Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Prepare Yourselves To Be Blown Away!!!

When Dennis Tufano first talked to me back in January about putting together a benefit concert to help raise funds to offset some of Marty Grebb's mounting medical bills, I thought it was a great idea and was all in to help support his efforts in any way I could. 

As he explained to me, "This could have been any one of us" ... so pulling something together like this for Marty touched the hearts of a lot of people who were quick to lend their support.

Marty looks at it this way ...  

Hi Everybody -  

What does this concert mean to me?

For myself, it shows me personally, that there are a lot of people that care about me, by agreeing to make the effort to appear -- It's quite beautiful -- 

Beyond that, it's an opportunity for several things -- varying healings, not just my own -- reaching out in this manner means more water under the bridge where it belongs for many people -- letting go -- musically, spiritually, (which most all music is, except that which intends to be otherwise) -- joyfully, emotionally, passionately, excitedly, humorously, and many other possible "lys" -- 

I know there will be quite a powerful vibe in the room, and the spirit will come down --  

God Bless ALL!    

Thanks, Marty ... let's hope for universal healing at every level ... if we can't lean on each other, what else have we got?  I am SO glad that I could help out in ANY small way to help make this happen.  See you at the show!  (kk)


Last night I was invited to attend the rehearsal for "The Buckinghams' Greatest Hits And More" set which will close The Benefit Concert For Marty Grebb tomorrow night at The Arcada Theatre and let me tell you ... it was nothing short of OUTSTANDING!!!
I don't care WHEN you've seen The Buckinghams ... WHERE you've seen The Buckinghams ... or in what CONFIGURATION you've seen The Buckinghams ... you have NEVER seen The Buckinghams look and sound like this!!!
There was electricity in the air ... and the buzz will continue throughout the night as a list of Chicago Rock Legends take the stage ... Ronnie Rice (formerly of The New Colony Six) ... Jimy Sohns and The Shadows Of Knight ... The Cryan' Shames (featuring Tom Doody and Jim Pilster) ... Jim Peterik and The Ides Of March ... The Chicago Experience (whose rehearsal we ALSO caught last night ... absolutely AMAZING!!!) ... and, capping it off, Nick Fortuna, Carl Giammarese, Marty Grebb, Danny Seraphine (original drummer and founding member of Chicago) and Dennis Tufano, performing The Greatest Hits Of The Buckinghams and More.
LOTS of one-of-a-kind auction items ... concessions stands filled with all kinds of cool, autographed memorabilia ... and an INCREDIBLE night of music.
It all happens tomorrow night ... FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY ... at The Arcada Theatre. 
The Benefit Concert For Marty Grebb.  
Ticket information here:
(And let me tell you, Marty looks and sounds FANTASTIC in every way!!!  Man, what a talented musician and vocalist he is.  Let's hope the magical healing powers of music can lift the spirits in each and every one of us ... and help drive away ... or at least suppress ... that which ails us. Come on out tomorrow night and celebrate the music ... celebrate the cause ... and have a good time.  You'll be glad you did!)