Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some Of Your Mid-Week Comments

We'll spend the next few days catching up ... 

We fell behind during the Burton Cummings interview ... but I wouldn't have traded it for the world.

Thanks again to everybody who stuck with us throughout the whole thing ... it looks like this was a bonafide hit!

We now rejoin "regular" Forgotten Hits ... already in progress!

It's official ... The Rascals "Once Upon A Dream" show is coming to Chicago!!!

Chicago Tribune Reporter Johnny Oleksinski made the announcement last Wednesday:  
Broadway In Chicago announced Wednesday that "Once Upon a Dream Starring the Rascals" will play the Cadillac Palace Theatre from Nov. 5 - 10 for five performances.  
The rock 'n' roll theatrical concert that tells the history of the 1960s New Jersey band comes to Chicago from Broadway's Richard Rodgers Theatre where it had a limited run this spring. Including the group's  hits like "It's A Beautiful Morning" and "Groovin'," "Once Upon A Dream"  stars original band members Felix Cavaliere, Eddie Brigati, Dino Danelli and Gene Cornish. And, as they haven't played together since 1970, this is, in essence, the band's reunion tour. The show is written by Steven Van Zandt, the guitarist of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, but perhaps best known as mobster Silvio Dante from HBO's "The Sopranos." Van Zandt also acts as a producer and directs alongside Marc Brickman.  
Individual tickets go on sale Sept. 20 at    
Click here: Rascals Once Upon A Dream - HOME   

Hey Kent - 
In case you did not hear the Rascals (all four of them!!)at the Cadillac Palace Theater November 5 thru 10th.(See the Sun Times page 27)I know what I want for my birthday!! Mike DeMartino 
President of the Lovejoy Music Club  
Oh, believe me, I heard ... and I can't WAIT!!! Tickets go on sale on Friday, the 20th ... but they're not gonna be cheap!!! From what I'm hearing, main floor seats start at around $150 and go up to $250 for the really good ones and as much as $500 for VIP Seating!  (kk)

Hey Kent ... 
Check out this great show we are a part of in November in New Jersey. 
Mitch Schecter / The Rip Chords

Man, we NEVER get great shows like this in Chicago!  (kk) 
I wish we could bring this show to Chicago!  

Hi Kent, 
Catching up on Forgotten Hits -- I recently saw Bill Medley in Las Vegas -- very good show -- and the frosting on the cake is that Bill is FUNNY, very FUNNY!  Enjoyed his tribute to Bobby Hatfield and some of their early tunes including Justine, Little Latin Lupe Lu, and My Babe -- his daughter did a nice job in the show, too!  From "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" to Shindig, his music and stories were GREAT! 
Thanks again for Forgotten Hits spectacular series on the British Invasion and inclusion of the Peter Noone interview -- GREAT stuff!  Looking forward to the Burton Cummings three-part interview this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday -- not only is he one of rock's greatest vocalists and composers, but also a true aficionado with encyclopedic knowledge of music and artists. 
Again, Thank-You and Forgotten Hits for all the truly entertaining and interesting reading and listening -- 
"And the hits just keep on comin'!" 
By the way Kent, when do you sleep?  ha!  
Tim Kiley 

Sleep is over-rated!  (lol)  Honestly, I'm exhausted ... but this is the price we pay to bring you the hits!  (lol)  Thanks, Tim.  (kk) 


We lost one of my all-time radio favorites this week ... Jerry G. Bishop passed away on Sunday (September 15th). 
Click here: TV's original Svengoolie, 'a great, great talent' | Robert Feder  
Ironically FH Reader Clark Besch had just tried to contact Bishop a week ago in an effort to get him to share some of his stories with our Forgotten Hits readers.
A TRUE talent ... and a radio legend 'round these parts.  He will be missed.  (kk)

G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (14.5Khz)
Jerry G., British Countdown, KYW Cleveland, 1965 (55:46)

This from Clark ...    
Sad to see that Jerry G Bishop of WCFL and Svengoolie fame in Chicago has died.  I listened to Nick Digilio's show last night on WGN radio and he paid a 1 1/2 hour tribute to him with sound bites and listeners' memories of him.  I remembered him from WCFL circa 1967-69 as their morning man, but knew of his legend as Svengoolie on TV in Chicago and now with METV on nationally, have watched the current Svengoolie carry on his tradition of bad jokes and horror movies.  
Nick will likely have a podcast up of last night's tribute which included a guest appearance by Larry Lujack in 1972 on the Svengoolie show.  Along with the Ides of March, Svengoolie put Berywn ("BERWYN!") on the map.  
One man called in that took over after Jerry's show in the late 50's at their college station.  Eventually, Jerry wound up at KYW where the Beschs first heard him.  He played folk songs and joked in the studio well before the Drake format killed much of this type of personality radio off.  Ken Draper eventually took him to Chicago and WCFL.  He had had his own teen dance show in Cleveland and released a GREAT 45, "She's Gone" in late 1966, which carried over to his 'CFL days in early 67.  In 1969, he began his TV career as Svengoolie and eventually left for California where he became huge again.  He won three Emmy's for his morning TV show over 13 years.  
He has been in bad health for some time, but I have emailed with him over the past years and most recently on August 28 when I informed him of the upcoming Beatles at the Beeb Vol. 2 CD set to be released soon.  He wanted more info and then I mentioned Chet Coppick's FH comments about a 1968 Hendrix concert Jerry had emceed.  He responded:

Clark ... 
I don't recall that concert.
By the way its coppOck!  (many days I don't remember breakfast) but I'm glad Chet Coldcut enjoyed it ...
Jerry G
I replied that I still love his record and remember his WKYC days in Cleveland and have three copies!  I told him a Clevetown record has shown up on a Rhino comp lately, so maybe his would too.  
He replied that day:
Clark ... 
MY record (recorded in Cleveland, released only there and Chicago when I came to 'CFL ) called "She's Gone" is on Youtube . I sang all four voices under the name "JERRY G & Co".
His last email two weeks ago joked:
You've been a radio Geek for a long time! Glad to know if I need somewhere to find three copies!  
So long, Sven.  It was great listening and knowing you.  WLSClark
P.S.  I wanted to comment on the passing of WLS' Don Wade two weeks ago too.  Sad times.
Jerry G was always one of my faves ... wish we could have corresponded a bit more thru Forgotten Hits.  And "She's Gone" is a GREAT record.  We've featured it several times before ... and EVERY time we do, we get a GREAT response.  People really seem to have forgotten about this one ... and let's face it, it never really was a hit ... but if you grew up here ... or listened to WCFL back in the day, my guess is you'll remember it.  GREAT track!  (kk)  

More from Chicago Radio and Media ... including the track mentioned above ... 

William Shatner To Perform His New Album 'Ponder the Mystery' With Prog Rock Group Circa: featuring Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye formerly of YES  
Los Angeles, CA – William Shatner will be performing his new record Ponder the Mystery in its entirety along with the progressive rock heroes Circa: featuring Billy Sherwood, who produced and co-wrote Ponder the Mystery with Shatner, and Tony Kaye both former members of the legendary prog rock band YES. 
William Shatner is a film and TV icon with an intense passion for music which has yielded several solo records including the critically acclaimed Seeking Major Tom. This most recent solo record, Ponder the Mystery, which includes guest artists from the prog and fusion genres such as Rick Wakeman, Al DiMeola, Steve Vai, Robbie Krieger, Vince Gill, Edgar Winter, George Duke, Zoot Horn Rollo and Dave Koz to name a few), expands Shatner’s musical horizons due to the fact that all of the songs are original, written by Shatner and his musical partner in the project Billy Sherwood. The album will be released on both CD and vinyl on October 8, 2013. 
This partnership of Shatner and Sherwood has created a vast and expansive artistic landscape for Shatner’s amazing gift of poetry while Sherwood composed the musical backdrop. The record is conceptual in nature: following a man in despair through the setting sun, twilight and finally darkness, and in the process, regains his joy of life. 
Both Bills had a vision of taking the record to the stage and performing it live. When it came time to form the band for this event, Circa: was the obvious choice, Sherwood and Kaye have had a long running musical relationship playing on stage together with YES and forming Circa: in 2006.  Circa: recently released a new album Live From Here There and Everywhere
Performance dates and locations: 
Wednesday, October 23, 2013: Saint Rocke, 142 E. Pacific Coast Hwy, Hermosa, CA 90254 (310-372-0035)  
Thursday, October 24, 2013: The Canyon Club, 289 12 Roadside Dr., Agoura, CA 91301 (818-879-5016
Friday, October 25, 2013: The Coach House, 33157 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 (949-496-8930) For more information:  

Now THIS would be a FUN show to see!!!  (lol)  kk   

On September 17th Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, will issue, for the first time on the label, Roy Orbison In Dreams - The Greatest Hits on CD. Originally released in 1987 as a double-album set, now finally available after nearly two decades, the 19 selections on In Dreams - The Greatest Hits were the means by which Roy Orbison revisited much of his classic repertoire utilizing contemporary recording technology.
By the late 1980s, with the song "In Dreams" playing an important role in director David Lynch's groundbreaking film Blue Velvet and the singer finding a new groove with the Traveling Wilburys, Roy Orbison was enjoying a major career renaissance. The In Dreams - The Greatest Hits title track -- produced by Orbison, T Bone Burnett and Lynch in April 1987 -- was joined by a raft of signature Orbison standard bearers including "Crying," "Dream Baby," "Only The Lonely" and "Oh, Pretty Woman." 
Many committed fans as well as critics have contended that the versions of Orbison classics heard on In Dreams - The Greatest Hits surpass the earlier recordings of those titles in terms of both performance and audio quality. The album's artistic merit was borne out by its success in the marketplace when it stormed onto the Billboard album charts upon release and went on to achieve Gold certification from the RIAA in the US and went to #2 on the UK album charts.   Also, launching this Friday, September 13, through, is a seamless custom-built 'CompareOtronic13' application which will allow for comparison of five songs from the album -- "Oh, Pretty Woman," "Crying," "In Dreams," "Running  Scared" and "Only The Lonely" -- side by side with the versions recorded in the 1960's.  The user is able to toggle from one version to the other to experience the sonic differences. The user is guided by the professional analysis of highly regarded audio engineer Matt Andrews  -- chief engineer at Nashville's Sound Emporium Studios and for the hit ABC-TV series Nashville -- through the process.  Through an interactive voting features, listeners are able to cast their own ballot regarding which version is superior  and users enter comment in a shared blog.   
Roy Orbison -In Dreams - The Greatest Hits   
1. Only The Lonely 
2. Leah 
3. In Dreams 
4. Uptown 
5. It's Over 
6. Crying 
7. Dream Baby 
8. Blue Angel 
9. Working For The Man 
10. Candy Man 
11. Running Scared 
12. Falling 
13. I'm Hurtin' 
14. Claudette 
15. Oh, Pretty Woman 
16. Mean Woman Blues 
17. Ooby Dooby 
18. Lana 
19. Blue Bayou 

This new album might be a surprise!:  
Also available: "Retrophonic" (#1), "Retrophonic 4" (my final physical album) plus the "download only" albums, "Retrophonic 2" and "3", "Restless In L.A." and "Music To Give You The Creeps" (all of these are clickable on the home page of my website  

We got some GREAT news this week from noted Beatles Historian Bruce Spizer.  As many of you know, many of his books documenting all of The Beatles releases over the years are now long out of print ... and fetching BIG BUCKS on eBay and other collectors' sites.  As one of the foremost authorities on the band ... heck, he's probably also one of the FOUR MOST noted authorities on the band ... we are pleased to announce that all of these books will soon be available in e-Editions ... PDF's viewable on your computer!  First up ... The VeeJay book ... which is, of course, the book that started it all.  This will be followed by the two volumes of Capitol releases ... and so on until the entire collection is available again.   
This is VERY exciting news for collectors who may have missed the opportunity to add these books to their collection the first time around.  (Thankfully, we've got them all ... but I understand that Bruce is updating each edition, too ... and is still looking for any other label variations you might have to share.)    

More details below ... from Bruce Spizer himself:   
Kent - 
I am doing expanded and revised editions of my books in the digital format. There are no plans at this time to issue the revised and expanded editions in print form. The plan is to convert the sold out books to digital so that they remain available at affordable prices.  
The first book in the revised and expanded digital format is “The Beatles Records on Vee-Jay,” which was my first book. It sold out several years ago and sells for a hefty premium on the secondary market. It usually goes for between $300 and $500, though I’ve seen it go for more. The Vee-Jay book is completely re-edited. All of the minute details regarding label variations and trail off area markings are now placed at the end of each chapter, allowing the reader to easily skip past these pages. The reader is told by green text that the remainder of the chapter contains label and trail off area details. The reader can hit an internal link and go directly to the next chapter or quickly page through, perhaps stopping to look at the labels.  The book has tons of new information and images. A section at the end of the book summarizes the new information and images chapter by chapter. The book is over 450 pages. 
The digital format allows one to expand the size of images. This is particularly helpful to see details on record labels and in trade magazine ads. There are several internal links, allowing easy cross referencing. There are also some external links to the internet where the reader can get additional information about a topic. 
Those who purchase the eBooks directly from my website, , will be mailed a signature card, a collectors card and, most important of all, a book mark. Purchasers can request that I personalize the signature card. 
I have already started work on the Capitol books, which are also sold out. These will also be revised and expanded digital editions. There will be several new images of documents and the Beatles in the studio. There will also be new information.  
Please let your readers know that I am interested in getting images of label variations and Capitol paperwork and promotional items not found in the hard cover editions.  After the Capitol books are done, I will move on to the Apple book, which is also sold out. 
I plan on doing the other books if and when they sell out, so people should buy extra copies of the Swan book and the Price Guide to speed up their availability in the digital format!  
Thanks again for your help with the radio air play information. 

I don't know if you've ever heard any of these things called 'Deconstructing The Beatles". There are quite a few on youtube. It's a guy who used a program to isolate each track on the songs. If you haven't heard these, you'll be blown away.
Here's a couple of them..    >>> George Martin was brilliant!!      >>> Umpah Umpah stick it up the Umpah 
I always thought Macca played piano on this! 
Mike Mertes  
I always thought Paul played piano on "Oh! Darling", too ... so I double-checked the Mark Lewisohn book "The Beatles Recording Sessions" and was surprised to see that, after doodling around with the tune in the studio back in January of 1969, The Beatles started working on the track in earnest on April 20th with Paul on bass (and guide vocal), Ringo on drums, George on guitar (played through a Leslie speaker) and John on piano.  (A Hammond Organ part was overdubbed on to Take 26 but then removed from the final dub.) McCartney would return to the studio several times more trying to nail the perfect lead vocal, often locking himself in a room by himself, screaming him hoarse trying to capture just the right nuance that makes this track as great as it is.  Recording Engineer Alan Parsons remembers:  "Perhaps my main memory of the 'Abbey Road' sessions is of Paul coming into studio three at two o'clock or 2:30 each afternoon, on his own, to do the vocal on 'Oh!Darling'.  Paul came in several days running to do the lead vocal.  He'd come in, sing it and say, 'No, that's not it ... I'll try it again tomorrow.'  He only tried it once per day ... I suppose he wanted to capture a certain rawness which could only be done once before the voice changed.  I remember him saying 'five years ago I could have done this in a flash' referring, I suppose, to the days of 'Long Tall Sally' and 'Kansas City'.  Lewisohn's book goes on to quote John Kurlander, who also witnessed these overdubs:  "I think Paul wanted this 'first thing in the morning' quality ... or maybe it was 'last thing at night'.  Whatever it was, he came in early each day, an hour before anybody else, to do his piece, always replacing the previous one until he got the one he liked."  After several more attempts, he finally nailed the vocal that made the record on July 23rd, just prior to beginning a nine hour session spent primarily working on the medley that closes the "Abbey Road" LP, particularly "The End" itself.   These are cool ... if somewhat tedious ... links showing what went into each individual track to some music we THOUGHT we knew backwards and forward!  (kk) 

It sounds like Paul McCartney will be adding his new single "New" to the on-stage line-up when his band next performs.  Here's a rare, backstage clip of Macca rehearsing the track with the band ... 

And here's the complete track listing for McCartney's "new" LP, hitting stores October 15th: 

"Save Us" (produced by Paul Epworth); "Alligator" (produced by Mark Ronson); "On My Way to Work" (produced by Giles Martin); "Queenie Eye" (produced by Paul Epworth); "Early Days" (produced by Ethan Johns); "New" (produced by Mark Ronson); "Appreciate" (produced by Giles Martin); "Everybody Out There" (produced by Giles Martin); "Hosanna" (produced by Ethan Johns); "I Can Bet" (produced by Giles Martin); "Looking at Her" (produced by Giles Martin); "Road" (produced by Giles Martin)    

First, I would like to wish you a belated 60th birthday. As I’ve said before, you do one heck of a job with Forgotten Hits.
One thing I noticed repeatedly on the Top 100 British Invasion Hits was how many times you noted that the song was written by Lennon and McCartney. I didn’t count, but LOTS! So my idea and (perhaps you direct this to the proper Macca channels) Paul should do an album of all those hits that he co-wrote but mostly never recorded. Given all the comments how Paul is singing better than ever, this could be a spectacular album. Let me know what you think.
Always, all the best ...
Scott S from McHenry
Clever idea but I doubt that he'd go for it.  It'd be cool just to have all of those cover versions in one place.  (I remember DECADES ago I used to have an import album ... something to effect of "The Songs Lennon and McCartney Gave Away" ... and it featured the British "hit" versions of several of these tunes.  Many are barely a faded memory ... others (like "A World Without Love" and "Bad To Me") are amongst the best written during those early years.  Still others (like "Do You Want To Know A Secret" and "I Wanna Be Your Man", recorded by Billy J. Kramer and the Dakotas and The Rolling Stones respectively) were songs The Beatles cut themselves, but with George and Ringo on lead vocals ... thus rendering tracks that were NEVER going to be released as singles.  (Ha!  We fooled 'em here in America ... George's reading of "Do You Want To Know A Secret" went all the way to #2 here in The States when Vee Jay Records released it as a single at the height of Beatlemania!)  kk 

September 21 will be George Harrison Day in the state of Illinois as proclaimed by governor Pat Quinn.  
Fifty years ago, Harrison stayed in Benton, IL for two weeks just as Beatlemania was taking hold in the U.K. In anticipation of their U.S. debut, the Beatles each took separate vacations with George choosing the U.S. During his vacation travels, he came to southern Illinois to visit his sister, Louise Harrison Caldwell.  
Quinn said of the celebration "Many icons through history have Illinois connections, and we are recognizing one more with this proclamation. George Harrison helped define a generation, and we encourage visitors to follow his footsteps throughout Southern Illinois."  
Part of the festivities on the 21st is the unveiling of a historical marker in the southern Illinois town declaring him "the first Beatle in America." The marker will also describe other activities in which Harrison participated during his stay.  

A couple of Apple Records proteges made our mailboxes this week, too ...     

English singer Jackie Lomax, who was an early artist on the Beatles' Apple label, died on Sunday while in England for the wedding of one of his children. He was 69.  
Lomax began his career in the Liverpool area first with the band Dee and the Dynamites followed by The Undertakers. The group followed the Beatles to Hamburg, Germany and were signed by Pye Records which released four singles, only one of which charted (Just a Little Bit).  
Brian Epstein signed his next group, The Lomax Alliance, shortly before his death and got them a deal at CBS but two singles from the group and one solo disc did not chart. Still, George Harrison and Apple Records took notice and signed Lomax to the label with Harrison taking a major role in Jackie's production.  
During the short time that Apple was a working entity, Lomax released three singles and the album Is This What You Want? to little commercial success despite having a studio band that included Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton and Nicky Hopkins. Post-Apple, Lomax joined the group Heavy Jelly who recorded a full album of Jackie's songs but was never commercially released.  
The 70's were spent split between the U.S. and Britain with stints at Warner Brothers, Epic and Capitol, recording albums at all three labels but not finding success. His last album for a major label was 1977's Did You Ever Have That Feeling?  
In 1978, Lomax settled in the U.S., playing bass in the touring bands of such groups as the Drifters, the Coasters and the Diamonds along with a number of local Los Angeles groups. He recorded his first solo album in 24 years, The Ballad of Liverpool Slim, and, in 2003, returned to play Liverpool's Cavern Club. Since then, he has returned to play in Liverpool a number of times.

NEW YORK - Writer, producer, recording artist Lon Van Eaton (best remembered for his ground-breaking album, Brother, (with his brother Derrek on the Beatlesʼ Apple label), produced by George Harrison and Klaus Voormann
has relocated to New Hope, PA. Originally from Trenton, NJ, he has created Holicong Studio – Blue Door in a 1749 converted school house.  
“Itʼs coming home.” Says Lon, “Being signed to the Beatles Apple label was a lightening strike. I am a lucky guy and want to give back. The idea for Holicong is to be a boutique label, like Apple.  
He will also continue his “Art of Recording” classes where students work together, write, record, mix, master and release a single. Already, several of these productions have climbed to the top of many internet sites.  
“I call them “Musix” - experimental sound designs that release our primitive underlying creative spirit as we find ways to be of service to something larger than themselves.” Lon says, “I mean, What would you say if the whole world is
Recently, Mr. Van Eatonʼs score for his musical screenplay “Juggling Bubbles” was reviewed by Joseph Eger, author of “Einsteinʼs Violin” and creator of The Symphony for United Nations. As a result, Mr. Eger sponsored Lon to became a UN delegate.  
“Weʼve come up with the Bubbles Trilogyʼʼ . “Juggling Bubbles”, addresses the current unsustainable environmental situation in a love story between a celebrity songstress who has it all and a romantic nihilist who wants to take it all down. Part two, “Bubble or Nothing” is an action packed adventure where the future of civilization is at stake and finally, “Forever Blowing Bubbles”, the reforming of a new society in balance.  
“When youʼre a kid and catapulted to the highest levels of the entertainment world you believe anything is possible. Here is a three-part motion picture franchise story that can inform and awaken humanity. How can we deliver this in an innovative over the top method?”  
To answer that question, Lon and his teams created and patented a new entertainment technology, LIVIES™ - Live Interactive Visual Immersion Entertainment Shows. Imagine a “planetarium like” Geodesic dome theatre of breathtaking high def virtual realities and panoramic film
immersed in surround sound. LIVIES™ venues tour like the tents of Cirque. A new theatre design to entertain audiences of all ages.  
An Ad manʼs take: Beyond movies. Beyond concerts. Beyond theater. Beyond any entertainment experience ever had or ever imagined. LIVIES™ is the next GIANT (Did we say GIANT?), GIANT (there we go again) evolutionary leap . . . in entertainment. LIVIES™ not just live, but living. It breathes. It pulses.  It breeds talent and tech into a living force-of-entertainment so GIANT (bears repeating!) that it required the construction of its own, never-before-seen (or
heard), bubble-theaters. Your two eyes are now all eyes. Your two ears are all ears. Everywhere you sit. And also, everywhere it goes. (Floating bubbles, by the way; town to town to . . . 
“Maybe the thin Colorado air kept us gasping for more. Weʼre pleased to be back in the fishbowl. Coming down from the mountain to offer something back from all
we were given ... A Splendid Time is Guaranteed for All”.

It's almost here!  Producer Denny Tedesco tells us they're putting together the final licensing to cover all of the INCREDIBLE music used in this film ... and they've found a pretty clever way to push this over the top.
They've actually started a Kickstarter campaign.  Now before you say anything, we've heard the good and the bad about Kickstarter over the past couple of years ... but these guys have come up with a VERY clever way to give you something for your donation.  Check this out ...
Dear Wrecking Crew Friends and Family,   
It's been a couple of months since I sent you an update so I wanted to fill you in on the latest news.
We now have a list of 24K fans on FACEBOOK and it continues to grow each day, I'm hoping we can make it to 25K before November. Facebook is an opportunity to connect on a daily basis without filling up your email inbox.
Every day we try to have a trivia question about Wrecking Crew musicians and artists which has turned into some fun and spirited comments.  
This is our 17th year working on this project. We need to raise the final $250,000 to be able to release the film. With the kind contributions and donations over the years, we have been able to pay off 99% of all the labels and publishers.  
The last $200,000 payment is to the American Federation of Musicians. Which means the musicians who are on the contracts of all the songs will be paid for their work. This is one bill that I look forward to paying the most. 
In order to raise the final funds we will begin a KICKSTARTER program within the next 4 weeks and I'll be thrilled to pay off the final licensing at last!  
As part of the KICKSTARTER campaign we have to offer incentives for the donations we receive. To that end, we have many great items to offer from T-shirts, books and posters, to coffee cups, hats and bumper stickers. But the main perk is the DVD of the film including out takes.  
We will have some other one of a kind incentives and here are just a few to offer:  Fender donated a "Standard Precision Precision Bass" in Sunburst Finish with a Rosewood Fingerboard which is the most similar to the bass Joe Osborn played back in the Wrecking Crew days ... and Joe has signed it for us.  We've also got 10 copies of These Boots Are Made for Walkin' signed by Nancy Sinatra; a Private Lunch with Hal Blaine in Palm Springs; a Personal MP3 Message for your Home Machine by Hal Blaine; One Taye Snare Drum Signed by Hal Blaine; A Personal MP3 Message and CD from for your outgoing voice mail message by actor, voice actor, singer, and comedian Tom Kenny. (Tom Kenny has been a huge supporter of the Wrecking Crew Film. If you don't know Tom by name, you know his work. He is the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants. He has offered to do Spongebob or Ice King [you have to have kids to know] for your machine; an hour session with Pianist Don Randi; and a Zildjian Cymbal Signed by Hal.
So, If you are a manufacturer or vendor out there, please consider something that you might want featured on Kickstarter for us to offer as an additional incentive. It doesn't need to be just music related ... we can offer gift certificates to restaurants, clubs, or stores. I'll be happy to accept any ideas to share with my audience.  
We will be sending out another blast to let you all know when the Kickstarter page is up and running so you can share it with everyone you know!  
As you can see, Heil Sound Microphone are featured at every screening around the country. There is very good reason for that. A special thanks to Bob and Sarah Heil. They have been a huge supporter and contributor of the Wrecking Crew Film and recently donated $10,000. When the film comes out, I am excited to add the Heil Logo in our credits as a featured 'Angel'. We hope we will be finding other Angels to be added to the credits.  
Here are some upcoming screenings starting this coming weekend. We are still looking for sponsors locally and nationally for our screenings. We have sponsors from $200.00 and up.
September 21st - Orangewood Children's Foundation
Orange, CA - 6:30 pm
September 26th - Colonial Theater
Idaho Falls, ID - 7 pm
September 29th - The Flicks
Boise, ID - 4:45 pm and 7:00 pm