
I've got the reminder program in my computer set to open FH at the same time every morning!
No more letting days lapse between reading your fabulous reports!
Easton, PA
You can do that?  VERY Cool … tell us how so that others can do it, too!
We typically try to post at 6 am Chicago Time (much easier when we pre-program advance posts, which isn’t always possible … but we do it when we can.)  Typically a little bit later on the weekends (when I actually have the chance to catch up on some sleep!) … but this would be a GREAT way to program yourself not to miss a single posting!
Please tell us more, Bob!  (kk)

I got this particular program many years ago (2009; it was released in 2007), and the best I can tell you is that its host site is still running, and that, at least for me, it still works.
Yes, it is free.
There are other ways to get your system to put out reminders. This (not as old) site shows one way to do it with Task Scheduler, which is standard in pre-8 versions of Windows:
Definitely worth a shot … thank you!  (I think there’s also a way to sign up for reminders directly thru the website … but that’s managed by the “host”, not me.  I’m still working with Yahoo about allowing us to send SOME type of bulk emails to the list when certain situations arise.
Another thought is to break the list into more “specialized” versions … deejays, artists, locals (for things like special ticket offers and give-aways), and subscribed readers.  But for right now I don’t have ANYTHING set up … so all I can do is ask folks to bookmark the sites and check back often (if not daily) for new features.
Thanks, Bob!  (kk)