Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Guest Concert Review

We've got another guest concert review from Shelley Sweet-Tufano ... and you won't believe who she's gone to see this time ...

Why it's Herman's Hermits starring Peter Noone!!!
(Why do I feel like I could have just saved myself a bunch of time by copying and pasting rather than writing this all out again?!?!?)

Oh well, here goes ...

“Are you sitting comfortably?” 
“I see you.”  
“I ask again ... 
Are you sitting comfortably?”  

Those are the first words the Mohegan, CT, audience heard from Peter Noone. Although not yet visible, he had obviously snatched a mic and begun entertaining. Mohegan Sun has worked on their lightshow (which is phenomenal) to include lights across the audience. This blurs the line between audience and performing artists and creates an interactive media, where the stage also views us, can direct comments where they wish and keep an eye on us if they so desire, or feel the need to. It also means faces are exposed and anonymity is gone. So behave yourselves! The Wolf Den has become a funfest, and I am enjoying every concert I attend there. 

Peter Noone, as always the master of changing the words of the lyricists, is afire tonight with original rewrites. I, too, am playing my own game in the audience, using only the first letter of each word in the song titles in my notes.  This is not as much a time saver as I first thought. Song titles can be quite lengthy. So let’s see if I can accurately decipher my notes. First off, add these lyrics to the songs next time you hear them.  

Sea Cruise
“I got the rocking pneumonia and the boogy woogy blues”
Glad All Over
“and then you’ll go blind”
Traveling Light
“I sell car insurance on TV. Yes, that little green lizard is really me.”
The Hermits are certainly masters of instrumentation. Remember all the stories of added musicians on these recordings; with some providing the arrangements and then look at Billy, Vance, Dave and Rich (left to right … only fair way for me to list them) rock out these guitar riffs, chords, tatoos, ruffles, flourishes, etc. in live performances and you gain a respect for the quality they bring to us.
The End of The World
“The End of The World. I hope you like it. NOT this is the end of the world, I hope you like it. But this is the song, The End of The World, I hope you like it.”
There are dancers on the Wolf Den floor. Young women (and one smart young man - go where the girls are!) singing by the side of the stage and older (Senior citizens? … I CERTAINLY WILL NEVER BE ONE) jumping, clapping, laughing, and thoroughly enjoying the merriment.
OK, leaving the final four songs in code for you to figure out ...

H VIII (oh c’mon)
Just made plans to visit the Mohegan Poconos. Gotta see how Pennsylvania does it. Day after tomorrow is the first day of summer. I can’t wait for it to open up! SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER
Shelley J Sweet-Tufano

Also, here's a brand new interview with Peter Noone ...

This interview is from this June 9th, so very recent. 

Two and a half hours, and I really think Michael McCartney in Hawaii did a great job.