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The Sunday Comments ( 09 - 23 - 12 )


We already told you last week how Mike Love burst the bubble of any on-going, long-term Beach Boys reunion ... he's been booking dates as The Beach Boys featuring himself and Bruce Johnston and their regular cast of side musicians ... "the same group you've enjoyed for the past 14 years". WHY on earth he would choose THIS route over a continued full blown reunion that includes Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks (along with loving tributes to the dearly departed Carl and Dennis Wilson) is beyond me ... honestly, it just comes across as pure selfishness. (I mean, come on ... this killer line-up played to sold-out houses around the globe ... and generated a world-wide media blitz of glowing accolades, the likes of which The Beach Boys haven't seen in decades.  Their brand new reunion album came in on the charts at #3!!! When is the last time The Beach Boys had a #3 album in America?!?!? Well, actually, I can answer that question ... it was 1974, nearly 40 years ago, and even then it was with a compilation LP called "Endless Summer" ... the last album of all new material to peak at #3 or higher was 1965's "Summer Days (And Summer Nights)", so add another ten years to that tally.   

They're sure not going to "do it again" with Mike and Bruce at the helm. Yes, they'll still be able to play to packed houses because people love these tunes ... and, if nothing else, a Beach Boys concert has always been a good time ... but how many fans are they going to piss off going this route? And how many more are they going to disappoint when, after hearing so much about the 50th Anniversary Reunion Tour, folks buy tickets to THIS Beach Boys show, expecting to see Brian and Al and David ... only to find themselves cheated with the Mike and Bruce Show? Honestly, a maneuver like this shows NO respect for their fans, especially when all of the other members were ready, willing and able to "keep the summer alive" a while longer.

And who would have EVER thought that Brian would be the one to want to keep it going?!?! (No word yet as to whether Brian, Al and David Marks will continue to work together ... but there has already been lots of talk about the follow-up album Brian wanted to do.) What a shame.
Meanwhile, The Beach Boys were awarded again this past week at The Grammy Museum, this time in acknowledgement of triple platinum sales of their 2003 "Sounds Of Summer" compilation CD and posed for what will most likely amount to a last round of pictures. 

Here is how Billboard Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine reported the event:

Oh well, at least we'll get a new live album next year, recorded during the farewell tour ... and the two new hit compilations we told you about will be out in a few weeks (as well as another round of reissues of all of their old studio albums) ... and the new "Doin' It Again" DVD is a lot of fun to watch.

We used to have a saying when I was growing up that I really haven't heard since ... so in the spirit of bringing it all back again, it seems fitting to take this one out of moth balls for this recent development. Suffice to say that Mike Love would fuck up a wet dream. (He can't REALLY be that stupid and short-sighted, can he???) kk

Hi Kent,
I think I agree with you about the Chicago reunion.
If they did it to show they were really friends, it would be cool, but they could still have Jason along, couldn't they?
I always want my rock star heroes to get along and it's sad when they can't at least be amiable.
If Danny Seraphine were there, too, then I'd feel more excited, but let's face it ... the real person I miss is Terry Kath, since he's the one that could really boost the power and energy of a Chicago show.
I love them just as they are at this point, too.
Not sure if Peter came back if that would push me to a show or not. Jason's great and he's fabulous to the fans.
I've thought about that, too ... yes, Jason could certainly stay on (as I really don't see Peter Cetera strapping the ol' bass on at this point in his career) ... but then Peter would sing virtually every song that Jason sings now (unless they traded off or harmonized on some, which I think would be ultra cool.) And, I think Jason's probably enough of a good sport to do that ... but I'd rather see this as one "special" show ... pay per view tv broadcast or something ... rather than a full-blown reunion tour of say 20 cities. And let's face it ... Terry Kath ain't NEVER comin' back, so we can forget THAT scenario all together! Bringing Danny back on drums for the special broadcast would be awesome ... if such a concert were ever arranged, I would hope the guys would extend this consideration and invitation. But for right now, it sounds like it isn't going to happen anyway ... so for now, all we can do is dream. (kk)

Got this from FH Reader Frank B. (by way of WCBS-FM) ...
This sounds like pretty much the exact same concept as John Rook's Hit Parade Hall Of Fame (but it sounds like this one will ultimately have a place you can visit to see displays.) I dunno ... I've kicked around several "Hall Of Fame" ideas over the years (and have even seen a couple of them take some motion) ... the thing that bothers me as that as more and more time passes ... and we lose more and more of these great artists ... we may soon find this all to be an idea whose time has already come and gone. And what a shame ... because an organization like this properly done helps to preserve a legacy for future generations to discover. Unfortunately, there will always be the purists who say how can the same Hall Of Fame play host to Perry Como, The Beatles and Elvis? The Monkees, Hank Williams, Tony Bennett and The Supremes? The thing is there are some GREAT names on this list ... and they're ALL deserving of recognition because they ALL contributed to the music the shaped our generation ... but somebody will always find fault with some part of every list. (Of course this particular offering might hold a little more credibility had they actually spelled Pat Boone's name correctly on the ballot!!!) kk

Here's a cool new video by Rubix Kube .. and check out how good Chubby Checker looks!
>>>While we'll certainly all miss the weekly showing Christina's dangling boobs, we'll never confuse her with Shakira whose breasts, as we all know, are small and humble ... so you don't confuse them with mountains. (Hey, her words, not mine!) kk  
Small and Humble ... and that is one hot MaMa to be. My youngest Daughter really likes her. I don't think I will miss Cee Lo ... I think Adam and Blake are all the reason I need to tune in. They are hysterical.
I love the chemistry of the judges on The Voice ... far too often American Idol seemed to make the show about the judges ... which was NEVER the purpose of the show. Here the judges genuinely seem to be enjoying themselves ... and are pumped at the prospect of helping to develop new talent. (kk)

Really enjoyed "The Walk" by Mayer Hawthorne! It's hard to believe it wasn't recorded in 1964 by Major Lance!!!
Definitely my new favorite track ... and figured it was "old school" enough that the readers would enjoy it. Pretty positive response so far. (Again, this is kind of the concept of Al Kooper's "New Music For Old People" site ... showing that music very much in the vein of what we grew up loving is still out there.    

Click here: New Music for Old People: Blackstrap, World Famous Headliners, Grand Funk Railroad, The Beach Boys and More | The

Major Lance, eh?  Hmm ... then I guess this is not too bad for a white boy!  Check out Mayer Hawthorne live on The David Letterman Show ...

Hi Kent,
Ya know I always meant to mention that tune (The Walk) to you and the readers but would always forget. My Son, who just turned 20, showed it to me when it came out. He's 20 but has grown up with a big chunk of his Dad's favorites and loves 60's soul. Glad you finally got to hear it. His albums aren't bad either. Not as good as the music he's emulating maybe, but still good stuff. You might also check out Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Some of her tunes are also pretty good. Another Soul throwback.
I think that's what first caught me with the mega Cee Lo single "Fuck You" last year ... yeah, it's got the usual shock value when you first hear it ... but strip that away and you've got some VINTAGE soul underneath. If it bugs you, listen to the "Forget You" version ... either way, it's a winner! (kk)

So glad to see your website back up and running! I wonder if your readers knew that Jim Peterik had a solo album out in 1976 called Don't Fight the Feeling. I always liked a catchy track called Hard Day at the World and have attached a copy. Now THIS is something I'm sure you don't hear every day!
Hoffman Estates

Not a bad tune ... and another one I wasn't familiar with. Thanks, for sharing, Dave! (kk)

Got this clip from several readers last week ... 
Randy Newman hasn't done a real "pop" tune in awhile ... and I'm not quite sure this one qualifies. We try to steer clear of politics here ... but so many folks on the list felt this one was worth sharing that we finally caved. Honestly, for all I heard and read about it, I kinda expected more ... but still I believe he does get his point across. (kk)

Be prepared to be bowled over by Randy Newman's incisive, unprecedented political satire ... check out his new video.
Every thirty years or so, somehow, Randy Newman manages to have a mainstream hit, although, other than 1977's "Short People," I can't think of one.
He did write a few hits for Cilla Black and Gene Pitney back in the 60's and he wrote the orchestral arrangement for the classic Peggy Lee hit, "Is That All There Is?" But, for the most part, Newman has been known for his film scores, of which he's done in abundance -- and with massive success:
"Cold Turkey", "Three Amigos!", "Toy Story" (1, 2, 3), "A Bug's Life", "Monsters, Inc.", "Parenthood"
"Meet The Parents", "Meet The Fockers" and "Pleasantville," to name a few.
So, we shouldn't feel sorry for Randy -- he's doing just fine without a hit single! But, like all creative folks, I guess he just had to take another crack at radio -- and, the Internet -- hence, his latest satire, "I'm Dreaming."
Liberal or Conservative, right or wrong, the song is his take on racism. With lines like "He won't be the brightest, perhaps, but he'll be the whitest," Randy just may have tipped his hat to the ultimate winner on Nov. 6.
A few morning show teams may play it for laughs, likewise Imus and Stern may give it a few spins, but I don't think we'll hear it following a Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Pit Bull, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz or One Direction single! Not on today's pop radio -- not even in 2012.
Fred Vail
No, I don't expect this'll get much airplay ... but it DOES seem to have already found an audience on YouTube ... nearly 700,000 hits in its first three days! (kk) 
Read the brief interview before scrolling down to view the video. Notice that he's not worried about losing a Disney scoring gig, just that a young kid somewhere might not understand the satire.
Maybe not his most subtle subversive best, but in this era, subtlety is clearly lost on the masses.
A legal download supports a good cause, so forward liberally!
Scott Paton

re: B-SIDES:
Jeff James will be spinning B-Sides all of next week on his "From The Vault" video program. (And we're still supposed to do a week of B-Sides, too, if we can ever get all of the planets to properly align!) Anyway, here's the link again ... new postings every day next week ... followed by a week of Chicago sounds! (kk)

From Jeff:
Kent -
The vault videos are doing super fine and I am playing lots of obscure titles. As a matter of fact today with my Windy City Wednesday feature I have on the GALAXIES from 1960 with a song called THIS ROCK AND ROLL, recorded for the Chess label in Chicago ... toss that one out to your people on the web site as that is truly an obscure rocker - but the cool thing is I was just contacted by one of the band members from the band after he saw my vid - - - LOVE THAT !
Check out some of the other vault titles I have been playing like the RAMBLERS yesterday with Father Sebastian ... and next week I will be doing a B-SIDES WEEK in the vault followed by the CHICAGO SOUND the following week ---
I think your readers will enjoy these!
Jeff James

We have FINALLY posted Rich Appel's Top 100 One Hit Wonders Countdown from Labor Day Weekend!  
If you missed any part of this countdown ... or simply want to check out the whole list ... you'll find it here: Click here: Forgotten Hits - Top 100 One-Hit Wonders
(Man, what a GREAT oldies radio special this makes ... covering ALL of the very biggest One Hit Wonders from 1955 - 1999. If any other jocks on the list are interested, let me know and I'll put you in contact with Rich Appel!) kk

Hi Kent,
Thank you for your great review of my new books. I’m really happy that you like the additional research of America’s pop charts. We’ve gotten so many wonderful emails and phone calls from customers that, like yourself, enjoy comparing the research between Billboard and Record World. One customer stated that he thought he’d “never live to see a Record World compilation”. I hope to have the “101-150” book ready in early December.
And, yes, we are going to publish a Cash Box “Hits” book that will include their “Looking Ahead” charts for the very first time. I can’t give you a publication date as of now.
Again, thanks so much for all your nice comments – it’s very much appreciated!!

Got this one from FH Reader Frank B ...
Definitely worth watching.
(I've been to a lot of band concerts over the years ... but I've never heard one like this ... not by a bunch of kids!) kk

And this one's a MUST if you're a fan of '60's sitcoms ... submitted by R.I.P. Renfield ...
Click here: A Classic 60's TV Show Dance Party - YouTube

Hi –
I’m Chuck Igo, morning host on WYNZ in Portland, Maine (Big Hits Y100.9) - 32+ years in radio and still crankin’ out the hits. My boss forwarded your Friday Flash to me and suggested I ask to join your mailing list. I’ve perused some stuff and I am a big fan of “lost / forgotten” hits. (I constantly get my wrist slapped for playing stuff like this, but the sting is gone with the first beer after work ... grin)
Thanks for your efforts and info!
Chuck Igo
Morning Host
WYNZ, Portland, Maine (Big Hits Y100.9)
Welcome aboard, Chuck! Check out both of our sites ... you may find a few other airplay suggestions worthy of another wrist-slapping or two! And remember ... your comments and memories are always welcome here! (kk)