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The Sunday Comments ( 06 - 23 - 13 )

re:  OLD STUFF:  
After our talk the other day about a doggie named "Leroy", FH Reader Jeff Duntemann sent us this ad:

Kent --
As far as I know, Tom Paxton wrote a song called "My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog," which was slightly modified and and used in a Ken-L-Ration dogfood commercial. I had an MP3 of Paxton's song once, but I can't find it now. However, it's on YouTube:
As is the Ken-L-Ration commercial, adapted somewhat:
The bridge vocals are left out in that version, and in the short form of the commercial, where's there's a voiceover instead. The bridge is:
Ken-L-Ration has real red meat
And lots of other good things.
When my mom goes to the store
She buys a million cans or more!
The Wikipedia page says that one of the kids singing the original jingle was a young Richard Marx, whose father, marketer Dick Marx, wrote the lyrics.

In 1965, Norma Tracey and the Cinderella Kids got on Bubblers with a de-Ken-L-Rationed version called Leroy. She may have been the youngest artist ever to chart. I thought I had an article about that, but that's turned up missing. I believe I sent it to you in 2009; not sure. But I love novelty songs and that's one of my all-time favorites.
-- 73 --
-- Jeff Duntemann
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

That Mad Magazine paper flexi disc of She Got A Nose Job was by Mike Russo And The Dellwoods. It was one of the songs included on one of the two albums of "Mad Magazine" songs put out by Big Top Records which are both actually quite good ...  
From : Big Top 12-1305 - Mad "Twists" Rock & Roll - Various Artists [1962] (7-62, #108) Artists are Geanne Hayes, Mike Russo, and The Dellwoods. "The Pretzel" and "Agnes The Teenage Russian Spy" were issued on a 45 in November, 1961 as by The Sweet Sick Teens (RCA 7940). Throwing The High School Basketball Game / She Got A Nose Job / Please Betty Jane Shave Your Legs / Somebody Else's Dandruff On My Lover Baby's Shirt / Blind Date Yaaaaaaahhh! / Agnes The Teenage Russian Spy / Let's Do The Pretzel And End Up Like One / Even If I Live To Be 22, I'll Always Remember Being Young / He Fell In Love With Me When My Pimples Turned To Dimples / She's A Serious (Yeah Yeah) Teenager In Love / All I Have Left Is My Johnny's Hubcap / I Found Her Telephone Number Written On The Boy's Bathroom Wall  
Big Top 12-1306 - Fink Along With Mad - Various Artists [1962] Let's Do The Fink / I'll Never Make Fun Of Her Moustache Again / The Biggest Mouth In Town/Her Dad's Got Money Cha Cha Cha / I Accidentally Messed Up His Hair / It's A Gas / Don't Put Onions On Your Hamburger / Loving A Siamese Twin / She Lets Me Watch Her Mom And Pop Fight / When The Braces On Our Teeth Lock / Contact Lenses / The Neighborhood Draft Board / Mad Extra  
-- Tom Diehl  

Here's another good one ...  
Sidecar cycle by Charlie Ryan.  
Rich F  
A low-charting, Billboard-only hit, "Side Car Cycle" peaked at #84 in 1960 as the follow-up to Charlie's version of "Hot Rod Lincoln".  (kk)

re:  NEW STUFF:  
New York, NY (June 11, 2013)— On July 9, 2013, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Live At Montreux 2006 by Solomon Burke on DVD, CD, and Digital Audio [Pre-book Order Date June 21, MSRP $14.98 DVD, $13.98 CD].  
Described by Jerry Wexler of Atlantic Records as “the greatest male soul singer of all time,” Burke had his greatest success in the first half of the sixties but carried on performing right up until his death in 2010. Solomon Burke played at Montreux several times in the 2000s and was always popular with the festival crowd. This performance from 2006 showcases his magnificent voice, his humor and his spirituality on a selection of classic Soul, Gospel and Blues songs for the ultimate goodtime party!  
This was one of the last Solomon Burke performances to be filmed and features many classic hits including: “Cry To Me,” “Got To Get You Off My Mind,” “Down In The Valley,” “He’ll Have To Go,” “Don’t Give Up On Me,” “None Of Us Are Free,” “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love,” and many more.  
The line-up for this show featured, Solomon Burke (vocals); Sam Mayfield (lead guitar); Moyes Lucas (drums); Milard Jackson (keyboards); Jack Guitar (rhythm guitar); Stony Dixon (bass); Daniel Moretto (trumpet); Joshua Lempkins (trombone); Carl Vickers (trumpet, saxophone); Pierre Paolo Valero (alto saxophone); Kiana Reese (backing vocals) and Candy Burke (backing vocals).  
Solomon Burke was one of the pioneers of Soul music in the late fifties and early sixties, blending R&B, Gospel and Blues to create a new and distinctive sound that would be the dominant force in black music through to the mid-seventies. Live At Montreux 2006 is a great way to remember him.  

Hey Kent,
Thought that your subscribers would be interested in knowing that Ace Records has released a rather unusual CD, "Paul Evans".   It includes TWO 60's LPs of mine, "Folk Songs of Many Lands" (Carlton Records - 1961) and "21 Years in a Tennessee Jail" (Kapp Records - 1964).

I'm really excited.  These two original albums had me reaching back to my roots - Folk and Country / Folk. Here's an excerpt from the Ace booklet:  
"I grew up listening to popular music with my family, singing folk songs at hootenannies and learning to love country music by listening with my buddies to Barkin With Larkin, an AM country radio show. For my high school variety shows, I chose two Caribbean folk songs made popular by Harry Belafonte. But those loves of my life were only the beginning for me. It was the southern rockabilly artists that had me running to the Brill Building, the pop music Mecca in the heart of New York City. That musical trichotomy – folk, country and pop – has haunted me my whole recording career long."  

CASEY PATRICK TEBO DIRECTS FIRST AEROSMITH MOVIE IN NINE YEARS, ROCK FOR THE RISING SUN “It’s very hard to get films made nowadays, so I thought, the one way to have a film made, is to just make it, and ask questions later.”  
-Casey Patrick Tebo

New York, NY (June 17, 2013)—Aerosmith's latest concert film, Rock for the Rising Sun, will be released via Eagle Rock Entertainment on July 23rd. The group's connection with Japan began in 1977, when the band first played to capacity crowds in the Far East. And as evidenced by Rock for the Rising Sun, the band-fan bond remains strong to this day. The director behind the release, Casey Patrick Tebo, is well-versed in not only his 'smith (he directed their music video for "Legendary Child"), but has also worked with such renowned acts as Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, Stevie Nicks, Lady Antebellum, The Avett Brothers, and Run-DMC, among countless others.  
Tebo first began working with Aerosmith in 2006, when Steven Tyler and Tebo met through a colleague, and the singer invited the up-and-coming director (who was in film school at the time) to shoot a few of the band's shows -- for just the band's personal viewing. Soon after, the band was so impressed with Tebo's work that they hired him to start directing their live shows.  
Fast forward to 2011, and Aerosmith was hard at work on their 15th studio album, Music from Another Dimension!, but took a break from recording to play shows in Latin America and Japan. Sadly, the Japanese dates occurred not long after tragedy struck the region, as the country experienced a massive earthquake, a monstrous tsunami, and the subsequent meltdown of the Fukushima nuclear plant.  
Despite warnings about possibly being exposed to radiation, Aerosmith and crew, including Tebo braved the risks and followed through with their visit to Japan. "I shot all this stuff and interviewed all these fans, and realized there is a love affair between Aerosmith and the Japanese fans that was like nothing I'd ever seen, states Tebo. “It was almost like Aerosmith was there helping people heal."  
What Tebo was able to create is a film that not only captures Aerosmith at their rocking best, but also, shows the group's human side away from the spotlight. "I captured all this stuff, and when I got home to the States, I was like, 'I know I can make something of this, I'm just going to start putting something together.' While Steven and Joe were in LA, making an album with Jack Douglas, I rented out a theater, and emailed Steven and Joe, saying, 'I need you guys to come to this theater. I've got to show you something.' I played them the whole movie, and when the movie was over, Joe stood up, walked over to me, hugged me, and was like, 'That was f-ing amazing, unbelievable.' And Steven was really emotional as well."  
Tebo is confident that Rock for the Rising Sun matches up well to Aerosmith's earlier classic home video releases. "There was a part of me - as a fan - loving these guys and seeing them live, that said, 'Man, I would love other people to see this as well.'" Soon, fans will get to experience the legendary Aerosmith through the revealing lens of Casey Patrick Tebo.  
“Steven and Joe once taught me a great lesson in life, it’s called “Dare to Suck” – it means, if you don’t have the balls to just go and do something then you’ll never know what great thing you might have missed out on. This movie was my ‘Dare to Suck’ moment.” Tebo is currently in pre-production on his first narrative feature film, and has since directed other large-scale television productions, most recently CMT’s “Crossroads.”  

Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers 'Twisted Tales' CD Now Available!   
In our last meeting together before his passing, Ray and I were both very excited about the upcoming release of ‘Twisted Tales’. We signed off on the artwork and agreed that it should be released sooner than later. So, honoring that decision, I have proceeded with the release. We both were proud of this recording and hope that people enjoy it. This recording is dedicated to Ray’s memory- Roy Rogers Nevada City, CA - Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers have received no shortage of kudos since they first recorded together five years ago. Ray Manzarek’s signature keyboard sound was a cornerstone of The Doors - one of the most iconic rock bands of the 60’s.  An inductee into the R&R Hall of Fame - he certainly needs no introduction. In the pantheon of music, The Doors’ music continues to be one of the most revered rock song catalogs of any band. Slide guitarist Roy Rogers has been lauded not only for his own recordings but for his long-time collaboration with harmonica master Norton Buffalo as well as his producing of 4 CD projects for blues icon John Lee Hooker and folk legend Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. He is well known worldwide for his mastery of slide guitar and has received 8 Grammy nominations for his work as artist and producer.   
In 2011 Manzarek-Rogers released ‘Translucent Blues’- a blues-rock collection of songs tinged with poetry and literary references. The project reached #1 on the Americana Roots chart and debuted at #6 on the Billboard blues chart. The lyrical contributions came from such diverse co-writers as Jim Carroll, Warren Zevon and poet Michael McClure, among others.  ‘Twisted Tales’ draws from some of those same writers to tell very different stories. Featured musicians are Kevin Hayes on drums, formerly with the Robert Cray Band; Steve Evans on bass who has performed with the Elvin Bishop Band; and George Brooks on saxophones, who has performed with John McLaughlin and Zakir Hussain.  
The new release is a collaboration of keyboard and guitar sounds that merge with stories, images and art. These two amazing musicians create an intoxicating; plush sound that is - more than unique. Manzarek and Rogers are seemingly an odd pairing - but their new recording unleashes a stunning musical landscape for the listener - this music will ‘take you for a ride’… There is a full-length documentary film to be released examining their unique collaboration and friendship in depth this fall.  
‘Twisted Tales’ is destined to become a classic, not only as Ray Manzarek’s last recording, but also as a definitive work of two great artists. Available at Amazon and iTunes and retailers nationwide.    

WRLR's Bish Krywko shared a couple more photos (and even a little bit of audio) with us from their recent Historic Route 66 Radio Tour ...  

Hi Kent.  
Well, we survived the Route 66 Radio Tour. Pictured at the starting point at Lou Mitchell's in Chicago is (l to r) Geoff Kemp from Forest FM in the U.K., John Records Landecker of WLS FM,Bish Krywko of WRLR, Paul Peters of Forest FM and (sitting) Paul Lepek of WRLR.  

For audio clips, please visit the WRLR website ... they've got several excerpts posted ...
Click here: WRLR 98.3FM - The Voice of Lake County - Home 

Just got this from FH Reader Ken Voss ... 

Here are a few snippets from an interview with John Kay done by Ray Shaso earlier this year (complete interview can be found at    

Ray Shasho: How was your classic hit, “Born to Be Wild” conceived?
John Kay: “It was just five of us playing in the garage below this little crackerjack apartment that my newly wedded wife and I occupied in Hollywood, and we were kicking around some songs that I had written or co-written with band members. Our drummer one day showed up with a cassette tape that his brother had given him, and on it was “Born to Be Wild.” Mars Bonfire recorded it in the evening …he lived in a place that he couldn’t make any noise, and I think it was recorded with just a Telecaster guitar and it was very low-keyed … very low-energy. Our drummer Jerry Edmonton, Mars brother said, “Why don’t we just kick it around?” So we did, and actually it came to life relatively quickly once we picked a key. But it was just one of eleven songs that we recorded on our first album.”
“Nobody picked it as the undeniable hit or whatever; it was in fact the third single on the album released. The album was already in the top five nationally in 1968 before “Born to Be Wild” was released. But once “Born to Be Wild” came out in the summer of ’68, obviously when it became so successful it was all over the country on AM-Hit radio, so we kind of had that double barrel of success, meaning the album was being played almost in its entirety on the so-called “underground” newly formed FM radio stations, while “Born to Be Wild” was played on Top 40 stations. So it kind of built our fan base as a result of those two exposures.”

Ray Shasho: Of course you co-wrote “Magic Carpet Ride,” so that tune had to be extremely lucrative for you, royalties-wise. 
John Kay: “It did, it certainly was the gift that keeps on giving. But I actually … I guess it’s been about two years now …cashed out. I sold every last right and master recordings, everything that I was on administrative and income level that was associated with the music industry. I saw the writing on the wall sort of speak; the industry began to shrink in size and so while someone was interested in paying me a rather substantial sum, I took my chips off the table and cashed in. Because my interests were not really on managing and administrating all the various sources of music industry related revenue, my interests were in utilizing what time I have left in pursuing those things that I’m more and more interested in. Namely at this point …I’ve been to over fifty different countries and inspired by the work of numerous people and entities I wish to support, so the more time I needed for that, the less time I wanted to become a desk jockey …and so that’s what I did. But yes, you’re right; “Magic Carpet Ride” certainly was like a cash cow.” 

In 2004, John Kay and his wife Jutta Maue Kay formed The Maue Kay Foundation, a nonprofit charitable foundation. Kay has been fully committed in helping to provide financial assistance for various projects around the world. Jutta Maue Kay serves as director of the foundation. Although John’s vision is impaired, it has not stopped him from his most important role as videographer for the foundation. John has captured important areas of concern across the globe …particularly in Cambodia, Thailand, Tanzania and Kenya.
Visit these important websites to find out more information about the foundation … and
John Kay & Steppenwolf ... Up-Coming Dates:
Thursday, July 18th - Morristown, NJ - Mayo Performing Arts Center
Thursday, July 25th - Ferndale, WA - Silver Reef Casino
Friday, August 9th - Sao Paulo, Brazil - HSBC Brasil
Saturday, August 10th - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Vivo Rio
Saturday, August 24th - Cartersville, GA - Harley Davidson of Cartersville
Friday, August 30th - Biloxi, MS - IP Casino, Resort and Spa 

Kent ...
Don't know if you know about it - Billy Joel started a feud here in the New York area. 
Billy said he "would hate to be an Oldies Artist on the Oldies Circuit."  Jay Traynor (Original Jay of Jay & The Americans), currently singing with The Tokens & Eugene Pitt (Jive Five Lead Singer) took exception with Billy's statement. Jay said that if it wasn't for those who came before him, he wouldn't be  the superstar he is today. Just because he became a big star, that's no reason to put down others.  
Stay tuned for more.   
Frank B.
Well, it's good to know that now that he and Elton John have buried the hatchet and become friends again, Billy Joel has found someone else to fight with again.  (Once a punk, always a punk, I guess!)  kk
Geez, Kent, that MUST mean you're including the most "citified" song of all -- Hank Snow's country crossover "I've Been Everywhere" -- which got up to No. 68 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1962.
Sure hope so.
Don E  
Sorry to disappoint, but no, that one didn't make the cut ... everything featured in our Friday special included the word "city" somewhere in the title or artists' name.  But hey, this one will make for a great follow-up piece! Thanks, Don.  (kk)  

This morning early while I was doing my usual walk around the neighborhood, the first song and really only song, that came to my mind, and I don't even know if you will post this, was BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY by that BIG BOSS MAN of rhythm and
blues himself, Jimmy Reed.
Two more songs just hit me like a brick. Don't know if you will post these but would you believe I thought of the following two songs. I like to think of those that maybe the average reader would have forgotten about.
1. Debbie Reynolds -- CITY LIGHTS (1960 on Dot)
2. Highlights -- CITY OF ANGELS (1956 on Bally)
Before I sign off on this e-mail, it seems to me that the label Bally was located up there in your part of the country. Always did like Betty Johnson's I DREAMED on same label.
By the way, a couple of days ago, the morning man here in OKC, which works for the TOC, plays a lot of requests.  A listener called up and wished to hear the song you posted by New York City.  He admitted over the air that he didn't remember it but did say over the air how high it got nationally. I, of course, remembered it. Incidentally, he played for a
listener the song BOTTLE OF WINE by the Fireballs. I guarantee you that I've never heard this version before.
If you scroll back to 8:30 AM, you'll find the version cut by Sonny James ... I debated between the two and finally elected to go with this one.  As for the other two, nope ... I have to admit they never even crossed my mind!  Regarding the New York City track, what a shame ... AGAIN ... that a legitimate Top 20 Hit has been COMPLETELY forgotten by radio.  (Nationally this one peaked at #12 in both Cash Box and Record World ... a pretty decent-sized hit in ANYBODY'S book!)  
My guess is that anyone who was around listening to the radio in 1973 will remember it ... if radio would ONLY give them the chance to do so.  The fact that the deejay himself doesn't remember it is a REAL shame ... but (sadly) not all that surprising anymore.  Scroll back to 5:30 PM on Friday's post to give it a listen ... if radio's "programming with blinders on" mentally has caused YOU to forget it, too!  (kk)

Loved the City tour! We hung around til midnight. Man, you were smokin' with the best stuff from 2 pm - 3 pm. Thanks for putting this one together. It's been a long day. 
David Lewis

Another pretty clever idea -- and a nice mix of music, too.  How do you keep coming up with these?
I dunno ... this one just sorta hit me ... and, within the context of Forgotten Hits, we can get away with pushing the envelope a bit further than the average radio station.  (They probably wouldn't feature this broad of a mix anyway, now that everything today is so "specialized" to a particular format.)  Besides, this list would have NEVER flown on radio today ... no John Mellendcamp, no Billy Joel, no Bob Seger, no Steve Miller and no Journey were featured in 18 straight hours ... and let's face it, that's just unheard of these days!!!  (kk) 

WCBS-FM is playing Summer's #1 Hits from the '60's, '70's and '80's all weekend long.  You can still catch them here:
Click here: Summer #1's in the CBS-FM Hall of Fame « WCBS-FM 101.1
We know a thing or two about "Summer Favorites" ... in fact, we've polled our readers several times over the past ten years trying to determine your all-time favorites.  And (with the help of Randy Price and Jack Levin), we've even put together the All-Time List of Summer Hits ... for every year of the Rock Era, 1955 - 1980! 
You'll find them all posted here: