Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tuesday This And That

After not touring The States for over thirty years, Jeff Lynne has already booked a return visit for next summer, performing twice as many shows as he did this year.

Tickets officially go on sale next Monday, October 29th, but there is the usual American Express Pre-Sale option available, too.

June 20 – Anaheim, CA @ Honda Center
June 22 – Sacramento, CA @ Golden 1 Center
June 24 – San Jose, CA @ SAP Center
June 26 – Vancouver, BC @ Rogers Arena
June 28 – Tacoma, WA @ Tacoma Dome
June 29 – Portland, OR @ Moda Center
July 3 – Nashville, TN @ Bridgestone Arena
July 5 – Atlanta, GA @ State Farm Arena
July 7 – Tampa, FL @ Amalie Arena
July 9 – Sunrise, FL @ BB&T Center
July 11 – Washington, DC @ Capital One Arena
July 13 – Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center
July 16 – Newark, NJ @ Prudential Center
July 18 – Toronto, ON @ Scotiabank Arena
July 20 – Detroit, MI @ Little Caesars Arena
July 23 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Van Andel Arena
July 25 – St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center
July 27 – Chicago, IL @ United Center
July 30 – Columbus, OH @ Nationwide Arena
August 1 – Pittsburgh, PA @ PPG Paints Arena
(Damn right we’re going again … and you should, too, as this show was nothing short of spectacular!!!)  kk

Here’s a fun podcast we’re sure you’ll enjoy …
Micky Dolenz and Mike Nesmith got together with the Rhino Records crew to talk about The Monkees’ brand new Christmas album (out now), picking up their tour (The Mike and Micky Show), Nesmith’s recent tour with The First National Band (as well as his health) and lots of other fun stuff.  (I have GOT to tell you … it is SO encouraging to hear Mike in such happy spirits again after all he went thru earlier this year.  It’s just a amazing what medical miracles can be pulled off these days … by-pass heart surgery and just a couple of months later and he’s back out on the road and having a great time doing it … and clowning around in a way we haven’t heard in a long, long time.
Check it out … it’s definitely worth a listen …
>>>One recording I completely agree with you on is Toto's "Africa," which is one of the few pop hits I consider a masterpiece. I always get into it with irate fans about "For What it's Worth."  Even though it was a song, reflective of our times, I believe the Buffalo Springfield got into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame based solely on that one-hit wonder, when other groups, that have an impressive body of hits, are still waiting to be inducted. I don't care about how some of the band's members became super-stars later on.  (John LaPuzza)
I don't know if it's just that my ears are going bad, but my radio seems to think it needs to have AFRICA on a loop.  Jesus, I'm tired of the song!  Granted, the guys are all prodigious players, but c'mon play "99" or "Roseanna," jocks, which are way better songs.   Africa is a well-constructed song musically but IMHO the lyrical portion is a marginal creation at best.  Another thing is, the part where the keyboard plays a cascading figure, it is not how I originally heard it, it seems like it's jumbled up with two different parts stepping on each other. Is it just me or do others hear that as well.  Maybe the aliens are f#$%^&*g with me head.
As for "The Buffalo Springfield," I mean people are entitled to their opinions, as I would have them respect and tolerate mine, but that group is on my top five list of all times. Something about them and that earthy sound just blew me away when Doc Siegel at Goldstar played us their tape they had finished earlier in the day. I heard "Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing" and I knew they would be big. Then I wore out two albums when that came out. Most excellent compilation of songs. 
The first time I toked up and went to the moon was at these girls’ house somewhere in the woods around Glendale. We finished the Ice House gig and these girls invited us over to their cabin to take advantage of us. They plied us with some green stuff that made me see Jesus, then they put on The Tatonkas album and the song was "Expecting To Fly."  I made them play it over and over as I laid in front of the stereo. I was blown away.
I like the show 9-1-1 and I've noticed they play a lot of oldies. They had an old lady dispatcher named Gloria in one of the episodes and they played "Gloria" by THEM over her bit and it was way cool. I still feel that no raunchier, grittier version exists than Van Morrison's.  Sorry to all of Chicago for my opinion, but it will never change. So in the words of Brick Top and Bullet Tooth Tony, y'all can tel me to F#(^  O$%! 
I've rambled enough … time for my meds 
Alex Valdez, 
Yellow Balloon  
That reminds me … (and I’m sure that I’ll piss off more than just a few people here) … another song I consider to be HIGHLY over-rated is “American Pie.”  Another John Lennon that I think is more highly regarded than it deserves to be is “Norwegian Wood” … (boy, I must be on some kind of roll here, rowing against the wind.)  And, if I were truly brave enough to do so, I’d also say that I thought Bob Dylan was highly over-rated for my tastes … but then I’d risk not having any readers left … so let’s just keep that comment buried under the carpet for a while.  (kk)  

I have to share this!
Yesterday, my 11 year old daughter went for some milk in the fridge and, guess what, no milk.
I started sing "No Milk Today" and actually got about 100% of the lyrics
As a big Hermits fan - I'm 65 - it was easy.
"How did you like that, Olivia.?"
"OK." was all I got.
So today, what do I see on your blog?
Right, the story behind No Milk Today!!!
How the heck did that happen??
Well, I guess only God knows.
What a treat!
Owen Mahon
(Yep - working on Sunday)
Don’tcha just love it when things fall together like that?!?!  (EXACTLY as I planned it!  Not!)
It’s one of my Herman’s Hermits favorites … and, I should point out, one of MANY, because I liked almost everything they did at the time … and the greatest majority of it still holds up extremely well today.  I stick by my guns … had it been released as its own single “No Milk Today” would have been yet another Top Ten Hit for Herman’s Hermits.  (The record label literally screwed them out of a hit with this decision.)
That’s OK … as it is, they still managed thirteen Top Ten Hits here in The States … and a couple of others (“East West,” #12; “Don’t Go Out Into The Rain (You’re Going To Melt),” #13) that just missed.  Comparatively speaking, they only had ten Top 10’s back home in Great Britain … with a few surprises on the list.
For example, neither “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter” or “I’m Henry The VIII, I Am” were released as singles in the UK … yet both topped the charts here in the States.  However, Herman’s Hermits’ chart career lasted longer in Great Britain than it did here in America so, as a result, they hit The Top Ten with “Sunshine Girl” in 1967 and “Something’s Happening,” “My Sentimental Friend” and “Years May Come, Years May Go” in 1968.  (kk)

Another great Herman's Hermits B-side:  THE LAST BUS HOME.
A-side was MUSEUM (Donovan cover)
Tal Hartsfeld
Being as popular as they were, Herman’s Hermits had the benefit of some of the best songwriters of their time at their disposal … Donovan, Ray Davies of The Kinks, the previously-mentioned Graham Gouldman, P.F. Sloan, Goffin and King (for their first hit, “I’m Into Something Good”), Sam Cooke (for their remake of “Wonderful World) and a guy named Kenny Young, who wrote “Just A Little Bit Better,” “Don’t Go Out Into The Rain (You’re Going To Melt)” and “The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life.”  Couple all this new material with their terrific late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s remakes and they had one heck of a hit parade!  (kk)

>>>And tonight (Sunday, October 21st), The Genesee Theatre is hosting The Roy Orbison Hologram Show.  (I really wanted to see this one.) kk   
Hey, Kent - 
Saw your blog on the Hologram show and thought I would reply, as my friend received free tickets for Sunday and asked me to go with him.  
Here are my thoughts:
1)  It did not exactly look like him … THE HOLOGRAM was not very animated
2)  The orchestra was very good , but they really did not need strings on the rock songs (eg Pretty Woman, etc.)
3)  The idea of showing pictures and comments by other artists about Roy during the musical interludes was good
4)  The show clocked in at exactly 1 hour
5)  I missed the interaction of the artist to the audience and vice versa
In short, I would rather have watched the PBS special ROY ORBISON – A BLACK AND WHITE NIGHT than see him presented this way at this concert.  I would rather spend my money going to see performers who are alive and I enjoy (and at our age they are dropping like flies!) than spend money on seeing a Hologram. This is for DIE HARD ROY fans only, in my opinion.  NO offense to the estate, as I thought their intentions were good … but I want real performers.
Mike De Martino
P.S.  Hope you and the Mrs. are feeling better!  
When the tour was first announced, I thought it sounded kinda creepy … but having never seen Roy Orbison in concert before, my curiosity continued to grow as the concert date grew nearer.  I kept trying to justify the concept in my mind … perhaps THIS will end up being one of the ways we can help keep this music alive.  If nothing else, it’s a way to present it to a whole new audience of fans.  (From what I saw on the website, the theater looked pretty well sold out … so there must have been a lot more curious people out there as well.)
Honestly, a one hour show seems to be a bit of a rip off … but I guess how much could they do?  I’m sure putting this whole thing together was mega expensive … but I have to agree that in the “live” context of a concert, a show like this leaves zero tolerance for improvisation … you are completely locked into whatever the computer is generating and that’s it.  (I guess in my mind I kind of justified it as almost like going to see a Roy Orbison concert movie … and since you mentioned his Black and White concert, that’s a good one!)  Even assembling vintage footage from Roy’s many television appearances would be interesting to see … splice in some interview stuff, something from his movie “The Fastest Guitar Alive” just for fun, some Traveling Wilburys footage and make it a complete tribute.  (Now THAT’D be a DVD worth owning!)  kk

I found this article online yesterday while looking for something else.
I’ve featured this track a couple of times before … it’s still one of my all-time favorite John Lennon vocals … but, as Jeff Tamarkin tells us, you sure don’t hear it very often.
He references its #19 peak in Billboard … but it actually peaked higher than that in both Cash Box and Record World, ultimately scoring a #13 showing on the national charts, where it spent ten weeks back in the Summer of ’64.  (kk)    

Hi Kent,
Another good read ... it's great to see all the comments ... even the
semi hostile ones ... lol
Great work, my friend.
Til the next helping!
Blessings ~
We represent all sides equally here … there is no right or wrong when it comes to music … fortunately, this list seems to have some pretty wide range of taste, so we try to cover it all.  In the process, many of us will discover new facts and new music we might not otherwise have been exposed to.  That’s why I like to share all opposing points of view when it comes to music, even if they don’t necessarily agree with mine.  (And, if there ever IS any doubt, please know that MY opinion outranks all others!  Lol … Just kidding!)
What makes Forgotten Hits work is the SHARED opinions of ALL our readers … which is why we always encourage more participation.  There are THOUSANDS of you out there reading this thing who have never said a word … we want to hear from YOU guys, too!  We provide the forum and, hopefully, the creative ideas and inspiration that we all can share … it’s just so much more fun when everybody participates!  (kk)

Thx Kent!
Great post.
Are you planning on going to the Xmas Ides of March show at the Arcada?  Finally gonna make it this year.
Have a great week.
Happy Trailz! 
Bill Faust  
You’ll have a GREAT time. It is ALWAYS a very entertaining show.
(We’ve seen The Ides Christmas Show several times and it is highly recommended!) 
However, we’re going to have to miss it this year because we’ll be down in Nashville catching the Amy Grant / Vince Gill Christmas Celebration, which is also supposed to be amazing.
Enjoy!  (kk)  
We had a BLAST in Nashville this year. The Brian Wilson concert at Symphony Center got cancelled on the Pet Sounds tour though.  Disappointed in that, but great time.
Yeah, that’s when Brian had to cancel several shows in order to have back surgery.  I see he’s got several new dates posted on his calendar … and I believe he long ago committed to a make-up show in Nashville with the full orchestra.  (kk)

>>>I am also in total agreement about the ridiculous amount of airplay some of those songs, and many others, have gotten over the years. Remember "It Never Rains in Southern California?"  AHH! (John LaPuzza)
>>>If you haven’t already tried it, check out Me-TV-FM … the variety will blow you away … although you just may hear “It Never Rains In Southern California”!!!  (kk)
Hey!  I happen to like "It Never Rains in Southern California" (and a lot of Albert Hammond's other work)!  During part of my years in Los Angeles (1973 - 82), that song came true for this Midwest transplant.
Gary Theroux
"The History of Rock 'n' Roll"

I've been reading the recent postings here regarding best songs, worst songs, overrated songs, etc., and all I can say is that regardless of thousands of varying opinions, what counts is what YOU yourself enjoy, and that's that.
Everyone has their likes and dislikes.  I could never come up with a list of favorites, as it would take years to compile.  

But on a similar note (and I hope that being somewhat new to this blog, I didn't miss an important discussion of this subject), I wanted to put in my two cents regarding the  "best Chicago song".  By that, I mean: What song would be most appropriate as the Official City of Chicago Anthem"?  
About a year ago I met Mitch Aliotta at a party, and I told him how much I loved "Lake Shore Drive" and felt that it should be established as THE Chicago song.  Not that I have anything against Frank Sinatra, but "LSD", at least in MY opinion, gives me an emotional "buzz" that very few pieces of music have ever been able to produce. It gives me gooseflesh and makes me kinda misty whenever I hear it.  Anyone else experience that?
First time I heard it, I believe it had only been aired a handful of times, around 1972 (?)  I was coming home from Old Town, driving north on Lake Shore Drive, and it was about 2:30 AM.  I thought I was hallucinating.  Wow ... Someone wrote a song for me!  
I'd like to hear other folks' opinions on this subject. 
What would be the best Chicago song?
Mike Wolstein  
Had to be more than a year ago as Mitch died in 2015.
Skip Haynes, the song’s writer, kept in touch with Forgotten Hits on a semi-regular basis.  In fact, he even recorded a special version of “Lake Shore Drive” with a call-out to FH!  (Being new to the list, maybe you haven’t heard it???  We’ve featured it a few times now but I’m always happy to feature it again.)
Fortunately, he was able to be here for the PBS Cornerstones taping a couple of years ago.  He told me that in ALL these years that he’s been singing “Lake Shore Drive” that was the FIRST time he ever performed it live with the fiddle violin!!!  Amazing!

For more history on this incredible song, be sure to check out these previous posts …
Actually, you can hear the “Forgotten Hits Version” in Part One of this very special LSD article.
As for an “official” Chicago song, that may be a tough one to come up with … but we certainly have had some GREAT candidates come up over the years!  (kk)