Thursday, November 5, 2009

Recent And Up-Coming Events

Hey Kent -
Thanks for the "heads up" about The Drive's A-Z programming. Not only is it great to listen to but it's also fun trying to guess which song is coming up next! More of that "appointment radio" you keep talking about. Keep up the good work! Ed
Yes, playing the tunes alphabetically DOES make it a little more interesting ... or at least provide a variable to the norm. I mean, how often are you EVER gonna hear "Daydream Believer" by The Monkees and "Dazed And Confused" by Led Zeppelin back-to-back?!?!? (kk)

"BEATexpo 2009," a convention for Beatles fans, will "come together" on Saturday, November 28th and Sunday, November 29th, 2009 at the Holiday Inn Downtown Stamford, 700 E. Main Street in Stamford, CT. The event features special guests and concerts by tribute bands "The Beatles Forever Band," "Octopus's Garden," "The A-Z Beatles Songbook Show," "Charlie Guitar" and "Rotary." Collectors will be able to shop at a rock & roll flea market / memorabilia marketplace. Fans will get to watch rare videos. There will special exhibits and displays, a "penny" auction and many other features, events and attractions. Special guests of honor will be on hand to meet fans, take photos and sign autographs, and all autographs are free. Here is the guest-list for BEATexpo:
Peter Tork (The Monkees)
Dennis Ferrante (John Lennon's recording engineer)
Sid Bernstein (producer, Carnegie Hall & Beatles at Shea Stadium)
Clay Cole (NY TV DJ Personality had The Beatles & The Rolling Stones on the very same show)
Greg Hawkes (The Cars, "The Beatles Uke," recorded w/ Paul McCartney)
Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster from "The Munsters," also huge Beatles fan & collector)
Jude Southerland Kessler (author, "You Shoulda Been There")
Shannon (Beatles artist, painted the rooms of Liverpool's "Hard Day's Night Hotel")
Dwight Rounds (author, "The Year The Music Died," "Animals to Zombies")
Vince Martell (Vanilla Fudge)
Stewkey (The Nazz)
Ian Lloyd (The Stories)
John Ford (The Strawbs)
Tommy Frenzy (Tuff Darts)
Pat Horgan (Thunder Road, Garage Band Beatles)
The Fifth Estate (60's band "Ding Dong The Witch is Dead")
Benjy Greenberg (Beatles stand-up comedian, the Jimmy Kimmel show))
Helen Darras (author, "Butch Patrick The Authorized Biography")
Russ Lease (the Beatles suits)
and more guests to be announced.
Again - there is no fee charged for autographs!
The Special Pre-Show Concert Event on Saturday, November 28, 2009 at 8 pm will features concerts sets, special guests appearances and all main-stage attractions.
More information regarding this event can be found here at the official website:
It is this Special Pre-Show Concert Event where Peter Tork, Greg Hawkes and some of the other special guests / bands will be performing live on stage in the ballroom.For any further information, email
Charles Rosenay

One more reminder ... THIS Sunday (November 8th) between the hours of 7 and 10 am (Chicago Time) Bob Stroud will announce the track list for "Rock And Roll Roots, Volume 11". And then, beginning at 1:00, he'll also host this year's CD Launch Party at the Border's in Oak Brook. There will be special guest appearances by many of our "Local Heroes", most of whom are represented on the CD this year. It's ALWAYS a good time (AND it's for a good cause.) We hope to see some of our Forgotten Hits Readers out there again this year! Bob does it all again on Saturday, November 14th ... this time at the Mount Prospect Border's. And, as we have done for each of the past six or seven years, if some of our out-of-state readers would like to order copies of the new CD, we'll be sure to get them for you. (Unfortunately in the past these have only been available at the Chicagoland Border's stores ... and NOT online ... AND they tend to sell out VERY quickly ... once we are able to publish the track list, we'll let you know ... and then work out all of the ordering details.) kk

Hi Kent,
If you can help us to get the word out on this, it would be appreciated. People will get a chance to pick up the new book, meet Dean Milano, and hear a great 60's show a week before the big party on the 22nd. Jimy Sohns will be a guest performer, as well as Dean Milano himself! It should be a fun show. Thought you'd enjoy this vintage photo that we found.
Saturday November 14
THE MAUDS @ Gabe's Backstage Lounge
Don't miss this one!!!!!
214 Greenbay Rd.
Special Show celebrating the brand new book:
The Chicago Music Scene 1960s and 1970s by Dean Milano
Copies of the book will be available for purchase, and the author and musicians will be in hand to sign the book which features all your favorite Chicago bands from the era including Jimy Rogers & Mauds and the Gand's 70's band Graced Lightning. Special guest Jimy Sohns from the Shadows of Knight, plus more TBA!
Jimy Rogers of the Mauds - back in the day!
Joan Gand
Joan tells us that The Mauds have ALSO been invited to perform at Bob Stroud's big Rock And Roll Roots CD Release Party this weekend ... we hope to see them there! (kk)
>>>My wife Carolyn and I went to see a concert this past Saturday night as guests of Gene Cornish of the Rascals, whose group the New Rascals (including another original member, Dino Danelli) were appearing. Sadly, Gene needs to get a good lead vocalist for his Rascals, as this one, who also plays the B3 and keyboards, sang very flat and was also sloppy on the keyboards. Gene and Dino still play great and the group ended their part of the show strong with the up-tempo songs "People Gotta' Be Free" and "Good Lovin'" with excellent instrumental solos and three part vocals that covered the lead's faults. Gene's group was probably only included as part of this show as he is from Rochester, NY. Gene has gone through many health problems this year, from cancer to a quadruple by-pass, so it was still good to see him on the road and playing again. (Danny Guilfoyle)
I just saw Gene Cornish at BB Kings in NYC, where "The Rip Chords" played a show called "Rockers On Broadway Celebrate The 60's."
Gene was performing in a tribute to The Rascals Music with Eddie Brigadi, David Brigadi, Paul Shaffer (Letterman Band) and Will Lee (Letterman Band) They were nothing short of amazing, and Gene is in excellent health these days. It was so cool to hear that original guitar tone on the break in "Good Lovin" ... and Eddie's vocal on "How Can I Be Sure" was as perfect as the day he recorded it!
Also on this show were Lesley Gore, Mickey Dolenz, Lou Christie, all sounding excellent, and many members of Broadway shows including cast members of "Hair" and "Jersey Boys". It was a sold out, amazing night of classic Rock'n' Roll on Broadway.
I've attached a copy of the poster for the show.
I did not know about Gene's recent health problems so we wish him the best. Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords

I guess this just shows you the difference one show can make! I wish we could have seen the Rockers On Broadway Show ... sounded GREAT!!! Thanks, Mitch, for your review. (kk)

R & B Foundation Benefit in Philadelphia - October 28th at Club Adesso
The event was held on Wednesday, October 28, 2009, from 7 - 10 PM at Club Adesso, a new state-of-the-art dance club.
Grammy Award vocalist, Billy Paul, famous for "Me And Mrs. Jones", Kenny Gamble and Early Young (MFSB - Trammps) were in the house to help host the benefit for The Rhythm and Blues Foundation.
A local DJ was spinning records from Gamble and Huff’s extensive 70’s repertoire. Patti LaBelle's autographed magenta stilettos were auctioned along with other disco memorabilia.
Here are a few photos that I took at the event for the Philly Pop Music Documentary.
George Manney

VERY cool, George ... I'm just bummed out that Frannie didn't have the chance to win Patti LaBelle's magenta stilettos!!! I mean how many people can claim to have a pair of THOSE?!?!? (Apparently not even Patti anymore!!! lol) kk

The other day we told you about the big Rhino CD Launch Party for the new "Where The Action Is" / L.A. Nuggets CD Box Set ... now comes a first-hand report from Merrell Fankhauser, who was on hand for these festivities and is represented on the new release with his song "Tomorrow's Girl", recorded back in his FAPARDOKLY / Merrell and the Exiles days! (Merrell tells us that he received a number of calls and emails after our piece ran in Forgotten Hits earlier this week ... I'm telling you, we need to get MORE and MORE artists on the list to let us help them promote their new releases and activities!!!)

Take it away, Merrell!!!

The Rhino Nov. 1st event at the Egyptian Theater for "Where The Action Is! L.A. Nuggets 1965-1968" was fantastic! I arrived at about 2 pm with my cameraman in tow. We got situated at the tables for the signing in the courtyard, and to my surprise, I was already getting recognized by a large group of fans and other young musicians who were waiting!

I sat down and laid an original, still sealed 1967 FAPARDOKLY album on the table along with a CD of HMS Bounty and MU. KIM FOWLEY was standing off to the side in a sharp pin stripe suit with short grey hair and people kept trying to figure out who he was, as he didn’t look anything like his picture in the box set.
The doors to the theater flung open and a large throng of fans, who had been watching a screening of rare old Monkees television shows, poured out. At the signing table, I was sitting with BILLY HINSCHE (Dino Desi & Billy), JOHNNY CHARLES (The Knickerbokers), MARK TULIN (The Electric Prunes), VAN DYKE PARKS and the compilation’s producer, ANDREW SANDOVAL.


Just after the signing session, I did a great on-camera interview with Andrew for my cable TV show TIKI LOUNGE. We talked about the history of the 60's music and the clubs on the Sunset Strip and what a special time it was. Andrew mentioned that he was very young when all the action was happening on the strip but felt a great kinship with the era and how he felt the music from that era was more creative and inspired than the music of today.


Next, I interviewed Billy Hinsche and we also talked about what a special time the 60's was. Billy was kind of surprised when I mentioned that I backed up Joey Cooper with my group Merrell And The Exiles in Palm Springs in 1964. This was a little while before Joey wrote Dino, Desi and Billy's first hit, "I’m A Fool" (with Elvis Presley's bodyguard Red West). I then interviewed Mark Tulin. He remarked how he was astonished at how young some of the fans were that were coming up to the table for autographs, and how there were so many younger DJ's that knew all the history of the 60's music and obscure stories about the bands. This is something that I have been experiencing myself over the last couple of months as I have been doing radio interviews about the Rhino package.
In fact, lots of young adults were, literally, aghast when they saw the sealed Fapardokly album lying on the table! A guy in his twenties asked if he could touch it and said all the members of his band idolized the album. He had a very cute young blond girl named Piper with him who was elated to have a picture taken with me. Of course, I was flattered!

LEE JOSEPH of DYONISIS RECORDS approached me and told me he would like to resissue some of my old, pre-Fapardokly Merrell And The Exiles songs from 1964 to 1966, and possibly a double MU album on vinyl. This was welcome news, to be sure! I did try to interview Kim Fowley, who still does a radio show on the Sirius / XM satellite network, but he only responded with very short answers and even turned away from the microphone while answering. It seemed that Kim might have been a bit freaked out by all the chaos. Back in the early sixties, Kim had worked with Gary S. Paxton on "Alley Oop" by The Hollywood Argyles. A few years later, Gary recorded four of the tracks on the Fapardokly album in his Hollywood studio, and I really would have liked to have talked to Kim about those days and working with Gary.

We then went inside the theater for a panel discussion and slide show about the 60's scene on the strip! The theater was full, and I was introduced first by Andrew Sandavol, then by DOMINIC PRIORIE. Dominic grabbed the Fapardokly LP and held it up to the cheering crowd like it was some sort of lost holy grail of music! It was pretty surreal, to be sure.

I was on the panel at the front of the stage with Billy Hinsche, BILL RINHARDT (The Leaves), and BOB ZINNER (The Fields). During the panel, many slides of different bands, clubs, restaurants and “forgotten landmarks” like PANDORAS BOX, that have long since been remodeled or razed, were displayed. We each made comments and stories about playing at the different clubs. Billy and I talked about how we loved our Rickenbacker 12 string guitars back then. Billy told a story about playing at a party for Dean Martin’s daughter where The Byrds were also playing. When The Byrds took a break, Billy went over and picked up Roger McGuinn's Rickinbacker 12 string, just as Roger came back. Billy was in awe of the guitar and got afraid when McGuinn saw him touching it!

Then a picture of my old friend HARRY NILSSON came on the screen and I told the story of how the Beatles called him up one night to tell him how much they liked his first album "Ariel Ballet." Harry answered the phone and a British voice said, "Harry, this is Paul McCartney." Harry said, "Who is this? Fuck Off," and hung up! A few minutes later, the phone rang again, and the voice on the line said "Harry, this is John Lennon. Please don’t hang up!" Later, the group invited Harry to London to listen to the White album before its release. Harry had told this story to me and his arranger George Tipton one day when we visited him in his office in the Hollywood RCA building in 1969.

Those days in the sixties were special indeed, and I will never forget all the great times! I was very humbled by the large turnout of fans at the event at the Egyptian and that my 1967 song TOMORROW’S GIRL was chosen to be included in it. It’s so nice to see that the 60's music is still very much alive today!

Andrew Sandoval sent me an email a short time ago. It reads. “Merrell, thank you for all of your kind and generous help on the Nuggets release and related events. It has been a true pleasure to work with you and I really do appreciate your assistance with all of this. My last day at Rhino is November 23rd. Please let me know if I can be of help to you in my final weeks.”

Some of the interviews I mentioned will be posted on YouTube in the next week or so, and the complete half hour episode of the TV show Tiki lounge, which will be devoted entirely to the Egyptian Theater event, will be airing in selected cable television markets in California and Hawaii beginning November 12. The episode will also be available for viewing (but not for at least a few weeks) at (You have to register at the site and log in to view the videos, but it’s free) Beyond The Beat Generation is a great site dedicated to sixties underground music that I am sure FORGOTTEN HITS fans will really enjoy!
Merrell Fankhauser / Nov. 2, 2009

And this from our buddy "New Media" Joe Klein ... who set us up with this Forgotten Hits exclusive this week:
Hi Kent …
Wow! The story posted about Rhino’s new "WHERE THE ACTION IS! L.A. NUGGETS 1965-1968" box set and the Egyptian Theater event looks really “boss!” Thanks for posting it and I hope that your FH readers have been enjoying the story and all the links included in it.

On Saturday, just as the shindig was unfolding, I found a few more cool links to pass along. Here’s a link to the official announcement from AMERICAN CINEMATIQUE, who staged the event in conjunction with Rhino Records:

Next, a great story written by long-time L.A. Times pop music writer Patrick Goldstein, which was posted online last Friday. The story is here:
I found one more excellent blog review of the package as well:
It was just last week that I first learned of the massive layoffs at Rhino, and I have to admit that I was shocked to learn to learn about the drastic staff cuts, which occurred at the end of September, just a couple days after the release of the new box! Initial reports had the number of layoffs at between 25 and 30 staffers, but that number was revised upward to 38 employees, or 20% of the entire staff of the label! This is sad news, indeed, for those who so love the elaborate boxed-sets that Rhino has become so famous for over the last couple of decades. I’m not including links to any specific pages that cover this disheartening occurrence. Suffice it to say that there were dozens of stories about the staff cuts at the label published online immediately following the announcement of the layoffs. To check them out, just do a Google search for “Rhino Records Layoffs” and dozens of links will return in the search results.
Sadly, Andrew Sandoval was one of those who got the “Rhino axe” on that “black Thursday” back in September. I found this brief clip of Andrew talking about the package, posted by Rhino on Facebook shortly before it was released:
Meanwhile, in happier news, the tribute event at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theater on Sunday (November 1) was a total blow-out, according to my good friend MERRELL FANKHAUSER, whose 1967 song TOMORROW’S GIRL is included in the Rhino compilation. As you saw above, he filed his first report about the event, which I am happy to pass along, EXCLUSIVELY to FORGOTTEN HITS first! We were hoping to include a few more photos, but Merrell’s photographer is still in the process of sorting and cropping the pictures. We hope to pass more great shots along to FH in the days to come!
In fact, there's LOTS more to come! Coming soon, we'll have PART ONE of the exclusive three part-story entitled "TRIUMPHS, TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS OF A SURF MUSIC LEGEND.” The first segment, PADDLING OUT, CATCHING THE WAVE AND WIPING OUT will be debuting exclusively in FORGOTTEN HITS early next week! This segment details Merrell’s early years and, for the very first time, reveals the whole story about the legendary instrumental WIPE OUT, as told by the person who wrote the original version of the classic song late in the winter of 1961 and recorded the first version of the song with THE IMPACTS in the summer of 1962 (months before any other versions of the song were recorded, by all accounts). We’re in the process of finishing up this monumental story. Due to its relevance right now, really want to get it right! Stand by, kiddies!
Merrell has received a lot of email as a result of Monday's story and some phone calls as well. FORGOTTEN HITS really does have a great following of professionals involved in and fans of sixties music! Merrell told a few of the deejays, who are dying to hear about the Egyptian Theater event, that there should be something posted in FH in the next day or two! Forgotten Hits has become THE place for ALL the latest oldies news and we are happy to share the story behind this recent event with you and your readers.
-- Joe Klein / "New Media Joe"
Thanks, Joe. We heard that Merrell received phone calls and emails from disc jockeys all over the country who follow our Forgotten Hits Newsletter ... literally from sea to shining sea (and even into Hawaii!!! lol) Thanks again, Joe, for YOUR support in helping to get the word out there about all we do here!!! It means a lot! (kk)
And speaking of more photos, here are a few sent into us by FH List Member Billy Hinsche who was ALSO featured at this ridiculously cool weekend event!!! (MAN, I wish we could have been there for this!!!)
Billy Hinsche with author and pop rock historian, Domeninc Priore

Billy and his pal, composer Van Dyke Parks, sitting at the "signing" table

Billy with legendary songwriter Bobby Hart (of Boyce & Hart fame).
Bobby wrote DD&B's hit "If You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin' "
Rhino executive and event organizer, Andrew Sandoval
I had a really fabulous time in the summer when I opened New York's Citi Field Stadium, the new Shea Stadium. Having opened Shea for music with The Beatles and closed it with Billy Joel, it was my pleasure and honour to be asked to open the new one. Over three nights we filmed the show. It has now been put together in the form of "Good Evening New York City" my latest CD / DVD, and I think you might like to check it out.
-- Paul McCartney
Enjoy Paul McCartney's historic three night opening show at New York's Citi Field, historic site of The Beatles' landmark 1965 concert. Universally hailed as a concert experience for the ages, this double CD and DVD features 33 songs including Beatles, Wings and solo classics. A Deluxe version features expanded packaging and a bonus DVD including Paul's traffic-stopping, headline-making performance on the Ed Sullivan Theater marquee for the Late Show with David Letterman as well as the audience documentary film 'Good Evening People'.
Full album release dates:
US on November 17th
UK on November 23rd
Paul McCartney's website for more details ... and to view a video of Highway.