Saturday, January 9, 2021

More 1971 Goodies

Remembering The Music of 1971:

LOTS of attention being paid to 1971 since we flipped the calendar page last week … Me-TV-FM has been running special 1971 features, Sam Tallerico is going to do a salute to 1971 on his program this Saturday (including shining the spotlight on The Super Charts, which just may turn into a new weekly feature for … as he describes it … “as long as I feel like it!”  lol)  Even Bob Stroud did a 10 at 10 salute to 1971 this week … and the general consensus seems to be that there was some REALLY great music released that year.  (1971 also marked my high school graduation … and I’ve often thought that if I ever had to program a four hour class reunion party, I’d have to leave at least that much great music at home because there wouldn’t be enough time to fit it all in!)

Here are a couple of your comments, kicking off with Sammy’s latest announcement …

Happy New Year, Kent!

I've heard about these Super Charts for a few years now. What a treat that I'll get to see at least one year's version online. 

Kudos to you for posting and especially Randy Price for undertaking this labor of love. 

Contrary to another writer's opinion, I think 1971 was an exceptional year for pop music. To make my case, I'm going devote at least an hour of all future Lost And Found Oldies Shows to these '71 Super Charts starting this weekend until ..., well, until I change my mind. 

Give a listen and maybe I'll express my shock that "I'll Be There" could be the FIRST J5 single you actually liked. Really? Curious if you came to your senses by the time the equally upbeat "Mama's Pearl" and "Sugar Daddy" came around. I'll assume you DID like "Got To Be There"?

Thanks, Kent, for Forgotten Hits and YOU!

Sam Tallerico

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Requests and suggestions:

I misspoke earlier ...

I actually did really like "I Want You Back," too ... a TOTALLY new sound for its time … but found the next batch of bubblegum soul just too hard on these 16 year old ears ... “ABC,” “The Love You Save,” “Mama's Pearl,” “Sugar Daddy” … even “Dancing Machine” … were just not my thing.

But I DID love “I'll Be There,” “Never Can Say Goodbye,” “I Am Love” (who out there remembers THAT one?!?!)  Now THERE'S a Forgotten Hit for you ... and #15, too, in 1975!  I even liked their remake of Little Bitty Pretty One.

As for Michael's solo stuff, I again seemed to prefer the ballads ...

I remember driving around at night with two or three of my high school buddies, trying to hit every note Michael sang on "Got To Be There"!!!  (It was a REAL hit or miss situation ... and sometimes downright painful!!!)  “Rockin' Robin” was, for me, OK at best ... and I liked "Ben" initially, but grew tired of it VERY quickly.  (Although even after all these years I still find the idea of  writing and singing a love song to a rat pretty incredible!!!)

That would be great if you could feature info from the Super Charts on your show each week ... that's something I could definitely get behind and promote.  (Listen Live links are above … and Sam’s show comes on at 1 pm Eastern every Saturday.)  Who knows, if it's a success, maybe Randy and I could even call in one Saturday! 

I love SO many of your obscure choices and, as I've told you before, RARELY does a week go by without me downloading at least one or two for my own collection. 

Anyway, thanks, as always, for your support.  Our musical outlets complement each other well … and we’ll continue to get the word out on your new Super Charts feature … you know, for as long as they last anyway!!!  (kk)

I would like to back you up on the music of 1971.  That is also one of my favorite music years.  Yes, there were plenty of Osmonds and other songs that have not aged well ... but that is the case for nearly every year of the '70s.   

I used to listen to the New Year’s countdowns and write down every song.  It was disappointing when The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Killing Me Softly, The Way We Were or You Light Up My Life were declared number ones for their respective years. 

If you go by the year end countdowns, most music years in the '70s are pretty sad … however, there are still a good number of very good songs each year. 

The Top 20 songs of 1971 include:  Go Away Little Girl and One Bad Apple.  It also

includes: What's Going On, Brown Sugar, It's Too Late, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me) and the number one song of the year (according to Billboards' Pop Annual), Joy to The World. 

Artists that debuted with first hits include:  Cat Stevens, Alice Cooper, Lobo, Carly Simon, Rod Stewart and the Stylistics. 

It was a solid year for James Brown, Chicago, Jackson 5,  Bread, and the Chi-Lites.   

While it is not as good as my fave music year (1967), it is still worth paying tribute.

Phil Nee – WRCO

I agree completely … I think as you see the year unfold, you’ll be reminded as to just how great a year it really was.  (And while “One Bad Apple” and “Double Lovin’” were definitely NOT my cup of tea, by year’s end The Osmonds were rockin’ out in FINE form with two EXCELLENT pop hits, “Yo Yo” (#1, 1971) and “Down By The Lazy River” (#3, 1972)

Memo to FH Reader Sam Ward:  Stay tuned … I think you’re going to be surprised by just how much great music there really was in ’71!  (kk)

P.S.  Hey Phil – maybe THIS year we can count down some of our 1971 favorites since we never got the chance to do so for our 1970 salute.  (Honestly, I don’t know  how I'll possibly be able to narrow it down to just a Top Ten Favorites list!)  kk

Listen to Phil's "Those Were The Days" radio program every Saturday Night (beginning at 6 pm Central Time) here:

I'll betcha he'll be playing some favorites from 1971 this evening, too!  (kk) 

It just so happens that I am featuring 1971 this weekend!  So thanks for the plug!


Phil does a GREAT oldies show ... tune in and listen ... and maybe shoot him a request or two as well!  (kk)

January 9th, 1971 – Elvis Presley is named one of the Jaycee’s Ten Outstanding Young Men In America.  (He had just turned 36 the day before.)