Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Some Great Mid-Week Comments


LOL - it was a different time for sure!  (kk)  

I've just been around too long. LOL
Hey, how many people at this stage in their lives can still be at very the top of their game!!? It’s like you just keep getting’ bigger and better!  (kk) 

Here’s Harvey Kubernik’s take on the up-coming Elvis Television Special … 

I was fascinated by the technical report pertaining to the Buddy Holly plane so I referred it to my friend, who is literally an aviation history expert. He indicated that the "V Tail" design of the aircraft could have had some control issues versus the conventional design. 

I have attached his report ... 

FYI:  The V-Tail Bonanza has been considered a somewhat difficult aircraft to control - because of the unusual tail and having only two, not three, control surfaces there. It was also considered to be of very high quality and with a very good build and with good performance. The "V-Tail" Bonanza was joined by the Debonair in the Beech catalog in the early 60s. The Debonair was just a Bonanza with a conventional tail. Eventually the V-Tail was discontinued and the Debonair became the Bonanza with a conventional tail. Bonanza is still sold that way today - quite a testament to the longevity and durability of the airplane design. 

LC Coon has been investigating this crash and trying to get the FAA and the NTSB to reopen THEIR investigation into the crash for several years now.  Some of his research goes into FAR greater detail.  (Do a Forgotten Hits search for LC Coon and you’ll find ALL kinds of information that will fascinate you and your friend!)
Our promoting of his work eventually prompted other news sources to draw attention to his campaign (although it wasn’t until we’d been beating the drum for some six months before ANYBODY found it newsworthy enough to investigate the circumstances on their own!)
I think there’s a fascinating story to be told here … and if LC is talking with movie producers now about making some type of documentary film, that would be AWESOME!  (I’ve been researching Chappaquiddick in far greater detail for our 1969 salute … and something like an A&E Investigative Reports or a PBS Documentary Special would be the PERFECT outlet to get this story out there to the masses.
Bottom line is … Pilot Roger Peterson just wasn’t experienced enough to fly that plane … it wasn’t at all like the plane he had trained on and I believe the slightest obstacle (whether it be wind, a change in the weather or whatever) quickly threw him off course.  It wasn’t necessarily a carelessness thing … it all boiled down to this plane being more than he could handle based on his experience level.  (Some of those photos are pretty remarkable … it really drives the point home … and finding Buddy’s glasses and returning them to his window twenty years later just rips your heart-strings out!)  kk

Tommy James …
His book was great and I look forward to his movie. 
As a WLS / WCFL fan, I recorded, bought and taped his songs relentlessly in the 60's to 80's.  From "Hanky Panky" hitting #1 on my personal charts in ‘66 to playing his mid-70's solo "Tighter, Tighter" 45 on Fantasy in the juke box at our local bar, they all were great 45s.  The B-Sides were good as well. 
One issue about his book was not hearing much about the ’67 / ‘68 45s that were not big hits for him.  I loved those, too, and wish there were stories on them, too. 
Attached are three songs he sang in different languages, too.  Not many artists released their songs for YEARS in different languages either.  Here are three of his big hits sung in other languages.  The tape may be a bit slow, but it’s mainly for reference.
Clark Besch

Hey Kent:

As Tommy James mentioned in ME, THE MOB, AND THE MUSIC, his US#1 Hit  "Crimson And Clover" broke all over the world, except in Great Britain, where it failed to chart.

In fact, there seemed to be a disconnect between the US and UK charts in early 1969. That year's first five UK chart toppers didn't even crack the Top 100 in US Billboard. One of these was by a seven piece Welsh outfit called Amen Corner. Their song took its melody from an Italian pop hit with new English lyrics.

First turned down by The Tremeloes, but also released by The Dave Clark Five, it was the Andy Fairweather-Low led single that only took two weeks from release to reach UK#1 in February.

Part of Amen Corner's appeal was that they were teenage pop idols in Britain and they had already had several UK chart hits. It remains one of my favorite pop singles from when I lived in London.

I could never understand why "(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice" never became a hit in the US. Its lack of promotion could have something to do with mismanagement of funds (including rumored embezzling) by some Immediate Records' executives. Founded by former Rolling Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham, Immediate became a legendary rock label with several major UK stars but folded in 1970. Amen Corner broke up in late 1969. Fairweather-Low, an accomplished guitarist, would have a brief solo career before playing as sideman for several artists including with George Harrison and with Eric Clapton. Two of the Amen Corner went on to be part of The Bee Gees rhythm section in the Seventies and played on SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, the all-time best selling soundtrack.

Mike G

Amen Corner also holds the distinction having the British Hit with their version of “Bend Me, Shape Me,” a #1 Hit here in The States for Chicago’s very own American Breed, who I think greatly improved the melody with their version.  (Much catchier!)

Tommy James and the Shondells were virtually shut out on the UK Charts … their only hit of any significance was “Mony, Mony” in 1968.  Sadly, we found this to be true of several acts that were HUGE here in America … The Guess Who, The Grass Roots and Paul Revere and the Raiders being three who quickly come to mind.  It’s a shame … because you’d think with things like Pirate Radio going on, “the hits from The States” would have been all the rage.  (kk)  

In regards to Mike's ideas of what was the first " rap" record as well as your own, it seems that while back, and I don't remember where I read this, maybe in FH, but someone said the first "rap" record could be Hank Snow's 1962 crossover hit I'VE BEEN EVERYWHERE. Man, I don't know.
I agree with Mike's assessment of any or all of the early Dickie Goodman break-in records which he made back then.

Late News!  (Meaning I got this News late!)
You didn't tell us this!
"The production of Hamilton was suspended in Chicago due to the recent Arctic Cold Weather.
Once again 'Brrrrrrrrr' killed Hamilton."
Chuck Buell 
Perfect timing … actually “the girls” are going to see “Hamilton” (FINALLY!) on March 3rd.  (Can you imagine waiting three years for tickets and then having your performance cancelled because of cold weather?!?!?)  kk

And a sincere and hearty WELCOME BACK to Roger Wink and VVN – Vintage Vinyl News … they’ll be offering limited postings again.  (Can the return of Ron Smith and Chicagoland Radio and Media be far behind?!?!?) 

The Return of VVN Music 
VVN Music is returning in an altered form to provide information on Awards, Honors and Charts for 1955 to the present.
While we will not be printing regular news stories, many of which are available from multiple news sources, we are presenting information that we believe is not available anywhere else on the net 
VVN Music will stay on top of all the music awards, posting the nominees when announced and the winners.
So far, we have: 
Academy Awards - Music Categories (Nominees) 
Americana Awards UK (Winners) 
Blues Music Awards (Nominees) 
Juno Awards (Nominees) 
More will be added as they occur in 2019 
Halls of Fame 
Every year, numerous music halls of fame go through the nomination and election process.  VVN Music will have the details of both when they occur.
To date: 
Grammy Hall of Fame 
Songwriters Hall of Fame (2019 Inductees) 
We are in the process of studying every top 40 chart from 1955 to date and determining the top songs and artists of each year (with an eye on an overall list in the future).  These will roll out on a regular basis and, so far, have encompassed: 
1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960  
In addition, our home page now includes the top hits of 2019 as of the current week in both the U.S. and the U.K.
Also look for occasional other features such as lists of the top recordings by artists who have achieved a significant milestone or who have recently passed away.  
Remembering James Ingram - His Ten Biggest Hits  
We will be sending out an e-mail newsletter every one to two weeks updating you on the latest new posts.
Thank you, as always, for your ongoing support.
-- Roger Wink

Hey, I know ALL about “limited postings” … been trying to do that for YEARS now … but there’s something about Forgotten Hits that drives me … and so I beat myself up daily to offer the best I can give under some VERY limited circumstances.
It’s all about the love of the music … and sharing that love with so many others.  (I’ve even thought about pre-posting twenty years of FH so that it’ll still go out every day long after I’m gone!  Lol)  But who will read it?!?!  ‘Cause you guys will all be gone, too.
So let’s just enjoy it for what it is while we still can.  (kk) 

And one more "Feel Good Moment" from Chuck Buell ... 

OK, because you do that 60s Forgotten Hits Thing, here's something that made me Feel Good and Smile that I just wanted to share with you!  
CB ( which stands for "Cavorting Boy!" )

I love these!  And this is a good one!  (kk)