Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Happy Hump Day - This Is Shaping Up To Be A Rockin' Good Week!

We found Svengoolie about ten years ago and loved watching the old black and white horror movies, but it was always fun to see Koz do his totally silly and corny schtick every break.  I knew Jerry G Bishop had been the original Svengoolie, but did not know of the connection or that the NEW guy was an offshoot of Jerry until I emailed Jerry long ago.  Jerry has passed on in recent years, but he was kind enough to answer my emails usually.  Koz carried Svengoolie to new heights, IMO.  Jerry was a Chicago era entity.  Jerry used Koz's gags in HIS era as Sven and now Koz has gone to national fame.  This comment Jerry sent in 2012 to me needed expanding upon from Jerry, but he never did, and now, never will.  Jerry began doing odd things early on in his career, singing entire songs with his guitar on air at KYW and, by his move from Cleveland to CFL in Chicago, he had a great 45 out (which HE called one of the worst in one article I have and "not bad" in another) at the time of his change of cities ("She's Gone") and left his own TV dance show behind and CFL used promos saying "If Jerry G can't make you laugh, YOU LOSE!"

Jerry's 2012 comment:
Svengoolie is a chapter I'd as soon forget, though it WAS fun (for the first six months.) Koz (Sven now) is a very talented guy who has made a career out of it.
Jerry G Bishop was one of my all-time ‘CFL favorites … we had talked about doing a Forgotten Hits interview just a few weeks before his passing … what a shame.
But “She’s Gone” is a Chicagoland classic.  (I’ve been trying to get Me-TV-FM to play it for a couple of years now without success … but I’ll betcha will!!!  It’s a natural!  (kk)

Regarding the Freddy / Svengoolie Show ...
Why not add a horror movie?
When I went to The Alan Freed Shows, there was always a movie before the music.
Frank B.
The Arcada Theatre has one of those original pipe organs that the used to play in the movie theaters way before I was born … and, up until a few years ago, they would often start the show with organ music while patrons took their seats.  Unfortunately, the gentleman who played the organ (and had for nearly a century!) just recently passed away.  But The Arcada will still do movie screenings from time to time.
This looks like a pretty full bill the night that Freddy Cannon is playing … but it WOULD be cool to have Svenghoolie introduce just a short horror clip for fun!  (kk)

Great pic of you and Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon.  I believe that is you on the left, Kent, right?
I haven't been around much lately.  I became a grandma for the second time three weeks ago so my life has changed dramatically. I plan to get caught up on my FH reading. No worries.  I am still around.  lol 
Thanks for all you do.
Best always –
Frannie and I became third time grandparents nearly three months ago … so we are enjoying “Baby Luke” too.  (And for the record, I couldn’t make the photo shoot that day … so they had Svengoolie stand in for me instead!)  kk

Hi Kent,
Love your website very much.  You speculated that Paul Simon might invite Art Garfunkel to join him in one of his final Farewell Tour performances at Madison Square Garden on September 20 and 21.  If you check Paul’s website, you will notice that the VERY last tour date is September 22 in New York, but the exact venue is “TBA” and tickets are not yet on sale. This has led to speculation that there may be another Central Park concert with Simon and Garfunkel on that date.  Wouldn’t that be a great way to end Paul’s touring career?
Ian N. Berger
It would indeed … I just hope the figure out a way to share this momentous event with the rest of the world so we can all experience it, too!  What a GREAT way to go out!  (kk)

I did not know about Russ' passing until I read it in FH.  My friend, Artie Wayne, worked a lot with Russ and did an interview with him in 2006 that you can read here:
Artie always asked different questions in his interviews which always made them interesting to me.  Artie credited me at the end, but I don't remember why!!!  Anyway, Russ did a lot for music!  It's interesting how Harvey's story on Russ fits well with your FH article of Mike Rubini, since Russ was there pushing Sonny & Cher and Sinatra's "That's Life," which were artists / songs Mike played on!
Clark Besch
That was just one of life’s happy coincidences … but don’tcha just love it when everything comes together like that!  (lol)

I mentioned it to Mike Rubini, who has now become a regular Forgotten Hits Reader … imagine the stories THIS guy is going to be able to share!!!  (kk)
Hi Kent,
That symmetry you talk about between Russ Regan and me is not lost on me, I knew Russ quite well back in the old days. When he was just a promotion man he used to hang out in a coffee shop on Hollywood Blvd. (Coffee Dan’s? – Norm’s?) along with Joe Saraceno, waiting for their appointments to go upstairs to the radio station (KFWB?) to promote their latest single 45, and I used to hang there with Joe because he was the producer of the Marketts records and early on I was in the Marketts’ road band. I later became the leader of the band and was the only one (from the road band) who also played on the actual Marketts’ recordings. 
The name of the coffee shop is eluding me now, darn it, and the station, which was upstairs next to the restaurant was either KFWB or KHJ if my memory serves. Boy, I hate not being able to remember those little details. Anyway, Russ was a really nice guy and always friendly and helpful to me, even when he first became President of Uni Records.  
(Sonny, Cher, Me, Diamondhead)

Hi Kent,
Taylor’s In Orbit won another one!  She did it again!
Thought I would share,
Tommy Roe

C’mon … where else are you gonna find cool stuff like this?!?!?  (kk)

We still maintain a Locals List, keeping folks in the loop about upcoming concert events and often passing along special ticket offers.
We did one such mailing the other night and got a few responses … and today we’re happy to announce that if you purchase your tickets for ANY of the shows listed below at The Arcada Theatre, you can save 20% on your ticket price.  (Tickets much be purchased before midnight tonight!)

Damn!  There's a bunch of these shows that I wanna see!!!  (kk)
Thanks, Kent, for including me on the list. 

Out of all of those I think the one I would want to go to would be Dick Dale.

Thanks, Kent,
I'm sorry to say that lots of these bands should no longer be performing any more. That’s just my opinion.
Drew Paul


Having seen a good number of these acts over the past several years, I can vouch for the following:

Alan Parsons – one of the best shows and concert experiences I have ever had – we’ve seen them five times now and EVERY show has been a stand-out – they’ve made our Top 5 Concerts List every time they’ve appeared in the area

Tommy James – sounds every bit as good today as he did in the ‘60’s … a very fun, upbeat and entertaining show … man, the energy this guy has got!!!

Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra – we’ve been looking forward to this show for two years, ever since he announced he was going to tour America again

The Eagles – you’ll never see a better live band … and even with the changes they’ve made necessitated by the passing of co-founder Glenn Frey, the band still shines with letter-perfect renditions of their hits catalog

Al Stewart – Intellectual Rock, for sure … we hated to miss his “Year Of The Cat” performance at The City Winery … but the show sold out … so we’re not alone in our admiration and appreciation of this great artist.

.38 Special – absolutely rockin’ the house every time we’ve seen them

Paul Anka - I don't know about his Tribute To Frank Sinatra Show ... but we caught him at The Arcada a couple of years ago and the guy is just Pure Class!  A great mixture of hits (even a few obscure ones!) and standards ... the guy's an absolute pro.

Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith – an interesting pairing, to be sure … Micky is still in FINE voice and always puts on a great show … we can’t wait to see this special show with two Monkees who have never toured together before as a duo

Happy Together Tour – a stellar line-up (even though Howard Kaylan won’t be there this time around) – a hit-packed 2-3 hours of ‘60’s favorites … you can’t miss with this one.  (Check out The Cowsills … you’ll swear it’s 1967 again!)

Richard Marx – Still in fine voice and an interesting story teller – plus the concert is free!

Paul Simon – How can you miss with this one?

Jim Peterik’s World Stage blew us away in January … I don’t know if this is the same show and line-up this time around … but from what I hear, he never disappoints.  (I’ve personally seen him at least thirty times … and NEVER seen a bad show.  Jim gives 150% to everything he does)  Ditto for his Ides Of March Christmas Show … always a holiday delight.

B.J. Thomas – hit or miss … but when he’s on, he’s every bit as good as he was in his hey-day.

Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon – can’t wait for this one either.  Freddy still sounds great … and has been a good friend to Forgotten Hits for many, many years now.

Boz Scaggs – one of the best shows we saw last year - outstanding

If you live in the Chicagoland Area and want to be added to our Locals List, drop me a line at and we’ll add you to the list.  You’ll receive periodic emails about concert events and special offers.

Hi Kent, 
Thank-you for Forgotten Hits and the continual entertainment, music, information, and great reads that bring people together.  While so many people continue to argue over political issues and bang their heads against the wall arguing over problems that are always "the other guy's fault," thank-you for keeping the "oasis in the desert" Forgotten Hits, up and running.  Your publication is like going to a concert … it's a mini-vacation that puts everything back in perspective and reminds you what mindless bullshit you have let the world subject you to.    
By the way, the iconic Dick Biondi is an example of a profession that is sadly starting to fade and hopefully can be saved from the sin of syndication -- the friendly DJ on the radio who was always there "through thick and thin" when the rest of the world was swirling about.  The synergy of the talent and creativity of the music artist and the air personality that presented it on the radio, is a treasured memory that is a part of all of us in our generation.  Whether you were the Beatles or a bar-band, a Dick Biondi or a DJ working in the middle of nowhere, you were or are a part of someone's treasured, indelible memory.  Whether you were dancing to Freddy Cannon's "Tallahassee Lassie" at a party after the football game or listening to a John Records Landeker "Boogie Check" on the North Dakota prairie just after the sun went down, it's thankfully etched in your memory file forever (or at least until your brain gives you the "blue screen")!  Forgotten Hits reminds you that they really never are forgotten -- "If you know what I mean, Vern!"  Thanks, Kent, for your time, creativity, and energy.
THANKS FOR FORGOTTEN HITS!  It's a life-saver!
Best Regards,
Tim Kiley
Wow!  How do I even respond to that?  Thank you, Tim, for making ME feel like it’s all been worthwhile!  (kk)