Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Saturday Survey - June 9th, 1968

6-8-68 - KLMS - Lincoln, Nebraska 

Lincoln is my birthplace and hometown now, just one hour south of Omaha.  KLMS was a great station in the 60's and never afraid to break new records.  They even broke OLD records!  Bill Haley's "Rock Around the Clock" clocks in at #22 some 13 years after it first became the rock 'n roll anthem in 1955 and six years before it hit hard during the 1974 "Happy Days" TV era.  

Meanwhile, previously mentioned Beatles' related Grapefruit has their new (and best, IMO) single at #18 with "Elevator."  Also Fab 4 related is Cilla Black's "Step Inside Love," which is #8, written by Lennon-McCartney!  There's lots of obscure to choose from here.  BTW, on KLMS, Chicago's Buckinghams did well thru 1968 with their 45s in 1968 and here with the great #28!
-- Clark Besch

Some GREAT choices on this week's chart, including the aforementioned new Buckinghams single, "Back In Love Again," always one of my favorites (and a chance to spotlight something written by one of the band members ... this one came from the pen of keyboardist Marty Grebb!)  This really should have been a MUCH bigger hit nationally than it was.

The Cilla Black tune featured above was written by Paul McCartney to be used as the theme song to Cilla's brand new television show.  A year later he'd be taking Mary Hopkin under his wing (no pun intended) and writing her Top 20 Hit "Goodbye."

One of my absolute favorite Association songs sits at #28 this week ... and an all-too-often overlooked Neil Diamond gem holds down the #31 spot.

And, if I may be so bold as to pick one more, I'm going to go with the Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 version of "The Look Of Love," especially since I got to see him perform live in concert earlier this year!  (kk)

It was a prety sad week THIS WEEK IN '68:   

6/5/68 - Robert F. Kennedy murdered in Los Angeles by Sirhan Sirhan

6/7/68 - Sirhan Sirhan is indicted for killing RFK

6/8/68 – Robert F. Kennedy’s friend, Rosey Grier, records “People Make the World,” written by by Bobby Womack.

6/8/68 – Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassin James Earl Ray is arrested in London.

6/9/68 – The Ed Sullivan Show hosts a Robert F. Kennedy tribute program starring Dionne Warwick, Charlton Heston, Duke Ellington, Richard Harris, Ed Ames, Kate Smith, Robert Goulet