Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tuesday This And That

From Tom Cuddy …

Aretha Franklin's '30 Greatest Hits' Becomes Her Highest Charting Album in 50 Years

Sadly, this always seems to be the way … but far too many people come to appreciate an artist after they're gone and no longer with us.  Aretha had 43 Billboard  Top 40 Hits … an incredible run from 1967 - 1973 with Top Ten Hits like "Respect" (#1), "Baby I Love You" (#4), "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" (#8), "I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)," #9, "Chain Of Fools" (#2), "(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone" (#5), "Think" (#7), "The House That Jack Built" (#6), "I Say A Little Prayer" (#10), "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (#6), "Spanish Harlem" (#2), "Rock Steady" (#9), "Day Dreaming" (#5) and "Until You Come Back To Me" (#3) … and then a big comeback in the '80's with "Freeway Of Love" (#3), "Who's Zoomin' Who" (#7) and "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)" with George Michael, #1.  (Let's just say she was hard to miss!!!)  Hopefully some of these sales represent brand new listeners discovering her incredible catalog of music for the very first time.  Aretha will forever be The Queen Of Soul.  (kk)

>>>He can appeal again in two years … but I don’t think Mark David Chapman will ever see the outside of a prison cell again.  (kk)

I agree.  Due to being so controversial, Lennon was my least favorite Beatle.  As far as Chapman,  I don't believe this tiger or any tiger can ever change his stripes, no matter how much rehabilitation he has had.  I have yet to hear a story that says being in prison has helped someone conform to "being a good citizen."  Many times it only hardens them.  The judge made some good points.  Now I will get down from my soapbox. Thanks!


Hope Your Special Day is . . . ah . . . Special!
Chuck Buell

Happy Birthday, Kent!
We're still digging every Forgotten Hits blog and still have no idea how you have the time to put it all together for us. 
Carry on ...
David Lewis

Happy Birthday Kent!
Decided to run out to the Fox Valley to see the Jan and Dean Beach Party show … lots of tickets as this was very sparsely attended … maybe 20% full.
I enjoyed it. Substitute last minute lead guitarist (brother of another member) … sure could PLAY but wasn’t always there on some of the vocals, but then neither was Dean sometimes.  (I just want make sure it's clear about what a GREAT job the sub lead guitarist did. I think the regular guitarist had an emergency and had to go back the day before the concert so BRAVO!)
Not trying to be critical … just the facts … and it worked for me and an appreciative small crowd. 
(Honestly, I was very surprised the Arcada didn’t do some 2/1 tix sales or give aways for this show)
They performed all their hits of, course, and a LOT of Beach Boys and others like Hotel California … kind of turned into a sing-along for me and many ... could have turned into a dance party but frankly this wasn’t a highly mobile crowd ;~)
Played about an hour and a half.  Arcada AC really struggling to keep up … and it wasn’t.
Have a great week.
BOTH our Birthdays are next month. We make it a Bday week and MONTH!
We had hoped to go to the Jan and Dean (well, actually just Dean, since Jan's been dead for years now!) Show … we saw them a few years back at one of those outdoor venues (Elk Grove Village, I think) and they were REALLY good … great vocals and harmonies and a nice mix of Surf and Summer tunes.
We went out to The Arcada Saturday Night to see The Vogues and Jay and the Americans but apparently the show was a complete sell-out and Ron hadn't left tickets for us so we turned around and headed home.  (Figured it would be the same situation on Sunday so we didn't even try.  NO idea it would be so empty.)
Our offer is ALWAYS standing to all these great venues around town … The Arcada, The Genesee Theatre, The Paramount, The Copernicus Center, City Winery … if you need help with a show, (be it slow moving ticket sales or whatever), PLEASE contact us and we'll put together some kind of special ticket offer … or even do a ticket giveaway to put some butts in the seats that will spend money at the bars and concessions and still help generate some revenue from the concert.  (Let's face it, EVERY artist wants to look out from the stage and see a full house!)  That's what we're here for … so USE US!!!
As for the air conditioning at The Arcada, it's been an on-going challenge to keep the place cool.  With a much older crowd attending these types of shows, it becomes even more critical to climate-control things … and this goes for the artists performing on stage as well, under those hot lights.  (Don't forget … many of these guys are well into their 70's now, too!)  I know Ron's been trying to get some financial support from the City of St. Charles to help with the renovation process (the bathrooms really need work, too … the "please excuse the remodeling" signs have been up for years now with absolutely zero much-needed improvements made to the facilities) … all I know is that before the show on Saturday that we never got to see, we ate across the street at El Puente, an EXCELLENT Mexican restaurant, that was packed to the gills, thanks to numerous reservations made by other folks attending the show … so The Arcada absolutely DOES bring business into all of the neighboring restaurants … here's hoping something can be worked out SOON in this regard to allow The Arcada to do some much-needed upgrades and make the entire experience more enjoyable for all parties concerned .  Let this be the last unbearable summer.  (kk)