Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday This And That

Me-TV-FM is rolling out a Summer Songs Weekend for the extended Memorial Day Weekend, playing the Favorite Songs of Summer all weekend long … songs with summer in the title … songs that make you think of summer … songs that were big hits during the summer … you get the idea … and odds are you’ll find a good chunk of these tunes on our Top 100 Favorite Songs Of Summer Chart that we published several years ago based on the votes we received from our Forgotten Hits Readers … a chart you can check out right here:
(You’ll also find yearly countdowns of The Biggest Hits Of Summer, based on the local and the national charts, from 1955 thru 1980!)
It’s The Summer Of Me / Summer Kick-Off Weekend on ME-TV-FM … so don’t forget the sun screen!  (kk)

As we go to press this morning, we have learned that WLS Radio has officially cut ties with legendary Chicagoland Disc Jockey Dick Biondi.  (Truth be told, Dick has been off the air for ages already for one reason or another ... but this official notice ends an era that dates back nearly sixty years.)  We'll have more details in tomorrow's posting.  (kk)   

We don’t watch American Idol anymore (haven’t seen it in years actually!) and, as I type this, I honestly don’t even know who won this season (although I do know that the finale just aired last weekend.) 
However, I thought this clip was worth sharing … as one of the contestants performed the MUCH-overplayed Journey classic “Don’t Stop Believin’” only to find that Steve Perry was in the audience that night cheering her on!  (The really crazy part is that it's not that good of a performance ... yet Perry proclaims it the best version he's ever heard!!!)  

You can check it all out right here …

>>>I had sent you a few years ago a short clip of John Phillips with Denny and Michelle singing a song. I STILL have not been able to get the name or been able to find the song anywhere.
I know Michelle is still with us and has been on the Public Stations advertising many of their songs ... I think she might be the ONLY one who can provide background on this song.  I'm hoping this link below can serve as a sample of what I'm searching for ?
Can you please post this and see from many of the listeners if someone can add some intel to this ?
Bob Morrow
That New Journeymen song that Bob Morrow asked about is "I'm a Poor and Ramblin' Boy" from The Journeymen's album (1962).
Ed Osborne
FINALLY!!!  Thanks so much, Ed … this one has been haunting us for YEARS!!!
Hey Hey! (as Jack Brickhouse would say)!!!
I'm hopeful this album or CD is available (???)
Thx again -
You’ll probably have to do some searching in order to find it – not a big seller (and likely not on CD – years ago they released a CD of pre-Mamas and Papas tracks and this wasn’t one of them included).  On the plus side, at least now you know what you’re looking for!
I’d check the obvious places – used record websites and eBay, etc.  I’m sure you’ll find it (and you can always convert it to cd or digital once you do!)
Thanks again to Ed Osborne for finally solving this years-long mystery!  (kk)
After several Google searches, I don't see where this song is featured on any of the three albums that show up on the search.  Is it possible that Ed Osborne or someone can find me a link to purchase this in any type of mode ?  I'm happy to do CD, Album, Audio file, etc. ... ?
Bob Morrow
I found a few albums listed on eBay (both on vinyl and CD) … and they ain’t cheap!!!  But I couldn’t find this song listed either.
Thus begins the second half of this search … anybody got access to this track, “I’m A Poor And Ramblin’ Boy” by The (New) Journeymen?  (kk)

And then …

I did find something on eBay this morning. I'm buying the CD for $27.00
Hopefully this is what I'm looking for!
Thx again -
Bob M
Good luck … and please let us know!  (I’d be happy to share the whole clip with our readers, too, if you want to send it our way.)  Thanks, Bob!  (kk)

I can't let this posting go without commenting.  
First of all, if McGuinn and Hillman are touring, I'm there. That's the easy one. 
I must agree with the first responder to the Radio Ink piece about audience samples. First of all, whenever someone queries me about my opinion, assuming I haven't hung up on them, I lie. Consultants, survey takers, and others already have pre-conceived conclusions, and nothing will dissuade them from it. They are hired just to confirm what is already a common belief. Sorta like programmers think everyone wants to hear Journey, Pink Floyd, Boston and AC/DC every hour.  I used to subscribe to Radio Ink, until I realized they were just another mouthpiece for the conglomerates that want to ruin radio.

Hi Kent:
To all those who have the Humane Society 45 from ’67, flip it over. That’s the Money Side and the crazy cool Garage Rock Side! I actually heard this as a commercial for something a few years back. 
Ken Freck

We’ve been telling you about The Moodies Cruise for years now.
Now comes word about On The Blue Cruise! #randyhansen #tour …
A great mix of music from the 60s, 70s and 80s!
Join Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues, The Zombies, Dave Mason, Randy Hansen, Steve Hackett (of Genesis) Alan Parsons, Procol Harum and many more! We sail out Feb 10 - 15, 2019 from Miami, FL!
To book your cabin and learn more about On The Blue Cruise head over

And, speaking of Alan Parsons, he’ll be performing at The Copernicus Center next month … June 5th to be exact.
This is one of the best live shows you’re ever going to see … impeccable musicianship of some true rock classics.  (These guys have made our Top Five list every year we’ve seen them.)  There are still a few good seats available.  (kk)

This probably is not said enough, so I wanted to say it now.
I thoroughly enjoy reading your columns and it brings back memories of my youth. I know it takes time and appreciate that you do it.
Karen Buckarma
Thank you, Karen … I truly appreciate that … (and never get tired of hearing it!  Lol)  kk

Still in love with FH.
Thanks, Bill!  (kk)

More new stuff tomorrow in Forgotten Hits!!!  (kk)