Thursday, September 2, 2021

Thursday This And That

>>>The worst K-tel album 'hack job' ever was on an album called 22 Explosive Hits (Volume One).  It featured a less than two minute cut of Layla by Derek and the Dominoes!   (Phil Nee – WRCO)

>>>Now I wanna hear the two minute version of “Layla”!!!  (kk)

You asked for it!

Here is your K-tel version of Layla.



Kinda like what “Hey Jude” would have sounded like without the “Na-Na’s”!  (kk)


All these box sets... Bachman-Cummings... Steppenwolf... Alan Parsons

Live Project...

My head is spinning!

--Bpb Frable

Now add in All Things Must Pass, the new Let It Be box and The Beach Boys’ Feel Flows - I need to get a second job just to rebuy all of the things I already own.  


Beginning in the 7:00 hour Friday evening, we’ll be kicking off a Final Fling of Summer Labor Day Weekend, spotlighting the greatest hits of summer one more time.

Rick O’Dell


We have always bookended Summer with Memorial Day and Labor Day … must go back to what used to be the standard school year when we were growing up … so a Last Blast of Summer sounds pretty good to me right now (as does a cooling off of about 15-20 degrees!!!)

Thanks for letting us know, Rick … we’ll be listening!  (kk)


Today’s the day!

Shortly before noon Chicago time, ABBA will make their big announcement via streaming thru ABBAVoyage.  We hope to have more details for you shortly.  (kk)


And, speaking of ABBA ...


September 6th, 1978 - the ABBA tune "Summer Night City" is released in Sweden, as a single.  That tune has gotten me into a number of arguments, but I have to share my story.
Early in 1982 I was at a friend's place, and he was a HUGE ABBA fan.  He was playing their "Greatest Hits" LP when the phone rang.  He threw me his headsets and cut off the speakers so he could continue the call.
At the trail-off of the tune, the last part of the refrain is "Walkin' in the moonlight, lovemakin' in the park, summer night city."
ABBA repeats those words three times, but by the time they're heard doing it for the THIRD (and last) TIME, the audio has been potted down by the engineers to the point where you have to crank your audio level up to max to hear what they're saying. 

Well, with headsets on, I didn't need to do that - that last line says "f**k*ing in the moonlight.
My buddy listened to it and his jaw was on the floor.  Everyone to whom I related this story said I was crazy.
MANY years later, I found the piece below on the Net.  Read the part at the bottom ("Getting past the radar").
I found it quite interesting.


(tell the truth ... you all just went on YouTube to listen to this, didn't you???)  kk


kk …

Let’s chip in and buy it!


I’m good for a buck three eighty!  (kk)


By the way, Frank B also told us that Wild Wayne did a two-hour tribute to The Everly Brothers on his Sunday Night Rock ‘n’ Roll Memory Machine on Sunday Night … and posted this awesome Everlys autograph photo …


And then this … from Cousin Brucie’s interview with Joey Dee …



The Peppermint Lounge was owned by The Genovese Crime Family.  Roulette Records was run by Morris Levy. Joey Dee was surrounded by The Mob.

He told Cousin Brucie he made $13,000 off his Number One Hit "PEPPERMINT TWIST." One night he was driving home to New Jersey from The Peppermint Lounge and he heard his song on the radio for the first time. He pulled over and cried. 

Ronnie and The Ronettes asked if they could sing with Joey.  At the time they were 16 years old and shouldn't have been allowed into The Peppermint Lounge. He gave them a chance and they were great. He had to travel to Harlem to get their parents’ permission.  The girls’ Aunt Helen traveled with them as a chaperone.

October 26, 1963 = The Beatles opened for Joey Dee in Stockholm, Sweden. They were about to come to America.  At that time, they were doing mostly cover songs of American Artists. 



Well, that last bit’s not entirely accurate … but eventually true.

Ironically, The Beatles were just flying back to London from their tour of Sweden when Ed Sullivan witnessed the massive crowd of fans waiting at Heathrow Airport to welcome them home.  Not knowing anything about how Beatlemania had already infected all of Europe, he just assumed that some member of royalty, perhaps even The Queen, must be landing … but when informed that it was a British pop group called The Beatles that everyone had come out to see, he immediately made arrangements to sign them for THREE appearances on his Sunday Night program.  (The Beatles had earlier agreed that they would NOT come to America until they had a #1 Hit here.  It just so happened that when “I Want To Hold Your Hand” hit #1 Stateside on January 25th, the boys were in Paris when they got the announcement, already booked to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show two weeks later on February 9th.  Timing is everything, as they say!)

Still, I’d like to read Joey’s book … as I’m sure YOU will, too.  I’m sure that some of these early stories are absolutely fascinating. (And if Tommy James’ movie finally happens to come out during the next ten years, we’ll get even more mob action to talk about!)  kk


Frank also sent us this photo tying The Beatles to The Crickets (definitely a source of inspiration for their name.)

We’ve run it before but it’s worth another spin …


It really is amazing how much impact Buddy Holly and the Crickets had on their British audience in such a short period of time.  In addition to The Beatles taking their name as a similar insect with a double meaning, The Hollies have long since acknowledged that THEIR name came from Buddy’s last name … and even Herman’s Hermits, who recorded Buddy’s song “Heartbeat,” were The Heartbeats before they were The Hermits.  Now consider that Paul McCartney, a HUGE fan, owns Buddy’s publishing and one has to wonder if perhaps Buddy was held in higher regard overall than even Elvis Presley (who didn’t write his own songs.)  kk


>>>Jim Yester of The Association went into the hospital in Indianapolis with covid this past weekend. He is on the Happy Together Tour. After three days, he was put in ICU and it is not looking good. His brother Jerry (The Lovin’ Spoonful) is asking for thoughts and prayers.  (Shelley J Sweet-Tufano)

>>>So sorry to hear that.  We do wish Jim a speedy recovery.  Clearly Covid has raised its ugly head yet again.  We really need to come up with a more permanent solution to this!  (kk)


I saw the story on your blog about Jim Yester, but I cannot find it anywhere else, including his brother's Facebook page.  I just want to confirm with you before I post anything to my site asking for prayers.


Glen Fisher
Doo Wop Revival


Because we couldn’t find anything listed online about Jim Yester being hospitalized either, I asked Shelley if she had heard any more about his condition. 


These were the original posts she saw, posted by Jim’s brother Jerry of The Lovin’ Spoonful … it was then reposted by a DJ friend who knows both brothers, who is asking for prayers below …


From The Lovin’ Spoonful and their family …

Prayers are needed for Jim Yester of The Association. 

The following is a post by his brother Jerry:

Hi Folks,

My brother Jim was on the road with the Happy Together tour and ended up in the Hospital in Indianapolis with Covid. His third day there, he was put in ICU, and it's not looking great. So, I'm asking whoever can, or would like, to send out good thoughts; Quantum Physics Intentionality, or good old fashioned prayer his way. He needs all the good vibes he can get right now. Thank You.

In addition, I am also asking for prayers for my dear friend Jim Yester from The Association and his brother, Jerry Yester.


When I followed up with her later today, I was happy to receive this notice, again confirmed by two people close to the situation …

Yes, it’s true.  Jerry is saying that Jim is getting better and is supposed to get out of ICU today if all goes well.


So it sounds like Jim is now out of the ICU and slowly on the mend.  We wish him a speedy recovery.  (kk)

I am glad to report that Jim is still on the mend.  Tomorrow he will be out of ICU!  So many thanks to all of you who have sent their good wishes and support.  We all really appreciate it so much!

Everybody be well, be careful.

--Jerry Yester


And a few more prayers …

I was able to find these posts on Jim's Facebook. Each line is from a different friend. This may not have gotten press due to the fact that The Happy Together Tour is still going on. Somebody wanted it handled with quiet dignity it seems. Shelley

Praying for the legendary JIM YESTER!!! I pray that he is well and out of the hospital soon.

You’re in my prayers, Jim Yester.

Praying you’re surrounded by loved ones giving you support and positive energy!!!

Praying for your recovery.

You got this.

Jim – Lots of good mojo coming your way!!!

Praying for you, my old friend.

C’mon Jim … get well really soon.

It sounds like Michael McDonald may be the latest touring musician to get Covid.  The Doobie Brothers played a concert without him on August 31st and stated that McDonald "wasn't feeling well" and was "recuperating and isolating at the moment."

While they never actually came right out and said that Michael had Covid, they did acknowledge that a member of their crew had tested positive and, as such, were postponing their next four show.  Again, they reiterated how everybody connected with the show had been tested and vaccinated.

Ironically, prior to heading out on tour, Michael told The Associated Press, "It’s a crapshoot, really, whether we’ll make it to the end of this or not, but I hope we do.  The main thing I think is if we start to see that anything that we’re doing has a potential of being a super-spreader. I don’t think any of us are worried so much about getting sick ourselves. We’re all vaccinated. But if we test positive, that means all the people in our workplace are being exposed.”

It’s a crapshoot, really, whether we’ll make it to the end of this or not, but I hope we do,” the singer confessed to the Associated Press. “The main thing I think is if we start to see that anything that we’re doing has a potential of being a super-spreader. I don’t think any of us are worried so much about getting sick ourselves. We’re all vaccinated. But if we test positive, that means all the people in our workplace are being exposed.”

Read More: Doobie Brothers Postpone Four Shows After McDonald Misses Concert |

And it doesn't stop there.  A couple of days later, Russell Hitchcock of Air Supply issued a news release that he, too, now has Covid … kinda makes me think that just maybe we might need a stronger (and more reliable) vaccine, eh?  Sadly, it’s also making me less likely to get too enthusiastic about going to a show and sitting with thousands of strangers, many of whom may very well believe that they don’t need to get vaccinated at all. (kk)


I just found out that original member of the Harptones, Willie Winfield, has died. He had hits from mid-fifties like LIFE IS BUT A DREAM.


Winfield died July 27th.  (We covered it briefly in FH)  I was most amazed by the fact that he performed with the group continually from 1951 thru 2019!  That’s 68 YEARS!!!

But I was equally surprised that The Harptones never had much of a presence on Billboard’s Pop or R&B Charts over the years.  Looking back to 1942 (when their R&B Charts began), I couldn’t find a single chart entry for The Harptones in Joel Whitburn’s book.

“Life Is But A Dream” and “A Sunday Kind Of Love” are all over YouTube.  On his Harptones Page, Manny Mora had this to say about the group …


The Harptones are an American doo-wop group, which formed in Manhattan in 1953. The group never had a top forty pop hit, or even a record on the national R&B charts, yet they are still considered one of the most influential doo-wop groups, both for their lead singer, Willie Winfield and their pianist / arranger, Raoul Cita.

The Harptones recorded for various labels, including Coed Records. The Harptones may have been the first doo-wop group to number a full-time arranger among their members, and Cita knew how to work to Winfield's strengths. Their best-known recordings include "Sunday Kind of Love" (1953), "Why Should I Love You?" (1954), "Life is But a Dream" (1955), and "The Shrine of St. Cecilia" (1956).

In 1956, they recorded some songs for the film Rockin' the Blues: "Mambo Boogie", "Ou Wee Baby", and "High Flying Baby". The song "Life is But a Dream" was featured in the 1990 film GoodFellas, and can be found on the film's soundtrack.

-Manny Mora


Best Classic Bands remembers The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl, 1965 …


Tom Cuddy sent us this one … it looks like Bachman Cummings weren’t the only act putting on a disappointing show last week …


Hall & Oates leave out hits on setlist at Milwaukee show


Burton and Randy last weekend in Canada (closer view than Facebook)


Was the Charlie Watts / Mick Jagger / My Drummer / My Singer story a bit exaggerated?  (I dunno … if so, it sure makes for a better story in my opinion!!!)

Here’s the way Keith Richards tells it in his autobiography …

(I think Keith’s accounting sounds a little bit embellished as well … but is SURE would have been a fun sight to see!)  kk

Hi Kent,

I found another radio survey from July of 1971 showing Maggie May. 

This one comes from KREM in Spokane, Washington.

Paul Haney

Record Research


Interesting to see that the most popular "hit" on the chart in Paul and Linda McCartney's "Ram" album!!!  Just goes to show you how many AM Top 40 radio stations were jumping on the album rock concept to keep their listeners tuned in.  (kk)


Are you familiar with the song BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN? I don't know who wrote it originally or anything about it without going online to find some info on it. This weekend on the pro football exhibition games, there was a commercial, I believe, for a Ford truck with the song being played and heard in the background. I don't know who it was, but it wasn't Dorsey Burnette.


I don’t remember it at all … but I can see why.  Dorsey Burnette’s version was the only version to chart … and even then, it never actually made Billboard’s Hot 100 … the best it could do was “bubble under” at #102 in 1960.  (He also cowrote the tune with Barry DeVorzon.)  It was the B-Side of Dorsey’s #48 hit, “Hey Little One,” a track later recorded by Glen Campbell. (Glen’s version went to #54 in 1968 while Dorsey’s hit #48 in 1960. I always did kinda like that song.)

Once again, we’re mystified by which songs are being selected for commercials these days.  SOMEBODY had to remember “Big Rock Candy Mountain” … but the fact that it barely raised an eyebrow at the time makes it all that much more confusing!  (kk)


Say it isn’t so …

A new reissue release celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The Spice Girls’ first LP is slated for October 29th.  (25 years?!?!  How can that possibly be???)

I have to admit that I found them fun to watch for those first couple of years.  (I even took my daughter Kris to see them once!)  And, I stock-piled a boatload of Spice Girls memorabilia that’s been sitting in boxes in the garage ever since … anybody interested in any of this stuff???  (I guess that market just never took off the way I had hoped it would!)

In any event, all five Girls issued a comment in regards to their fans and their 25 year legacy …

Emma Bunton (Baby Spice) said: “From the first wannabe baby steps to conquering the whole world with a team of Spices, thank you doesn’t seem enough to all of you who have supported us, followed in our footsteps, walked in our great big shoes and who have shared our dreams. It’s been 25 years of pure magic. Spice Girls forever!!!”

Geri Horner (Ginger) commented: “To our diehard and loyal fans; without you there is no us – sending endless love and gratitude. Whoever you are, whatever your dreams – live them, be them. The Spice Girls motto is testament to that.”

Melanie C (Sporty) said: “25 years, wow! I have so many wonderful memories of writing, recording, promoting and touring this album and so many people to thank. This is the record that set us off on our incredible journey. A huge thank you to our fans and family all around the World. Thank you for always being there with your unrelenting support and making our dreams come true. My love and gratitude always.”

Melanie B (Scary) said: “All I ever wanted was to be accepted and to make everyone around me – gay, straight, brown, black, shy or loud like me – to feel they can celebrate who they are and to be free to be themselves. All I hope – 25 years on – is that message has been heard loud and clear. It’s true that in the end love IS all you need so I thank everyone who has ever bought a Spice Girls record or stood in the rain to greet us or got dressed up in pink, in a tracksuit, a ginger wig, a leopard print catsuit or put on Vic’s iconic pout!”

Victoria Beckham (Posh) added: “We couldn’t let 25 years pass without thanking the fans for their incredible support. There are so many people who have played a part in the success of the Spice Girls throughout the years, you know who you are and we thank you.”

The new release offers up a couple of previously unreleased tracks and remixes on several others.  When the LP was first released in 1996, it topped the charts in 13 countries worldwide, including here in The States.  It has gone on to sell over 23 million copies worldwide (including going ten times platinum in the UK alone!)

If you wanna(be) spice up your life, here is the track listing for the new “Spice 25” anniversary set:


1. Wannabe

2. Say You’ll Be There
3. 2 Become 1’ (Single Version)
4. Love Thing
5. Last Time Lover
6. Mama
7. Who Do You Think You Are
8. Something Kinda Funny
9. Naked
10. If U Can’t Dance


1. Wannabe (Dave Way Alternative Mix)
2. Say You’ll Be There (7-inch Radio Mix)
3. 2 Become 1 (Orchestral Version)
4. Mama (Biffco Mix)
5. Love Thing (12-inch Unlimited Groove Mix)
6. Take Me Home
7. Last Time Lover (Demo)
8. Feed Your Love
9. If U Can’t Dance (Demo)
10. Who Do You Think You Are (Demo)
11. One of These Girls
12. Shall We Say Goodbye Then?

The new mix of “Say You’ll Be There” is available now.  (It sounds like a totally different vocal track and the familiar harmonica part has been replaced by a saxophone solo instead.)  kk

Meanwhile, a 50th Anniversary Edition of The Doors’ landmark LP “L.A. Woman” is also coming.  (Once again, only in Forgotten Hits will you find The Doors, The Spice Girls, The Beatles, ABBA, The Everly Brothers, Joey Dee and the Starliters, Elvis, Hall and Oates, Elton John and The Harptones covered in the same issue!!!  If only radio was this interesting!!!)

The 3-CD collection offers up over two hours of previously unreleased material and studio outtakes experimentation.  (It also shows the band working with outside musicians, including bassist Jerry Scheff, father of Jason Scheff, who performed with Chicago for a couple of decades, and also was part of Elvis Presley’s TCB Band.)

TRACK LISTING (note:  * = previously unreleased)

CD 1: Original Stereo Mix Remastered

The Changeling
Love Her Madly
Been Down So Long
Cars Hiss By My Window
L.A. Woman
Hyacinth House
Crawling King Snake
The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
Riders On The Storm

Bonus Tracks
Hyacinth House – Demo
Riders On The Storm – Sunset Sound Version *

CD 2: L.A. Woman Sessions, Part 1

The Changeling *
Love Her Madly *
Riders On The Storm *
L.A. Woman (Part 1) *

CD 3: L.A. Woman Sessions, Part 2

L.A. Woman (Part 2) *
She Smells So Nice *
Rock Me Baby *
Mr. Mojo Risin’ *
Baby Please Don’t Go *
L.A. Woman (Part 3) *
Been Down So Long *
Get Out Of My Life Woman *
Crawling King Snake *
The Bastard Son Of Jimmy & Mama Reed (Cars Hiss By My Window) *
Been Down So Long *
Mystery Train *
The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) *

It looks like Elton John was busy during lockdown, too.

He has just announced another new Duets album, coming October 22nd.

And he’s put together quite a “guest list” for this one …

    1. Elton John & Dua Lipa – Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)  Elton’s current hit single (and first chart hit in 21 years!

2.   Elton John, Young Thug & Nicki Minaj – Always Love You 

3.   Surfaces feat. Elton John – Learn To Fly

4.   Elton John & Charlie Puth – After All

5.   Rina Sawayama & Elton John – Chosen Family

6.   Gorillaz feat. Elton John & 6LACK – The Pink Phantom

7.   Elton John & Years & Years – It’s a Sin

8.   Miley Cyrus feat. WATT, Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, Robert Trujillo

      & Chad Smith – Nothing Else Matters

9.   Elton John & SG Lewis – Orbit

10.   Elton John & Brandi Carlile – Simple Things 

11.   Jimmie Allen & Elton John – Beauty In The Bones 

12.   Lil Nas X feat. Elton John – One Of Me

13.   Elton John & Eddie Vedder – E-Ticket

14.   Elton John & Stevie Wonder – Finish Line

15.   Elton John & Stevie Nicks – Stolen Car

16.   Glen Campbell & Elton John – I’m Not Gonna Miss You