Monday, March 1, 2021

Monday Morning

A Forgotten Hits Weekend:   

Thanks for sharing the information about this weekend’s radio programs.  It’s great to hear some of these come to life!


I listened to parts of each of your programs this weekend and I have to say how wonderful it is to see radio responding to your efforts to keep this great music alive. All of the hosts did an excellent job of mixing in your music suggestions along with their regular programming, proving again that there IS room on the dial for some of the songs that we all remember, despite the fact that radio has not.  Looking back at your now 22 years of Forgotten Hits … and all the other radio programs and disc jockeys who have lent their support over those 22 years … I think we can all fully agree that Forgotten Hits clearly HAS made a difference.  Congratulations … and thank you for your efforts.  We, the listeners, appreciate it.  


Now I Know Why You Don't Have Your Own Radio Show!

Frank B.

No need, right!!! (lol)  It rarely goes like this … but this was just way too cool not to share.  Hope you had a chance to listen to some of it … all of these folks do a GREAT job … and sometimes even better with a little inspiration!  (kk)

This And That:

Boy, The Beach Boys have been all over the news lately …

And now this week Rolling Stone is reporting that Mike Love, Al Jardine, David Marks and Bruce Johnston have reunited to record a new version of the band’s 1970 hit “Add Some Music To Your Day.”  (Brian Wilson, who wrote the track and has been performing it as part of his live shows for YEARS now, is noticeably absent from these new proceedings ... and I cannot help but wonder why.  Even brothers Dennis and Carl make a "cameo" appearance at the end of the video.  Odd.)

The track is the lead-off single from a new album called “California Music Presents Add Some Music.”  The full disc comes out on April 23rd.

The idea came from our long-time FH Buddy David Beard, the Editor and Publisher of “Endless Summer Quarterly,” the ultimate Beach Boys fanzine, put together with the full cooperation of the members of The Beach Boys.

The whole thing is a charity project designed to help Feeding America … and they’re sounding REAL good.  (Check out the audio clip below, now posted on YouTube.)

Several second generation Beach Boy family also takes part … Brian’s daughters Wendy and Carnie Wilson are there, as his Al Jardine’s son Matt and three of Mike Love’s children:  Christian, Hayleigh and Ambha Love.  Rob Bonfiglio (Carnie Wilson’s husband, who also plays guitar in Brian Wilson’s touring band), acted as band leader and produced the project.

In their conversations with Rolling Stone, Mike Love said, “The hope expressed in the lyrics of the song is that music can bring people together. The world in harmony — something that is desperately needed. It’s a sweet song with an uplifting message.”

Al Jardine was quick to echo this sentiment: “It’s been a great pleasure to be involved in this new version of ‘Add Some Music to Your Day,’ something we should always be doing. Having the proceeds go to the charity Feeding America to help feed the hungry is something I truly believe in.”

Thank you, David Beard, for putting this whole thing together and orchestrating the proceedings.  Who knows … maybe a 60th Anniversary Beach Boys Project isn’t that unlikely as we thought!  (kk)

In March, 2020, while focusing on the 50th anniversary of the Beach Boys’ Sunflower album, I was moved by the poignancy of the message and lyrics of the album’s “Add Some Music to Your Day.” Inspired by this, I thought that combining members of the Beach Boys with the next generation of voices (the children of the Beach Boys) was the perfect way to bring attention to a charity during these challenging times. As 2020 concluded, I became painfully aware of the number of people struggling to feed their families, so I chose Feeding America as the charity recipient. 

    Gathering together these incredible talents in order to help those in need is as good as it gets, and when it comes to the music of The Beach Boys, it makes sense. We get to listen to music while helping others. It’s ventures like this one that make the future a little brighter.  

    David Beard, editor and publisher of Endless Summer Quarterly, the Beach Boys publication of record.

Add Some Music to Your Day’ brings to mind almost a decade ago when, Brian, Alan, Bruce, David and I gathered around the piano during the 50th Reunion Tour. It’s a real joy to listen to this new incarnation of the song recorded with so many family members. The hope expressed in the lyric of the song is that music can bring people together. The world in harmony — something that is desperately needed. It’s a sweet song with an uplifting message. A special thanks to David Beard for all his work in getting us all together for this sweet song with a purpose. Peace and Love.

   Mike Love

It’s been a great pleasure to be involved in this new version of ‘Add Some Music to Your Day,’ something we should ALWAYS be doing and having the proceeds go to the charity Feeding America to help feed the hungry is something I truly believe in. Thank you, David Beard, and everyone involved!

— Al Jardine

I’ve always loved ‘Add Some Music to Your Day’ as a wonderful, sweet song to have originally recorded and I’m honored to be part of this new ‘next century’ recording. I also think that the additional vocals from our close family and friends sounds great! Best of all: Musically we all are part of helping to benefit Feeding America.

   Bruce Johnston

I am honored to be part of this worthwhile project, especially with the other Beach Boys! Thanks to David Beard

— David Marks

Thank you for your coverage of “It’s What’s Happening, Baby,” airing on PBS stations across the country beginning next Saturday Night.  (March 6th) ... you're the best!

This Is A MUST See Show.

Mark Down The Date … March 6, 2021.

Most Of The Country Will See It At 7 PM.

Here In New York, it’ll air at 10:30 PM on PBS #21. 

This is TJ Lubinsky's latest project … and the story of how it came under fire when it first aired is quite amazing.  (See the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article below)

It was on ONE TIME in 1965 … and never repeated till now.

Sponsored by the government ... they were trying to send a message to kids to stay in school.

--- Ronettes Playing Stickball.

--- Martha Reeves & Vandellas Singing In Detroit Car Factory.

--- Herman Munster On The Beach.

--- And let's not forget Herman's Hermits, too!

I Saw It Live, Back In 65.

Lots Of Controversy Over The Show . Read The Article.

Check Out The List Of Performers.

Frank B.

I am really looking forward to seeing this Saturday Night.  (Check your local listings for airtimes … the original intent was to have it air at 7 pm in ALL time zones … but we have already heard from a number of readers about time variances so please check your tv listings so you don’t miss out.  There WILL be encore performances … but this will be your first chance to see this program since 1965 … and it is a stellar line-up indeed.  Scroll back to our post on Saturday in case you missed it … or for more information.)  kk

This is quite amazing ... 

That much trouble for one note? 

Recorded the VERY day that WLS' Ron Riley and Art Roberts spoke with the Beatles for 20+ minutes at EMI via a Trans-Atlantic phone hook-up after they finished the nine tracks made for the song.

Seemed a lot easier later for the similar LAST chord of "Day in the Life" on piano.

Clark Besch

It may just be the famous famous chord in history.

Years ago, Randy Bachman discovered the breakdown and ran this clip on his website …

While it’s a slightly different breakdown, I think they both can pass for spot on.  (Actually, I think I might like Randy’s a little bit better because it just sounds so clean.)  I love how excited (and proud) Randy sounds when they hit the note … this is a TRUE and deep love and affection for this tune.  (kk)

From Ken Voss …

Here’s a little Cash Box Tribute to Tommy James and the 50th Anniversary of “Crimson And Clover,” which ushered in a whole new sound for the band …

Tommy James - February 1969 Cashbox

Do you have any updated information on Tony Butala, who retired from the Lettermen?  We had a friend that said that the reason he retired was because he was having trouble remembering the song lyrics when the group performed live.  We would also like to know if he ever published his autobiography that he said he was writing and taking orders for back in 2015.  We ordered one, but never got anything else from him about the book.  Any information would be greatly appreciated. 


Phyllis Stallings

I don’t know if Tony ever disclosed the exact reason for retiring (everything I saw says “semi-retired, implying that he still sings with the group from time to time), but honestly, at the age of 80, he probably figured it was time … he had been with the group from the beginning, which dates back to 1958.

I can’t find any record of his autobiography ever coming out.  There is nothing on The Lettermen website … or on … to indicate that it did.  (Did you pay in advance back in 2015???)  kk

And CBS Sunday Morning featured a current interview Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr. of The Fifth Dimension … this is GREAT stuff!  (I've already watched it five times!!!  lol)

Thanks to Tom Cuddy for sending this one as I missed it when it aired.)  kk

Hi Kent,

I wanted to let you know about our next very special fund-raising project to raise money for The Dick Biondi Film.

How would your readers enjoy a RONNIE RICE VIRTUAL MEET AND GREET!!!


The Dick Biondi Film, Reel Stories Productions and Ronnie Rice proudly present a chance to bid on a one-on-one 30-minute virtual Meet-and-Greet with Ronnie Rice, formerly of the legendary New Colony Six!  Ronnie co-wrote NC6's biggest hits "I Will Always Think About You" and "Things I'd Like To Say" and so many more magnificent hits!

The winning bidder will have the chance to meet with Ronnie virtually via Zoom and talk with him about his illustrious career. In addition, Ronnie will sing a song! Also included is a personally autographed photo and CD for you from Ronnie!

How COOL is that?

Proceeds from the winning bid will go towards the Dick Biondi Film and 501(c)(3) non-profit organization Chicago Filmmakers. Therefore, the winning bid is tax deductible. 

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This is truly an incredible opportunity for you to speak with a true legend of rock and roll … the one and only Ronnie Rice!

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Thank you to all of the Dick Biondi Film fans!

Best Wishes,

Joe Farina

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Co-Creator and Co-Host of the "Rock and Roll Show with Pam and Joe!"


Recently, I was interviewed by the great Pamela Enzweiler-Pulice of the Dick Biondi Film. You can check it out here:

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Get in on the fun.  (Ronnie is a GREAT guy to talk to … I’ve known him for years and he is always “on.”  Don’t miss this opportunity to talk one-on-one with one of our Local Heroes!  (kk)

With the new Paul McCartney lyrics book coming out in November, I thought this would be a great time to run this clip of Macca talking with Conan O’Brien from several years ago …  funny stuff!  (kk)

Clark Besch also sent in a clip of Paul McCartney touring his old school in Liverpool …

I’d never seen it before … so it’s kinda cool to see him reminisce.

(Paul’s boyhood memories are intense … he was SO influenced by the things that happened to him growing up, even years later as he looked back in the post-Beatle years.)

It’s a bit long (about 27 minutes) … but it’s just SO cool how he was able to look back in such great detail all these years later.  (kk)

A quick Happy Belated Birthday to George Harrison, too … we missed it last Thursday because we were working on other commitments. 

An appreciation for George’s music has grown substantially over the years.  Many of his songs rank right up there with the best of those produced by the songwriting team of Lennon and McCartney.

And George’s influence on his bandmates cannot be underestimated.  His interest in Indian Music brought The Fabs out to meet with The Maharishi in the late ‘60’s … and greatly impacted the sound of their music.  The fact that years later he would organize the Concert for Bangla Desh shows that his fondness for this music, this country and its people was more than just a gimmick.

But George could also craft a remarkable melody on his own, in the more traditional sense.  “Something,” “Here Comes The Sun” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” all recorded between 1968 and 1969 are certainly proof of that.

LOTS of tributes to The Quiet Beatle last week.  (kk)

A reminder that a special 50th Anniversary Edition of George’s first solo album “All Things Must Pass” will be released later this year … and also a new Bob Dylan release that features some of his sessions with George.

From FH Reader Mike Wolstein ...

And, speaking of The Beatles, have you seen these new awesome looking deck chairs that they’ve come up with?!?!

(I’m especially partial to the “All You Need Is Love” one … you know, should someone wanna get me a really cool birthday present this year!!!)

Actually, I can’t believe ANYBODY is really going to buy these …

I mean, let’s face it, nobody’s going to buy just ONE … and two will set you back about $800 … a set of four $1600!!!

A beautiful … but impractical … idea … but they SURE look purty!!!  (kk)

And one more from Frank B ...

kk …

When was the last time you posted an All-Trombone Cover in FORGOTTEN HITS?


I’m not 100% certain … but I believe this just might be the first!  (kk)