Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Saturday Survey: July 14th

*Survey courtesy of Lee Tucker and ARSA website
7-13-68 - WTMA - Charleston, South Carolina

This, the largest city in the state, sits near the coast of South Carolina.  There's not a lot of obscurities on this top 30, but a couple we'll feature here.  There are a couple of two siders with the B side listed first (Monkees and Box Tops), but Sunny & Phyllis & the Danes' #5 "I've Been Lost" is a pretty cool unknown ditty for sure!  We visited Jon & Robin's "Dr. John" awhile back, but the followup, "You Got Style," is a more pop sound written by Andy Kim and Jeff Barry that should have been a big hit nationally.  To me, this song could have been a perfect tool for Davy Jones and the Monkees to keep the hit parade going in place if "D.W. Washburn" this summer.
-- Clark Besch

We've seen "Lady Willpower" at #1 in several different states now ... yet it never reached the top in Billboard.  (It did reach #1 in both Cash Box and Record World, as did their previous hit, "Young Girl," which also stalled at #2 in Billboard Magazine.)

New on the chart this week is "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams.  Not only is Mason an accomplished guitarist and songwriter, but he was also employed as a comedy writer on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour!

THIS WEEK IN '68:   
7/9/68 – David Ruffin leaves The Temptations 

7/11/68 - The Doors Waiting for the Sun LP is released  

7/12/68 – Micky Dolenz marries his first wife, Samantha Juste, who he met when The Monkees went to England the year before.  The union will last six years.