Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Christmas, 2020 Is Just Hours Away

With Christmas now just hours away, here’s a brand new animated video spotlighting The Beach Boys’ classic “Little Saint Nick” …

Footage of McCartney and Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon performing Macca’s modern day Christmas classic “Wonderful Christmastime” (along with “Sing” cast members Matthew McConaughey, Reese Withersoon, Tori Kelly, Scarlett Johansson) was aired again last week … but it is absolutely nowhere to be found on YouTube.  Too bad, because accompanied by The Roots, it really is a pretty cool minute-and-a-half long clip.  (If somebody has a copy of this to share, I’d love to add it to my private collection.)  kk

UPDATE:  I was able to snag this link …

Can’t promise you it’ll be there when you click on it … but give it a shot …

It’s only a minute and a half … and well worth the effort to track it down.

And one more holiday favorite ...

After watching Trisha Yearwood try to navigate her way thru this Dolly Parton classic on the live Garth and Trisha Christmas Special the other night, I just HAD to hear the original.  (What a beautiful song!)  kk


>>>"Amazing Grace" a Christmas song?  I'm not sure I ever heard it played in that context before  (kk)

Morning, Kent –

Oh yes, one of my favourite Christmas card videos, Grace just makes it special.

Take care, stay safe and be careful out there, remember there are only two kinds of music, rock “n” roll because, Rockin’ Lord Geoff said so.

I remember running this clip earlier this year …

Still a pretty clever arrangement of two classics …

A long, long time ago in the rock age, in a land called Forgotten Hits, only one seasonal song, "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)," ever topped the US Billboard record charts. But across the big salty pond in Brittania, Caledonia, and Upper Hibernia, ten Christmas singles reached the toppermost of the poppermost (1955-1990).

1973 is remembered as the year Slade's "Merry Xmas Everybody" held off Wizzard's "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" (UK #4). Slade's hit was the prestigious Christmas week UK number one, always a big deal but rarely a yuletide song. In 1987, a most unusual Christmas single, The Pogues with Kirsty MacColl's "Fairytale Of New York," barely missed at UK #2 behind The Pet Shop Boys' synth-pop cover of "Always On My Mind". According to Wikipedia, "Fairytale" has remained wildly popular and has reached the UK top 20 seventeen times since its release, including every year since 2005 (This might not be up-to-date.)  In the UK, the article says, it's the most played Christmas song of the 21st century and is frequently cited as the best Christmas song of all time. In a 2012 UK television special, "Fairytale Of New York," "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday" and "Merry Xmas Everybody" were voted 1-2-3 as the nation's favorite Christmas records. They have never charted in the US. "The Chipmunk Song" never charted over there.

On a sad note, during a December, 2000 vacation, Kirsty MacColl was killed by a speedboat in restricted waters while snorkeling with her sons in Cozemel, Mexico.
Mike Gentry

Best Classic Bands ran a tribute to Kirsty on the anniversary of her death last week …

OK, I got a good one for ya.  

I combined Christmas music with Rap, and this one is the king. I've only seen two copies in my life, one of which I sold two years ago.  It's from 1954!


Mike Wolstein

The first rap record ever???  It very well could be, if this came out in 1954!  Who the heck IS this?!?!? (kk)

Hey, Ralphie boy!!!  It's Art Carney!!!  Surprised?  ;-)

Yeah, I'll say!!!  What a COOL Yule addition to this year's Holiday Tunes Tunes!!!!  Thanks, Mike!  (kk)

And don't forget that Me-TV-FM will be airing the annual "Top 100 Greatest Christmas Hits Of All Time" Countdown (written and produced by our very own Gary Theroux ... and hosted by none other than the incomparable Wink Martindale), running all day Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

Program Director Rick O'Dell tells us:

“The 100 Greatest Christmas Hits of All Time” with Wink Martindale will begin at 8:00 am Christmas Eve and continue through midnight Christmas night.  (The complete countdown will air four times over those 40 hours.) 

Then, from December 26 through December 31, it’ll be our annual “In Remembrance” feature, where we’ll be paying tribute to the artists who passed away in 2020.

Also beginning immediately after Christmas ... 

And running straight thru New Year's Day ...

Will be the Annual All-Time Top 77 Favorite Hits (which, since this is airing on Rewound Radio, means you'll actually hear about The Top 3500!!!)

This special is an absolute blast every single year ... this is their 23rd annual show ... so don't miss it!!!

Here’s another Christmas greeting from Ron Dante …

(with a little help from his friends!)


Wishing you and all your readers a very Merry Christmas.

Here's to Health, Happiness and Peace for all.


City sidewalks, busy sidewalks,

nuns window shopping in style. 

In the aire of good feeling

It's Christmas ... and GUITARS!

 Three nuns, strolling down the streets of Chicago at Christmastime, 1966, and their conversation:

"Something about snow falling in Chicago is nice, isn't it?"*

"Ah, sisters, isn't window shopping in Chicago at Christmastime wonderful in 1966?"**

"Sister Bertrille, maybe you should learn how to play one of these instruments 

for your new TV show, "Flying Nun"?"***

"Possibly.  I remember Sister Maria played something like it in "The Sound of Music" 

last year and she did well."****

"Maybe we can do something after Christmas about this?"

"They are lovely instruments. 

I heard there is a 16 year old playing down the street

in a little combo that loves these things."*****

"Oh yes, I believe it is even a benefit concert that his little bandis performing in!"******

(see below)

"Do you think we dare?  

After all, he IS a rock 'n roller, so I've heard."*******

"Why not, I heard he likes purple like me? 

It's a benefit and maybe if we go, 

they will do it again sometime!"********

 "And that teen band, "Saturday's Children," has a very lovely little Christmas song that I just heard on the radio the other day that is much like our traditional "Deck the Halls!"*********

 "Oh yes, I have heard it and another Christmas song by them that is also pretty. 

Very nice, for rock 'n rollers."

"Alright then, it is settled.  W

We'll go celebrate New Year’s to break in 1967

with the Jim "guitar youngster" and his Ides boys and those nice Christmas song boys."


"I wonder what will come of these young boys?"**********

"I don't know, but I WANT THAT GUITAR!"


What were all those *'s about? 

See below:

* - In less than a month, Chicago would come to a standstill from 27" of snow.

** - The nun picture was actually TAKEN in 1967!

*** - Sister Bertrille was the character played by Sally Field on the new TV series "The Flying Nun" and had a minor hit single in later 1967, "Felicidad,"which is Spanish for "Happiness"

**** - Sister Maria was the character played by Julie Andrews in the movie "The Sound of Music"

***** - Refering to then 16 year old Ides of March band member, Jim Peterik, who would go on to worldwide fame and be well knownto love guitars, as he owns over 200 in his collection!

****** - A benefit concert was indeed played on January 2, 1967, with The Ides of March and Saturday's Children at Paul Sampson's Cellar teen club.

******* - Rock 'n Roll is here to stay, or so they say.

******** - The Ides of March performed this past Saturday for their 25th Christmas concert -- 54 years after the concert above! 

Ron Onesti has replaced Paul Sampson as the sponsor.

********* - Saturday's Children had just released a Christmas single on Dunwich called "Deck 5" (which does lend to "Deck the Halls" and "Christmas Sounds," which was an original tune.  

Little doubt they performed both that night.

********** - Well, Saturday's Children is going to reunite in 2021 as Saturday's Children Reborn and hopefully record again together. 

Watch for more news in the future.

You can hear a new fun video with their 1966 Christmas "Nun" classic here:


Did you see it?

 This past Saturday Night was

The Ides Of March 25TH Annual Sharing Christmas Concert

 It all happened at 8 pm Central Time and was broadcast live from that now 70 years young 

Jim Peterik home studio!!!.

It featured all four of the original "boys" from the 1967 concert singing original Christmas songs that they have written and performed over the years.

In the meantime, you can also hear Jim discussing the concert on this week's WGN John Landecker Show interview podcast here:

"How about that, Sister Bertille, John Landecker is still on the radio too!"

"Yes, sister, THAT"S why God made the radio!"

"Did you ever get that guitar in 1966?"

NO!  That is why I bid on Jim Peterik's autographed guitar this week!+

(Many thanks to Kent Kotal and Forgotten Hits for the info, as always!)

Clark Besch

I wanted to offer congratulations to whoever won that awesome autographed guitar last weekend, the proceeds from which will go toward the funding of the Dick Biondi Documentary we keep telling you about, but I never heard back from Pam or Joe to share the winner's name or the amount of the winning bid.

Meanwhile, you can still make YOUR donations here: 

(Let's get this thing out there in 2021!!!)

Thanks for Forgotten Hits. It's always a refreshing read.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Illinois Christmas.

Have a joyous holiday.

Let's hope the New Year brings us back to reality.

Ken Voss

Christmas in Illinois

Christmastime is a special time of year. Over the years, many Illinois musicians have shared their musical contributions to the season. We thought it would be good to offer an Illinois musical soundtrack for all to enjoy.

Gene Ammons – Swinging for Christmas -

This was the first attempt at a seasonal release for the Aristocrat / Chess label in the late 40s.

Muriel Anderson – Christmas Hymn -

Muriel Anderson – What Child Is This -

Chuck Berry – Run, Rudolph Run -

Chuck Berry – Merry Christmas Baby -

Suzy Bogguss – Two Step Round the Christmas Tree -

Suzy Bogguss – I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day -

The Buckinghams – The Joy of Christmas -

Cheap Trick - I Wish It Was Christmas -

Cheap Trick - I Want You For Christmas -

Cheap Trick - Come On Christmas -

Cheap Trick - Christmas Christmas -

Cheap Trick - Merry Christmas Darlings -

Cheap Trick - Run Rudolph Run -

Cheap Trick - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday -

Chicago - Because It’s Christmastime -

Chicago - Here We Come a Caroling -

Chicago - All Is Right -

Chicago - Chicago – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (video) -

Chicago - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -

Chicago - Little Drummer Boy -

Chicago - The Christmas Song -

Classical Blast – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen -

Nat King Cole – The Christmas Song -

Nat King Cole – Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire -

Nat King Cole – Silent Night -

Shawn Colvin – Christmas Time is Here -

Shawn Colvin – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas -

Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers – Christmas Means Love -

Miles Davis – Blues Christmas -

Karla DeVito – Santa Claus is Coming -

Dennis DeYoung – When I Hear a Christmas Song -

Dennis DeYoung and Mike Eldred sing “Ave Maria” with the Chicago Children’s Choir (video) -

Ral Donner – Christmas Day -

Earth, Wind & Fire – Every Day is Christmas -

Earth, Wind & Fire – Winter Wonderland -

Earth, Wind & Fire – Little Drummer Boy -

Dick Eastman – Santa’s Comin’ Here -

Elvis Brothers – Rock-A-Billy Christmas -

Elvis Brothers – I Want to Be With You This Christmas -

The Emotions – What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas? -

Fall Out Boy – Yule Shoot Your Eyes Out -

Dan Fogelberg – The First Christmas Morning -

Dan Fogelberg - Yule Dance -

Dan Fogelberg – Feast of Fools -

Dan Fogelberg – What Child is This -

The Gems – Love for Christmas -

Dora Hall – Give Me Your Heart for Christmas -

Donny Hathaway – This Christmas -

The Hepsters – Rockin’ N’ Rollin’ with Santa Claus -

Ides of March – I Believe in Christmas -

Jim Peterik & Scott May – My Christmas Dream -

Jim Peterik & Ides of March – Sharing Christmas -

Chaka Khan – The Christmas Song -

Chaka Khan – Christmas Only Once a Year -

Alison Kraus & Robert Plant – Light of Christmas Day -

Alison Kraus – Silver Bells

Alison Kraus – O Come All Ye Faithful -

Alison Kraus with Yo-Yo Ma – The Wexford Carol -

Ramsey Lewis – Christmas Blues -

Ramsey Lewis – Merry Christmas Baby -

Ramsey Lewis – Sleighride -

Ramsey Lewis – Winter Wonderland -

Lisa McClowry – It Wouldn’t Feel Like Christmas -

Lisa McClowry – Do You Hear What I Hear -

Paulette McWilliams – Christmas Song -

Mighty Blue Kings – All I Ask for Christmas -

Mighty Blue Kings – White Christmas -

Liz Phair – Winter Wonderland -

John Prine – Christmas in Prison -

“I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” -

“Silver Bells” -

Lou Rawls – Christmas Is -

Lou Rawls – Merry Christmas Baby -

REO Speedwagon – Happy Christmas -

REO Speedwagon – No So Silent Night -

REO Speedwagon – Happy Christmas (War is Over) -

Rotary Connection – Christmas Child -

Rotary Connection – Christmas Love -

Dave Rudolf – Fruitcakes for Christmas -

Dave Rudolf – Folly Old St. Nicholas -

Dave Rudolf – Christmas Limbo -

Saturday’s Children - Christmas Sounds -

Saturday’s Children - Deck Five -

Allan Sherman – 12 Days of Christmas -

Skafish – Joy to the World

Staple Singers – Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas -

Staple Singers - Silent Night -

Staple Singers – There Was a Star -

Styx – Ring the Bells at Christmas (live video from DVD) -

Styx – All I Want for Christmas (live video) -

Styx – Happy Christmas (War is Over) -

Survivor – Christmas is Here -

Michelle Thomas – Christmas Jazz -

Mel Torme – Christmas medley -

Mel Torme – Sleigh Ride -

Dinah Washington – I Want a Present for Christmas -

Dinah Washington – Silent Night -

Dinah Washington – Ole Santa -

Gretchen Wilson – Christmas in My Heart -

Gretchen Wilson – I Want a Hippopatomas for Christmas -

Gretchen Wilson – Nuttin’ for Christmas -

Christmas  Chicago Blues style

Carey Bell - Christmas Train -

Chuck Berry – Christmas -

Elvin Bishop – Little Drummer Boy -

Lonnie Brooks – All I Want for Christmas (Is To Be With You) –

Charles Brown – Merry Christmas Baby

Shemekia Copeland – Stay a Little Longer Santa –

Tinsley Ellis – Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin -

John Lee Hooker – Blues for Christmas

Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials – I’m Your Santa -

Charlie Musselwhite – Silent Night -

Son Seals – Lonesome Christmas –

Koko Taylor – Merry,  Merry Christmas -

Katie Webster – Deck the Halls with Boogie Woogie –

Sonny Boy Williamson – Sonny Boy’s Christmas Blues

Big Joe Williams – Christmas Blues –

And we’d like to leave you with this classic video:

Judy Garland & Mel Torme – The Christmas Song (video) -

Wow!!!  OK … That’ll keep you guys busy for awhile!!!

I like the fact that many of these haven’t been played to death …

A nice chance to discover some NEW Christmas favorites. 

Thanks for sending, Ken …

And Happy Holidays to you and yours as well!  (kk)

[Dare I be so bold as to include my OWN Christmas song once again???]

Sure, why not …

Here’s “Lonely Christmas,” recorded on Thanksgiving Day, 1975, all alone in my bedroom.  (We put the drums on a few days later … but to make sure they came in properly, I pounded out the opening beat on my bed!!!)

Believe it or not, this thing has already been played on about two dozen radio shows … and is now up to an INCREDIBLY staggering 400 VIEWS!!!  (Now if THAT'S not the very definition of "going viral," then I don't know what is!!!  lol)  kk

Because Christmas is back again,
Here's that Special Forgotten Hits Version of
that Great Christmas song back again!

Happy Holidaze! 

Also On This Date in 1970:  December 23rd – 

Joni Mitchell receives her first Gold Album Award for “Ladies Of The Canyon.”