Sunday, July 1, 2018

Special Concert Review: THE EAGLES

FH Reader Chuck Buell sent us this amazing concert review of The Eagles Concert he saw last week in Colorado ... and we just HAD to share it with our readers.

This Just In From Chuck Buell ... 

The Eagles Have Landed!    

At 5,280 Feet Above Sea Level!    

In the Mile High City!    

Denver, Colorado!    

June 28, 2018.   

At the end of a Record Breaking 105 Degree Denver Day,  Jimmy Buffet and Eagles Fans were ready for an evening of  Memorable and Great Classic Hit Music.    

But despite our arriving early, Coors Field, the 50-thousand plus seat Home of Colorado Rockies Baseball, forced us to wait outside for nearly 45 minutes before concert time in a “cooler 100-degree heat” due to being overwhelmed by a massive crowd seldom seen by their Security Staff even during a Home Baseball Stand. 

After a painfully and lengthy slow movement through screening, we finally began to head for our seats well after the concert began. Jimmy Buffet and his Coral Reefer Band had already performed ten of their 18-song set. Other Buffet Fans missed almost their entire set.

While there were of plenty of Buffet Parrot Heads in full Island wear and adornments, as the time approached for the Eagles to take the stage, it became clear it was they that most had come for. And around 9:10, that time came.

The previous three-digit temperatures slowly began to subside and it turned into a perfect clear air, Rocky Mountain evening to be outdoors accented by an iconic Denver orange-hued sunset and listening to an outstanding collection of music that was such a big part of our lives.


The Eagles sounded every bit as good recreating their  studio-recorded hits that we’ve all come to know and love  so well. Their sound system was perfect; their video screen  visuals were outstanding. And one of the highlights of the  performance was Deacon Frey, son of the sadly missed Glenn Frey, who has stepped into his late Father’s part so effortlessly and sounded as though he had been a part of  the group himself for all of its many years. He was  absolutely terrific.  

Deacon had the honors of singing lead vocal on the second song of the Eagles set, Take It Easy. Later on, it was so  great to hear him share that he was having the time of his  life and acknowledging his Dad before another song on  which he took the lead when he said something along the  line of, “Now I’d like to play another of my Dad’s songs, if that’s OK with you.”    

And it was.  

And he did.  

And he was great!  

I know the setlist of a group’s concert such as this one is  important to some, so here it is in a condensed version ...  

Every Hit they’ve ever had!

And after most of those songs were presented to us,  stepping forward was Joe Walsh, who basically gave us a  show within a show displaying his still unbelievably,  stunning and rockin’ command on any of at least three  different models of guitars. His complicated electrifying  licks were no less than totally captivating. He’s as good as  ever, if not better!  As he did sing among his other signature  songs, Life’s Been Good So Far!    

It was a remarkable musical evening. In my lifetime Radio  Career, I’ve seen so many live performances by a variety of  Pop Music’s Hit Makers. And here, the smooth harmonies,  the unique crafting of the melodies and the fabulous story-telling of their songs are what has made the Eagles for me  so wonderfully enjoyable for so many years.   

Oh, yeah, close to the end, they did sing, appropriately  enough, Rocky Mountain Way!    

This Eagles concert was the best concert I’ve experienced  in literally decades. It was one of those rare live musical  experiences where the day after, I pulled out the group I’d  just seen’s Greatest Hits compilation to listen to them, and  appreciate them, once again. 

CB ( which stands for “Concert Boy!” )

Without question, one of the best bands we've ever seen live, The Eagles bring it every time.  We haven't caught the revamped line-up that now includes Glenn Frey's son Deacon and Country Music Superstar Vince Gill yet ... but by ALL accounts it's every bit as amazing as before.  (The Eagles return to Chicago in October with a show at The United Center on the 15th.)  

You can find a list of ALL of their upcoming dates here: