Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tomorrow In Forgotten Hits ...

That's Right ...

We're Doing It Again ...

Leap Year Countdowns ...

1956 - 1980 ...

And it'll be running ALL DAY LONG on
The Forgotten Hits Website on
Wednesday, February 29th!!!

Hey, it only happens every four years ...

(Kinda like Presidential Elections ... or The Olympics ...
or finding the very first parking space open at the mall!!!)

But since 2012 is, in fact, another Leap Year,
We decided to take another look back at
The Top Ten Records for EACH Leap Year
of The Rock Era, 1956-1980.


We've been doing this every Leap Year since 2004 ...
Last year, we partnered with Scott Shannon
and The True Oldies Channel ...
and while we ran The Top Ten Lists on the website,
he counted down The Top Five songs of every Leap Year,
every hour on the radio!
And THIS year, we're doing The Leap Year Countdowns
with yet ANOTHER  brand new twist! 


THIS year ... in addition to publishing The Top Ten Records
on this date in each of the Leap Years shown above ... 
you'll ALSO have the chance to view The Top 100 Records
for these dates, courtesy of THE SUPER CHARTS!!!
(NOTE:  The 1956 Super Chart was not ready 
in time for publication ...but if you check back 
throughout the day, we can assure you that you 
for 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976 and 1980 ...  
for the first time ANYWHERE!!!) 

You've heard us talk about THE SUPER CHARTS before 
in Forgotten Hits ... these lists are the result of the
meticulous, painstaking research efforts of Randy Price
and are being published EXCLUSIVELY here in
Forgotten Hits for the very first time.   

And you won't want to miss a thing ...
Check back often throughout the day
as we'll have new charts going up on the website
all day long, starting at 6 AM


Hey, you were all given an extra day this year ...
so why not spend it with us???
EXCLUSIVELY in Forgotten Hits ... 
(New Charts will be going up throughout the day ...
so check back often! You won't want to miss a thing!)