Saturday, May 12, 2018


5-12-68 - KWKH-FM - Shreveport, Louisiana 

Altho this survey boasts that the FM side has a "with it underground survey," one would have taken issue since the number one song was NOT by Otis Redding, but by Percy Sledge.  I found no record of Otis ever recording this song before his death five months earlier.  Otis DID record the #21 song, at least!  BTW, does "Honey" (#8) qualify as "with it underground?"  

About the only songs to fit that image on this nice batch of top 40 hits is #19 and 35!  Not to pick on KWKH, but the obscure title to feature this week is by Timothy Carr (NOT Thomas Carr, as listed here) and his cool soulful "A Stop Along the Way."  

-- Clark Besch

*Survey courtesy Gary Pfeifer and ARSA site

This looks like a major "OOPS!" for KWKH ... how do you misidentify your very own #1 Song?!?!?  (Once again, some top-flight proof-reading going on at all of the Top 40 Radio Stations around the country back in the day!)

Looks like "The Unicorn" is a big hit on both the AM and the FM dial.  And I've got to agree with you, Clark ... the "With It, Underground Sounds" of Bobby Goldsboro, Bobby Vee, Bobby Vinton (and any other "Bobby" you care to name!), Tom Jones and Dionne Warwick are really throwing me for a loop!  (lol)

I see The New Colony Six are sneaking in at #33 this week ... and I've still got to pick SOMETHING to feature here today ... so how about "She's A Heartbreaker" by Gene Pitney.  (I always did like this one!)  kk

THIS WEEK IN 1968:  
5/7/68: Piano Player Reginald Dwight changes his name to Elton John

Also on this date … Aretha Franklin records a live album in Paris

5/10/68 – Doors Lead Singer Jim Morrison works his fans up to such a frenzy at a concert here in Chicago that they rush the stage, eventually destroying it!  Morrison is arrested (again!) for inciting a riot.

5/11/68 - Richard Harris records Jimmy Webb’s “MacArthur Park.”  It will eventually peak at #2 on all three national trade charts and be recorded by a wide array of artists, including The Four Tops and Glen Campbell.  But it'll be Disco Queen Donna Summer who takes it all the way to #1 ten years later, again topping the Billboard, Cash Box and Record World Charts.

Also on this date ... 1,000,000 demonstrators battle police in Paris streets

5/12/68 – Brian Jones makes his last appearance with The Rolling Stones as part of the New Musical Express Poll Winners Concert held at The Empire Poole in Wembley.

The “Poor People’s March” reaches Washington DC

And, also on this date, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap perform “Lady Willpower” and “Young Girl” on The Ed Sullivan Show