Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Sunday Comments ( 10 - 24 - 10 )

It's another heavy dose of Forgotten Hits Comments ... a little bit later than normal (hey, we had a late night last night ... saw Peter Noone and Micky Dolenz in concert at The Star Plaza ... more on that next week!) ... but better late than never! Enjoy!

>>>And I still maintain that if a record was good enough to make The Top 20, then it ought to receive SOME airplay ... so, based on that criteria, you'd have to include "Release Me" (#3, 1967); "There Goes My Everything" (#20, 1967); "The Last Waltz" (close enough at #21, 1967); "Am I That Easy To Forget" (#18, 1968); "A Man Without Love" (#18, 1968); "Winter World Of Love" (#13, 1970) and "After The Lovin' (#5, 1977). kk
Hi Kent,
Now that you have mentioned it, Engelbert Humperdinck doesn't seem to get much space on blogs, air or even Forgotten Hits. I have known 'Enge' for many years, going back to when he was Jerry Dorsey (a name one must never mention in his company or you will ostracized for life). I toured with him as Jerry and did many recordings, broadcasts and television shows with him as Engelbert. I don't know whether you know this but he was hospitalized for two years with TB as Jerry Dorsey and following visits from Gordon Mills, who was in a local harmonica trio, they got together and, along with Tom Jones and a name change, hit the big time. Last time I saw Enge was in Florida, playing to a full house of what can be best described as 'The Blue Rinse Brigade.' I was on all the records you listed and very occasionally hear them on the radio. Unfortunately, the accent being on very occasionally. It is a shame, as he is a great performer and entertainer and should have a much higher profile. I do seem to write to you about these stars of yesteryear but after all it is 'Not Quite Forgotten Hits.'
Very best wishes.
Vic Flick
I'm not denying that Engelbert deserves a spot SOMEWHERE in oldies rotation ... the man had some very big, legitimate hits (back in the day when EVERY kind of music could be played together side-by-side without segregating your audience!) Remember the fuss caused in Great Britain when Engelbert's recording of "Release Me" prevented The Beatles from hitting the #1 spot for the first time!!! Unreal! (kk)

Dear Forgotten Hits:
A friend of mine's mom just loves Englebert Humperdinck! She has lots of his music. When I read your 10/17/10 online edition of The Sunday Comments, I had to write in and tell you this. I have heard some of his music and I like the song "After The Loving". I just had this thought about how maybe, for her mom's next birthday or Mother's Day, I could help my friend get ahold of some Englebert Humperdinck paraphernalia. Do you or anyone out there know about how to do this? I would appreciate it very much if I could find out about how to do this.
Leonora "Leah" Jordan
Well, I'm happy to mention it but your best bet is probably to check Humperdinck's website for authentic merchandise ... or eBay for some of the older, more collectible stuff. Meanwhile, let's see if any FH Readers are forthcoming with some ideas and suggestions. Good Luck! (kk)
Click here: The Engelbert Humperdinck Online Store
And here's another one for all the Engelbert fans on the list!

Last month when we were celebrating The Biggest Songs Of Summer, we had some discussion about a song called "Tamoure'" by Bill Justis ... just got word from Music Expert (they don't call him "Mr. Music" for nothing!!!) Jerry Osborne that his latest column covers this in great detail, too ... check it out!!!

Your recent column about Hawaiian music gives me hope you can provide some information about a record that must have been from the Islands.
In mid-1963, amidst all the dance, surf, and hot rod hits, was a Hawaiian vocal by a female group. It may be titled “Dance of Love,” or at least they use that line.
I know where I was — taking summer classes at Northwestern — and I know this was a big hit in Chicago. It was played as often as other songs, but, unlike “Surfin' U.S.A.” and “It's My Party”, this infectious tune has, to my knowledge, never been played again anywhere. When I ask for help identifying it, no one even knows what I'm talking about.
Do you?

— Sandi Mason,
Kenosha, Wisc.
Here's Jerry's answer ...
I do, but only because of the Chicago connection. There are, as you're about to learn, many possibilities.
Your mystery song is “Tamouré” (tam-or-RAY) one of those countless 1963 dance numbers. But, unlike the bird and bossa nova, the Tahitian-born tamouré never caught on in America — neither the record nor the dance.
The “Tamouré” in the WLS Top 10 in Chicago is by Bill Justis (Smash 1812), and it peaked at No. 7 in late May and early June.
Bill Justis is the famous sax player whose “Raunchy” (1957), is a R&R classic, yet neither he nor his sax is heard on “Tamouré.” He is the arranger and conductor, but the un-credited vocals are by the Stephen Scott Singers.
Despite many Polynesian cultural connections between Tahiti and our 50th state, there is nothing Hawaiian about “Tamouré.”
The real tamouré, a dance with extreme booty-shaking maneuvers, can be done to many different recordings, most of which are a variation of “Vini Vini.”
The earliest U.S. release of “Vini Vini” is on the 1958 LP by Terorotua and His Tahitians, titled “Lure of Tahiti” (ABC-Paramount 271). It is sung in their native language.
For about four years, the tamouré remained relatively unknown beyond French Polynesia.
Then in 1962, in France itself, a tamouré craze struck, fueled by recordings such as “Dansez le Tamouré (Elle Est Partie le Tamoure) [“It is the Tamouré Party] “Special Danse” featuring “Tamouré Vini Vini” (Vogue EPL 8-049).
This is why the picture sleeve for the Bill Justis “Tamouré” single reads: “The French Dance Rage Comes to America.”
Well, it definitely came to Chicagoland, as reported in the June 1, 1963 Billboard:
“CHICAGO - Bill Justice's [sic] “Tamouré” on Smash was the hottest of the new sides here last week.”
Far beyond Chi-town and France, a tamouré tune could be heard on nearly every continent in mid-'63.
From that same magazine comes this rave from George Hilder in Sydney, where “Tamouré” is No. 1 in Australia:
“The current sensation in the local industry has been the phenomenal success of “Tamouré” by Bill Justis [Philips BF-26]. It jumped from No. 89 to No. 1 on the Top 100. Philips started to publicize the disk with a double-page spread in a Sunday newspaper five weeks ago, which aroused immediate interest. Paul Turner of Philips organized a national tie-up with the Fred Astaire studio and a dance competition with the winning couple receiving a flight to Tahiti, plus $100 expense money” (before you laugh, that is approximately $1,000 in today's money).
The Australian picture sleeve shows the title as “Tamouré (The Dance of Love),” the sub-title being the line in the song that stuck in your memory.
That sleeve also promotes the Philips dance contest with a “Win a Wonderful Flight on TEAL to Fabulous Tahiti” banner.
Elsewhere, local recordings topped their respective charts. Especially noteworthy are “Wini-Wini” by Die Tahiti-Tamourés (Polydor 24-991), in Germany, and “Wini-Wini” by the Waikiki Tamoure (Triola TA-5), in Scandinavia. In Japan, rather than a version by one of their own, Philips repackaged the Bill Justis “Tamouré” (Philips M1055).
Inexplicably, this American (Nashville) recording by an American artist was enormous overseas and never even made the Top 100 in America, though that didn't keep numerous others in the States from trying to claim a piece of the tamouré mania so successful elsewhere.
Among those efforts are: “Tamouré” by Don Costa (Columbia 42785) (1963); “The Tamouré Shake” by Lester Lanin and His Orchestra (Epic 5-9624) (1963); “Tamouré, Tamouré, Amoure” by Joye Bell (Glass Piano 201) (1964); “Tamouré” by Carlos Rubio (Fontana 67515) (1964); “Vini Vini (Tamouré)” by Manuia & Maeva (Almo ) (1965); and “Vini Vini (Tamouré)” by Dick & Dee Dee (Warner Bros. 5652) (1965).
I'm told the Dick & Dee Dee tune was a minor hit in Hawaii.
IZ ZAT SO? Two tamouré records actually did make the U.S. Top 40, but only because each is merely the flip side of a hit:
“Orange Tamouré” is the B-side of “Charade,” from the 1963 film of the same name, by Henry Mancini & His Orchestra (RCA Victor 47-8256), and on the reverse of “Hawaii Tattoo,” by the Waikikis, is “Tahiti Tamouré” (Kapp 30) (1964).
-- Jerry Osborne
You won't BELIEVE how much you'll learn on Jerry's site ... here's a link you'll want to bookmark and check often:
Click here: "MR. MUSIC" . You'll find a new feature posted every week (and watch for an upcoming piece on "Davy Jones Presents", inspired by ANOTHER feature we did recently here in Forgotten Hits! Jerry's detailed answer will appear later this week.) kk

Kent ...
We were talking about Lada Edmund, Jr, the Hullabaloo Girl. She's pictured with Herman's Hermits, The Beatles and The Beach Boys. As she's sitting there with the Beach Boys, I can almost hear her singing "I Get Around."
I have to take you back to the 40's for my female junior. The Modernaires had a female singer - Paula Kelly. She was later replaced by her daughter - she always went by Paula Kelly, Jr., so we could tell the difference between the two.
Frank B.

... and, speaking of Female Juniors ...

>>>Another female “Jr.” is soul singer R. B. Hudman, Jr., who recorded two singles for Bill Lowery’s 1-2-3 label and another for Atlantic. She’s shown with the “Jr.” only on the first

1-2-3 release.(Michael)
The late Robert B. Hudmon, Jr. (I believe only a couple of his releases said R.B. Hudman while most others said R.B. Hudmon) would be insulted at you calling him a female! He was just a kid when he cut his records; hence why he sounds the way he does.
He cut a version of Joe South's tune Yo-Yo (first recorded by Billy Joe Royal but turned into a huge hit a few years later by the Osmonds) as R.B. Hudman for A&M records in 1968 when he was just 13 or 14 years old ... He died just a few weeks after his 41st birthday, in 1995.

R.B. Hudman's version somewhat follows the arrangement of Billy Joe Royal's version ... I believe Joe South produced R.B.'s version as well -- I'd have to dig my 45 of it out to be 100% sure but right now it's not easily accessible.
Tom Diehl

Hi Kent,
Just reading over the comments from the last couple of days.
Did you say that Bobby Sherman was the host of Shindig? Someone did, but actually it was Jimmy O'Neill. The voice of Jimmy was also in an episode of The Flintstones. He played the host of Shinrock, and Betty and Wilma wanted tickets to see the show with special guests the Beau Brummelstones. Ann-Margret was also featured in an episode.
Ah, The Flintstones ... I love 'em!
My bad ... Jimmy O'Neill WAS, in fact, the Host of "Shindig" ... Bobby Sherman was just one of the "regulars" who performed often on the show ... ironically YEARS before he'd have his first official hit on the charts. (He was already gracing the covers of all the teen magazines, however ... and continued to do so for years to come!) His BIG acting break came on the television series "Here Come The Brides" and for two years he dominated the pop charts with hits like "Little Woman" (#1, 1969); "La La La (If I Had You)" (#9, 1970); "Easy Come, Easy Go" (#7, 1970); "Hey Mister Sun (#23, 1970); "Julie, Do Ya Love Me" (#3, 1970); "Cried Like A Baby" (#10, 1971) and "The Drum" (#22, 1971). He first recorded back in 1962.
DIDJAKNOW?-1: The Shindogs (the back-up band that performed behind many of the regulars and guest stars on the series) included such luminaries as Glen Campbell, Delaney Bramlett, James Burton, Billy Preston, Larry Knechtel and Leon Russell!
DIDJAKNOW?-2: When "Shindig" was finally cancelled in 1966, it was replaced by the camp / cult hit "Batman"!
As for The Flintstones, we did a feature YEARS ago spotlighting Ann-Marget's role as Ann-Margrock and even ran a clip of The Beau Brummels performing as The Beau Brummelstones!
Check out this YouTube clip ... you'll even see Jimmy introduce the band!
Click here: YouTube - Beau Brummelstones "Laugh Laugh" (Live)
Click here: YouTube - Ann-Margret singing as Ann-Margrock

... and, speaking of corrections ...

Kent ...
Read this in today's newspaper:
In a collision of classical music and classic rock, the New York Philharmonic is suing Cheap Trick. The 1970's power pop group had the temerity to list the orchestra on linear notes of its Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 40th Anniversary recording, a suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court says - Cheap Trick "falsely suggested to the public that the New York Philharmonic, or members thereof, performed on or otherwise participated in defendants'
record album," the suit says. The suit cites the Philharmonic's illustrious 168-year history, and suggests the rockers behind hits like " The Flame " and "I Want You To Want Me" confused the New York Philharmonic with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. I guess they feel it's an insult to be listed on a rock album.

Frank B.
Some people have absolutely NOTHING better to do ... than to complain about falsely being accused of actually being HIP for a moment. Unreal!!! (Now if it really WAS The Los Angeles Philharmonic, I could understand THEIR being pissed ... and, for all anybody knows, Cheap Trick performed these tracks with any variety of orchestras across the country ... how would one really recognize themselves from another when they're all playing from the same score?) But hey, it gets Cheap Trick's name back in the news for a change, so all is good. (I remember many years ago when a Creedence Clearwater Revival album came out titled "The Royal Albert Hall Concert" ... many years later, they discovered that these tracks were actually recorded at The Oakland Coliseum!!! When the LP was re-released in the '80's, it was retitled "The Concert" ... and simply left at that ... probably the SAFEST way to go on some of these live deals!!! lol (kk)

... and, speaking of live concerts, here's the latest on our Live Garage Bands Series!!!

>>>And, since I didn't get ANY takers on somebody naming the alley behind their house "Forgotten Hits Alley", I've moved on to my next campaign ... anybody got a DRIVEWAY they wanna name after us?!?!? Think about it ... The Forgotten Hits Driveway ... and then once a month we'll throw a Concert In Your Garage ... an OFFICIAL Forgotten Hits Garage Band Concert ... LIVE from The Forgotten Hits Driveway!!! (C'mon ... it's got a certain ring to it, doesn't it???) And we can bring back Garage Bands in the process! Any takers?!?! (kk)
I have two driveways available for naming rights. Also I just had a new furnace installed in my shop and it, too, is available for naming rights.

I was returning from THE bakery ... (the pecan pie one a few towns away) ... and noticed (again) the street sign put up to honor RIchie Sambora in Woodbridge, NJ ... and although it's a great honor, it ain't much of a street!

No houses, no street addresses ... it's just a side road that leads to the high school parking lot. NOT THE MOST PRESTIGIOUS LOCATION ... But I'd take anything for myself!
Put up a RENFELD BOOGALOO BLVD. sign on a 10 foot dead end and I'm in hog heaven!!!
Oh sure, now EVERYBODY'S gonna get into the act!!! (lol) Now I'll NEVER get my Forgotten Hits Driveway!!! Hey, if you can buy your own star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame, then why not!!! (kk)


Just a few comments if I may while I peruse your Sunday Comments.
This first comment will just take a MINIT.
Scott Shannon this past Friday during the noon hour gave a great tribute to General Johnson. Here in OKC back in 1961, IT WILL STAND was a very very big record. I don't really know why the record label. re-released it in 1964. I am sure they had their reasons. To me, the Showmen's IT WILL STAND and Danny and the Juniors' ROCK AND ROLL IS HERE TO STAY, go hand in hand.
As for the Chairmen of the Board, as you know, they had a song in 1971 entitled CHAIRMEN OF THE BOARD. There weren't all that many records, I believe, in which the artist and or recording group had a song whose title was the same as the name of the group or artist.
One final thing about the Showmen. They had a followup in 1962 called THE OWL SEES YOU which made our local survey. No other records by them, the Showmen, made the survey.
Larry Neal

"It Will Stand" by The Showmen was a VERY big record here in Chicago, too ... it went all the way to #5 when it was first released back in 1961. (Nationally, it stopped at #58 in Cash Box!) For the longest time, Bob Stroud used the "Rock / Roll" intro to kick off his Rock And Roll Roots Radio Program. (He still may for all I know ... I'm rarely up at 7 AM on a Sunday to find out!!! lol) We've featured a few "same as" songs before in Forgotten Hits ... "Yellow Balloon" by Yellow Balloon, "The Boys In The Band" by The Boys In The Band ... of course, there's also "Bad Company" by Bad Company ... and a few others ... but you're right, not a whole lot of them. (One might think this shows a little lax in imagination??? Kinda like George Foreman naming all eight of his kids "George"?!?!? lol) kk


Just learned of the General's passing this morning.

I am Surfside's distributor - General Johnson and the Chairmen of the Board's label.

They just released a new CD in August. I have worked with General and his label people for the last six years, and he has been a pleasure to work with - a great guy!
Here is the link for his latest cd:

He was a fabulous guy - very sad.

Clay Pasternack
It's always sad when we hear about these losses ... but great to know that General Johnson kept doing what he loved doing best ... recording AND performing ... right up to the very end. Thanks for the link for the new CD ... I think some of our readers may be interested in purchasing a copy. Thanks, Clay! (kk)

It is availble on line through as well as in best buy stores in the "beach music" region.


Hi Kent ...
In 1965 (???) General Johnson came to the Madara and White offices and played us a bunch of material ... he was looking for a record deal. We never did work out a deal with him but I believe he went to Swan and made "In Paradise".
I really liked this record a lot and just found a copy in my old records. If you never heard this, it's a great record for that period in music. I really liked him. The other singer in the group was Eddie Custis, who we recorded for Guyden records as the Hearts. We were friends ... great guy.
Attached is the Swan Record and a demo of Eddie Custis singing one of our songs. David and I always said he was the best male singer we ever worked with.
Your Friend,
John Madara

... and, speaking of John Madara ... and the on-going Philly Records mono / stereo issue ... here are a few more words in that area!

>>>I can see John and Allen Klein in the courtroom battling it out over the Cameo-Parkway catalog. Neither John or Allen publishes anything other than the "norm" that was available decades ago. Same with Bunny Sigler, mono, when Stereo LP was available. He should know this! Look at Elvis, look at The Beatles and other artists ... stereo, alternate takes, karaoke, etc. But when it boils down to Philly, nothing from the norm. Like old school thinking! This was brought to my attention over ancient monophonic Spokesmen CD! Let's get with it, Philly!!! (Jersey John)
Perhaps John decided to reissue the album on cd in mono because mono copies of the recordings are all he has in his possession or maybe that is the way he prefers to hear the recordings himself. After all, in 1965, when the Spokesmen were popular, mono was STILL outselling stereo in America by about 3 to 1. Even going on ebay, I see more mono copies of Bunny Sigler's Parkway LP than I do stereo copies ... so a couple of years later, perhaps they still preferred mono in Philly, too.
My own mother (a Philly native, by the way) used to tell me that she and her brothers would buy the mono versions because they were cheaper, even though they had a high end stereo system at the house since the early 60's because my grandfather was huge into buying all the latest gadgets and such. I still have my mom's mono pressing of Sgt. Pepper, too (unfortunately it's not in the best condition).
I'll throw in another plug for John's fabulous Len Barry: The Lost LP cd here:
Yes, the cd is all mono, too, and certainly some stereo recordings could have been used (for some of the previously released tunes, anyway, I know for the unreleased songs all John had was the mono acetate LP shown on the cd cover), but there isn't one bad song on the cd, just crank it up on your cd player and go about the daily chores around your house and you won't know or care that it isn't stereo.
As for Bunny Sigler in stereo, I don't believe John was even involved with the stereo mixing, or else wouldn't he have made sure the correct take of Let The Good Times Roll / Feel So Good would've been used on the LP? Yes, it's an alternate take on the stereo lp! The stereo version of Girl Don't Make Me Wait turned up on a bootleg cd many years ago (it is rechanneled stereo on the LP) ... I would love to see that make a legitimate reissue, but that won't happen within my own lifetime and I'm more or less 50 years younger than all of the people involved in making that record.
Anyway, give ABKCO some credit, there are two previously unreleased recordings on the Collector's Choice Music cd, Remember Me Baby: Cameo Parkway Vocal Groups Volume 1.
One unreleased recording by the Tymes (Did You Ever Get My Letter) which was also recorded by the Dovells under the name the Liverpools on Wyncote records (A Cameo Parkway subsidiary), as well as an unreleased Dovells recording called Short On Bread that sounds like You Can't Sit Down revisited. If you bought all of the six CCM reissues earlier this year all at once, they sent you a free promo sampler to go with the set that included yet another unreleased recording, an Italian version of So Much In Love by the Tymes, which they say will never be reissued by them anywhere else ever.
By the way, looking at the Collector's Choice Music website, I see that the new John Zacherle cd is being released in a week and next month there are two-fers by Dee Dee Sharp and the Dovells being released, as well as the previously available as a download-only Holiday Hits collection. Let them get this stuff out in mono first (or stereo, if it was indeed initially released that way), Jersey John, and then worry about them putting out stereo, alternate takes, etc later, OK??
Tom Diehl

And then this from John Madara himself on the mono / stereo issue ... and a VERY special release!!! (lol)
Please let Jersey John know that I'm putting the STEREO version of the Spokesmen CD together along with bonus tracks. I'm doing this for Jersey John as a special release.
During the 60s we did do it in stereo, but the radio stations wanted MONO, and in the case with Cameo, all those multi track tapes have disappeared.
I agree with John that a stereo mix sounds great, if the multi track tapes are available.
Your Friend,
Philly John
A little studio talk wouldn't hurt, too!!!Tell John, if you wish, I'll buy the CD, as an act of appreciation. Wouldn't hurt if John autographed it!! I'm pushing it! :)You're tops, Kent!Thanks!Best,

Jersey John
Uhhh ... yeah, I'd say so!!! (lol) kk

>>>in the case with Cameo, all those multi track tapes have disappeared. (John Madara)

Makes me curious ... why and how? Any possibility others are holding them? Are they, without a doubt, destroyed / lost? I would LOVE to hear the Cameo / Parkway catalog with alternate versions, out-takes, studio talk, etc. ... no doubt they once existed. Just seems odd what only remains, from both John and ABKCO. Makes little sense to me.Thanks!!

p.s. I contacted John through Cristy Webb; hope for a reply with my Spokesmen CD demands :-)

p.p.s. Same with Billy Harner - where are his studio tapes!!?? He seems to care little at satisfying fans.
And, speaking of John Madara, there is now a Facebook campaign to get him a rightful star on The Philly Walk Of Fame ... you can post your comments at the link below:
Facebook (1) Give Johnny Madara a STAR on the Philadelphia Music Alliance Walk Of Fame.

... and one more from John Madara's private collection ...

Hi Kent ...
Attached is an unreleased Joey Heatherton single from 1965 along with a picture from my personal collection.
John Madara

Photos: Disco Ball at The Taj Mahal « WCBS-FM 101.1
Kent ...
I want you to see what i missed, by not going to the Disco Ball. Notice the Village People are down to just one. Cowboy, Randy Jones. It must be hard to spell Y - M - C - A with one person. LOL !
Frank B.
Sorry, Frank, but I don't think I'll EVER be bored enough to look at all 48 of these pictures!!!
Then again, maybe if The Village People updated their act and sang "AARP" instead ... like THIS guy suggests:

>>>The stars of Broadway's BEATLEMANIA LIVE will perform this Saturday, October 23rd, at the historic Arcada Theatre in St. Charles, Illinois. (Ron Onesti)
Kent ...
You wrote about the stars of Broadway's "BEATLEMANIA LIVE" appearing in St. Charles, IL.
Is that what they call "Off-Broadway?" LOL!
Frank B.
Actually, I think this one might even qualify for Off Off Broadway!!! Seriously 'tho, Ron Onesti continues to bring a wide variety of entertainment to his Arcada Theatre ... always something for everybody ... and this is no exception. (Of course since "Beatlemania" first debuted a few decades ago you can't seem to go more than a couple of blocks without running into another Beatles Tribute / Sound-Alike Band ... and there are some DAMN good ones out there ... but "Beatlemania" staged as a full production is something well worth seeing. (kk)

How I uncovered this, I don't know ... however, it's a 7 part documentary that is an incredible look at LA and the music scene from the Byrds to the Eagles and how things evolved. This is well worth your time to enjoy ... I have included part 1 of 7 and you can figure out the rest from there (parts 2 - 7). If you have any problems let me know and I'll guide you through it. It's the evolution of rock 'n roll as we know it. Happy weekend to all ...
Wild Bill

Last week we featured Nancy Sinatra today ... check out this vintage clip we found last week!
Click here: YouTube - Nancy Sinatra Bang Bang
i have the nancy version from kill bill on my mp3 player ... lol ... love it ...

Kent -
I have been following your recent newsletters and all about the Hall of Fame ... great to see all the enthusiasm and interest ... Long Live Rock-n Roll.
As a note to you and your readers, Jumbo just created our first video for YOUTUBE featuring one of our tunes from the album we recorded for Lou Adler and his ODE 70 Label.
It features "Truckin'", a tune I wrote to compliment the dances of the 30's and the Zap comix of the late 60's along with amazing footage of legendary dancers from that era.
We never had clips of the band in concert or on stage, so this video and future musical contributions to our video library will feature our music and unusual classic footage to entertain our fans. Check out the first entry ...
Truckin'- Jumbo on youtube.
Thanks again...
Mike Baxter and the guys from JUMBO
Actually, this is a VERY clever and well put together video ... thanks for sharing, Mike! (kk)

And a quick stop on Doo-Wop Corner for the next two!!! (lol) kk

Kent ...
10/19/10: Today is Larry Chance, lead singer of the Earls, 70TH Birthday.
Kent, I consider you to be a music expert.
Answer me one question: If Larry is singing "A cappella with his Friends" --
why are they playing music ?
Frank B.

YouTube - The Earls "Acapella with My Friends"
I dunno ... but they're sounding pretty good doing it!!! (kk)

Hi Kent -
Here's a note from my friend Joe McCoy of CBS-FM in NYC regarding this video by the Teen Tones.
I had mentioned in my original note that I hadn't heard of this group. As you get into the video you can see Robert klein much more clearly -- he is doing the bass parts and lead on the bridge. Check it out.
Danny -- Those Teen Tones have Robert Klein (comedian) singing in the group. He's the guy behind the lead singer. I guess there were a lot of Teen Tones back then since our group (me, Bobby Ricca, Mike Miele, Danny Galves & Alan Jeffries) had the same name. I think we were at a Ted Mack Amateur Hour tryout with them.
Quite a few artists that we came to know as comedians first got their starts as musicians ... I've had it explained to me before ... something about the "timing" that makes the whole thing work ... almost a natural progression ... plus, of course, the love of going up on stage in front of an audience and entertaining them. (We ran a vintage clip of George Carlin recently singing a GREAT doo-wop song on the old Arsenio Hall Show.) Thanks for sharing, Danny! (kk)

>>>All I can say is, sucks to be him! TeeHee ... love those double ee's (Stacee)

>>>This just SO sets me up for a "I love those Double-D's" comment, Stacee ... but I'll pass! (kk)
I am awed by your restraint.
Seriously, I do enjoy your sense of humor. I look forward to the little comments you add to the blogs.
Thanks for doing what you do.
Well, we more than make up for it THIS week, Stacee!!! Check out the clip below! (kk)
Kent ...
She gets my vote for your next clip of the week. She's very talented. LOL !
Frank B.
They Call Her the Crusher

Interesting story about the anesthesiologists. There's a local band here in Nashville composed of anesthesiologists who call themselves "The Painkillers." They don't do spoofs but they do pretty good covers of sixties and seventies pop / rock songs.
David Lewis
And just a few weeks ago John Stamos (now starring on the hit television series "Glee", where he portrays a dentist) "gassed" several of his female patients, each of whom, while under anesthesia, had their own Britney Spears fantasy! (C'mon ... do you REALLY need an anesthesiologist to fantasize about Britney Spears?!?!? See, NOTHING on that show resembles real life!!! lol) kk

>>>In 12 years, we have never really done a Halloween tribute in Forgotten Hits ... but we've now received several requests to do so. If you have something that you'd like to contribute ... other than the usual "Monster Mash" / Bobby "Boris" Pickett stuff ... we'd love to hear from you. If we get enough material, we'll run something over the Halloween Weekend. (kk)
This coming week, I'm not sure on what day it starts, on my internet show,, wandermag on air, I will be saluting Halloween.
I will not be playing Monster Mash or Witchy Woman. It lasts about 25 minutes and it starts about 35-40 minutes into the show. If I have time, I am going to play Ding dong The Witch Is Dead. Also a certainty is The Shaggs.
We've actually received several suggestions for Halloween-themed music ... so let's see what we can put together! (kk)

Hello Kent -
Furvus here again from The Fifth Estate.
If you are looking for some cool Halloween music you might look to The 5E's Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead. It always gets more airplay around Halloween. I guess it's that rather obvious WITCH connection there, but there is so much more to that song than that. It was already a big tune from the "Most Watched" movie of all time The Wizard of Oz.
Ken "Furvus" Evans
Believe it or not, we heard from half a dozen jocks this weekend, ALL of whom told me that they were going to feature The Fifth Estate's recording of "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" as part of their Halloween programming this year!!! Now how cool is THAT?!?!? (See, we really CAN help influence what gets played on the oldies stations!!! lol) Meanwhile, look for lots more Fifth Estate / "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead" comments later in the week. (kk)

And THIS sounds like a fun time ... if you happen to be in the area ...

Please join us for a howling good time.

As you know, seating is limited so get your tickets early

Saturday, October 30: Have your Halloween party with us!
Jerry's Wicker Park ... great bar with gourmet sandwiches
1938 W. Division Street, Chicago
Prizes for the best costume
Come as your favorite rock star or celebrity!
10 p.m. - ????
Jimy Rogers and Blue Road
ALL kinds of local Halloween parties going on ... Scott MacKay of The River-FM is also hosting a Halloween Bash ... come dressed as your favorite rock star ... all kinds of prizes and great give-aways. More details on The River web page (kk):
Click here: 95.9 The River

Hi Kent ...
How's this on the cool factor for Halloween ...
Carl Bonafede will be doing a special interview with Paul McVay, Radio Host of "Drive-In of The Damned" for his Halloween Special on October 30th ... check out Pauls Website for Time Specifics
"The "Screaming Wildman" of Chicago Radio in the 1960's, Carl Recorded the classic "Werewolf" single and we are definitely going to touch upon that subject ... but Carl has a deeper story to tell.
He's helped shape countless careers and has had a definite influence on Rock N Roll in general."
- Paul McVay
You can also visit
- Michele Abrams
PS a special Thank you to Joe Pytel for his help in getting the sound file for WereWolf

By the way, Larry (The Wax Museum) Neal sent me a 4-page long list of some of the songs that he used to feature for Halloween ... quite impressive ... and LOTS of obscurities and off-the-beaten path tracks ... some of which I'm sure NOBODY has heard of before. Must have driven the programmers and engineers crazy ... especially when you consider this little note he sent me! (kk)

This is somewhat humorous in a way. You are probably familiar with the music licensing agreements radio stations have with organizations like ASCAP and BMI. Well, when I did my show, I had to write down the records I played A lot were rare and / or obscure titles. When BMI and ASCAP received the logs in the mail as to what records I had played so that they could give whatever to whomever who wrote the songs, I can just imagine some of the looks on their faces when they saw some of the records that I played.
We'll try to work in a few of Larry's favorites during our extended Halloween coverage next week! (kk)

Hi Kent,
I am sending you the link to Dr. Elmo's new Time Life release, "Bluegrass Christmas".
Dr. Elmo is best known for his Christmas hit, "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer," which has sold over 11 million copies. But Elmo started out playing Bluegrass, and has continued playing Bluegrass in spite of his success in the humorous genre. In fact, he helped popularize Bluegrass in the San Francisco Bay Area with his Bluegrass Radio Show on KSAY, 1969 - 1971, "The Great San Francisco Bluegrass Experience."
You can listen to the album here:
Dr. Elmo Bluegrass Christmas Press Kit - Click to play!
Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer iTouch / iPad app trailer (available any day!):
For even further information, please visit:
Dr. Elmo's Facebook page
Dr. Elmo's Bluegrass FB page
Thank you so much ... and (an early) happy holidays!
Pam Wendell for Dr. Elmo
Here's a copy of the official press release:
Dr. Elmo of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" Infamy Releases New Bluegrass Christmas CD on Time Life

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (October 6, 2010) - Dr. Elmo, the voice and wit behind the ubiquitous Christmas classic "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer," returns to his beloved bluegrass roots with a new holiday album, Bluegrass Christmas. Originally a bluegrass artist prior to selling 11 million copies of “Grandma,” the Kentucky native recorded the album with a clever reworking of his signature song; a new, instrumental and – yes – bluegrass version for the disc along other holiday fare including “Jingle Bells,” “Greensleeves” and “Deck the Halls.” Bluegrass Christmas is currently available in stores and major online retailers via Time Life.
The incredible success of “Grandma” derailed Elmo Shropshire’s bluegrass career for thirty years, taking him away from his band, and radio show, the Great San Francisco Bluegrass Experience, where he played the banjo. His secret dreams of leading the bluegrass renaissance and conducting the New York Philharmonic’s version of Camptown Races faded as quickly as “Grandma” took over the top spot on the Christmas charts (unseating Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas”). But Shropshire never stopped playing the banjo, finally recording Bluegrass Christmas as a labor of love.
One of the few living recording artists of a true holiday classic, Dr. Elmo has, become a Christmas tradition. The unstoppable strength of his novelty song has spawned an animated television show, several parodies and cover versions in heavy metal, folk and for children. His myriad live, in-studio television and radio performances are eagerly awaited seasonal highlights, and DJs phone from around the globe for on-air Christmas commentary.
More info at the Dr. Elmo website! (kk)

Kent ...
I hear Wild Wayne finally signed up ... maybe you could print this if you have the space.
Wild Wayne's Memory Machine on Sunday's 6 to 8 P M, Eastern Time. Great oldies.
This week is pledge week. $50 gets you a smoke colored sweatshirt.
Go to for details.
Meanwhile, here's Wild Wayne's latest clip of the week ... Steve Allen & Fats Domino!
Frank B.
Yes, Wild Wayne is one of our newest list members! (We've been plugging his website for years!) Hey, we're in favor of anybody and EVERYBODY who's out there doing their part to help keep this great music alive ... and in that department, Wild Wayne's a champ! (kk)

Hi Kent,

It's been a while but I still am digging the work and postings you do (which is mind-boggling). The other day I was just enjoying the information and saw our promo for our San Felipe gigs. I almost fell off my chair. Thank you so much for the mention. I would never have expected it. Keep up the good work and be well, my friend. My wife, Sandi, and I always enjoy your information. Your website is a one of it's kind!

Warmest Regards,

Denny Flannigan

San Felipe Baja, CA Mx.
Then you'll REALLY dig the mention of your Halloween Show above!!! (lol) Thanks for the kind words, Denny, I really do appreciate it! (kk)

Hello Kent,

I can't believe I won the Apple CD! Thank you!

Thank you again and keep up the great work on Forgotten Hits. It's a great site.

Chris Glutsch

Thanks, Chris ... the CD should go out next week! (kk)

>>>If you'd like to see a copy of this photo, simply send $5 to Forgotten Hits and we'll email you a copy! (Just kidding ... maybe! Hey, we've got to figure out SOME way to make a buck doing this after all these years!!!) kk

Kent ...
LOL!!!! No ... The Photo is free ... :)
That being said ... Forgotten Hits is Priceless!
Don't forget ... if you are in the Philly, NY area ... we are appearing in a huge show this weekend, Saturday October 23rd, with Charlie Thomas and Shirley Alston Reeves!
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords
Report back to us about the show, Mitch ... hope some of our readers were able to attend.

Is there something new I missed? I tried to follow the link to read the posting and I had to set up a Blogger account to do so, and the website to set up the Blogger account won't let me set one up (though I'll continue to try). By the way, really enjoy your site ... when I can get there, lol.
Anita Anderson
Yeah, I have NO idea what was up with that ... NOBODY could access the site through the link (including me!!!) But I think it was just a one-time glitch (and all is right in the world again!) Thanks! (kk)

>>>And, since we sent you a BAD link this morning ... we'll send you a GOOD Linc tonight (kk)
Very funny ... I much prefer photos of the Mod Squad, as opposed to yet ANOTHER copy of Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream and Other Delights! Hope you are well, Kent. I am still out here!
No more link jokes please, in honor of Jimmy Dean's passing.
Alex Valdez / The Yellow Balloon

Whew! A KING-SIZED Edition after all!!! More to come next week so stay tuned!