Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6, 1975

We get letters ... and people seem to really be enjoying our looks back at the vintage WLS charts:

I'm enjoying my weekly fix of WLS charts, along with the commentary, on Forgotten Hits. I think that the early 70's charts are the most interesting, because, at that time, it seems that charting songs had fallen out of fashion. By the end of the sixties, WLS had stopped counting-down the survey on the radio, and the chart began shrinking, eventually down to just fifteen positions, along with several un-numbered extras. It was as if ranking songs was too "establishment" or "judgmental" for the "do-your-own-thing" era. Also the AM powerhouses were losing listeners to WBBM-FM which was playing album cuts, non-hits, and music by local up-and-comers like Steve Goodman and Bonnie Koloc ... in stereo no less.
By this time I was already yearning for the "oldies" of the fifties and sixties, and I was listening to Oldies WFYR a lot. If I could request a chart to be shown, I'd like to see November 8, 1975, where early sixties charters Neil Sedaka and the Spinners were joined on the countdown with the comeback of the Four Seasons, a source of great satisfaction to this 60's fan.

Ed Erxleben

The main chart was down to just 15 entries ... with a varying number of "extras" shown each week based on airplay. And the extras weren't necessary NEW songs either ... "Love Will Keep Us Together" by The Captain and Tennille topped the WLS Chart back in July for a five week run ... and fell out of The Top 15 on September 27th ... but still managed to stay on the chart (and the play list) through the end of November, by which time their follow-up hit "The Way I Want To Touch You" was rising to the #2 spot. By the last week of the year, the chart would expand to include The Top 45 45's ... and The Top 33 33's!!!

"Comeback" Hits seemed to be the flavor of the week ... Neil Sedaka (#1), The Four Seasons (#12), Glen Campbell, The Bee Gees, Janis Ian and Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds were all enjoying their first big hits in YEARS! Our FH Buddy Austin Roberts was in at #10 with "Rocky" and "Ballroom Blitz", one of Frannie's all-time favorite songs ... not! ... was right above it at #9.

Featured tracks today: "Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady" by Helen Reddy (when's the last time you heard THIS one?!?!?) and "The Way I Want To Touch You" by The Captain and Tennille ... another #1 Record that NEVER gets played anymore!