Monday, July 30, 2018

A Monday Morning Quickie!

Hi Kent,
YOU MADE MY DAY hearing that Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings with a full band will be touring next year!!!!  Thank you for the GREAT news. I will be there for sure.  I must admit Randy is my favorite legend next to Brian Wilson and I got to see him a year ago at the Chicago Theater!!!
And your Wonderful memories  of the Record Shops ... I did shop at G. C. Murphy, too, for records and they had the greatest buttered pop corn to die for.  That with a coke at their fountain bar will never be duplicated! 
Sounds like you bought some true treasured music at your favorite record shops!  Balkan Music was a treasure, too.  I  don't know if you remember the old Peter Pan restaurant in the Cermak Plaza parking lot?   (All in Beautiful Berwyn and Cicero, "the Twin Cities"!)
And as I always say, when in doubt ask the master …
PS - And 51 years  today, July 29th,  'Light My Fire" by the Doors was NUMBER  ONE ... What a Fantastic tune!

I've gotta admit, I REALLY miss my 1967 Calendar Series … I can't believe that more than half a year has already passed since it ended … how can that be?!?!  Where does the time go?  It took a year to put it together … then it ran for a year … and now another seven months have already passed … how is this even possible???  (kk)

Burton and Bachman? Sold!  Count me in. Where do I buy?
This show has Ron Onesti written all over it. I just want to know who's going to sing "Let it Roll."
It's been a rough summer … spinal fusion surgery ... gotta get my dancin' shoes back on, kid.
See ya soon,
Chet Coppock

Here's a Tommy Roe Update from Rick Levy …

Hi, Kent,
Rick here ...
Tommy as of Saturday was sitting in chair and had taken some small steps already.  Amazing!  Let's all hope for a full and speedy recovery.

His Highness Paul McCartney has blessed Mathew Street with his presence!

Yes, Paul McCartney returned to The Cavern for a gig … and evidently it caused quite a stir as he scolded his audience for not putting their cell phones away.  (I don't remember this EVER being an issue at a McCartney concert before!)
Artists seem to really be split down the middle on this one … some  (like, apparently McCartney, Dionne Warwick and Sergio Mendes … strictly prohibit ANY photo taking or filming during their shows … and Dionne and Macca have even gone so far as to STOP their shows and threaten to leave the stage if nay-sayers don't put their phones away.
Others, like Burton Cummings, tell their audience to take as many pictures as they like … film it …. post it on YouTube or their social media page … looking at all of it as good press.  There just doesn't seem to be any middle ground on this one.  (kk)

Ultimate Classic Rock posted this story about Paul's Cavern gig last week …

The message was clear: If you’re lucky enough to get to see Paul McCartney play in a tiny club — the iconic Cavern Club in Liverpool, no less — you can rock out, you can sing along, you can (and likely will) have a great time. Just leave your cellphones in your pockets and purses.
The former Beatles star stopped mid-way through a rundown of Eddie Cochran's classic “Twenty Flight Rock” today (July 26) to tell the audience to put their phones away. There had apparently been an understanding that cellphone photography and videography were forbidden, but the crowd – some of whom were standing a couple feet from their idol – were not complying.
"You’ve all been told not to take photos," McCartney said, according to NME. "You’re taking them, and you’re taking them, and it’s putting me off! So, you know, play by the rules, man!"
Granted, this wasn’t Clint Eastwood pointing a shotgun and mumbling “Get off my lawn,” but it did have the tone of a grandfatherly figure chastising the young ones for dropping crumbs on the sofa. McCartney seemed to realize this, and he softened the blow somewhat after restarting and finishing the song.
"The phone thing," he said. "I went to a Prince concert and he really was serious about that. He wouldn’t start, you know. Put ‘em down! You know what I’m saying?”
Before returning to the spot where Beatlemania began more than five decades ago, McCartney said he wanted to play more intimate shows in the lead-up to the Sept. 7 release of his new album, Egypt Station. He's already played a pub in Liverpool as part of an appearance on The Late Late Show's "Carpool Karaoke" segment. Up next is a handful of already announced tour dates in large venues in support of the album, with more expected to be added soon.

They also posted their own ranking of EVERY Beatles song, listed from worst to best … an insurmountable task for anyone to take on.  (And I can honestly say that I couldn't disagree more with the majority of their assessments!)
Still, I know I couldn't do it … I couldn't narrow it down to my Top 100 Beatles favorites … so I tip my hat for the effort … but don't support the majority of your findings!  (kk)

Jeff Lynne and ELO are back with a Wembly Stadium concert on Showtime. This one includes inserts of Jeff’s comments about the music and his feelings about performing. The music is great and the stadium atmosphere looks amazing. Jeff and his band, including two violins and a cello played by three nice looking young ladies and extensive technical features, are made for this type of BIG event. Makes me think about seeking tickets for his American tour.
Bob Verbos
We've been anticipating Jeff's return to the states for eighteen months now … and we're down to just 2 1/2 weeks now till we get to see him at The Allstate Arena in Rosemont.
The Wembly show is great … mammoth, in fact … we ran a plug for this video / cd release several months ago.  Personally, I think I still prefer the Hyde Park gig … it has GOT to be one of the greatest live concerts I've ever seen … but I don't think Jeff Lynne is capable of putting on a bad show … and he has pulled out all the stops for this major tour.
Simply said, WE CAN'T WAIT!!!  (Watch for a review of OUR concert experience around August 19th … right after we see The Happy Together Tour in Aurora!)  kk

Speaking of Jeff Lynne and ELO, he has put together a collectors' box set of ALL of ELO's singles as released in England … a BEAUTIFUL (and mega-expensive) set with restored, original picture sleeves and more.  Part One (16 discs covering the years 1972 - 1978)  becomes available on September 21st … Part Two (covering the years 1979 and beyond) will follow (but no official release date has been announced yet.
For the time being you can only preorder this box set thru Jeff Lynne's website … but I'm sure it'll soon be available thru all of the usual sources.

Great fun to see there are a couple other twin cities folk on the list. 
I, too, used to buy lots of records at Oar Folk. They always seemed to have everything, and if they didn't, they'd get it. 
I got my first Drifters Greatest Hits albums from there and they told me a valuable lesson. Always make sure that when you buy a hits package that you make sure they are "the real" versions and not re-recorded versions.
I loved Don Leary's place, too.  Bought a lot of 45's from him. I really really miss those days. My poor girlfriends had to read the names for me since I'm blind and couldn't do it. <grin>
My wife was able to stand the test of time in a record shop.   Ah, and someone mentioned The Record Collectors Co-op ... another wonderful place. I'd have loved to see some of the places all the Chicago folks have been talking about.
It's just not the same buying online as it was in the stores. Ah well, at least I can read all the names online and my wife doesn't have to do it.

Bob mentioned to you that the Top 20 songs on WMID had a sponsor listed next to them and wanted to know if said DJ either did an intro / outro with each record. I was wondering the same thing.
Many years ago, one of the Top 40 radio stations here in the OKC area, WKY-AM 930, had a small separate building right next to the broadcast studio. In it was a person who would type in the commercials for the DJ as they were played and that same person also took the meter readings so that the DJ on air would not have to mess with taking meter readings or checking off the commercials. They were only responsible for the music they played.
Talking about record shops in the various cities from your readers, here in OKC the main one in my opinion was WILCOX RECORDS, located on NW 23rd. Street. It was owned and operated by Mrs. Wilcox and occasionally her husband would help her inside. He was a carpenter by trade and had a shop out in the back of the record building where he did his carpentry work for various clients. Mrs. Wilcox seemed to like her customers very much and the records she sold. She even had two sound booths where a customer could go in and play said record if they were interested to see if they really liked it ... basically 45's only since the LP's were sealed.
The only negative thing I ever heard her say was that she didn't like Phil Spector's album A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOU which came out in 1963. She didn't like the way the traditional songs had been up tempo-ed to a rock and roll flavor.
Larry Neal

We talked about the Bob Seger / Last Heard release coming out next month … 

Now comes word about a Bob Seger – themed bar that just opened up in Unionville, Michigan!

Ultimate Classic Rock had this to say about it …

A Bob Seger themed bar opened in the town of Unionville, Michigan, on Friday, July 27th. and its owner said the singer has already vowed to pay a visit. Cat Man Do – a play on Seger’s 1975 track “Katmandu” – was created after retired teacher Dennis Collon was inspired by the time he met his hero in 1967.
The encounter took place after Seger had played a show in Unionville. “We came over to the restaurant and were playing pool and eating.” Collon told “He came over and played pool with us. I don’t know if he remembers that or not. I would be really curious to know if he remembers that.” The bar name is also a play on Collon’s nickname, “Cat,” but his daughter encouraged him to develop the Seger theme. As a result, he offers “Silver Bullet” and “Katmandu” burgers along with a “Bob Seger” grill. Decor includes general music themes along with further Seger connections.
On the possibility of a visit, Collon said contact had been made via mutual friends. “I guarantee we’ll be up there in some point in time,” was the message he received. “I won’t tell you when and I won’t tell you how long. But we will make a stop in there.”
Seger returns to the road in November, after back surgery forced him to postpone his previous run of dates. A compilation of his early songs, including some with the Last Heard, the band Collon saw in Unionville, is to be released on Sept. 7.

From Tom Cuddy …

Hey Guys,
I just found this and I never heard of these guys.  Apparently from Buffalo, they were a regional sensation in 66-7.
Here is their biggest hit (which I don't think was ever played here or LA--am I wrong?)
Gary Goldblatt
Not played here. Maybe my friend Kent will be good enough to throw this out on his web site so we can find out more.
Mike DeMartino
"Give Me One More Chance" was the closest Wilmer and the Dukes  came to having a hit … it did chart in all three major trade publications, peaking at #65 in Record World and #80 in Billboard in 1968.  (A follow-up single "bubbled under" in Billboard only the following year … "Living In The USA" peaked at #114.)
According to our 'Go To' source, Joel Whitburn, the band hailed from Rochester, New York.  As you can see in the photo displayed in the YouTube video via the link provided above, Wilmer Alexander was the black lead vocalist (he also played sax) but his back up band consisted of all white musicians … brothers Ronnie and Monte Alberts (bass and drums respectively), Doug Brown (guitar) and Ralph Gillotte (keyboards).
Actually, it's not a bad track … maybe some of our New York readers can shed a little more light on this topic.  (kk)

Hi Kent,
Since I was one of those who was correcting the Jack versus Eric thing, I just want to make sure that you and Frank both know that I was directing my comments not to Frank, but to the originators of that statement -- Bob or Norm. 
I think the big Cream fans would have known about who sang what on their tunes.
Again, apologies to Frank, though.
I don't think any real offense was taken … as I said, he was only quoting comments he heard made some fifty years ago by guys who PROBABLY should have known better at the time … but, in their defense, I, too, always thought Jack Bruce was the lead singer of Cream … and never really figured that Clapton was contributing anything vocally to the mix.  Besides, Frank has to be one of our longest-time members of Forgotten Hits … there's no fun doing this if we can't give him a little shit from time to time!!!  (lol)  We love ya, Frank!  (kk)