Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tonight's The Night!

And we can't wait!!! 

(Hope to see several of our readers there at the show tonight!)

Here are some final words by some of the artists participating in tonight's Benefit Concert For Marty Grebb ...    

Dennis is doing a good thing by putting on this benefit concert because you always try to help those around you and people you grew up with and even people you don't know.  I don't know Marty all that well but I have known him for fifty years now and I think he's a great player and a great guy ... I hate to see this happen to anybody, whether you're in this biz or just your next door neighbor.  Hopefully I'll escape ever having to need one of these for myself one day, but you never know. 
Anyway, here's a story from the old days: 
Back 1966 / 1967, the name of every girl you met depended on whether The Buckinghams came to town first or The Shadows.  If we got there first, they were all named Gloria ... if Dennis Tufano got there first, they were all named Susan. 
-- Jimy Sohns / The Shadows Of Knight

This is going to be a fun event ... it'll be fun to see Marty ... I haven't seen him in SO long. 
I remember seeing The Exceptions many years ago - and it probably was The Club Laurel - 
And all I remember about that whole night, besides how great they were - and they were exceptional, The Exceptions - was this guy playing keyboards ... and all of a sudden he steps up on his bench and picks up his sax, and he's blowing the sax all the while playing the Hammond with his feet ... with shoes on!  I didn't understand HOW that could happen. 
The minute that Dennis called me back in January about doing the show, I immediately said yes - I told him that as long as I could get the band together, we're there.  There was never a doubt - who knows, they might be doing one of these for ME soon!  But it'll be fun seeing all these guys again and hopefully everything goes right and we can get some of Marty's bills paid. 
-- Jim Pilster (Hooke, The Cryan' Shames)

Well, here's the thing - I didn't really know Marty all that well - I think Marty kinda came in as a second keyboard player right - I mean, wasn't there already another keyboard player in the band and I didn't know if he got sick or died - only that Marty was now in the band. 
(For the record, original keyboard player Dennis Miccolis, is still alive and well ... Marty was simply his replacement.  Original Drummer Jon Jon Poulos, who started the band with Dennis Tufano, died in 1980, several years later -- kk)
So I met Marty after that but even then I really didn't get to know him, but I hear he's a real good guy.  So when I got the call to do this, I  thought it would be a great thing to do, you know, a really good idea to do something nice for Marty and to see a bunch of old friends.  I had just done the 50th Anniversary thing with The Ides and it went over real well and a lot of this was going to be the same group of guys, so I said "sure" - I mean, how you gonna say no? 
I know for me, and I'm sure a lot of the other guys like Marty, it's like the late '60's and you're having the time of your life and it's like a competition ... I don't mean a competition because we all liked each other and wished each other well, but we all wanted a part of that same spotlight ... and all I can tell you is for me, a 22 year old kid, it was great -- and if afforded me a lot of the things I still have today.  We looked out for each other and to see The Bucks be the #1 Band on Bandstand was a big thing, just to see them on TV and they were on everything there for awhile.  To me, they were always good guys and Marty being a part of that group, I think it was great.  
I feel bad that he's going through this whole thing - I wish that we were doing this show for a different reason - it would have been nice just to get all of us together. 
-- Ronnie Rice

Me and the Ides of March are totally pumped about joining the team on May 7th to raise the roof and funds for the immortal Marty Grebb.  I remember being blown away by his talent many times through the years ...  first by his soulful vocals on Mercy Mercy with the Bucks, then at the Wild Goose in Schererville, Indiana, when the Ides shared a bill with the Fabulous Rhinestones.  
It will be great to see and jam with many of our favorite contemporaries from the then-emerging Chicago rock scene.  
Our thanks go out to Dennis Tufano for his vision and stamina to see this to fruition.  
Expect the unexpected tonight at Ron Onesti's fabulous Arcada Theatre.  
Truly hope to see you there.  
I can't wait!
In Rock we Trust!!!
Jim Peterik- Ides of March

Folks interested in bidding on some of the silent auction items would do themselves well to get to the theater a little early tonight, where many of these pieces will be displayed on exhibit.

Some truly one-of-a-kind items will be available, so if this is your thing, you will definitely want to check it out. (Unfortunately there will be no online auction ... winners will be notified that night during the intermission.) 

Check out all of this cool stuff!!!

********SILENT AUCTION UPDATE!!!!**********
Marty's stage / photo / tv clothes from the 60s!!!

1)  Marty's suit made in Chicago at Fox Bros. Tailors 1967
2)  Marty's Beatle boots made in England
3)  Grey suit jacket designed by Dennis Tufano for the group

Other items for the silent auction so far:

Carl Giammarese has purchased and is donating a Black Epiphone GC Les Paul Style guitar which will be signed by the artists in sliver sharpie

Two tickets to the Neil Sedaka concert at the Arcada
A Pair of really good seats for Chicago White Sox
Gift Card Basket
A "Box of Bucks" Signed Buckinghams collection
Many cool items from musicians and actors
Silent auction details:
Bids will be taken before the show at "The Auction Station" in the lobby - Cash and Checks gratefully accepted and preferred ... credit cards will also be accepted.

Other items will be available for purchase at the concession tables, including many more rare and autographed pieces of memorabilia, gift baskets, specialty items and more.

And check out these EXCLUSIVE photos from Tuesday Night's Rehearsal, courtesy of Jack Mongan.
NOTE:  ALL photos are copyrighted / Jack Mongan Photography (2015) 

The multi-talented, mega-talented Marty Grebb ... 

Carl Giammarese and Dennis Tufano, who'll be sharing and trading off lead vocals tonight ... the voices of The Buckinghams  (and wait till you hear them!!!)

Danny Seraphine on Drums ... original drummer and founding member of the legendary band Chicago ... so good, they actually named a city after these guys!!!

Bassist Nick Fortuna (who'll also take you for a ride down the Expressway To Your Heart tonight)

Thanks again to Jack Mongan Photography for use of these photos in Forgotten Hits!