Friday, January 4, 2019

Even More Of Your Comments ...

As mentioned the other day, we have been absolutely SWAMPED with comments since the new year started.
Don't get me wrong ... I couldn't be happier ... and we're going to get to as many as we can ... but I'm having to scramble here a little bit to revamp what I thought was a pretty easy schedule for our 2019 kick-off.

(Sorry, Shelley ... but that means I had to bump you today ... but I promise that we'll try to get to all three of your concert reviews next week.  If things time out right, we'll do a complete Shelley-fest and knock 'em out 1, 2, 3.)

Meanwhile, let's keep this thing rolling!

Another sad death to report. FH Reader Ken Voss just sent us this UK clipping about Dean Ford, lead singer of Marmalade, who had the Top Ten Hit here in the States, "Reflections Of My Life" in 1970.  (The group had a long and successful British career that just never spilled over across the pond.  Their Greatest Hits CD is a real gem.) 

A few years ago, Ford re-recorded his biggest US hit and we featured it numerous times here in Forgotten Hits.  It is just strikingly beautiful and has brought a tear to my eye more than once ... and certainly will again today in light of this very sad news.  (I remember making a comment after first hearing this that Ford should team up with Barry Gibb and hit the road together.  His voice is so "Robin-like" and I thought the two would really play well off one another.)
Please give this one another viewing today ... it's absolutely wonderful.  (kk)

Marmalade Vocal Legend Dean Ford Passes 
December 31, 2018 
It is with great regret to announce the sudden passing on December 31, 2018 of Dean Ford, aka Thomas McAleese, the former Marmalade lead vocalist of countless hit songs over the latter 60s and early 70s era, most notably the iconic ballad “Reflections Of My Life,” his co-write with Junior Campbell. That song lives in the hearts of many and was a soothing lament for many a Vietnam veteran. He had just recently released a solo double CD entitled This Scottish Heart, often stating “this is so exciting,” as the reviews poured in. 
Fernando Perdomo, his fellow stage musician and producer of his previous CD, Feel My Heartbeat, recalls “Every vocal Dean did oozed with love and tenderness. I will miss his kindness and warmth. A joy to work with and an inspiration.” Dean was born on September 5, 1946. 
“Years old when Pat and I went to see him singing with the Monarchs at the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow. Just his little guy with big ears and big hands, but from the moment he opened his mouth to sing Roy Orbison’s 'In Dreams', me, Pat, and the whole of Barrowland knew he was something special… He was an exceptional talent and I am privileged and proud to have performed with him, and to have written songs with him… some of which apparently still mean something, to many, all over the world. I loved him dearly” - Junior Campbell 
Glass Onyon Promotions

Marmalade had nearly a dozen Top 40 UK charted hits between 1968 and 1976, including EIGHT that made The Top Ten:  "Lovin' Things" (a GREAT version of the song that was a hit here in The States for The Grass Roots), #4, 1968; "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" (#1, 1969 ... and a hit here for Arthur Conley ... this would have made a great Beatles single, too); "Baby, Make It Soon" (#9, 1969); "Reflections Of My Life" (#3, 1970); "Rainbow" (#3, 1970); "Back On The Road" (#6, 1971); "Radancer" (#6, 1972) and "Falling Apart At The Seams" (#9, 1976).  All of these appear on their Greatest Hits CD, "The Very Best Of" ... well worth checking out.  (kk)

First off, happy new year to you and yours, and all the great folks who read this blog.
1969 brings back lots of great memories, and I'd like to add a few words about my interest in and love of the Beatles, but in a somewhat strange way.  
Some of my listening time in early '69 was spent trying to decipher all of those weird sounds, words, and other nuances that were embedded within the grooves of Beatles' LPs - those which attempted to make us believe that Paul was dead.  There were signs that pointed to Paul's demise in earlier LPs, within pictures and lyrics (especially in the booklet in the Magical Mystery Tour LP), but those were embellished by the crazy stuff we found on the "White Album". 
Some examples:
At the end of "I'm So Tired", the music drops off sharply, and John is heard "mumbling" something that sounds like French.  Played backward, it is not difficult to hear what sounds like John saying "Paul is dead now - miss him, miss him, miss him".  Maybe I'm hallucinating.  
"Revolution Number Nine" contains a wealth of "clues," the first, and easiest to decode, is the phrase "Number Nine" becoming "Turn me on, dead man", when played in reverse.  Then, later on, there's Paul making a strange sound: "Hm-CHUH"; backwards, it's "I was doomed".  At about the same time, you hear Paul making muttering sounds that make it appear that he is in pain.  Also, we hear sirens, people running around in a panic, and other craziness.
What fun we had back then!
Mike Wolstein

Happy new year to both of you!  
So glad to see the 1969 WLS charts will be featured weekly.  I have many of them and am missing a few.  Thanks to you and Jack Levin, who I knew many years ago, for doing this.  
Clay Pasternack
You'll find the first one posted here on Sunday!  (kk) 
Hi Kent:  
My Top 5 in 1969: 
1.   Honky Tonk Women - Stones 
2.   Hot Smoke & Sasafrass - Bubble Puppy 
3.   Badge - Cream 
4.   Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival   
5.   (a tie) Bad Moon Rising - CCR and Crimson & Clover - Tommy James and the Shondells (unless you count it as ’68)
I haven't given any real thought to my Top 1969 Favorites ... will have to do that.  Hey, Mark Dawson ... wanna do another favorites countdown show for '69???  (kk)

You are probably already aware that Nick and I are part of the 2019 Happy Together tour. We are excited to once again be a part of it!  I’d be happy to talk about our return to the tour at some point.  
All the best,
The Buckinghams
Actually yes - we’ve announced it a couple of times now.
Heard you met up with Alex Valdez of The Yellow Balloon in Tucson / guess you guys toured together back in '67 as part of one of those large package shows.
We recently reconnected Barry Winslow of The Royal Guardsmen with his one time touring mate, Tommy James, at a show in Branson.
SO cool to be able to help make these connections!
Would love to talk more about Happy Together ... what is this like your 6th or 7th tour??? 
And we also just announced the new lead singer of Paul Reveres Raiders - a local guy named Dave Huizinga who fronted the local oldies band Generation. Tommy and the Raiders will be back for a fund-raising show here in March. Lots going on with the music that shaped our lives way back when.
Good health and prosperity in 2019!  (kk)  

Speaking of that Alex Valdez / Carl Giammarese reconnection ... here is what Alex sent us ... along with a GREAT photo! 
I went to the Buckinghams, Grass Roots, Box Tops show in Tucson. I was glad for the nostalgic revisit to the good period in life. All the guys were good and they put on a good show. Carl and Nick are still in charge after all these years.  It was good to be back in Chicago for a small time. I have to give special kudos to Dave Zane who is a good showman and guitar player with the Bucks. 
Below is a picture of an ageless Carl and an old Balloon.  It was good to see him and enjoy a brief chat.  More time to reminisce would have been nice, maybe next time.  
Happy New Year to everyone.
Alex Valdez 
Yellow Balloon 

Yes, met Alex Valdez ... his daughter Alexis was the entertainer director at the Desert Diamond Casino.  We played there December 22nd with the Box Tops and the Grass Roots as part of our American Pop package. It’s a great package that has successfully gone out together for a while now.  
Yeah, 6 or 7 times now, I think on the Happy Together tour ... we first did it back in 1985! I’d be happy to talk about it anytime.  
Best of luck to Paul Revere’s Raiders and their new lead singer. 
Happy New Year! 

Hi Kent:  
First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!  I look forward to your insightful commentary throughout the coming year.  
Second, thank you for mentioning our “Remembering 1969” 50th anniversary feature which we’ll be doing the first week of 2019.  Then, on January 13 & 14, we’ll be marking the 40th anniversary of the Chicago Blizzard of ’79 with songs that helped get us through those two major snow days.  Looking forward to running into you at a few shows over the next 12 months.  Should be another fun year!
All the best -
Rick O’Dell
Program Director

kk - 
My nieces went to the Billy Joel concert on New Year's Eve. He fell off the piano. Told the audience he wasn't drunk. 
How can a "PIANO MAN" fall off the piano? 
Kevin James ("King Of Queens") was surprise guest. 
He came out dressed as a woman, while Billy sang "Uptown Girl." 
Hey, it was New Year's Eve.  He was probably just celebrating with everyone else!
The Billy Joel Channel is back on Sirius / XM for another brief spell.  I've got to say, I really enjoy hearing him talk about the stories behind the songs, "Piano Man" in particular.  (Sure, we all know that this is a bit of biographical song about Billy's early days working as a piano man in a bar ... but when he talks about at first thinking in terms of writing a book ... and then recounts the events of any given Saturday ... and the lyrics just flow ... it's just flat out entertaining.)
I've still never seen him ... have had tickets THREE TIMES but never made it to any of those shows.  Would love to catch him next time he's in town ... just preferably NOT at Wrigley Field ... and, hopefully, in an upright position!  (kk)

First I hope you have a Happy New Year and continued best in the year of 1969 to come.  
I liked your showing of FB's shows that he used to go to. You are right in that one doesn't see line-ups like that anymore. But the one thing that stuck out in my mind when I read over the lineup of talent, was the artist listed at the bottom on the right. That of Lada Edmond. Kent, there is a name I haven't heard in years. I believe her last name is misspelled on the notice as well as the Jr. being absent from her name. I offhand never knew of another woman with the Jr. being in their name. I thought her only claim to fame was as one of the go-go dances there on the mid-sixties show HULLABALOO. I didn't know she made any records. Speaking of HULLABALOO, wasn't there a group called the Hullabaloos that had a record in 1965 on Roulette called I'M GONNA LOVE YOU TOO b/w PARTY DOLL? Not to be outdone, the show SHINDIG had a group called the Shindogs.
Larry Neal
We got quite a few "likes" for Frank's poster, showing Jackie Wilson, The Four Seasons and more.  Well this concert certainly predates "Hullabaloo" by a few years ... so I don't know if she was a performer as a singer or as a dancer ... but my guess would be the latter.  (I just don't think it was referred to as "Go Go Dancing" at that point.  What could be more glorious than dancing in a cage?!?!  lol)  kk 

That poster featuring the charismatic Jackie Wilson is worth the price of admission. I saw Jackie in the late 60’s after Higher and Higher and The Who Who Song, a great tune that went nowhere.
Do you hear the same talk about the Stones I do? Their second show at Soldier Field will shut down the band’s fifty plus year career.
Best Stones anthem … Gimme Shelter
Best Rocker … (a tie) … Sympathy For The Devil and Jumpin’ Jack Flash.
Best Tear Jerker … Out Of Years off Voodoo Lounge.
Keep on rockin’, Kent ... U da man!
Chet Coppock    

Hey Kent ...

This should be a fun year for me via Forgotten Hits ...
Will try and help you out with info/stuff whenever I can ---
Kris Erik Stevens 
PS Funny Fred Winston just called me this morning with New Year wishes ...
We were both friends and saddened by the news and loss of “Mean Gene” Okerlund today.
We three all worked together at KOIL Omaha.
Hi Kris - Happy New Year!
Would LOVE your input! 
I've been trying to get Fred to participate for years!  He could add SO much to what we do here.  (Maybe you can give him a little nudge for me!)  kk
That sounds like Fred ... known him forever ... love the guy.  However, talking about himself/participating ... not his favorite forte.  Will run it by him next time we talk ... don’t hold your breath. 
Kris Erik

More tomorrow ...

See you then!  (kk)