Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Weekend Comments

Could this be true???

Hi Kent,  

Just a note on some info I ran across on Burton Cummings' Facebook page a few minutes ago.  Bachman-Cummings is doing a one-time performance as part of the Manitoba 150th Anniversary Celebration tomorrow night in Winnipeg around 10:30 PM - CST (I understand this performance was booked a couple years ago and is not part of their tour.)  Not sure of viewing in the U.S. as you never know with licensing, etc., but I wanted to send this on to you and the Forgotten Hits Readers in case viewing here in the States is a go. 

The talent line-up is extensive and starts around Noon and again, Bachman-Cummings performs around 10:30 PM - CST (performance times aren't exact to allow for artist performance flexibility). 

Hope we all can view it … should be quite a show.  Have a great weekend!


Tim Kiley 

Rehearsals are underway for the Bachman Cummings show in Winnipeg on Saturday, August 28th.

You can find more information on the show here as well as how to watch it online:

#thecarpetfrogs #hometownshow #unite150 #theguesswho #bto #burtoncummings

It certainly implies that you can stream this thru the website link above … I know I’m definitely going to try!!!  (Ironically, we got the refund for the cancelled Chicago show earlier this morning.  What a shame … second row seats, gone to waste!) 

I suggest anybody interested in this show should give it a try via the link above.  (Anybody still up at 10:30 on a Saturday Night that is!  Lol)  kk

Hmm … this link has since come up … might not be doable after all …

Check back on August 28th for access to a free live stream link, provided by CTV Winnipeg. Available to Manitoba audiences only.

I don’t care … I’m still giving it a shot!!!  (kk)

Wow!  Just got this from Tom Cuddy …

MGM Throws in the Towel, Sends Aretha Franklin Biopic “Respect” to Streaming, Facing $30 mil Write Off

Wow ... what a shocker!  My first reaction was that perhaps the box office was poor because people just aren't ready to go back to the movie theaters quite yet, especially with covid numbers spiking again in every state.  But Roger Friedman makes it sound like a REAL stinker!  Too bad ... Jennifer Hudson has proven herself to be an amazing talent ... she clearly deserves better.  (And I definitely WILL stream it!) 

Meanwhile the J-Hud soundtrack LP debut in The Top Ten on this week’s Billboard Top 200 LPs list … so SOMEBODY’s buying them!!!  (kk)

Our Oldies Comrades, Rick O’Dell and Gary Theroux, are proud to announce that the brand new weekly syndicated series, “The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll” has now been picked up by the entire Me-TV-FM radio network.

In addition to the Chicago flagship station (which has been airing the series since its very first episode premiered back in June), the new broadcast line-up includes WCNS (Pittsburgh, PA), WGTO (South Bend, IN), WMYX (Milwaukee, WI), WXZO (Burlington, VT), WDQN (DuQuoin, IL), WJMK (Flint, MI), KWVF(Guernesville, CA), WMPS (Memphis, TN), WMIR (Myrtle Beach, SC) and KKVM (Vail, CO), among many others.  This means you can now stream the program (airing Saturday Mornings from 7 am – 9 am Central Time) and Sunday Evenings (from 10 pm – Midnight Central Time) on the Audacy app. The show is also being distributed internationally via Radio Express.

“’The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ with Wink Martindale is a two hour weekly look back at the songs and the stars who made the music magic,” says Gary Theroux, who wrote the program.  “Each themed episode spotlights yet another aspect of rock and pop history … from ‘Leading Ladies of the ‘80’s’ to ‘The ‘60’s Greatest Dance Hits,’ ‘Singer-Songwriters of the ‘70’s’ to ‘The Beat of Folk-Rock,’ ‘The Magic of Motown’ to ‘The Number One Hits of 1980,’ ‘The Beach Boys Story’ to ‘Inside Beatlemania.’”

Me-TV-FM Program Director Rick O’Dell tells us “The response has been exactly what we anticipated … enthusiastically positive.  It’s the perfect complement to the ‘timeless and memorable’ songs we play and Wink’s the ideal host.  We’re thrilled that our affiliate stations will be adding it to their weekend lineups beginning this Saturday.”

The History of Rock ‘n’ Roll has been quickly adding affiliates and is seeking to add many more.

You can check out the Me-TV-FM feed here:

The first streaming broadcast is going on RIGHT NOW (from 7 - 9 am Central)!  (kk)

In honor of the passing of Charlie Watts, SiriusXM has resurrected thier Rolling Stones Channel.  You'll find it on Channel 27 thru Labor Day. (kk)

And, after waking up this morning to Annette's "First Name Initial" on their Oldies Party Channel, I've also got to give the Radio Shocker of the Week Award to SiriusXM.  Now that hit predated my Top 40 listening era by several years ... but I don't think I've heard it played on a radio station eight times in my entire life!!!  (Now THAT's a WOW! song!!!)  kk

Tickets are on sale now for the Dick Biondi Big 89 Birthday Bash, being held at The Arcada Theatre on Sunday, September 19th, beginning at 2 pm.

The Birthday Celebration / Fundraiser will feature Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals headlining this event along with additional performances by The Buckinghams, The Ides of March, The New Colony Six, Jimy Sohns of The Shadows of Knight and many more incredible special guests. There will also be live and silent auctions as well as a merchandise table. Ron Onesti and Scott Mackay of 95.9 The River will serve as co-hosts. Proceeds go towards the Dick Biondi Film and their non profit fiscal sponsor Chicago Filmmakers.

Tickets and more detailed information can be found at The ticket price for this show only is $89 ... and there is also an attractive VIP Experience upgrade option for $189, which includes the private backstage party, soundcheck, meet and greets and more! (VIP Experience begins at noon.  NOTE:  Purchase of the VIP Option does not include entrance to the show. You must also have a show ticket to attend VIP Experience. Dick Biondi will not be present at the event, but fans will be able to sign a “Big” birthday card that will be sent to him.

Biondi is the first DJ to play a Beatles record in the United States. He was the #1 DJ in America in the early 1960’s. He is among the first DJ’s to play rhythm and blues records in the south. He promoted the early records of Bobby Darin, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley. Biondi is a member of the Radio Hall of Fame, Illinois Radio Hall of Fame, Southern Tier Broadcasters Hall of Fame, and Buffalo Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Biondi will be inducted into the Illinois Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on August 31, 2021.

“I am so honored and delighted to have Dick’s birthday celebration here at the Arcada,” says Ron Onesti … “He is a rock and roll legend. The line-up of performances is magnificent!”

Currently in post-production, “The Voice That Rocked America” Biondi documentary will be seen on PBS, streaming, DVD and film festivals. “Our goal is to sell out the Arcada Theatre September 19th,” says director and producer of the film, Pamela Enzweiler-Pulice, “and if we do, we will succeed in securing the remaining funding needed to finish the movie. I am thrilled and thankful to Ron Onesti for making this possible!”  

More information … and ticket purchase link via the link below …

You know what I find strange is that neither you or I knew Freddy Cannon was doing a radio show on Sirius and yet both you and I correspond with him on a regular basis and we have to find out by accident.

Regarding Rock Around The Clock, I seem to recall it was also shown as a fox trot on See You Later, Alligator on the 78 … but I don’t recall it on the 45 though.

Don’t know if I ever told you, but I once met Jimmy Myers who. as we know. is a co-writer of Rock Around The Clock. I found he lived in Bonita Beach in Florida and in those days my wife and I used to take yearly breaks in Fort Myers. I duly found where he lived and drove to his house. As I arrived, there was a man standing in the front of the house packing things into a removal van. I approached him and asked if he was Jimmy and he said yes. I told him I was from England and could I shake the hand of the man who wrote Rock Around The Clock? He said, “Wow, of course you can and thanks for tracking me down.” He explained he couldn’t invite me in as he was moving. I think he said going back to Chicago … not sure now … so we left and the van followed us down the road.

Take care, stay safe,


Frank B sent us this OUTSTANDING Rolling Stone article from 1990 tracing back the early days of rock and roll, circa 1956. 

DEFINITELY worth printing out and reading, here is the link:

Speaking of which, Best Classic Bands ran a recent article spotlighting the first generation rockers who are still with us …

Jerry Lee Lewis (still kickin’ as one of rock’s elder statesmen), Dion (still recording new music!), Brenda Lee (FH Reader / DJ / Sportscaster Johnny Holliday told me he just had lunch with Brenda a couple of months ago!) and more …       

Joey Dee is Cousin Brucie’s guest tonight on WABC –

It was 1960 - Joey Dee and the Starliters were performing in a small Club in Lodi, NJ (Oliveri’s). That night, there was a talent agent in the audience. He liked what he heard and offered the band a weekend gig at a New York City Club on 45th Street. The Club was a small ”sailors’ bar” called The Peppermint Lounge.

Fate stepped in and a new era began for the Club, for Joey Dee and the Starliters and for the world.

Motion picture Star Merle Oberon and her Royal companion Prince Serge Oblinski were spotted in the club dancing late into the night. The gossip columns had a field day with the story.

By the next night, it took barricades and mounted police to keep the crowds in line, which had backed up to Broadway. Celebrities and their limos arrived continuously – and the crowds grew for weeks. The Peppermint Lounge became the “In” spot for major stars - Judy Garland, John Wayne, Jackie Kennedy, Nat King Cole and Liberace twisted at the Lounge. Joey Dee and the Starliters were a sensational hit and became the permanent house band.

In 1962, Joey co-wrote a song that became a million seller and topped the charts for weeks. “The Peppermint Twist” not only made the Lounge world famous – it also made Joey Dee a major star.

Joey made several films (taking advantage of the Twist craze.)  His records sold successfully worldwide and his book, “The Peppermint Twist Chronicles,” was recently published.

Joey Dee continues to perform to adoring audiences – who crave for the fun days of “The Peppermint Lounge.”

The Cuz welcomes Joey Dee to WABC Radio this Saturday, 8/28 (tonight.)

I want to hear "WHAT KIND OF LOVE IS THIS."


You mentioned before expecting to here some Morris Levy Mob Stories during the course of the program tonight ... but I've gotta tell you, Joey Dee looks like a Mob Kingpin himself in THIS photograph!!!

Joey Dee and the Starliters managed FIVE National Top 40 Hits … “Peppermint Twist” (#1, 1961), “Hey, Let’s Twist” (#20, 1962), “Shout (Part 1)” (#6, 1962), “What Kind Of Love Is This” (#17, 1962) and “Hot Pastrami With Mashed Potatoes (Part 1)” (#35, 1963.)  The Starliters also begat The Rascals … this is how Felix Cavaliere, Dino Danelli, Gene Cornish and Eddie Brigati first met.  (kk)


Since '67 is your favorite musical year, the techie problems you’re having are just the gremlins' way of telling you to "Say Goodbye to 67" as a birthday wish.  

Happy 68th, Kent!!! 

David Lewis

Thanks, David.  (You may be right!!!)  kk


Hi Kent,

With all that is going on in the world today, I thought this would be a good birthday song for ya!  Happy Birthday!

(By the way the Friday Flash was a smash!)




kk …

Regarding Spencer Elden and the Nirvana album cover, I think Spencer should win this lawsuit ...

But instead of awarding him any money, we can have the first ever "ALBUM RECALL." 

Publish his address ... then everybody can mail him the album covers.

No more child abuse … no more lawsuit … no more money.

Problem Solved.


Big news last week as Aerosmith signed a deal to move their entire recorded catalog (past, present and future) to Universal Music.

First signed by Columbia Records in 1970, Aerosmith has sold more than 150 million albums worldwide.  The band has received 25 gold, 18 platinum, 12 multi-platinum and one diamond RIAA album certifications.  (A reunion in the early ‘80’s and a career-making label move to Geffen Records gave them a whole new lease on life.  To date, Aerosmith has placed 20 Top 40 albums on the Billboard 200 chart, including nine Top 10’s (two of which went all the way to #1.)

In addition, the band has notched 21 Top 40 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100 Pop Singles Chart.  These include eight Top 10’s and one #1, "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing," 1998.)  Even more impressive, they’ve placed a Top 10 hit on the Hot 100 four decades in a row (1970’s – 2000’s.)  kk

And, talk about your staying power, Elton John has just notched his 68th Top 100 Chart Hit … and first in 21 years! … thanks to his duet with Dua Lipa.  (“Cold Heart,” which includes John singing his 1990 Hit “Sacrifice” while Lipa sings bits of “Rocket Man” premiers at #81.)

It also debuts on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary Chart at #16, giving Elton his 74th AC Chart entry, adding to a tally that already had him as the #1 AC charting artist of all time.  (Billboard reports Barbra Streisand in second place with 64 AC Chart Hits and Neil Diamond in third with 59.)

John has officially had 26 Billboard Top Ten Pop Hits, eight of which have gone all the way to #1.  Amazing!  (kk)

Ironically, FH Reader Tom Cuddy sent us this other Billboard article ranking Elton John’s top pop hits of all time …

(The list includes Elton’s appearance on the Dionne Warwick star-studded recording of “That’s What Friends Are For,” a #1 Hit in 1986)

Leading his own personal Top 40 are:

# 1 – Candle In The Wind, 1997 (It shared the #1 spot for 14 weeks with “Something About The Way You Look Tonight” and rode the chart for 42 weeks!  It was his reworking of his classic 1973 hit from the album “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road,” which was not released as a single at the time.  It WAS released (as a live version) in 1988, when it went to #6 and charted for another 21 weeks.

# 2 – That’s What Friends Are For (1986) – with Dionne Warwick, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder but released as “Dionne and Friends.”  This one stayed at #1 for four weeks.

# 3 – Philadelphia Freedom (#1 for two weeks in 1975)

# 4 – Crocodile Rock (#1 for three weeks in 1973)

# 5 – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (a duet with Kiki Dee that topped the chart for four weeks in 1976)

# 6 – Bennie And The Jets (#1 for one week in 1974)

# 7 – Island Girl (#1 for three weeks in 1975)

# 8 – Little Jeannie (#3, 1980)

# 9 – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (#2, 1973)

#10 – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (recorded with John Lennon, 1975)

Other mega-hits on the list include “Daniel,” “Can You Feel The Love Tonight,” “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me,” “The Bitch Is Back,” “Rocket Man,” “Your Song,” “I’m Still Standing,” “Honky Cat” and “Circle Of Life.”  (kk)

Paul Stanley of Kiss says he’s “doin’ fine” … just experiencing flu-like symptoms … but after testing positive, their upcoming shows have been postponed and will need to be rescheduled … again!  Stanley says he’s still able to ride his bike 26 miles a day so Covid has not affected his lungs or his breathing.  The entire crew involved with the Kiss tour was vaccinated … so this is just another instance of vaccinated people still contracting the virus.  Kiss will issue a statement shortly announcing their revamped tour schedule.  (kk)

The Beach Boys’ new “Sunflower” / “Surf’s Up” box set “Feel Flows” is out now …

And so is the second chapter of this new series honoring this particular period in the band’s history …

Presenting The Beach Boys Feel Flows …
Chapter 2: White Hot Glistening, a visual exploration of this metamorphic and highly influential 1969 - 1971 period of the band's legendary career

I guess The Beatles just won’t "Let it Be." 

The new box includes all kinds of extras …

But I still prefer the Glyn Johns 1969 mix best.

Clark Besch

With over 60 hours of unseen footage and over 150 hours of unused audio, I really wonder what else we’re going to hear.  Like I said before, I’ve had the bootlegs since before the album’s original release … so it’s hard to imagine that I’ll discover much new … but it’s the very anticipation that I might that keeps me checking the calendar

every five minutes to see if we’re any closer to the October 15th release date yet!  (kk)


One thing that’s really been accentuated in the press since the news of Peter Jackson’s new take on the film was first announced is how we were going to see much happier Beatles, enjoying each other’s company … much more playfulness and joy, unlike some of the darker aspects of the original “Let It Be” film, which has been described as watching the disintegration of the band.  (Amazingly, they still managed to regroup and record the “Abbey Road” album, perhaps the greatest album of their career, before finally calling it quits.


In the new book that comes with the deluxe edition of this set, Paul McCartney addresses this issue in the book’s forward …


I had always thought the original film “Let It Be” was pretty sad as it dealt with the break-up of our band, but the new film shows the camaraderie and love the four of us had between us.  It also shows the wonderful times we had together, and combined with the newly remastered “Let It Be” album, stands as a powerful reminder of this time. It’s how I want to remember The Beatles.

-- Paul McCartney

Kent –

There is a great exhibit at the Abraham Lincoln museum in Springfield, IL. 

It is called “The State of Sound" ... and it shows artifacts of various artists that were born and reside in our state.  Also for each genre (folk, country, blues, jazz, soul, pop, rock, etc.) there is short audio / visual presentation that tells about the history of this genre in Illinois. It is worth a trip to Springfield.  I highly encourage this exhibit for anyone that loves music! You can go thru the exhibit in about two to three hours. 

Here is a little about the exhibit from the museum and a few pics when I was there.

Mike DeMartino


April 30, 2021 - January 23, 2022: BUY TICKETS ONLINE  



This one-of-a-kind exhibit showcases the achievements and contributions of Illinois’ finest in music. Written by award-winning author, documentary-producer and former Chicago Sun-Times Columnist and Critic, Dave Hoekstra.

Produced by the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum and hosted in the 3,000-square-foot Illinois Gallery.

Mike DeMartino

Curtis Mayfield Performance Music Score of “It’s Alright” 

Curtis Mayfield regularly included his 1963 Impressions hit, “It’s Alright,” in his live shows. This is a marked-up performance “Rhythm” score for the song, which has been covered by Etta James, Phil Collins, Huey Lewis, Bruce Springsteen, and was recently featured in the Disney movie Soul.  

Courtesy of the Curtis Mayfield Estate

kk …

Billy Joel: The Vinyl Collection, Volume 1 is all set to be released on the same day he returns to Madison Square Garden (November 5th)

It’s a 50th Anniversary set - $249.98.


That’s a WHOLE lotta money for nine LPs!!!

I just recently completed my collection of all of Billy’s albums on CD (and paid a whole lot less than that for them all … and while it didn’t include this new “first time ever” live album, it was a lot more than just nine LPs.  (I’m not much of a live album fan anyway!)

So I’m guessing Volume 2 (whenever it comes out) will set you back another $250 … so $500 bucks for the complete collection. Pass.  (kk)



Hello Kent,

BMG books is putting together a beautiful coffee table photo book on The Byrds (1964 - 1967) plus photos from their 1972 reunion album.

Roger, David and Chris are all involved with the project.

They are licensing over a 100 Jim Dickson photos (which we represent) and 36 photos from the Henry Diltz archives.

They are using some cool ephemera as well.

Here are some additional items that BMG books would like to use in The Byrds book but I don't have high-res scans of these items.

Do you happen to have any of this material in your archives or know somebody that might have these original items in their collection?

Please let me know ASAP.

Stay healthy and be safe!


Gary Strobl


If anybody has access to these as hi-res images, please contact me right away.  We would love to help include these in Gary’s book (with proper photo credit, of course!)  Thanks! (kk)


Hi, Kent.
A while back, I posed (no pun intended) a question to your readers regarding the "mystery pianist" who played on Sandy Posey's recordings, mainly "Single Girl" and "Born a Woman".  I originally read that the pianist on those tunes was Bobby Emmons.
Later on, I was steered toward an article online which stated that the pianist was LARRY BUTLER. This was according to author Roben Jones, in the book "MEMPHIS BOYS: The Story of American Studios."

The pianist's name isn't shown on any Posey record I've ever seen;  I keep going around in circles, and still have no idea who the actual pianist was. 

Anyone out there know for sure?   I see no reason for all the secrecy.
Mike Wolstein

Anybody able to shed any light on this?  I’m sure these details are out there somewhere.  (kk)

UPDATE:  I thought I might have an "in" for the definitive answer to this query for you, coming right from Sandy Posey herself ... but that lead has since fallen thru ... so again we appeal to our readers out there to see if anyone else might have access to this information.  (kk)


Congratulations to Diane Diekman, whose first book “Live Fast, Love Hard: The Faron Young Story” is now available as an audio book.


Diane tells us:

Live Fast, Love Hard: The Faron Young Story is now an audiobook!!! I am so excited to finally have Faron’s story available to the public for download and listening. My effusive thanks go to Frank Gerard for making it happen. 

Frank is an experienced audiobook narrator and producer, having recorded his 100th audiobook last year. He is a huge country music fan who subscribes to my newsletter and has read Faron’s biography three times. He calls it “one of my favorite books ever.” He emailed me in April and asked, “Have you ever thought of turning the Faron Young book into an audiobook?”

In addition to being a narrator and voice actor, Frank is an established newspaper publisher. Ten years ago, as a hobby, he decided to buy a microphone and have some fun experimenting with voiceovers. He started doing radio commercials for small radio stations, and his voiceover business has grown beyond his wildest dreams. Five years ago, he began recording audiobooks.

One day he was grumbling about the boring book he was recording, and his wife asked him, if he could record any book, what would it be? He told her it would be the Faron Young book that was on his bookshelf. She said, “Do they have an audiobook?” He said, “I don’t know. I get a newsletter from the author every month.” She said, “Why don’t you ask?” So he did.

I had previously checked into having a CD audiobook made, but that would require a lot of work and expense, for an unknown return. I hadn’t considered a downloadable one. As Frank recalls, “You thought, like a lot of authors think, it’s expensive to produce an audiobook. I was able to explain to you it’s really not, and then it worked out well.” He mentioned the exploding popularity of downloadable audiobooks: “Over 70,000 audiobooks were published in 2020. That is double the number from a few years earlier. This growth shows no sign of slowing down."

He told me to contact ACX, which is owned by Amazon, and set up an account. After doing that, I submitted the book and requested Frank as the narrator. Authors and narrators generally interview and negotiate with each other to find a match. ACX handles the contracts, does the publishing, and monitors sales and statistics. Of course, they also take most of the proceeds. Frank and I will split the royalties we receive.

Frank is a stickler for audiobook quality. He records from a professional recording studio in his Connecticut home. He has a proofer/editor who listens to the entire audiobook from start to finish, matching it to the written text, and then sends him a list of errors, one chapter at a time, for him to make corrections. You can learn more about Frank and his work by going to his website at

After recording Faron’s biography, Frank says, “It is the most enjoyable audiobook I’ve ever recorded. It was like being in the middle of a great movie that you don’t want to end.” He adds, “When you’re embracing the character, and when I’m reading all of his words and I’m talking — not exactly in his voice, but in his spirit, trying to embrace his personality, it’s hard to do that and not want to say, ‘Stop it, Faron!’ There were so many times in the book I wanted to shake Faron and say, ‘Stop it. Be nice to Hilda. Be nice to your family. Slow down on the drinking. You’ve got so much talent, so much talent, and it’s going to waste.’”

Frank, 60, a Northeast Ohio native, has lived in New England most of his adult life. He has been happily married for 32 years and is the father of two adult daughters. His goal is to narrate more country music biographies and memoir audiobooks. “There are so many terrific bios out there that don’t have an audiobook, and so many legends who have yet to have their story written and recorded,” he says. “I hope to bring those stories to life one day, as I did for the folks in Faron Young’s world, thanks to you, Diane.”  

The audiobook can be found on Audible at View On Audible, on Amazon at, and supposedly on iTunes. Please spread the word, review the audiobook on these sites, and send me an email to let me know what you think.

Sometimes one can’t help …

Interesting question poised on our Neighborhood Social Network the other day. (True!) 


“Just moved into the neighborhood, we think our house is haunted. We’ve heard door slams, loud banging noises and footsteps. These all happen at night between 1 AM - 4 AM. There have been instances of our dog barking furiously in the night like maybe he sees or hears something that we don’t. We once called 911. Cops came, never found anyone. 

Long story short, we think it’s a ghost. We are looking for a medium to see if they think there may be a spirit here and if they can possibly talk to the spirit and politely ask them to leave (?).”


I'd like to help, but the last I heard of such an individual around here was a couple of years ago.  She was a very petite individual, but was practicing without a license so the police arrested her.

But she escaped.

That was the last I heard anything about that until I saw the headline the next day:

“Small Medium at Large!"






Some good advice from FH Reader Tracey C. Smith …

I like the 1950’s song sung by Bobby Darin “Splish Splash as well as the “Sesame Street” 1970 song sung by the puppet Ernie, “Rubber Duckie.”

Both of these songs want you to remind yourself to bathe and shower daily and be odor free.

Gratefully Yours,

Tracey C. Smith

Great line from Joe Walsh during The Eagles’ Madison Square Garden Show …

“It’s easier being 20 in the ’70s than 70 in the ’20s”

Ain’t it the truth!  (kk)