Monday, July 8, 2013

More Goosebumps Moments (Monday)

No doubt about it, this new series is a hit ... dozens of you continue to write in every day to share your own personal "Goosebumps Memories" and I couldn't be happier than to share them with the rest of our readers, hopefully inspiring many more of them to do the same.  (Not since our "First 45's" feature have we had this much audience participation ... and I love it!!!)

Here are a few more ... with more to follow throughout the week ...

I have a few goosebump-inducing songs, but the ones that stand out the most include Daisy Jane / America. Gerry Beckley's vocal on it just goes right through me, and has ever since I heard it the first time. Pretty much anything by Art Garfunkel, but Second Avenue and Bridge Over Troubled Water are the most effective. When I listen to Nether Lands by Dan Fogelberg with earbuds, closed eyes ... yep ... goosebumps. It appeals to the fairytale girl in me. I cannot forget Gino Vannelli's Powerful People. Amazing song. Hell, just the mention of Gino's name is enough to get me going :D 
But most of all, I get the full body shivers listening to Lonely Christmas by Kent Kotal. My very own rockstar hubby sounding very Beatle-ish. Total turn-on <wink> 
Mrs. K
OK, I admit it ... I stacked the deck with this one ... but how cool is it to know that one of YOUR songs induced goosebumps?!?!  (VERY cool, let me tell you!!!)  kk  

Speaking of which, how cool is this???  DeeJay Phil Nee recently did an interview with Greg Kihn for his WRCO "Those Were The Days" radio program ... and got him to talk about HIS goosebump moments!  Here, exclusively in Forgotten Hits, is Phil remembering one of HIS goosebump songs (Kihn's "The Break-Up Song") and Greg following up with one of his own.  AWESOME!!!  (kk)  
Hi Kent. 
I have attached a segment of today's interview with Greg Kihn in which I mentioned my "goosebump" moment with his song.  The Greg Kihn Band is playing at Mayo Park in Rochester, MN, this Sunday night at 8 pm.  He will be in Chicago in August for Beatlefest because he has a new fiction novel called Rubber Soul coming out this year.
Phil - WRCO

Phil had originally cited "The Break Up Song" as one of HIS "Goosebumps Moments" ... and it's always been one of MY favorite tunes from the '80's as well.  How VERY cool to run this tune after a clip of Kihn discussing his own goosebumps memories!  (kk)
>>>Fast forward to the Summer of 1981.  By this point I only listened to mix tapes of old 60's and 70's  songs in my '75 Ford Maverick.  I flicked on a Top 40 station and heard the Greg Kihn Band doing The Breakup Song (They Don't Write Em Like That Anymore). I felt like the song captured what I was feeling ... maybe the best music and the best relationships were behind me.  Thanks for the 'goosebump' idea.  It sounds like another Forgotten Hits home run!  (Phil - WRCO)

Hi Kent, 
Just thought I'd let you and everyone hear my "Goosebump moment" ... actually I've always thought of it as my "jaw-dropping" moment, as that's just what happened one night in 1961 over here in Merseyside England when the DJ on Radio Luxembourg started spinning The Lettermen singing "The Way You Look Tonight". I had NEVER heard anything like it before, and couldn't believe it when I later heard that there were only THREE members of the group! What a fantastic sound they had, and I've followed their career ever since. As you will be aware, they still perform today, but haven't recorded this past few years. 
Phil Goulding 
Merseyside England

Phil - 
I sent a copy of your email to Jim and Gary Pike, formerly of The Lettermen ... here is what Gary sent me back:
Thanks Kent,  
No matter how long you’ve been around it makes you feel good to hear things like this.  Makes your hair fat.  We have had, and still have, those goosebump moments from other artists, even today.  That’s when we know that we just have to record that song.

>>>A similar track was "If I Could Reach You" by The Fifth Dimension ... to this day, I consider it to be one of Marilyn McCoo's greatest performances (right up there with "One Less Bell To Answer" ... yet nowhere near as big a hit.)  kk   
I was in the kitchen this morning getting a bite of breakfast when "If I Could Reach You" came around on the iPod. I stopped what I was doing and said "This has to be Marilyn's finest work ever." 
David Lewis   

Hey Kent, 
I am loving this whole gose bumps thing ... I was happy to share mine but I am thrilled to read what did it for other people. You get to reconnect with songs you haven't thought of for decades. Thanks for your latest choice ... Marilyn McCoo's "If I Could Reach You". I didn't recognize it by the title but I went on youtube and listened to it. I immediately remembered it then and I had completely forgotten how much I liked it so thanks. 

I've  had many goosebump musical moments.   One that stands out for me is the "Ballad of You and Me Pooneil" by Jefferson Airplane.  As a single, I recall it had a brief flight on WLS' Silver Dollar Survey before vanishing altogether ... atypical from most of top 40 in those daze, it was one of those gateway tunes that led me astray into the genre known as psychedelia ... it has been downhill ever since.  "Ballad' is in the middle of the soundtrack to my long strange trip ... lol!
john b. krug 

I’m going to choose a 1958 oldie that I first heard in 1970. WOR-FM< NYC was doing a hall of fame weekend. Though I vaguely remembered 1963 vocal harmony records, it didn’t quite connect until I heard Little Star by the Elegants. From then on doo-wop records became another part of my music interest.  
Mark the Shark     

Kent ... 
For me it was an LP = "Encore Of Golden Hits," by The Platters.  It turned me into a lifelong fan of Tony Williams & The Platters. 
Then I bought "More Encore Of Golden Hits" followed by "Encore Of Broadway Golden Hits." 
Other LP's I added to my collection = "Remember When" and "Moonlight Memories" + "The Flying Platters" + "Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries."  August, 1998, I treated myself to a retirement present.  That's when I bought The Platters CD Collection = "Four Platters And One Lovely Dish. " That's my story.  
Frank B.  

Keep 'em comin', folks ... and we'll continue to share them.  Have a great week!  (kk)